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Commander Ashira continues his discussion focusing on life onboard ship

There is not one being on board any of the various fleets that has not come, volunteered, traveled, that is Read More

Ashira, Star Fleet Commander of UFOG joins us on Heavenly Blessings

First, I would like to say how much we love the people of Earth. There is a historical connection between Read More

Archangel Gabrielle continues her discussion on the ‘Rays’…

Two weeks ago you confirmed that the rays are part of the Divine plan towards unifying humanity with higher dimensional Read More

Archangel Gabrielle gives us an overview of Rays and their colors and meanings…Part 1

What is a ‘Ray’? This is unique to you and it is an expression, a demonstration, not only of the Read More

St. Germaine talks about relationships; sacred, with self…all relationships…

I will leave you with the reminder: Love, honor, respect, torch, and remember you are healing every sacred relationship you Read More

Jeshua reminds us of all the relationships we have; most importantly our self.

If you do not love, honor, accept, surrender, cherish, nurture your sacred self, then you are not in a position, Read More

St. Germaine continues his discussion on Energy Healing

The process of healing with the I AM does not need to be long and arduous. I wish you to Read More

St. Germaine discusses ‘Energy Healing and Energy Medicine’

Each of you has the capacity, the talents, the where-with-all to heal and to heal instantaneously and to heal one Read More

Nelson Mandela addresses us from the other side

In the middle of a channeled radio show about the new paradigm for Planet Earth, while remarks were being made Read More

Archangel Michael discusses ‘False Grids’ and how to eliminate them

You are seeing all over your planet the warriors of light who step forward and demand their freedom. They may Read More