You cannot have your feet on this planet and not be multi-dimensional. So can we simply begin today, beloved people of Earth, with a declaration of freedom for your inter-dimensional self that you are going to allow yourself to move into this inter-dimensional reality?

Suzanne: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Saint Germaine is back on the air with us today, here to continue what he so artfully and casually mentioned at the end of last week’s show. We’ve been looking to see the results of our energy work here where we’re having our physical experience but it seems clear that tangible results aren’t manifesting in a way that we may have expected.

Today we’ll be getting some clarity on actually where to look for those results that we long for as well as guidance on how to bring them forth. Listeners have written in asking for specific information about to use the etheric tools we’ve been given and Linda has a wonderful meditation for us created to do exactly that. Once again we’re happy to be here and doing the show. Good morning Linda.

Linda: Good morning Suzie and good morning everybody. And yes it’s great to be here on a sunny Florida morning; hot and humid. (Laughter) But I guess that’s true all over the country, huh?

Suzanne: It’s certainly true here. It’s one of those triple H days; hazy, hot and humid here in New Jersey.

Linda:You know what? When we’re all freezing in the winter we’ll be thinking of these days. (Laugh)

Suzanne; Oh yeah, no kidding. I prefer this to snow, lots of snow anyway, but you know, we take what we get. Right?

Linda: Yep, it’s all good. Well there’s so much going on. I am glad this week that we’re doing back to backs because the energy is so strong and between what the Mother is working on us with the Tsunami of Love, and clarity and grace and purity and St. Germaine and the ascended masters and Archangel Michael, we are being bombarded by energy.

Suzanne: Yes, indeed.

Linda: And so I think that that, my opinion, is that that’s really good news because what I’m seeing, and we talked a little bit about this Suzi just before we got on the air, is that what’s looking like chaos is really what is coming to the surface to be cleared. And so, it may look a lot like mayhem and chaos but if it doesn’t come to the surface it just stays inside, whether it’s inside the person, or inside the situation, or the environment, or the institution, or the country, and it just festers. And it eats you alive. So it’s gotta come up and out. And I would think we might all agree that we are in this situation of “big purge”.

Suzanne: Yeah, and perception is everything. If we look at the triggers that bring these things about as a good thing that we can be grateful for because it’s an opportunity to clear and get rid of something once and for all.

Linda: And to get rid of it once and for all for all of humanity. That’s huge.

Suzanne: Yes, this is a collective effort for all eternity.

Linda: I know that you know, oh, for quite a while, it isn’t that I don’t feel the energy ups and downs but, by and large, and I think Suzi you’re in the same place, that we feel happy.

Both: Yeah!

Linda: And I think that this is where we’re going and that you know the Mother and all the ascended ones are talking about in terms of just living in joy. And that the joy, I should use the word joy instead of happy because happy tends to be happy ‘about’, it tends to be reactive, but when we’re in that joy, you know, things can be going on that may appear to be less than positive but that we can still maintain that brightness in our heart, that love in our heart knowing that things are in unfoldment and that we personally are in unfoldment. Good news!

Suzanne: Find the joy! It is good news and it’s also good news to me that people are very interested in using these tools and wanting to know more about it. So..

Linda: Absolutely! So a lot of the listeners wrote in and asked you for a short (as if you can control him…) meditation with St. Germaine on how to use the Violet Flame. I think if I read it right, that some people wanted it for health, some people wanted it for RV or for finances but this is a generic meditation that we’re going to do, that you can do every single day. And it will be brief…he’s laughing…

Both laugh.

Linda: …but that we can do and work with this energy, because the Violet Flame is so powerful, you know, it’s in alignment, not only with our crown chakra, but with the I AM presence and with the Universal Law and particularly that Universal Law of Transformation and Transmutation. And that’s another thing that’s coming up is the Universal Laws. So everything is coming into alignment right now. If you can just anchor in your heart you’ll get it.

Suzanne: Can I just ask you too, there are so many tools that are mentioned on the show, on your web site, not just the Violet Flame but the Blue Flame and the Silver Flame and Green Flame, all the archangels have their flame and the, you know, the various tools. Are they interchangeable in this meditation that you’re going to give us?

Linda: No, they are not.

Suzanne: OK, never mind, never mind.

Linda: (laughs) Because each master or archangel tends to use it slightly differently. Now Gabrielle is correcting me and saying, “Well you could do it if you wanted to”. (Linda laughing) There you go! But the meditation I was going to share this morning was, really came before the hours of two and four this morning from St. Germaine. But as they’re saying it, you can exchange the flames…little commentary before we get started…since day one when I’ve been channeling St. Germaine, not St. Germaine, a feminine energy because he asked to have an ‘e’ on his name, but St. Germaine, the master of the Violet Flame, he has used the word “torch it”. And I had a couple of people who said, “Couldn’t we use another term because that sounds really kind of violent?” But again, you know what, it’s like people who got uptight about using the word Tsunami of Love, “Oh, tsunami is such a negative word”. And what they’re doing is they’re using these words very specifically to get us out of that drama and that duality and polarity. When we torch something it’s literally incinerating and transforming the energy. So St. Germaine, during those wee hours this morning, made really clear he likes the term “torch it”. So, don’t judge it just use it! So with that let’s get started.

Suzanne: Alrighty.

Linda: Thank you. Thank you for being, ah, my co-host and doing this with me.

Suzanne: You’re so welcome.

Linda: So, as with all meditations, I want you to relax and anchor in your heart. All the work that we do as ascended multi-interdimensional beings comes from being anchored in our expanded heart consciousness. So feel your energy as you get comfortable, bringing your energy from above, down through your crown, down from the central sun, from the Source, from the One and anchor that in your heart. And pull up the energy through the soles of your feet, your beautiful red cord, your central channel, up from Gaia again, into your heart. And all your attention, all your focus, is in your beautiful tri-flame. That tri-flame of Blue Diamond and your magnificent Pink Diamond, the Canary Diamond of the Father and they are even and they are intertwined and they burn brightly.

Now feel yourself, as you’re anchored in your heart, begin to float, as if you were floating across a lilac sky with amethyst clouds. And feel that beauty and that sense of freedom as you are anchored where you sit and at the same time floating in this magnificent landscape. Give yourself permission, the knowing, right now, that you can be in several places, several realities at once. And breathe violet. Breathe the iris color and the woodland violets and the purple grapes and simply be. Be in the stillness of your heart.

Directly in front of you stands St. Germaine, our beloved master, of the “I Am” Presence and of the Violet Flame. Allow yourself to see or to perceive or feel him. And if you wish, just reach out in front of you and you will feel some cool currents of air if you can’t see him, and know that that presence, this and every day as you do this meditation, that he is making himself known, not only to you but to assist you. Look into his beautiful eyes, that sparkling deep blue and see the smile that has lit up so many continents as it lights up your heart. And feel that gentle, patient power of this ascended master as he comes in full readiness to work with you, to play with you, to be with you. You notice that St. Germaine is carrying, in his right hand with his arm slightly elevated, the torch of the Violet Flame and it is that old fashioned kind of torch that you would have found in ancient castles, Roman ruins, Egyptian hallways, and that this torch burns brightly and it burns brightly with the Violet Flame. I step aside.

St. Germaine: Greetings I am Germaine. I am St. Germaine, keeper of the I AM, teacher, helper, fellow, to assist with transformation, not only of each of you sweet angels, but of this entire planet and collective. Yes I stand before you this day and from the depths of my being I offer you my Violet Flame. I have already embedded it within your crown, your third eye, your heart, your hands, your fingertips but I ask you to take this torch because it is the torch, not merely of transformation, it is the torch of freedom. And I give it to you because I trust you and your planet and each of you has need of this torch right now, and it is freely given to be used, yes with discernment, but with vigor.

Feel yourself reaching out and accepting the torch, this beautiful sconced torch, from St. Germaine right now. Hold it in your hand; raise it high as if momentarily you have become the Statue of Liberty. Declare yourself that you will use this torch of transformation, of transmutation wisely and you will do it for the benefit of humanity and all who exist and live upon Gaia. Now relax, still holding the torch and decide this and every day how you will use this, in ways that are small or appearing to be small and ways that are huge. So, for example, let us torch all the conflict, all the chaos, all the mayhem, all the misunderstanding because it is lower vibration in the Middle East.

So take your hand as if you are reaching out, as if you are looking at a globe or a map and you are torching, not the people, this restores the people to the truth of who they are, torch is that which is not of love. Go ahead, so you know how to do it. Now bring it back. Now think of something in your life, in your being, this is a time when key issues, key motivators are coming to the forefront. What is it within your sacred self that you are ready to let go of, that you want transformed from burden to victory? Identify it, name it, call it. And now see yourself standing in front of you. Decide where this issue is in your field or your body. Where have your stored it? And now again reach out and torch it. See that purple flame, it is cool, it does not hurt or destroy, it reinvigorates, it restores. It is the flame of recovery. And feel that issue that you have carried, that burden that you have carried, simply go.

And see the brightness that lies in its place. Now bring it back and put that torch in your heart, store it there that you may use it every single day, every day, to do something on the macro, something on the personal. Minimally, you are a torchbearer and you are a torchbearer of freedom. You are a torchbearer of the new reality of Nova Earth and you are entrusted as steward of the Violet Flame.

Greetings: I am St. Germaine.

Suzanne: Welcome.

St. Germaine: And welcome, welcome, welcome to you. I feel quite honored to be invited right back. To tell you the truth, I didn’t go anywhere. I simply sat and waited for my turn again.

Both Laugh

St. Germaine: There is so much that all of us wish to share with you. And although the technique may vary slightly, there is a consistency and uniformity to the gifts, to the tools that we give you. I will not take offense my beloved friends, if you make the Violet Flame torch gold or blue or orange or red if you will use it. There is only one proviso. So when you are working with Archangel Gabrielle’s golden bubbles of joy can you please tinge a few with purple so that we can have equal exchange?

Both laugh.

St. Germaine: And that is what I am suggesting to you. Do not be too serious, because it is in the lightness of heart that I wish to speak to you this day. Now we had ended our conversation last week by perhaps suggesting to you that you are looking for love in all the wrong places.

Suzanne laughs.

St. Germaine: You are looking for your beloved self. Now let us explain and I am asking each of you, I am asking every person on earth, to keep your hearts and minds open as I offer this explanation. You are ascended, ascending, about to ascend beings. And so what you are doing is also anchoring and integrating, rediscovering, reenjoying, what you think of as new information. But in fact, it is ancient information. Your reference point for this and for many lives, yes, even those of you who are complete starseed and are having your first life or assignment, because there are those who are simply on earth for being stationed here, but all of you have this concept, this understanding that you are anchored, that your reference point, that your feet are anchored in the old 3rd dimension. And we understand the reasons why you feel that but it is false information. You say, “Oh no, not more false flags, not more false information”. But you are clinging to that reference point because it has been the only reference point of where humans have been for a very long time. But when we have said to you and we have said this to you consistently for over two years and for some of you much longer, the old 3rd is basically gone. All that remains of the old 3rd is these wisps of energy that you can think of as false grids, false paradigms, vasanas, behaviors, yes, some tangible actions. But the tangible actions are actually based on being recalcitrant and clinging to a reality that is crumbling beneath your feet. So you say to me, “Well then where do I live?” We are not saying that the 3rd dimension, this delightful dimension of physicality, has ceased to exist. But it is what you would think of as a cleaned up 3rd and all of you, listen to what I say, all of you are anchored not only in a new 3rd, but interdimensionally.
This has already been done!
Suzanne: Oh!
St. Germaine: Yes! Now the point of my discussing this today is that because you are clinging to that illusion that “I am of the old 3rd and when is it going to happen?” the party is half over! And the party is just beginning. So, I am begging you with me this day, this moment to simply accept what you have always been which is a multi-dimensional interdimensional being. I can hear the cries of denials from Vancouver to Shanghai.

Suzanne Laughing.

St. Germaine: Please listen to me: The new 3rd is not restrictive. Now Gaia is already well into the 5th, headed for the 7th, brushing the 8th. She is already interdimensional, multidimensional. You cannot have your feet on this planet and not be multidimensional. I do not care if you are the most dense energy, a terrorist in Somalia or a saint in the Vatican; all of you are interdimensional. And each of you in various ways, some continually, because you’re accepting it more and more are having interdimensional experiences. Things with your clocks, with your sense of time, time slipping, moving from one room to the next and feeling that you walked through a portal, and although you know that you are still in your office or your house, that somehow everything feels and appears differently. And then you go back in the other room and you feel that you are somewhere different again.

Clear audience, you are hearing your guides, us, the Mother more clearly. And you say, “I don’t hear at all St. Germaine”. Well if you are listening to this program dear heart, you are hearing me. You are seeing, you are perceiving differently. You do not need wings, although each of you have a pair and you might want to try unfurling them, but you do not need wings to move interdimensionally; it is simply an act of intent. So it is you beginning, first of all your personal declaration “All right things have changed, I am interdimensional and in that I am free to travel, I think I’m just going to explore around home right now” and before you know it you’ll be flying to the 12th.

Now, why do I start here? Because it is ground rule. If you do not accept the fullness of who you are, not who you are becoming, this is already in you; it doesn’t need to be torched, it doesn’t need to be flamed, it doesn’t need to be bubbled or simmered, you are already there, and you have been there for some time. The only, the only obstacle to you knowing, acknowledging, that you are there is your sense of lack of self-worth, or self-love. Well this is something you can immediately torch. I will torch it for you. So can we simply begin today, beloved people of Earth with a declaration of freedom for your interdimensional self that you are going to allow yourself to move into this interdimensional reality? Because it is not that that freedom, that that ticket, that that reality is not there, it is, so you are holding on. Please let it go and come and play with us and let us create Nova Earth together.

Now, that is the starting point. You have asked me dear Suzanne, how it is that you feel, and this is true of many of you, that is why I single you out my beloved, that you have been building a new body, a body that is not according to some mythology of what is beautiful in the old 3rd dimension, but what is functional and beautiful and the truth reflection of you interdimensionally in physical form. And you have said to me “St. Germaine where is that body? Because I can feel it, I can see it but I don’t like I’m inhabiting it.”

Suzanne: Exactly

St. Germaine: So come with me. May I use you as an example dear heart?

Suzanne: Yes, you may.

St. Germaine: In your heart where is your new form? Go to your heart and simply ask.

Suzanne: OK, well..

St. Germaine: Where is it?

Suzanne: On higher dimensions.

St. Germaine: And in which dimension?

Suzanne: Well, (she laughs) I would say higher than 5th actually.

St. Germaine: You are quite accurate in that.

Suzanne: OK

St. Germaine: So your new body is anchored in the 7th.

Suzanne: OK.

St. Germaine: This is where you have stored it. This is where you have been working on it.

Suzanne: Oh, ok.

St. Germaine: This is where you have been formulating the beauty of who you’re stepping into. And I use this as an example simply because it is true of most beings and if you think, dear hearts, who listen and who will listen that this is not true of you, well, you are wrong. So start; find where you have built your New You. Now we are not going to leave it at that because part of Nova Earth, these are the tools you have asked for, part of Nova Earth and the building of Terra Gaia, is not this fragmentation and that is part of the fear factor of what you are looking at. You are thinking “Well, if I’m in the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th, I feel fragmented”. The truth is that that is the unified grid, that you can be in all of these places because you are not a limited being. You are these phenomenal beings, the Creator Race that has come to fulfill and close the circle for creation. Now you know how magnets work. I’m going to be very practical in this.

Suzanne: OK

St. Germaine: Take your physical form that you are feeling in the renewed 3rd, shall we say? Now the old body, and I do not mean to say you are old dear heart, for I am very old! You are a spring chicken!

Both laughing

St. Germaine: But the old body is highly magnetic. The new body, the New You, is more electrical. Feel your magnetic body pulling from whatever dimension you are in, whether it is the 6th, the 7th, the 12th, the 1st, pull that body in. Feel it traveling across the grid into your grid, into your sacred space and feel it connecting, overlaying, feel the connection.

Suzanne: OK.

St. Germaine: And click it in.

Suzanne: OK.

St. Germaine: And do this, I would suggest, absolutely every day if not several times a day.

Suzanne: OK.

St. Germaine: Now, you want tangibles then I’ll give you tangibles.

Suzanne: Yeah ok.

St. Germaine: As you do this, because humans, the old humans, tend to have very short-term memories.

Suzanne laughs.

St. Germaine: So, I want you to pay attention and to journal or catalog or simply note how your body, how you feel, how you look, how the aches and pains, the memory, the mental acuity, the sense of wellbeing, the increased sense of joy, the increased sense of fluidity, that you can go to the magic, that you can go through the change, that you can go to the place of love, and that you can create. The key to all of this is creation. So I want you to note the changes in your body and I am really hoping that you will invite me back so we can discuss this and that the listeners will make notes and we can discuss that as well. Let’s have another call-in show.

Suzanne: Oh!

St. Germaine: So let’s compare the notes and note the changes as you are doing this. So, work with the torch, work with the pulling your new body into the magnetized old body, the overlay, the clicking in, it is not just that there are no inches there is no space, it is right into you.

Suzanne: OK

St. Germaine: And see how you begin to feel expanded and different. But the key to this is your embracing the new belief system that you are an interdimentional being. You always have been. The tragedy of the old 3rd was that that was lost, that knowing and therefore that flexibility was lost, never completely erased but buried so deep that for all intents and purposes, it was lost. Now I want to be the master that teaches you how to do this recovery and rediscovery.

Suzanne: Beautiful.

St. Germaine: Now, what questions do you have for me dear heart?

Suzanne: Oh, well, well thank you for the meditation and for coming back to explain these things that feel to be just a hair beyond our current understanding of what’s possible. When I told my daughter that we need to look for results in the higher dimensions she was indignant and she said it was like being asked to play a symphony without knowing the cords. And so I really am appreciating what you’re saying about reaching into the higher dimensions. I just know that I’m going to get questions from readers, listeners “How do we really know we’re in the higher dimensions? What does it look like?” I mean when I’m out on my hammock I totally feel I’m in the higher dimensions, things don’t actually look different unless I say the trees around me are brighter and more alive and I feel more connected to them. Is there more? I’m just wondering, like in higher dimensions are the things that pollute going to be invisible? Do you get what I’m saying?

St. Germaine: Yes, you are looking for…now the experience of what you are thinking of as physicality is in the 3rd, the new 3rd. Actually it is in all dimensions but your anchored, your feet, for now as you adjust your bodies, but yes, in the higher dimensions, and that is why…let me finish my sentence Linda, (laughter). Her mind is racing. She has a million questions too!

Suzanne: Yeah.

St. Germaine: In the higher dimensions there is a purity, so there is no pollution, there is no war, there is no hunger, there is no poverty. Now take each of those and think of the opposite on the spectrum. There is sharing of resources. There is the glowing beauty of Gaia and of human beings in the fullness of their health. That is why we’re asking you to bring in your new body.

Suzanne: OK

St. Germaine: There is no war. There is community and unity. The more you live in the acceptance of that reality…this is not about denial, this is about you declaring and choosing to live elsewhere. There is no hunger. There is plenty for all. There is shelter for all. There is financial support if that’s the way you want to look at it, for all. My trust fund can supply money for everybody.

Suzanne: Ok, so we’re going to pull all these things into our current now from the higher dimensions, just like I’m going to be pulling my body into these. I’m just wondering though, how, I didn’t really realize that physicality went to the higher dimensions like the 7th. How, like at what point is physicality a non-issue, or just light bodies?

St. Germaine: But you have declared that as a human race you are doing an Ascension process maintaining form.

Suzanne: Yes?

St. Germaine: Now that does not mean, because you are choosing as a race, you see all the rules have changed.

Suzanne: Ohh kay!

St. Germaine: So that you have decided to maintain form, that doesn’t mean we’re going to have you punished by not allowing you access to the 7th.

Suzanne: OK

St. Germaine: That is the old paradigm. “You can’t come her, unless you die.” Well, that’s not true! That’s what enlightenment and Ascension is about. You can go as far, you can go and feel and be the love that is the 7th Christ consciousness. You can have it all and then you pull it into your physical form so that you are a walking, talking, working, creating Christ consciousness being.

Suzanne: Yes. I already feel that. I already feel all that like on a spiritual level and so I’m looking forward to doing this exercise every day and calling everything else in.

St. Germaine: Yes, now what you are doing is basically your work that you are taking care of say the Middle East, or lack of self-worth, is it is literally like you are looking over your shoulder, let me think of a mythical monster that is chasing you and you torch it, because it does not have substance, not real substance any longer. It is an idea. It is a pattern of behavior that you are truly torching but it is looking over your shoulder, sometimes you turn around to do the Michael work and yes, you use his flame on my torch, but you are torching anything, eliminating anything, igniting it, so that it doesn’t exist. Now you say to me in a very practical way, “Well St. Germaine does that mean if I do this every day, that we of Earth do this every day, that war in the Middle East will cease?” And that is exactly what I am telling you. You have no idea, you how limited your perspective on how affective these tools that we give you can be. And I’m not giving you the dumbed down version. I am giving you the full equipment and you can do this, and I am doing it with you. I am guiding your hand just like Sanat Kamara does not allow you to invoke the Law of Elimination without his guidance, so I guide you, each and every one of you, people of Earth; I will show you what to torch, never to harm, but to set free.

Suzanne: Right

St. Germaine: It isn’t a matter of effort to go to the 5th, the 6th, the 7th, it is a matter of strolling as if you are in the most beautiful park in the world and you are simply strolling with me to go exploring. Pretend that you are in the museum of the universe and first I’m showing you the artifacts of the old 3rd, and then we are moving into the cathedral of the 4th where magic is exhibited. You will meet us there and then let us continue on and then at the end of the day you can come back to your 3rd physical because that is where the trees are singing and the flowers are bowing and the fairies are dancing. You see in our reality there isn’t the cement wall that you believe erected between the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th. There is no cement wall. It is just currents of air, of bliss, that you can move along and we are waiting, we are inviting you and we will guide you.

Suzanne: So this is very much, oh gosh I just forgot what I was going to say… It’s a matter of perception and trust to follow all these things and to know that they’re here even though we’re not seeing them and really trusting the invisible.

St. Germaine: No! Yes, it is true we are back to trust and I have asked you to trust like never before, but it is also increasingly allowing yourself to see, to feel, to smell, to taste what has previously been invisible.

Suzanne: And choosing what we pay attention to very carefully.

St. Germaine: Yes. Because very often, particularly in the beginning the energies are subtle. You are looking for the big drama but drama does not exist in this reality. So look for the scents, for the smell, for that ping of joy. And then look around you. Look at that tree stump that suddenly has morphed into a woodland creature. Look at the tree, lean on the tree that all of a sudden is chatting with you. Look for the shadows or the person that just walked through your room. And don’t think I’m imagining things say, “Hello St. Germaine”.

Suzanne laughing

St. Germaine: I love to be greeted and so does Michael. And so does Yahweh. And so does the Mother. And so does Yeshi. We are with you. Just pay attention on a whole different level. And what is your litmus test? What is it? How do I know that I am doing this right? because you’re all obsessed with doing this right, it is that you feel greater joy, that your body feels more vibrant, more activated, more capable.

Suzanne: OK. All right would you suggest that we start with our own physical selves to call in our higher dimensional truth?

St. Germaine: Yes, start with your declaration of interdimensionally. Use the torch to do your work and to torch any disbelief or false idea that you have. Then call in your physical self. Let us begin there, compare notes and continue the conversation.

Suzanne: Fabulous. Fabulous. Thank you so much for joining us. Have you got any closing comments?

St. Germaine: I have, not only do I have such enormous love for you, all of you, I have such deep respect and admiration. I do not have the slightest hesitation or qualm that you can do this because it is who you are. It is just buried under that dross. So come play with me.

Suzanne: Beautiful. Thank you so much. I love you.

St. Germaine: And I love you dear heart. And I love all of you. If you are having difficulty, if you are not thinking that you can use the torch, call me, I am right there with you. Forever. Farewell.

Suzanne: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon