407876_245868492150737_179181975486056_604389_2022148223_nThe energy of our transmission, of our mutual transmission goes out not only to your star brothers and sisters, but to every person on the planet. It is in the very air they breathe. That is one of the reasons why this type of transmission, this type of show as you think of it, is increasingly important. When we arrive upon the planet, which is going to be very soon, and I mean that in the human sense, are you willing to be a part of the Welcoming Committee? We want millions of people to simply declare: “We welcome you, we are not afraid….”

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Ashira is back with us today and for anyone new to the series, Ashira is the Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies and he has graciously agreed to continue our fascinating conversation covering a wide variety of topics and information that we haven’t typically had access to. I have to say that there’s been a shift for me since being a part of these discussions with Ashira. There’s been more clarity in the connections I’ve been feeling in my daily life as well as in meditation and I’m wondering if my cosmic sedative got bumped up or something because I’m feeling remarkably calm and loving these days (chuckling)!

SM: Good morning Linda!

LD: Good morning Suzi and you are calm and loving!

SM: Laughing, ah, it’s just so much fun!

LD: You know, I think having these conversations with our star brothers and sisters, whom of course Ashira represents in this context, is changing and helping us to shift into our higher dimensional selves and it’s giving us a much broader, I think, perspective in terms of who we are, how we fit, what’s really going on and just assisting us in letting go and releasing the old, not only the 3rd dimension but the limited view of who we are, and making that shift, as Archangel Gabrielle has said, to our global and even our intergalactic citizenry. So, I think this has been a real treat, and it’s a real treat let’s face it, to think that someone who is a Star Commander of an enormous fleet is taking time out, basically, to chat with all of us, I mean everyone who’s out there listening. I mean, I somehow can’t envision you know, the chief of, the joint chief of staff of the military taking time out to come on the show, but if he wants to we would welcome him!

SM: (Laughing) Indeed and this whole series, I’m just appreciating it immensely because it’s sort of making it much more normal. Like everything that we talk about and that we long for, it just feels so much more reachable?

LD: And doable, yea, I agree. I absolutely agree. In fact, you know, I know that it’s changing our vibrations. As I was saying to you, just really quickly before we came on air to join with all of you who are out there listening, is that in the past few days I have been given various devices to bring back with me, personal devices, to bring back to work with here on earth and you know, well I think all of you know, that I spend a lot of time going back and forth of being on ship and being on earth. But I’ve never taken any devices that are on board ship and brought them back to me to use on this home. And similarly I remember one time someone asked me well, why don’t you bring your camera on board, which was something that never dawned on me, but it was a really good and practical question and I realized also that I’ve never brought any of the, sort of the trinkets as it were, from Earth on board ship, you know and I go, I go, period! The reason I’m bringing this up is, I was told last night that people could start asking to be given and to use these devices. The first device is something that’s called a “regulator “and it’s, yea, it’s, ah ….Do you remember…when I was young I was a girl guide, I guess here in the United States it would be called a girl scout and they had like those long, slender brass whistles?

SM: Oh right!

LD: Yeah, and that’s kind of what it looks like, it’s like a silver cylinder that you just put in your pocket or tuck in your bra and what it does, is it begins to regulate various systems and keep various systems in your body in perfection. So, for example, if you had a chronic condition or you had a, what I would think of as an emergent, now I’m not suggesting you don’t go to the hospital. Never be giving the medical advice because the AMA will come after us (laughing), but say you thought you were having a stroke, for example, just call for a regulator and what it will do is regulate you know, blood clots, blood flow etc. and it’s, it’s very high tech and it’s used to be on earth, or another planet I guess if you’re off ship and not close to getting medical help, to really help you or assist you in regulating all your systems. So…heart…

SM: Is this the kind of thing that we can ask for and have etherically?

LD: Yes.

SM: Ok.

LD: So that was the first thing; and the second thing is this cool little device that I will report back in on a regular basis called an “adjuster” and this adjuster is a tiny, little rectangular black box, almost like you know when you go and you have an x-ray and those people are wearing those things on their belts? The x-ray technicians are wearing like a tiny little pager and it’s just worn at the, ah clipped onto your pants and it helps to adjust anything. So it’s not a regulator, it’s like a major intervention, but an adjuster is to help you adjust something in your body that may be out of balance. The reason I have taken it is that I’m working on my weight. You know I go home and I’m the perfect weight and I’m looking much younger and here on earth I go up and down in my weight and it’s like, it’s very frustrating cause it’s not even as if my eating patterns change that much, but I think it’s energetic to some degree, that it goes up and down. So this is going to help me, this adjuster mechanism is going to help me work with adjusting that metabolism system. What I’m doing is I’m taking one of those great big paperclips and I’m putting it on my pants, I’m clipping it on my pants to remind myself that I am using the adjuster and to let it do its work.

SM: Well.

LD: And these are only a couple of very, very simple devices! So, it’s not the device that I’m here to really talk about, although they’re practical, so go ahead and ask for them, you can’t just assume they’re going to show up you need to ask for them. But it’s an indicator that the vibration on Earth or amongst the light workers has shifted enough that we’re being entrusted with these star devices. Now the people who, the boots on the ground as it were, the star beings who are landing are all being given these devices to use as they, you know, acclimatize, basically, to earth. So it’s exciting, it’s really exciting!

SM: We get a head start on the things that we’re really hoping for.

LD: That we’re really hoping for and it gives us a little taste and it’s a personal taste of what the star technology can help us with. I was, we hadn’t talked about discussing this but it’s so important I wanted to bring it up. I noticed yesterday, I believe, that the United Nations has finally come out with the report about the affects of climate change, of adapting to climate change and you know the science community has been saying this for years, but now it’s recognized. We’re past that tipping point of being able to, or so science is saying, of being able to reverse disaster…you know planetary disaster. They say that we are basically good for about another thirty years and its worst case scenario that humans will not exist on Gaia after about fifty because they’ll be no food, no water and bad air. Ah huh, now, that’s after how many billions of years that we have been on planet. And so, I think that this is also a really pertinent area to be discussing, not only with the Company of Heaven, but with the, with our star brothers and sisters, because something very radical has to shift and they’re not even pretending anymore. Government agencies, non-government agencies aren’t even pretending that we, are in a position that the damage that’s been done to Gaia is reversible. It’s just now, how are we going to adapt? That’s really serious, that is in itself a paradigm shift.

SM: Right.

LD: So.

SM: Well, I, yah, so maybe it’s just my mindset, or whatever, but I’m not even worried about any of that. I mean I see it and like I said on the last show, it’s kind of in our face you know, the fracking and the spilling and the, you know all those things, but I just have this kind of knowing in my heart that it’s going to be o.k. and I …..

LD: Oh, I absolutely agree.

SM: Yea, so really what it speaks to is all the things that are possible that we really have no concept of at this point.

LD: I think it speaks to what is possible in terms of what we don’t have any concept for, but I also think that it speaks to the further need amongst all of us of this, to quote a famous author, A Great Awakening, (laughing) and that there is this attitude, because this is something I can remember in college, having a pollution research scholarship for the summer one year and trying to encourage people to use public transit and even bicycles rather than cars in the city and people screaming at me, one person actually spit in my face, like “how dare I”! So, it was like, okay that’s about forty years ago, forty years we’ve been saying we have to change our attitude towards Gaia and I think that’s the most significant shift. As we shift to heart consciousness, then our whole way of thinking and being on the planet also has to shift, and will of course. When I saw that little news clip on PBS I thought, oh my goodness, this real paradigm shift. Sometimes we hear them and we see them and we don’t recognize them. Then we say well nothing’s changed. Well, that’s a huge change.

SM: Yeah. Indeed it is! Alright, so I have so many more questions that we’re going to get to in this show again, so, so ah shall we leap into the fabulous galactic meditation that you have?

LD: That’s a wonderful idea! On the heels of Armageddon here we go! No, no, never. Never, ever, ever, no way!

SM: Alright!

LD: So, let’s relax and let go of your day, let go of your to do list, of the week ahead, of what hasn’t been done, what needs to be done and just sink into your chair, into the floor, into the bed, into your car seat, your office seat, wherever you are. Take this time just for you, for your human self, for your angelic self, for your galactic and intergalactic self. Feel yourself sinking into your chair, your seat, until you feel like you weigh two thousand pounds, couldn’t move if you want to, and yet at the same time, you’re as light as air.

Feel all your energy from above and from below gathering in your heart, sinking down into your heart, into your wonderful tri-flame of the Blue Diamond, and the Golden Diamond of the Father, and in the middle your beautiful, miraculous Pink Diamond and breathe that pink and feel that pink that our star brothers and sisters are saturating us, bathing us in right now. Feel that gentle love, that peace and harmony and beauty.

Now go down to the bottom of your rib cage to your Halion chakra. This is a wonderful mint green, an Electra blue, some ashen blue, some electric blue and in that mass, that wheel of mint green, see these blue lightning bolts and open that chakra and see that this a spiral out, out to your star brothers and sisters. This is one of your bridge chakras, so feel yourself anchored in your heart but also drifting down and beginning to spiral out on that halion spiral, out of your chair, off the carpet, off the bed, through the roof of your house, through the roof of your building, through the roof of our beautiful blue sky, keep going, out into the deep space where you can see a billion stars and planets, the Milky Way.

But there amongst them is your ship, a place that you like to visit or even call home. So as you continue, you direct your spiral to this location, to this landing dock, keep going and feel your feet alight upon the outer portal and there to greet you are three of your favorite people, your best friends, colleagues, ship mates. And see the warm smile as they hug you or grasp your hand and shoulder, welcoming you back, welcoming you home. And the doors to the bay ship flip open as you turn and walk inside with your friends deciding where you wish to spend some time this morning, whether it’s in the gardens, or in the science labs, the communication center or simply to go to a café and have coffee. Relax and enjoy your time on board. Pay attention.

Commander Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, friend, brother, nephew, uncle, welcome! Welcome my beloved friends and welcome to you dear Suzanne! And I am happy and honored to have this opportunity to continue this conversation not only with you but with planet Earth, with Gaia and everyone and everything upon her. You know often we have said for all your InLight communiqués that we listen, we listen to your broadcasts, and yes at times we even analyze them. But mostly, we simply listen because it is a way, it is a mechanism for all of us to feel the connection to the collective and to each of you individually, to the human heart.

When we have these broadcasts, yes it goes to those who listen actively this morning, or even later in the day to the archived material, but the energy, the energy of our transmission, of our mutual transmission goes out not only to your star brothers and sisters, but to every person on the planet. It is in the very air they breathe. You cannot do basically any form of transmission of this nature and not have it being communicated to all the human beings.

That is one of the reasons why this type of transmission, this type of show as you think of it, is increasingly important. Now, I know that there are many, who are very critical of the drama and the mayhem, broadcast by what you think of as mainstream media. And I am not judging, it is part and reflective of the drama that has been adopted by the human collective in the past and I will speak to that in a moment. But in order to counter balance, and in fact be able to tip the balance of what is truly being breathed in, it is vitally important that more and more of these heart centered shows, of these heart centered love transmissions take place because that is also counteracting what else is being broadcast into the air. So you, all of you, and yes InLight Radio is doing a much bigger job than you have even thought of. And for this, I on behalf of all the fleets, all your brothers and sisters, thank you.

SM: You’re so, so welcome, thank you for being a part of this as well, so much.

Ashira: It is our joy!

SM: Umm, mine too!

Ashira: So I know there is much that I could and will discuss, but I also know that it is important that you be able to ask your questions and I tell you also why. The more questions you ask, the further you scratch the surface. It is a demonstration of our bond and of our commitment to true communication. Not merely to disclose this or that piece of minute information, clear that we are basically an open book available to you. Now there are things, perhaps of a scientific nature, and we define science as everything basically, that we would not discuss because it’s simply you would not understand the formulas. But that does not mean that we are not willing to share everything you want to know. So where do you wish to begin today?

SM: Oh thank you so much for coming with us again and I really appreciate it and I have to say I’ve been feeling all week, you’ve already answered my first question, but I’ve been feeling all week that I wanted to ask you if by any chance there are any questions that you have for us, personally or collectively?

Ashira: Yes, yes there are questions that we would have and it is to pose the questions, perhaps in Perro, so that there is no sting or judgment attached, but there are a few things that we wonder about and would question. First we wish to remind you, because it is puzzling to us; several weeks ago Archangel Gabrielle graced the airwaves on Hour with an Angel and asked for the partnership to be formed, to gather all those who would not honor women, who would not embrace the peace and gender equality of all beings, and to gather those into a topaz blue box. A partnership with earthlings, humans, that has never really been offered up before. Now we were very eager to hear this and began to immediately work, with the collective of humanity, with the archangels, particularly Gabrielle to assist in this ah very, very mild form of containment. But what we have noticed is that the human beings have not really taken up this offer!

And, it puzzles us. We do not judge it right, wrong, indifferent, but it puzzles us and we wonder why. Why, when it is such a simple undertaking? And you can give all kinds of excuses and say well, our attention span is very short, oh I forgot. But what we are truly asking is why? So, another question we have for you, it may sound slightly romantic, but again I speak in Perro this day, is do you love and cherish us?

SM: Yes!

Ashira: Now when we arrive upon the planet, which is going to be very soon, and I mean that in the human sense, are you willing to be a part of the, what we would call the welcoming committee? We do not just mean a handful of people, we need and you need, in order to deflect power structures, not fear, but power structures, millions of people to simply declare, we welcome and we are not afraid and do not interfere.

SM: Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Ashira: So, our question to all of you is are you ready?

SM: Ah huh. I don’t know if I can say I know a million people that are, but I can certainly imagine that and pretty much everybody I’ve ever spoken to is well, maybe not everybody but a tiny fraction of people would maybe respond with concern, but that’s as heavy as it gets. I would say yes, indeed. Come on.

Ashira: And those are our questions.

SM: Okay.

Ashira: Well for now, we have a million questions just as you do.

SM: Okay.

Ashira: But, for now.

SM: Ok, well I leave the door open for your further questions. That first one I personally can’t answer, it’s sort of a collective question, so, I’ll see if I can come up with something.

Ashira: It was posed so that people would think about it because it is a question that we have encountered in many universes and many galaxies and many planets.

SM: Really? Wow.

Ashira: Yes it is, well not exactly the same offer from Gabrielle, but the same issue of being offered a way to heal a very, what seems like, a very untenable situation and given a very simple solution and the solution being dismissed because, because why?

SM: Because why, ok so, if I may speak to that for a moment and maybe get further detail on, you know, we’re supposed to gather up the energies that won’t honor women into a blue topaz box so this is, if I’m not experiencing it in my own life do I just, how does that actually look? Do I just imagine where that imbalance is taking place and gather it up, because like I said, it’s not in my experience.

Ashira: Go to one of your most heinous areas that you feel is heinous, so for example go to Somalia or Sudan or Syria. Gather up all the people who feel that they have a right to physically mutilate, murder, hurt, injure women and put them in the box. And then gather every woman who thinks that that’s alright and put them in the box as well. It is a healing chamber.

SM: Alright, I understand. Okay, alright good, it’s good to have that clarity and maybe having that will increase the participation of humans.

Ashira: We haven’t stopped and we won’t.

SM: Ok, alright. I’d like to share an experience I had last Thursday if I may? Yes, it’s really exciting. The snow is mostly gone here and I had an opportunity to go bring some more firewood into the garage and clean up the wood pile a bit. I love being outside anyway and the task was an enjoyable, simple one. While I was squatting down and picking up small pieces of wood to use for kindling, I got the idea to invite star family to come and participate in my day! What happened next was remarkable because I was filled with such a sense of awe and appreciation over the offer for one thing, and then for the immediate and powerful sense that this simple activity simply isn’t available on board ship. The deep knowing came over me that we live on an exquisite, beautiful planet and get to experience things that we might consider at times to be mundane, but are in fact truly unique! I came inside with a renewed and profound appreciation for the privilege of being here now, the perceptual chaos and disintegration happening is hardly what matters when viewed from this perspective and it’s just one of the amazing realizations I’ve had from this past week. So thank you for that to whoever has been accepting my invitation to hang out (laughter)!

Ashira: And you have been accompanied by many.

SM: Ah huh.

Ashira: And, you are welcome.

SM: Yea, it’s just wonderful!

Ashira: One of the, the areas that we like to speak of is the beauty, the beauty, the magnificent beauty of your planet. And we have come, well we have come for a very long time, that is another question, but we come, not so all of you can necessarily come on ship, I mean we are happy when the time is right, we will avoid the chaos of an earlier faux pas, but the issue isn’t coming on board ship—the issue isn’t coming on board ship and asking for a ride home, whether it is to Venus or Andromeda or anywhere else in the galaxies. The joy of being on this magnificent planet and you are correct, that is one of the reasons, what you think of as mundane, we think of as spectacular!

So it is one of the reasons also why part of the Mother’s plan has been to keep you in physical form, because the physical sensation of being on Gaia, it is a planet of physicality. It is a planet of such beautiful diversity that you can take lifetimes after lifetimes after lifetimes and we are talking hundreds of years that we all live, but to explore!

On board ship, I have said to you, we have gardens, we grow food, there are animals. Now did you ever think why? Yes part of it is we maintain ourselves, but it isn’t a necessary vital requirement, it isn’t a life in terms of life, living, staying alive, life force issue. It is to sustain our very souls! And you have it all. To be able to walk out, to those of you who are not in a contained environment, and think of it, our ship is about the size of many small islands scattered all over the world…to be able to walk out and to put your feet in an ocean, to dig in a garden, to hear the rustle of leaves, and the flutter of bird wings, to go and to collect wood. These are precious gifts!

And you are correct dear Suzanne, it puts the rest of the drama in perspective. Why anyone, and this would be another question; we know the answers, but we like to pose the questions. Why anyone would choose to keep their head down looking at the pavement in a concrete jungle and never take time to look up and see the sun, to breathe the air, to scent spring coming. This is beyond us. This is why you will have Cities of Light. This is why they are being co-constructed. Cities of light are not merely overrides by your celestial friends. These are being built. Yes they are already underway because they are in what you tend to think of as your future. But to have cities where there are flowers and birds and children playing, that is what makes it tolerable, that things that are of beauty, whether you are in the most remote area on the planet or the most populated, there is always the place for beauty and there is always the place to stop and simply smell the air.

SM: Ahhh, we are very fortunate here and I would love everyone to realize that. I do have some questions about your presence around earth. You’ve been here longer than we have I imagine and as Linda just said to me before the show, ‘like seeks out like’. So what are so many galactic ships doing around earth now and what are the galactics on earth up to and does anyone recognize them as such?

Ashira: Oh, increasingly, the galactics on earth are being recognized. They are being recognized not because they appear inhuman, but because of the stars, their energy field, the stars in their eyes. They are slightly different mannerisms and presentation. People are recognizing the difference in the energy fields. So, while our form is certainly humanoid, yes, they are being recognized, and by in large, they are being welcomed and welcomed warmly. And what we consider sometimes to be a warm welcome is also someone not being forceful or abrasive and saying, “You don’t look like you’re from here, what galaxy are you from?” That is rather intrusive to someone who is newly arrived; that is slightly invasive. But we do see that our troops are not only acclimatizing, but yes, being welcomed.

Now we have been visiting, shall we say, Earth for tens of thousands of years and it is ‘like seeks like’. Now, obviously we travel at speeds, well the speed of love and wormholes, white holes, black holes are used for our travel and there is inter-dimensional shifting as well. But think of it in this way, you do not know, and we do not say this in a way that is dismissive, but you do not know the entire history of Earth and we would not pretend to be your teachers. But, we have been observers. And we have known, for that long, of the beauty, of the magnificence of the race that was created upon this planet. And, there are many similarities, no not clones, but similarities, heritages, constructions, constructs, DNA, even dimensional travel that your galactics and intergalactics have with the humans.

And so there have been, there have been long periods where we have been in very conscious and active communication with those upon the planet. Now I speak for many different groups here and different sectors had different kinds of contacts, but for example, during the time of Atlantis there were ships from everywhere that would come into spaceport. And there was exchange, cultural, scientific, commerce, what you think of as commerce, healing, social, because we sought out each other. We sought out each other and you welcomed us, you sought us out as well. No, not through star travel but you are on the brink of that and that is why so many of you remember. Because it was a normal occurrence for all of you to come on board various ships and travel intergalactically or galactically.

You had trade envoys and delegations that made trips as well. That is why sometimes you think, “Well I don’t think I lived, say on Andromeda, but I know the people, I know the sensation, I know what it’s like.” It is because you have that soul memory of those travels or of our travels and our exchanges with you. And then when you have gone through, can we say dark periods, when we went dark, in terms of putting up the shields, but we put up shields but we did not stop our interactions with humanity and with Earth.

Now there were some that took advantage of that dark period, but they have since been, can we say, reassigned elsewhere. They’re not permitted in this sector or literally in this universe. But our history goes much further back, in terms of our relationships, then human beings imagine. You have in your Native American cultures the knowing of the Anasazi, who were Pleiadian and who visited and inter-married, had a long and prosperous culture. And that is where many of the starseed were first originated.

So when we say that we step back, we stepped back because the illusions, the ego of the humans, we were no longer compatible. It wasn’t merely the fact, although that was quite significant, that you would destroy your planet, which is why we kept it cocooned holding the poles intact for hundreds and hundreds of years, because we knew that the evolution, the cycle of humanity would come to a point where you would re-awaken. And just like you have said, see the beauty in the woodpile and re-invite us for, for love, not for what we bring in terms of technology, or commerce or science or trade. We sought you out because we knew we could have a loving relationship. It is like you, seeing a neighbor down the street and you think, well that looks like someone I’d like to know, that looks like someone I could be friends with and you don’t know the person. You just feel their energy field and you think there’s something there that is attractive to me.

So it was, planet to planet, galaxy to galaxy. There are many planets that have very similar construction to Gaia. But the mix on this planet and the energy of the humanoids is exceptional! It is wondrous! We want to be part of it.! We want you to know us and love us the way that we know and love you!

SM: I want that too! Ah, I have a few frequency questions. Can you say anything about the actual frequency number of Gaia and the collective, perhaps in terms of a range? Is there a frequency range that will allow earth humans to flip between dimensions like you do? And, where are we now in relation to maybe one year ago? And I understand that, you know, well go ahead…

Ashira: You are much higher than you were a year ago and yes I believe this has been mentioned, but say on a scale of one to ten, you are collectively around an eight. Now that is not a static number, understand that as well. This goes up and down. But, when there is a breakout, shall we say, of war or of hostilities, that frequency number it is like introducing a great deal of static to a beautiful sonata. So, it does interfere. But you have increased, now you are all ready… this is what you do not all understand and so I will repeat it and then I will repeat it again! You are already inter-dimensional. You already have the frequency and the vibration to be shifting inter-dimensionally. That has already been reached and it is a matter of bringing that “knowing” and that is what the New You Group is doing actually, in conjunction with us. It is bringing that “knowing” and that “frequency” forward so that people begin to use it and utilize it.

Each of you have had a sweater or a shirt or a blouse or a t-shirt that has been stuck at the back of your closet and that you have forgotten about. And then you rediscover it and you wear it almost every other day. That is what you are doing with your inter-dimensional self. It had been hidden, packed away in an old trunk in the attic, but it is out, it has been washed and it is ready for use.

SM: Umm, very nice. Ah, okay, when you are, well, have you been on Earth?

Ashira: You mean as a full lifetime?

SM: Or at all?

Ashira: I have visited Earth, yes.

SM: Okay. When you are able to come to the surface now, will there be a situation where each of us will get a mentor to help navigate the changes taking place, maybe get instructions on how to do things like teleport? I mean, I get that we’re supposed to figure things out on our own, but some of it feels a bit daunting. Have we been given this information to seed our imaginations?

Ashira: You are being given this information to stretch what you think you are capable of and to seed your imaginations, as you put it. How we would look at the, what you call mentoring process is that it would be co-mentoring or pairing. So, for example sweet one, I will teach you how to teleport if you show me how to collect the firewood!

SM: Oh my gosh, I would be a more than happy to make that exchange. And I just want to apologize to everyone for the bird sounds that are coming, I can’t do anything about it right now and I’ll just do the show from another room in the future. But it’s distracting to me trying to take care of it, so hopefully everyone can just deal with it for now, but ….

Ashira: Now you see, to us the bird sounds, and we are responsible for this because she is talking to us and we enjoy the sound, so my apologies to many if that is distracting to you, but to us it is music to our ears!

SM: Ah okay, I don’t even think about it anymore, ok good, so now I can relax. Alright, thank you. As far as physiology could you please speak to the difference in maybe digestive and respiratory systems, like eating when one feels like it rather than to sustain one’s life force, makes for a pretty remarkable change to a body. I imagine the shift there will take place well outside anything that we now accept as possible and as far as breathing, here the breath can be used for many things. Is it the same for you?

Ashira: Yes. Now, let us first talk about what you think of as your digestive system. It is not so much that the…well, and we can adjust our systems as well and Linda has spoken very briefly to that this morning, but the adjustments can be rather easily made. But in terms of the physiology, and you will always have and I do mean always, have enough food on earth to feed everybody, as you already do, as you already will. The ability that you have forgotten is your ability to eat light. Now you have had holy people, men and women, the yogis that have existed simply by eating light.

Now, the human body, which is one of the differences from us, yes, is the, ah, requires at this point, regular or irregular sustenance. But, even that is shifting somewhat, but it is not a matter of redesigning so much your digestive systems as reminding you that you can inhale, and this relates to the breath, chew, swallow, life force. It is in the air around you. It is in the very makeup of your being. So it is not that, you just aren’t used to eating unseen molecules. You are very used to the form aspect of food. But what is what you call food except really a collection of molecules, of atoms? So, that is not truly that significant; that will adjust. And some will adjust very rapidly, such as your sweet self, because you don’t really have any great interest in food, but there are others who do. And, that is part of the diversity!

Can you imagine, we look at you, you, all of you, my delightful family and there is one of you who says I don’t really care to eat, so just give me the light manna from heaven as it were, and then there is another person who says let me take twenty different sources of lettuce, mix them up together with ambrosia and feed it to you and eat it and delight your senses. That level of diversity is extraordinary to us! We don’t want to change that! And, I don’t think that you would. Now, the necessity for harming Gaia with pesticides and chemicals, et cetera, is completely unnecessary. So if anything, food is going to taste better. Now, oxygen, many of you remember being mer people or dolphin people or whale people and being able to breathe differently underneath the waves, or in deep space of being able to breathe. So there are adjustments and these are actually DNA adjustments that are markers on your various strands that are and will be adjusted, so that the breath… but we are not having difficulty in adjusting our, what you think of as our oxygen, our CO² levels to be able to breathe on earth. That is not an issue, that was part of the prep that was done, thousands of years ago.

SM: Okay. Wonderful, thank you for that. I have one more question and then we can go to callers. Well, I have a lot more questions but I’ll just stick with one. Would you kindly speak to the aging process and how we can expect that to shift? Many of us are looking forward with enthusiasm to be able to choose our physical appearance and apparent age. Once again we step beyond what we think we know is possible in this regard is a stretch to say the least, so it’s a question of, you know, the old way of thinking we would think of evolutionary process takes a long time, we won’t see it in our lifetimes, so there are a lot of elders who don’t feel they have a lot of time to enjoy the changes or so could you speak to that please?

Ashira: This is a complex question, but I will endeavor to answer it quite directly. Now, there are three factors. First is the false grid, the false belief system that evolved as an exercise in control in the old 3rd dimension that you have and are leaving behind that death and degeneration was inevitable. And it was a ploy to keep you under control so that if you were tended to, and this is a rich/poor, healthy/non-healthy issue, if you were tended to you got to live longer. If you were tended to it also meant that you towed the line, that you were not against the systems that were in place. So, that is being dissolved first and foremost.

Secondly is what you think of, what you think of as time and what we use as time are different and this is part of the inter-dimensional shift, but your, what you think of as timeline, think of it in terms of a ruler, you tend to give yourself about three inches out of a foot and it’s very static, it is high/low, high/low, high/low, it is very staticy. Whereas we take the whole ruler, the whole twelve inches and it is long, long, waves and if we are traveling inter-galacticly, it is almost flat line wave. So our existence and our rejuvenation, well we don’t age the way you do, is much longer, because we know how to sustain ourselves, but also the whole framework within which we are operating is different.

Now the human experience is shifting as you shift, as you ascend to the longer wave pattern. Now what does that also do? Rather than, what gives you the appearance of aging isn’t even the fact that you only took three inches. It is those spikes, it is the ego and the emotional turmoil as well as what you put in your bodies, but we are not going to talk about that, that create the aging. As you begin to stretch it out you begin to calm the emotional field, you begin to calm the ego, you calm the mental field and you begin to rejuvenate.

Now, when you are also not putting poison in your body, which many of you have already adapted to, that creates a stronger life force as well. None of you who are on the planet were intended, Mother’s plan, not ours, to age in the way that you do. This is simply not truth. So the rejuvenation is starting and you can see it in yourselves, especially you who are light workers. There are days that you are fifty and you look in the mirror and you say I look twenty today! Then there are other days when you say oh, I am back to fifty! But increasingly what you are going to do is claim the twenty. So it is also a matter of you claiming and utilizing what we would call the creation codes to simply revitalize your body. Now when you are in healing chambers that are very, and increasingly available to humanity, you can have rejuvenation treatments. So it is literally a reversal, it is a revitalization of all your organs including your skin, your hair, your body.

SM: Beautiful, well there’s so much to look forward to and, you know, as you’ve expressed in my heart what I’m most looking forward to is reunion and being with you and hanging out with you all and getting to know you and establishing relationships, and it’s, that’s the most exciting part to me, so I’m really grateful for these discussions.

Ashira: And that is what is exciting to us. You have so much to share with us and we welcome that sharing.

SM: Well, when you said soon, you know we’re all really, really looking forward to that so thank you! Are we ready for a few callers?

Ashira: Yes we are!

SM: Okay beautiful, thank you! Alright so, David, you’ve been waiting for a long time, you’re on the air.

David: Oh yea I enjoy waiting, no problem! Hi Suzie, hi Linda, hi Commander Ashira! It’s great to talk to you all. So, you already mentioned eating light with lettuce and I wanted if you could just give us another one that we can like try to copy with fruits and vegetables that we have now, here on earth.

Ashira: I’m sorry dear one, I did not fully understand your question. May you repeat it?

David: Yes of course. You talked about lettuce and we can mix it with some spice and I figure you have a lot more vegetables and fruits on your ships. So we can’t copy really your foods creation, so maybe you can give me some idea how I can create something with the food that we have here that tastes similar to that which you like to eat.

Ashira: Oh, let me tell you, my friends will tell you, there is very little that I don’t like to eat. Because, as you know it is a social occasion, it is a sensory occasion. You have a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables, lettuce available to you. What we would suggest to you and this is because you are one of the ones who loves to play with tastes, is just experiment. So there are, I am not going to give you the intergalactic recipe book, but play with it; put papaya with fennel, grapefruit with romaine. Play with it! And when you are doing so, when you are putting it, particularly, well, the green always because it is love, but all of this food is a collection of life force. There is a tendency we have noted on the part of many human beings, and this is why you have such, so many poor food choices, is that you put food in your mouth and you swallow it without really tasting it. You don’t hold it in your palate, in your mouth, to allow all the tastes to sing their chorus as it were, and then to chew and swallow. You are just swallowing! So, spend more time in your mouth! That’s what it’s for, well it’s for many things, but where food is concerned it is to experience the delight! So let it be in your mouth!

David: Okay.

SM: Alright, thank you for your question. We are on to area code 636. Are you with us?

AC636: Yes, hi Suzanne, Linda and Commander Ashira. I have a galactic on earth kind of question. My husband and I were lucky enough to meet Linda at the 2012 Scenario Conference back in 2012 of course, and we fell in love with Sedona. We went back last September and we were climbing, we were at the top of Cathedral vortex and we saw a family with two men and four young children I’d say between the ages of five and ten and the kids were just so brave jumping from rock to rock and it made me super nervous because there’s a lot of huge drops up there and I thought it was very unusual about how laid back the men were about the children jumping around and um, the men seemed a little different somehow and I was driving down the road a few weeks ago and it popped into my mind, that was a galactic family and I wonder if that could be right?

Ashira: That is absolutely correct, for you know that the arrival point for many at the arrival portal, what you would think of as the arrival portal for many in the area of Sedona, the City of Light that is already activated, is the Bell Rock, but there are tunnels and integration chambers shall we say, that emerge into Cathedral, so you were simply witnessing a recent emergence of a family having a picnic, having a human experience! And they knew that you would not interfere, that they were safe with you.

AC636: Uh huh very neat. It didn’t occur to me at the time though, I just was driving down the road like a couple of weeks ago and I knew it in my heart it came in very strong that I knew that that was a galactic family.

Ashira: And you are correct!

SM: Cool, ok, thank you, thank you so much.

Ashira: You are welcome dear friend.

SM: Okay, we are on to area code 608. Are you with us?

AC608: Yes I am, hi Suzanne, Linda, my name is Bastal (?). Hello Commander Ashira. I want to welcome you, first, and you know, from all of us, I want to join the welcome team. I am really excited to talk to you. And my question is that right now on planet Earth, our main exploration is regarding free will, you know the main thought for most of humanity has need to explore free will as a planet, as a collective. When I think about other civilizations like Andromeda or other civilizations, I am curious what is their path to follow. Can you give us some ideas on that? What is it that they explore as a collective?

Ashira: As a collective we explore various civilizations, but if you are asking what we explore upon the planet earth, we revel and we bask in the beauty of this planet. But the most interesting exploration, not in any kind of intrusive way, but is, and that is why our questions emanate around you, our explorations are around the human species. Because out of all the changes that are taking place upon the planet, the cosmetic restoration of Gaia, the elevated inter-dimensionality of the kingdoms, the most fascinating is the humans; how they think, what they are interested in, what they are exploring. Because it gives us indicators of what is important to you both in your minds, societally, but in your hearts. We measure and we observe, collectively, the growth of your heart and if you are in contact with us, which of course many of you are on a heart level especially, then we measure the growth of your heart. But that is what we explore.

SM: Beautiful, thank you for your call. We have time for one more quickie. Your number coming up is all 1’s, are you with us? Hello, hello. Ok, alright, so we’ll try area code 518, are you with us? Hello, hello. Ah ok, well. Alright Ashira, have you got something else that you would like to close with?

Ashira: I have many things that I would like to close with.

SM: Okay!

Ashira: First of all, my beloved friends, earlier with InLight radio you had a program called Galactic Family and this was the appropriate name, because we are your galactic and intergalactic family. That is how we think of you and that is how we pray that you will think of us, yes we do pray. Yes we do meditate, yes we do gather in groups to create, to visualize and to bring forth, and what we bring forth dear friends, at this time, is our being together.

Forget about government disclosure and think about our family reunion. It is going to be happening very, very soon, and that is why we want you to know us as we know and love and cherish and honor and respect each and every one of you. Invite us to help with the laundry, with dinner! Farewell.

SM: We love you.

Ashira: And we love you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon