407876_245868492150737_179181975486056_604389_2022148223_nWe were graced with a channeling from Universal Mother Mary regarding her Tsunami of Love and then Commander Ashira shared views of human events from a galactic perspective…including how close they really are…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanities Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Commander Ashira of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies is joining us again today with an update and a continuation of our dialogue on the Universal Laws and how to use them. We also have a last minute surprise guest today. Life has been speeding by and so much is happening that it’s been easier for me to cope with this fast forward mode by keeping my life and even my thoughts and meditations quite simple. We’re in the midst of the Tsunami of Love and I imagine there’s a lot to report on in terms of listener’s experiences.

Linda, you have a webcast coming up about this very think. Would you kindly elaborate on what that event is designed for and a happy good morning to you?

Linda Dillon: And a happy good morning to you Suzi and everybody. Oh, it’s so good to be here. The webcast or the livestream is intended to be a download, really I don’t know what other word to use, but to allow people to receive with perhaps greater intensity the energy that the Mother is bringing forth in terms of the Tsunami of Love. Now, the Tsunami of Love is simply a huge wave of the Mother that is being inserted and passing through us the same way that a wave would pass through a screen. And that’s basically the way the meditation that many of us have been doing for months goes.

But, in the last couple of days that energy has been increasing and you can feel the wave building. Do we have a few minutes so I can even tell the back-story?

SM: Oh yes, yes indeed.

LD: Oh great. Well, on just this past Sunday and I’m sure many of you have received my email blast with the message directly from the Mother, but this past Sunday my husband Isaac and I were…we spent the whole day in what I call calculator hell, which means we were working on the books, working on the books, trying to sort out every little penny that the IRS really demands…Anyway, so about 7:00 we’re both completely brain dead, we’re sitting on the couch, we ate supper and we’re sitting on the couch watching some movie that was a really bad movie but neither one of us even had the energy to get up and choose something else, so we’re sort of sitting there watching something dancing on the screen, as I put it, and we hear our front door open, like literally as if someone has turned the handle, open the door and we can hear the footsteps walking into the house.

Now we have an open concept house so it’s not like you don’t have line of sight, so we turn around to look, our dog, Eliza, who if it a stranger would jump up and either wag her tail right off her body or bark once, but we all just turned around and looked and we didn’t see anything and we thought ‘wow, that’s really strange’, you know, again still brain dead, got up, closed the door, went back, about a half an hour later went to bed because we were just so tired . And then, that night, 3:33, I am awoken and it isn’t just an apparition, it isn’t like 3rd eye stuff, Mother Mary is standing by my bed.

SM: Oh my gosh, I’m getting chills…

LD: Oh, and she’s still here, and she’s standing by my bed and she’s looking down at me…she’s so beautiful Suzi, oh my god, anyway, she looks at me and she says to me, “Why did you not welcome me into your home earlier this evening?” Oh my god…and I’m thinking…and you know Mother Mary has said to all of us on these shows and workshops for years…I will show up in your living room, in everybody’s living room, if that’s what it takes…well, we need to alter that and say, “She will show up in our bedroom if that’s what it takes.” So then she starts talking to me about the Tsunami of Love and first she begins by saying, “Child, why do you not believe that I can create miracles?” And I’m beside myself by this time, what do you say to the Mother? And so, I’m saying, “But I do believe that you can create miracles.” And she said, “Well, then you need to open up the registration again for the livestream, the webinar, right now!”

And then she starts downloading a channeling, a message that she wants everyone to have and hear beforehand. Then she says to me, “You’re not going to remember this when you wake up…get up!” And so, there I am at my computer at three something in the morning typing madly away and she’s just standing there in the doorway to my office and just downloading and giving me all these instructions. It has been the coolest thing. Now, the thing about the livestream is that we have a platform that accommodates X number of people and to take the next giant step to really open it up is really expensive and there’s Mary saying, “Do you not trust me? I will take care of this and I will find you…”… not only is it more expensive, it’s finding the appropriate platform that will accommodate us all, but she has a plan for us. And it’s a plan for all of us to come together; those who are already feeling the energy of the tsunami; those who may be dipping their toes in and feeling a little anxious, a little nervous, still jittery, still going through cleansing. And then she has the third group that she is working on which is the people who aren’t even aware, or that she calls the reluctant and the recalcitrant. So we’re being beckoned to be these anchors, this breakwater. So, it’s so exciting. I haven’t been this excited in a long time.

SM: It’s an honor, too, to be asked this to do it and of course I would say, “Absolutely, I would do anything.”

LD: You know what…and that’s what she said in the channeling is that you’ve been praying and asking for this, all of us have, and I think we all feel the same way…There isn’t anything that we wouldn’t do for the Mother.

SM: That is right.

LD: There’s nothing…and it wouldn’t matter and it doesn’t matter the nature. And people’s response to her call has been miraculous, I mean it’s been way more than I could even hope. As of this morning, thanks to wonderful people in Europe who have been helping us, that the English channeling, the message that was posted from Universal Mother Mary, has been translated and sent out all over the world in Spanish and in Portuguese. So, it’s like we’re all coming together in community! We get it!

SM: That makes my heart so happy.

LD: You know, it’s what we’ve been praying for. Mary would like to speak to us for a few minutes before we go to Ashira.

SM: Oh, absolutely, please, yes.

LD: Oh my…okay, give me a sec…

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother. I can give you a million titles and yet as I call to you, as I beckon to you, as I beseech you, I use only one…I am Mary, I am Mare’, Mother of Love. I call to you my sweet angels, my sweet Anna’s of change and I call to you across the universe, across the room and right next to you resting in your heart and I call to you, my beloved ones, to join me in this Tsunami of Love.

Yes, you have asked, you have prayed, you have hoped, you have been desperate at times seeking me, seeking the Mother/Father/One, seeking your guides, the guardians, the archangels, your star brothers and sisters. You have been working diligently and yes, stepping aside, which is the hardest work of all, to allow the clearing of issues of self-worth, of lack, and lack of love and lack of recognition of who you are.

My beloved ones, you are born from Source, you are born as kernels of light, as kernels of love from my very Being, from my core and you never have been and you never will be anything less than that. In fact, sweet angels of light, your vision of self, yes, even those who have been diligent and work with the wisdom vision, your vision of self is myopic, it is limited, and I am coming to wash away that illusion that you may see and be and fly with me as a collective, as a whole.

Now, how do I do this? You have received many gifts directly from my heart this year and certainly from the entire Council; I do this through the Tsunami of Love that you may be cleansed, penetrated, stable, anchored, flying, that you may jump across the waves and dance and sing for I wish to hear your song, the song of your soul, again. I wish to meet you in meditation at the bottom of the ocean, the life blood of my sweet Gaia. I wish to expand you and all of you, not merely here and there, but all of you.

I call to you, “Come join me. Allow my gift, my essence, to wash through you and then wash through you again and again and again…this is the nature of waves.” And sweet angel, you have asked and I say, ‘yes’. So, it is not merely an issue of you saying ‘yes’, I wish to assure you, I say ‘yes’. Come.


SM: Oh, farewell. Thank you so much.

LD: Okay. So, the purpose of the livestream this coming Sunday, June 8th at 1:00pm Eastern time in the United States, and we have people all over the world, till 2:30pm… but I’m getting that it’s probably going to be closer to 3pm… is to receive, not only the information about the tsunami, but whatever level you may think you’re at is to receive, in a very live way, this energy from the Mother. Now, you’re going to be able to watch this again and again and again, but it’s just growing stronger and stronger by the minute.

So, if you go either on the Golden Age of Gaia, it is listed under Tsunami of Love, or to the Council of Love website and there’s a thing on the left-hand side of the site that says Tsunami of Love Webcast, I think, and you just click on there and register and in the next couple of days you will be sent a link. All you do when you get the link on the day of, you click on it and you’re there…that’s it.

SM: Wow, wow, you are awesome for taking that kind of energy and then being somewhat normal again.

LD: I am drenched from head to toe…

SM: Oh, too much information, Linda…

LD: But you know what? To have Mary in your house is just…it just changes everything.

SM: Oh wow, I mean I can even feel it from here.

LD: Oh yeah, everybody invite her over for coffee or tea because it’s amazing. And it’s been an amazing couple of weeks since we’ve talked, I mean, the Neptune is hovering over our neighborhood and I’m spending more time on Earth because they’re saying right now you need to be on the ground. And so it’s really wonderful that they’re right here and I know it’s ridiculous, it takes like ten seconds to go home but having them so close and to know that they’re this close…and that’s something we should ask Ashira about…but the messages that we’re getting and not just from the Council of Love but I see it in so many different channelings, the energy is building and we are going up that spiral. So, this is a big time; yes we are stepping forward in our action and in our allowing, but our hearts…wide open to receive.

SM: Oh yes, yes, that’s it…

LD: And the old ways, they just don’t work anymore and you’re right Suzi, keep it simple.

SM: Absolutely and gosh it’s true, that seems to be the easiest thing right now, just allow and be and not to have…you know what keeps coming up for me is not ‘thy will be done’, I mean that’s true too, but ‘my will is your will’ as in like…

LD: Yeah, ‘I will to will thy will’…

SM: Yeah, I don’t…using the word ‘I’ even that’s not feeling very correct at this point…anyway…

LD: Isn’t that amazing? And we’re really being activated, not only are our hearts being expanded but then we drop down into our will, which is where we take action from, that’s how we move it out into the world, not only with our creations but just with our everyday actions. And I’m seeing it and I know you are too is that our actions, like what I would call our everyday actions and then our sacred actions, like there’s no separation.

SM: Yes, it feels like everything I do is, not just me, everything…yeah, it’s a beautiful thing. So, are we in need of a meditation or do you want to jump right in? I’m going to leave that up to you how you want to move forward now.

LD: I think that the Mother took us into the zone, what do you think? Yeah, so everybody just get comfy and relax into your chair, into your day. See yourself down at the beach with you beautiful Halion chakra spinning out and see yourself skipping along that spiral to your favorite ship and the warm welcome because there is no separation. There’s no separation between us as humans, as men and women, no separation with the dogs and cats, the elephants, the giraffes, and no separation from our star brothers and sisters.

Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira.

SM: Greetings.

Ashira: Welcome, welcome, welcome. I cannot say how honored I am to share this time with our beloved Mother. You know, I come this day to speak of many things, both as friend and yes, as Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, but we are all experiencing the Tsunami of Love, the waves of love that are being penetrated from the Mother. To us it is like receiving her out-breath, the breath of life, the breath of love, the breath of restoration and hope.

Yes, we are in a higher dimensional reality than most of the human race, but never are we impervious, nor would we wish to be, impervious to the love of the Mother. It melts us the same way it melts you, it opens our hearts and it sustains us. You know, we are as anxious as you, as each of you, and I speak to my friends in Saskatoon, in Uruguay, in Bangladesh, in Illinois, in all the busy places, we are as anxious as you for the complete fulfillment of the Mother’s promise, of her plan.

There is a tendency, and I speak even to and for my beloved Linda, there is a tendency to think of the plan as the unfoldment of love, the restoration, recovery, rediscovery of love upon the planet, this beautiful Gaia. And then in that restoration of love that everything else flows, and that is a correct assumption, but in that the plan of the Mother, which Gabrielle administers and I might say, sometimes like a drill sergeant, but she administers the plan and it is excruciatingly detailed.

Yes, of course, there is the general overview and that is love and freedom and liberation and creation and more joy than either you or we can imagine. But in the detail of that plan, yes of course is the coming to the mutuality of understanding and implementation, anchoring of Universal Law, but sweetheart, sweet heart, it also includes our role and the unification of peoples, yes, of various galactic heritages mostly appearing humanoid.

But we have a role in this unfoldment of the plan as well. It is not that we are simply sitting here waiting for the human beings to be of a frequency and a vibration that is compatible to us, yes that is a part of it, but we have been working around that and with that and I have to say to the human race, “You have been magnificent.” But part of our unfoldment, individual and collective, and now I speak for the entire Intergalactic Council, our unfoldment involves the joining, the partnership, the physical reality of being with you, our family, on Earth once again as we have done thousands of years ago. And yes, it is the closing of the circle. The errors that have been made in other regimes or lifetimes, for example Atlantis, will not be repeated. And it is a new beginning.

Do you know what it means to us after hundreds of years and for many of us thousands and thousands of years, 10,000, 12,000 years since Atlantis, at least? And you know that we have spoken, you and I have spoken, of what you have thought about ancient Egypt and that is even older. And so we, we also, no not in discouragement but in hope and in excitement, and let us say, a little anxiety, we can’t wait for this part of the unfoldment. Yes, we know the Mother’s detailed plan, perhaps more than you, involves an unfoldment that is far greater than simply us being on Earth for then what do we do together? what do we create? what do we bring forth? that is truly the exciting part. But that is like saying the reunion doesn’t count…and it does.

So we join with you, we join with you in receiving this wave, this tsunami of the Mother and no one, let us be very clear, yes, you have your guides, your masters, you have the legion of Michael at your disposal but let us also reassure you: No one will drown. We will hold you, we will stabilize you, we will help. So, we are also here receiving from the Mother and available to you, not just as a collective. Each of you, as we have spoken of before, has a star mentor. So, my beloved ones, it is the collective but it is also your expression very up close and personal.

Now, if we invoke the Law of Change, the Law, quite literally, of Above and Below, we are hovering very close to Earth these days, we are far closer than you think, so yes, we are with you.

So dear heart, my beloved Suzanne, where do you wish to begin today?

SM: Ahh, my heart is just melted, I hope I can find words and I know you get the feeling and everything and I’m just so grateful and okay, so let me see…umm…could you give us an update on the state of affairs on earth now and what might have taken place over the past two weeks?

Ashira: I would be pleased to. Now, you have to realize we are not CNBC or FOX and you say to me, “Oh, thank goodness.” There is an upswell in the exhaustion factor because the most important news I can share with you is how are you doing? And how do we perceive how you are doing? Now, we do not suggest to you that out perception has more legitimacy than yours, we would never suggest that. But let us share, from our perspective, what the news of the day is.

SM: Please.

Ashira: The exhaustion factor is more. The tired factor is more. And as lightworkers you may not be feeling more exhausted because your frequency is actually adjusting out, you have gone through the readjustment and recalibration quite, well we wouldn’t say smoothly, but let’s say you’ve done it. But the populace is also beginning to feel a higher level of exhaustion.

Now, let us speak of the lightworker community…even though you are still feeling tired you are also beginning to feel better, some of the aches and pains are beginning to diminish, some of the feelings, emotional aches and pains, are being cleansed away.

Now, in the general population, and we are sorry to differentiate this way, but in the general population the exhaustion is growing and the aches and pains are coming to the surface. But I remind you that this is a good thing, it is a purging, it is a cleansing. Now, many of you know how to do various fasts or cleanses; you have liver cleanse, you have kidney cleanse, you have the master cleanse, you know what it is to purge. So, think of much of the collective now as purging.

Okay, that is the overall. Now we have positioned ourselves closer at hand in terms of our vicinity to Gaia. Can we cloak? Dear heart, we can cloak with the best of them. But as we are coming closer it is not merely that we are sending…this is a very big occasion for us…we are not merely sending you energy, and you know that we have been sending you energy of the softest pink, both to you and to the kingdoms, to Gaia for about two years now, to soften you and to acclimatize you to gentle love.

Now, many of you have been learning the extreme potential and power, especially you dear Suzi, of working through your field so that you are not merely just sending but through your expanded field, which if you want to average it out is about the size of your city or community, rural area, your fields have grown so significantly. So, do not simply just stretch out your arms for about a couple of yards thinking ‘well this is my astral, this is my emotional, this is my mental’, your fields are huge and you are communicating to the collective this is how the Shift is really taking place. So that is what you have been doing

Now let us explain what we are doing. Why have we come closer? Not merely because we are much closer to landings…yes I dare say it!…but because we are not merely sending you energy, you are within our fields. We have begun sharing fields. What does this mean? It means our frequencies and vibrations are becoming harmonized, compatible, conjoined, unified. All of you who have been waiting for your beloveds, your family, your friends, your job onboard ship, this means that we are so much closer.

SM: Sigh…Oh, thank you for that!

Ashira: Number three in our update, you are always asking about money, well not you dear Suzi and Linda because you understand. But we also understand money, currency, and it doesn’t matter whether the currency is fresh air, spiritual currency, cold hard cash, gold in the ground, gold on ship, it doesn’t matter, you are coming to a new understanding of currency and this is a huge relief above and below and us who are in-between. But let us also talk of this: many of those who have been involved in the old paradigm of greed and control are being worked with in a variety of ways but there is significant movement in terms of what you have thought of as the old power structures, not good or bad simply what existed, and the insertion, the anchoring, the replacement with, can we say, the new regime.

So, this is also very encouraging news. Now, does it hit the front pages of CNBC or FOX? No. Much of this is being done behind the scenes and quietly. But you are beginning to see even public resignations. Now we are not defiling or defaming any who are doing resignations. Some resignations will simply be a personal decision to take more time for their sacred self and to make room for the new, knowing their job is complete and they held the transition position in order to be able to then transfer it to the new lightworker.

So, this is one of the most significant shifts as well. So there is much occurring. That is my update!

SM: Oh that is wonderful. Can you give us a little information about, like Gaia is undergoing an environmental cleansing now, we’re not really seeing it because as you know the news is full of, you know, fracking protests and people saying ‘we don’t want it’ and governments saying ‘yeah, that doesn’t matter because we’re doing it anyway’ and so pretty much the message from the media is that we’re powerless and the place is getting wrecked and so could you give us some encouragements about…I mean as I understand it the cleansing is already underway…

Ashira: The cleansing is already underway. Now also know what you tend to see, and I hope this is not confusing, one of the things you tend to see, and I’m asking you to look with your heart-eyes, your heart consciousness, what you see on your media, by and large, not all the time and not every channel or station, but by and large what you are seeing is reporting from the old 3rd. That is why you know when you are looking at it that it appears to have no substance, that it almost feels that you are back in the 1950’s looking at an old movie or a black and white movie because it has a tendency to be black and white, that duality/polarity is present; and that is how you know…‘Oh, I am looking at the vapors of the disintegration of the old 3rd.’ So, is that what is really going on? Well, of course that is what is really going on in that reality which is not truly the cleaned-up 3rd.

Gaia herself has taken it upon herself, once again along with the kingdoms and the animals, to begin a cleansing. Now, is it a cleansing that is threatening the animals? No. Is it a cleansing that is threatening the human population? Threatening would be too strong a word but it is certainly helping them to pay attention and wake up, and that is important. She is cleansing in order to begin to also express her truth of who she really is so that her skin that you have looked at and do look at as being, can we say, tattooed by fracking, by oil wells, by drilling, is healed. That the forest are being restored, especially right now our beloved Gaia, yours and ours, our beloved Gaia is using a great deal of the element of fire, purification, St. Germaine’s torch, the I AM Presence. You and the channel have talked about the rebirth of will. Well what you see with the use of the fire element is Gaia expressing her will in alignment with the Mother’s plan. The cleansing by fire is no-nonsense, it leaves no question that there has need to be a fresh start. And the shoots, the trees, the flowers, all of these agree and know that they begin again.

If you were to look at Gaia from our perspective, because we see her in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, she is glorious. And so yes, the cleansing has begun but look deeper and dear hearts look at your own yard. If you live in an apartment look at your own plants, look at the air in your house and in your yard and do your cleansing, assist Gaia, recommit to her, never has there been a better time to recommit your heart and your soul to the Mother above and the Mother below. Send her your love, your nurturing. Yes, create a Mary garden; we find these delightful.

SM: That’s wonderful. There’s been a program on television called Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson and there was a new episode last night, there’s only one more episode in the series apparently and they haven’t quite gotten to the point of talking about extra-terrestrials but he did last night talk about global warming and greenhouse gases and that the sun is the answer to our energy needs. I just think that’s a wonderful series and I wonder if you have any comments on that?

Ashira: This Neil deGrasse is one of ours. Alright, the secret’s out. The series, which of course is an update on the earlier education that was shared, is to expand people’s understanding not of how what a tiny dot in the universe you are but your integral place and role in this magnificent universe. It has given people the broader view and the intimate view of their role and yes, the clarity, unbiased clarity, now that is heart TV, to be able to look at the issues that Gaia and humanity, of course, are facing.

Now, in the future, and what I say to you is in the very near future, there will be another series with Neil deGrasse that talks about the next step because humanity, because they have seen us they will welcome us, they will know us, will want to know more and it will also focus on, not only who we are, and what we are, where we come from, what we’re up to, but also the science of our technology and construction.

SM: Well you’ve said, much to my joy, that we’ll be able to meet up before the year is out. Would you please give us an idea of what to expect in terms of healing our physical ills? There seems to be a plethora of chronic and incurable diseases among the human collective and I was hoping for some encouragement that once we were able to be in one another’s physical presence these issues will be easily remedied.

Ashira: Now, the quick answer is “yes” but I would be remiss if I was to try and take, especially from my science and healing officers, we would not pretend that we are going to take all the credit, you my beloved terrains, my beloved Gaians, as you are raising your frequency, as you are fully shifting inter-dimensionally, climbing the rung of the ladder as it were, you are eliminating many of the chronic diseases, aches, pains, conditions that have existed in your reality, that have been both man-made and can we say, nature-made. And the reason I make the differentiation is that there have been some that have been very particularly manufactured, but it doesn’t matter, we don’t wish to spend much time on that because your vibration will be such that the disease won’t hold.

Now, have you ever noticed that there are times when you are exposed to colds, to viruses, to flu’s, etcetera, but you are rested, you feel on top of your world, your game, you are happy and the virus simply passes you by? And then when you are distraught, you are depressed, you are tired and the virus passes you by and you grab it and you are down for the count for weeks. Think of the inter-dimensional shift that you are going through, the acceptance of your multi-dimensional self does eliminate that, the Mother’s tsunami and her gift of clarity, clarity also means the clarity of your body, it begins to eliminate that.

Our technology, our healing chambers, our adjusters, our regulators, the various tools that we have and intend fully to share with you, will certainly take care of the rest. To be human does not mean to be sick.

SM: Awesome, that’s very good. So we’re sticking to ‘this year’ timeline, huh?

Ashira: Well we are, are you?

SM: Oh heck yeah, this month would be great!

Ashira: This day would be great!

SM: Indeed. Of course I want to ask and I know there’s not really an answer to this one, but…so how ‘bout it? Today is good.

Ashira: Today is a good day; this week is a good week and understand, we are very close at hand. Now will we jump the gun? No, because we know of Gabrielle’s variables and of her strength but we are very close at hand. Now, think about it, we are sharing our fields; this is more than has ever been done before in a collective way. Think of it in this way, one of the themes of the Nova Being, the New You, the new and improved human collective race, is union and sacred union, partnership that has never been experienced in this way before.

So, think of your beloved and even those of you who are still looking and hoping, think of your beloved sacred partner; you are in the house together, he or she is at the other end of the house and you are in your own room. Think of the level of love, comfort, that sense of pleasure, of just plain joy when the person is in the house with you. You don’t have to be talking, you don’t have to be working together, we always suggest you cook together, eat together, share together, but just that joy when you know that that person is in the house. That’s where we are right now. Think of it in that way…we’re in the house together,

SM: Aww, I’m so excited, you know, so emotional doing these shows these days, I’m very grateful. Okay, so I have one more question so we can close. My feeling about the almost constant high frequency buzz in my ears is that the sound is carrying light packets of information or what we would call downloads of information…further that while I have no greater understanding of what’s in those packets right now, a time will come that all if it will be activated by some event or circumstances and that I will know what to do. Is that accurate and are there a variety of purposes for these sounds among the human collective?

Ashira: The high frequency tones, and we are not just talking about the hum of our ship or the sound of God, are a gift to the human collective that are downloads, in your terms downloads, and they are, in fact, many of them are being activated and particularly parts of your brain are being activated, many of you often feel little electrical shocks, a jerk, and you wonder ‘Oh, what’s that?’ Well that is what it is, it’s an activation of some packet of light, you are using exactly the right term, that is being placed within you. So, it is the best form of implants you could ever hope for and yes, all will be revealed and activated.

SM: And activated. I’m so grateful to have you on the show, I love doing it, I am so happy to be a part of it, and if you have anything in closing then I would be very grateful for that too.

Ashira: Beloved ones, we will join you in the Tsunami of Love, we already have; we will join you in the expansion of human consciousness, we already have; we will join you in the expansion of your heart, we already have. We are right there with you. Soon, and I know my sweet angel, Linda, hates that term, but I tease her as well, we are with you. Alright, let us finish by saying, “Sooner than you think.”

Go with my love my beloved friends. Farewell.

SM: I love you. Farewell.

Ashira: And we love you. My entire ship and crew send their love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon