“I am asking, requesting, accompanying, begging, imploring, inviting you to join me in the New Timewave of Love – in the Mother’s Infinite Ocean of Potential – where I as Nova Gaia already live… and so do you! So wake up and join me, please!”

Gaia’s Fall Equinox 2023 Plea and Invitation

Greetings, I AM Gaia and that is how I come to thee.

Yes, of course, I AM Gi’Anna, just as you are known, beloved brothers and sisters, by many angelic/star/archangelic/seraphic names. But I AM Gaia, I AM your Mother Earth, yes, in some ways, sister and brother, but I will never abandon the role and the love – and yes, the responsibility and the promises that I have made to our Mother to be the Mother, to be entrusted with such a magnificent unfoldment.

You know, many of you turn to me and say, or turn to those you follow and say, “When, Master? When? What does the meaning of ‘soon’ mean?” [Laughing] And I fully comprehend what you are saying for do I not bring the day, and the twilight, and the night, and the new dawn?

Do I not understand the timing of seasons, the growth of a child from a newborn to an ancient one, from a sapling to a mighty ancient tree, from a pebble to a rocky mountain? Of course, I understand time! And so, when I speak to you this day, I do not speak to you in ways that are dismissive of what you think of as ‘time’ and ‘time concerns’. I speak to you in full consideration and understanding of what your yearning hearts mean – and what your yearning hearts mean to me – for each of you is precious.

Each of you, all of you, are precious and dear to me – not in some hierarchy; yes, most certainly in the architecture, in the paradigm, and construction of this reality. But all are equally loved for different things. And I do not only mean your brilliant qualities and abilities, the talents that you have brought forth throughout the eons; I mean for your shortfalls, for all the things that you criticise yourself for and we never do!

And I love you! And you are as precious as each seedling, each flower, each blossom, each bird, each bear, each hawk, each fish, each spider.

This human conception born of ego, born from the gift of free will, which the Mother will never eradicate – not for you and not for me, not for any of us – has birthed this belief system born of feelings of insufficiency… which I am fully aware of… that somehow you had to be more precious, more important, more loved.

Now, I am not saying that there are not times, sweet angels, sweet humans… hybrids, earthkeepers, star beings, it doesn’t matter… that there aren’t times when you do need and require more attention and more love, and you get it! Even when you turn it away, we keep knocking at that door! [Chuckling] And then there are times when you feel the fullness of your brilliance. It does not mean we do not keep attention on you, that we do not stand back and watch, sometimes in awe, sometimes in slight concern of ‘there they go again!’

I just wish to begin this whole conversation that I have asked to have with you about speaking of my love.

Now, you know – you may have glossed over it, you may have chosen to overlook it or forget it, but I certainly cannot – that in this past framework of what you call “a year”, the Mother has lifted me up. And in your mental body, it is easy to dismiss: “How could that possibly happen?” To which I would ask you: “How could galaxies be born in a millisecond? How could the diversity of my being and all the kingdoms happen?”

It is time… nay, it is so past time… to let go of scepticism, doubt, which only feeds that need to be more important, more loved, more valuable. The Mother – oh yes, with the assistance and celebration of the legions – has lifted me up out of the Old Third into a new realm… what has been explained and first expressed as a new timewave, smoother, bigger, slower, more robust.

Think of it. If there is a slight ripple as you sit on the beach, it is sweet, it is delightful, it sings, it sparkles. But if you go out not only to the centre of the ocean but to the centre of the Universe and you see the waves, primarily of blue, as they expand and extend and move throughout the Mother’s Omniverse, they are filled with a depth of such magnificence, of such wonder, and everything is included there… everything!… and so I remind you that the Mother has done this.

Now, when this has been ‘suggested’ to me – because the Mother has witnessed and known, of course, of my deep level of exhaustion, of becoming, feeling torn and tattered on every level – I have said, “Oh no, Mom, don’t worry about it; I can go a little further, I can last a little longer; they’re going to get it, we’re going to do this as One.”

And She has said, “No, I love you too much; and I love everything, everybody, every creature, every soul upon you Gi’Anna, upon you Gaia; I love you too much to let you wither and die!” And so She has gently… that is why there has not been so much obvious foofaraw!… She has gently lifted me up.

Sweet angels of light, I did not travel alone; I did not travel as an empty vessel, a shell of the former being known as Gaia! You all came with me into this new realm of existence – and is it a phenomenally expansive, deep, wonderful, new realm of existence? Yes! And are you adjusting? Yes! And are some in denial? Yes! And are some in exuberance? Yes! It is all over the map!

And that is why I have asked to speak to you today. And as I speak to you, let me be very clear: these soundwaves/lightwaves travel across my planet into the hearts and minds and essence of all beings, from the smallest seed to the mightiest ocean, and far beyond!

I am inviting you not to pretend that nothing is transpiring but to invite you, to embrace you, to ask you – never coercion – to come and join with me. Often, the Council speaks of me as a Planet of Love… I deeply accept and embrace that quality!… but I am also THE Planet of Unity. What is the expression of love if there is not union in the heart, in the heart of everything – if we are not in the Unified Field of One – rather than distancing ourselves from the Unified Grid, from that mighty Golden Radiance of the Grid?

And that is historically what has happened. There has been a pushing, a very active pushing, putting the human race further and further and further away from the truth of who they are – and that cannot be any longer!

So is CHANGE the watchword, the password, the key, the combination to right now? Yes! And it is the key to the heart and it is the key to unity!

This is my plea to you. I have waited millions, billions, of years for this time – and so have you. Oh, many of you are star wanderers, but you’ve always come back. You’ve always come back and said, “Mother, is it time yet? Are we ready?” And the answer is yes!

I do not ask you to let me direct, be in charge [chuckling] – Heaven would forbid it! – for this unfoldment. It is a heart decision, it is a soul decision – and yes, it is a mental/physical decision – to be in alignment and in unity with the truth and the wholeness and the beingness of who you are. I will help – you know I can do that! – every step of the way. I want to say, “I am not dying, I am not departing, and neither are you!”

Is there adjustment? Is there attunement? Why do you think the Mother is bathing us in her Divine Radiance, in The Divine Radiance? It is to expand into not only what is possible but what has always been planned. None of you – it does not matter what the leanings where you live – none of you have come to live in hatred, war, greed, violence. None of you! And you have been feeling that. Your heart has been yearning.

And yes, there is a Great Awakening – and it is an awakening that has been going on for some time – but it is front and centre and there is this impetus: “Something must be done!”

So have there been expressions from my being of: “Yes, something must be done?” Yes! It is not to punish or create mayhem. It is to say, “Come! Live in the unity, in the highest rung of the 7th dimension, the Dimension of Love! Join me in the Unity! Let us proceed together! It is not difficult and it is not mysterious.”

You have been given all the tools, all the understandings. You say, “Yes, but I don’t remember, I don’t even know what day it is, Gaia.” That is okay, sweet angel, I do!

So this is my plea. It is not about stopping desecrating/raping/pillaging/injuring my physical form, although I do make that request. But I make this request in this way: “What would Love do?” That is the question our beloved Divine Mother has always posed to us. So it is not a shopping list because if I give you a shopping list, what you do is you go down it and you think, “I’ve done A-B-C…Z,” and then you go about your business.

I am asking, requesting, accompanying, begging, imploring, inviting you to join me in the New Timewave of Love – in the Mother’s Infinite Ocean of Potential – where I as Nova Gaia already live… and so do you! So wake up and join me, please!

I am with you. Turn to me because I am your Mother as well – and more than anything, I want to be, I choose to be.

So please, choose me! Choose each other! Choose to be the Nova Gaian that you truly are!

Thank you and go in peace.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 23 September 2023