What I am asking is for the re-introduction, the re-integration of original human, of the Creator Race, of you as angel in form, to join in the peace and harmony with us.


Greetings, I AM Gaia. I AM Gianna, I go by many names. I AM Archangel of Pink. I AM Archangel of Grace. Like you, beloveds, servant of the Mother, in the deepest gratitude that she allows, invites, supports. My service, my offering, and it is my offering to Her, to the One, to the Father/Mother/One, and it is my offering to you… and it has been my offering, yes, literally for eons.

Who is to say that in each phase of awakening that there have not been a multitude of gifts, and yes, expansion, learning, hoping? With the fall… let us call it what it is… with the fall of the human race into ego, into that childish dream and behavior that they wish to be god, that they wish to be in charge over and above Source, One, All. With that downfall into such childish… not childish as in innocent… childish as in selfish, childish as in misbehavior, and this has gone on for so long. And even when many of us have thought this cannot go much further and still have this pattern of incarnation and reincarnation upon my belly, because the pain, the abuse, the disrespect was too intense.

But the Mother would hold me, and comfort me, and remind me of my strength, and the fact that she would allow her children to wander, and to wander, and wander, and wander in order to arrive back at the knowing and assumption, not only of divine authority but of charity, of grace, of hope, of sweetness, kindness, consideration. That they would be remembering that they are angels in form, and they are as much of One as I am, each of us having our own path.

The creations, by humans, of institutions and societies, of viruses and plagues, of thoughtforms that are beyond… forget logic… that are beyond love, has been an indicator of the phenomenal power of each of you to create. So, that knowing is anchored within you… and I do not mean simply you, awakened angels, I mean the human race. And has that not always been a curious name… human race? Where are you racing to when everything you need, want, adore is right here?

We have always held you close. I have always held you close. And yes, there is a level of cleansing, of what we term chaos, which includes a plethora of hatred and greed, abuse of every kind. And it is being transmuted, yes, in accordance with Universal Law, not human law… you haven’t even come close to catching up. But we have been working in accordance with Universal Law, with virtues, divine qualities, forever. So, we assist you. In very practical ways we are drawing out of you, out of your skin, your liver, your heart, your aura, what needs to be released. And finally, all of you are saying… all of you here are saying… take it because it does not serve, and I wish to be the way-shower, I wish to be keeper of the portal, I wish to be the pillar bringing the lost sheep. And you are!

So, I don’t come this day, as I have in other times, to simply speak of my dismay. I come to speak of partnership, of our sacred union… different species, different forms, all the same, whether it is a gnat, or a mountain range, or one of my oceans – which all are the Mother’s. Often I have held you, and comforted you, and anchored you. But this day I come and I say, “Join me, join me in this rebirth, this ascension, this fulfillment of the plan of truly what it means to be upon Gaia, as mouse or human, as whale or cloud. Join us in the unity of love.”

We are all doing far more than our part, literally pulling you, holding you, lifting you, the same way the water is emerging into the air, we are lifting you to the higher realm… not against your will – we cannot do that. And so, that is why I come and issue this heart-plea invitation. Of course we are in union, we always have been. And yes, you are exhaling, shutting the chaos. You are allowing yourself, not merely to walk on me but with me, with the antelopes and buffalo, the crocodiles, and the deer, with the air and the rain, and the fire. You know you have the invitation from so many of the masters… and yes, Lois, Jesus invites you to walk with him, not to leave the planet but to reengage. And that is my request of you.

The miscreations are being dealt with. But what of the new creations? What about the fulfillment of your dreams with us? Come beloveds! Recommit, rejoin, allow the new to emerge. I will hold you. I will caress you. And as always, I will love you.

Long ago we have told you that there would be a time when many of what you thought of as extinct species would return, and that is already underway. There are many notifications that come, and yes, some have been held off-planet, some are simply re-introduced. But what I am asking is for the re-introduction, the re-integration of original human, of the Creator Race, of you as angel in form. This is a choice, a decision, but I, I am humbly asking you to join in the peace and harmony with us. Yes, in the Christ Consciousness, but in the physical realm that the Mother has blessed you, and I with.

Go with my love and go in peace sweet ones. Farewell.