Here is a great timely question submitted for the Autumn Equinox that Gaia/Gi’Anna answered on the Heart Call Saturday, October 1st.

Linda: Welcome to the Saturday Heart Call. We’re going to touch a little bit on at least one of the questions that was put forward during the Autumn Equinox Workshop/Webinar.

I thought the question that was submitted for the Autumn Equinox from our Joe, Joe Vasile in California, that we didn’t have time to get to… there were a ton of good questions… was appropriate for today, and with what’s going on weatherwise, climate change, etcetera. So, I’m going to read Joe’s question, and then Gaia has been sitting with me for the last hour or so, and I’m sure she’s going to be answering.

So, Joe’s question goes like this: “Why does Gaia have severe weather conditions; lots of rain on certain parts of the world, certain parts of the world are completely dry and in drought? How come certain places have earthquakes, others have tornados, others have draught, and others have floods of water?”

Linda: Well, Joe, you must be psychic. His question continues… “Why doesn’t Gaia balance the climate out?” He goes on: “Do the places where these disasters are taking place indicate where people need to change their behavior the most… towards humanity and to Gaia herself? Is she, Gaia, showing us where the most improvements need to take place?”

Linda: It’s a great question. And it’s also a question that brings to the forefront these questions of judgment and discernment; how we often really need to activate our divine neutrality, to be that observer, participant-observer. And I think it speaks to what we, as humans, sometimes feel… that we’re victims and that, for whatever reasons, because there’s a gazillion of them, that for some reason we’re being punished, or brought to task because of something external, like weather, that’s happening.

So, give me a chance to step aside, and see what Gaia has to say… and whoever else shows up.

Greetings, I am Gaia. I am Gi’Anna, Archangel of Beauty, Archangel of Strength, Archangel of Service. I have assumed this planetary form, as you well know, in service to our beloved Divine Mother to create an environment, a physical place for her angels to play… to have the physical human and kingdom experiences of what love looks like in this dimensional, interdimensional, multidimensional reality. And I have done this, beloved angels, for a very, very long time. And no, I am not about to abandon this role. So, let us begin by that, by saying that Terra Gaia, this form that I assume, is not about to dissolve or progress as the Halions, as the Tralanians, as Galatia, as many, many planetary systems have done. I am not going anywhere. This is the time of conjunction… and when I say conjunction, I mean the time for the fulfillment of the promise. Not merely your promise to the Mother, but mine. It is a collective undertaking. It is a collective unfoldment. It is a collective fulfillment. That is what unity consciousness is all about.

Now, does that mean that I am static? Most certainly not. I ebb, I flow, and I teach, just like you, beloveds, I teach, I role model, I demonstrate how energy works. Whether it is working with water the element of emotion to expand or cleanse; the element of wind either for clearing or infusion of new ideas, new ways of living; or the element of fire – whether it is the fire of inspiration, or a cleansing again.

I do not shrug you off, which is completely possible. And I do not do that because not only do I have such deep abiding love for each of you, I know you, yes, all eight billion, I know you. And yes, you have chosen to come at this time of very radical change and fulfillment in service to the Mother, but you also came because I invited you. Because there can be no Nova Earth with desecration, not only of one another but of me. Abuse in any form cannot be called love, it cannot be called harmony or balance. The Cities of Light emerge, and yet, you do not even see them because your vision is clouded.

It is time for harmony, for clarity, for new beginnings, for new dreams, for new goals that are in alignment, not only with your sacred self, with the true meaning of your sacred self, but also in harmony with all of us. This has been a period of creative chaos as you fully collectively anchor into the seventh of Divine Christ Consciousness. I have been there anchored waiting for you for years.

And so, yes, is there cleansing that is taking place? Absolutely. It is not an equal equation. It is not hurricane equals nasty, bad people… it is not how it works. How it works is to be the observer and the participant in the healing. When there is a disaster, whether it is fire or flood it matters not, it is the opportunity for hearts to expand, for humans to come together, not only in heart speaking or listening but in heart action. That opportunity, those opportunities, are being offered up on the altar of love, on the altar of opportunity. And yes, it is opportunity to stand back and to discern what is out of balance. What is Gaia and the Mother communicating to us? How do we reset the balance so that the community of One is established?

The element of Earth is to ground, to allow me/us to hold you, and to clear the pathways that lie ahead. This is your time. All kingdoms are fully aware of what is transpiring, and what has transpired. The Mother took advantage of worldly situation to give you Her Pause, to determine by your free will choice how you wish to proceed with your life, with your mission, with your joy. And as the collective reemerges into Nova Gaia, are you following, are you creating, are you doing what your heart told you during that pause? What happened? Where are you? Because we are beckoning to you to step forward in the brilliance and the creativity, the power, and the gentleness of who you are.

As this is balanced, so are the elements that I work with. Because there is no need to create this drama that humans are so addicted to. Step away, step away from the old, and embrace the new, your new, your new inter-multidimensional you that I know and that I will keep safe.

The concept, the idea, the practice, the belief in our partnership, not just humans to Gaia, the partnership of you and I together, it is a sacred trust that we forged long, long ago. So, I am asking you not only to remember it, but to act upon it. And also, to not hesitate to connect with me, and allow me to reinforce you. This is not intended to be a one-way street, a one-way relationship.

So, the question is… and the answer is how do we proceed together, in creation, in love, in kindness? We do it by attending to one another and finding the harmonious balance. I am ready, and I am waiting for you, each of you, and I am with you.

So, when I wash my hair or my skin, when I take a blow-dry, no, it is not about recrimination or punishment, it is about rebalancing. And I invite you to do the same… and I know you will.

Go with my love, and go, sweet angels who Mother has place upon this planet, go with my love, and go in peace. Farewell.

Linda: Thank you, Gaia, and thank each and every one of you. As we go forward, the questions will continue but I think we’ve been given a huge invitation. So, thank you. Until the next time, all my love, see you soon.