…open your arms my beloved friends and bring in the abundance of what you desire of these codes and bring them in directly through that portal of your heart, bring it in right now. And understand as you do this, as you bring forth an abundance of awe, of joy, of compassion or charity, what does it manifest as in terms of the tangible, of a physical expression that you can maintain form with? It is everything you want.

Suzanne: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Today we are going with the flow and we were ready to welcome Sanat Kumara back to the show for the first time since our Universal Laws series last year. The discussion was to include how Universal Law applies to abundance and I am looking forward to whoever shows up because we might have a surprise today. The abundance feels as though this is the one issue that is catching a great deal of our attention these days and it has not been so easy to keep up the faith when we allow worries to take up so much space in our thoughts and it seems like the world is exploding.

Suzanne: Good morning Linda. Oh, oh! Sorry honey, good morning.

Linda: Good morning, (laugh) it’s ok, it’s some of those technical issues, right? We have an abundance of them.

Suzanne: Yeah ok! Hi.

Linda: Hi. It’s good to be here and as you say you know today I think it is we could do a subtitle here “going with the flow”. And I can feel Sanat Kumara. Let me tell you what happened to me last night again at 3.33 this morning after I’d been awake for hours working on the… well, listening more than anything, not up and writing, but listening to the things they want to include in the Union and Reunion Gathering coming up in October, is that Mother Mary appeared again by my bed. And it’s like, not just like an apparition with your eyes closed and feeling the presence but like full on front and center and that’s how I wanted to start the show today. It’s like what do you do when (I think I am; going to cry) what do you do when the Mother, and to me the embodiment of the Mother in the way I can handle even though I know she has a million faces as Mother Mary, like what do you do when she shows up? And what I do is, I just, I am in this sense of overwhelm of awe, of wander, of joy but I just start crying because it’s so big and it just takes away (even in the middle of the night) it just takes away everything else or can I say that sense of importance, no false importance really, or exaggerated importance of everything else. It’s like you are just there and you are in the love and those 22 million things on your “to do list”, it’s not that they disappear but it’s that sense of this is all that really count, this is all that really matters is to feel that love and you know, I mean, how I often say this in our InLight team meetings is that the Council of Love can be really boring because all they ever talk about is love, love, love, love, but when you have these experiences, it’s like: oh yes, nothing else matters. And the feeling of overwhelm with the “to do list” changes in terms of overwhelm, of just feeling this abundance of love. So my reasons for bringing it up and I know the Tsunami of Love is going to increase, this is her heads-up, how she tells me here comes another wave, but I wish everybody could just feel this abundance of love.

Sanat Kumara, in preparing for today, (he is so funny—laugh) he actually “made me”, made me listen to me, suggested strongly, that I go and look up in the dictionary the meaning of abundance. And I did of course and there are various explanations but abundance, the primary consistent, dictionary after dictionary, explanation for abundance refers to measurement and particularly in chemistry, I guess, but it struck me as I was seating there reading this is that, of course he is talking to me, is that when we talk about the 13th Octave, about being in the place of Divine Union, about going to the heart of One, they have always explain the 13th Octave as a measurement, as going beyond what we have in what we think and have thought as the old 3rd dimension, going beyond to a higher Octave and in that higher Octave, in the 13th Octave or beyond or even in the 12th dimensions that we have while we maintain our body, there is no such thing as lack; that the abundance of the various qualities, the laws, everything that is available to us, yes in a whole bunch of different forms, but that that abundance is there.

You know that overflowing fullness was another example, plentiful, you know affluence was way at the bottom of the list and that we tend to think of abundance too many times and because we are all, not all perhaps, but many of us concerned about money and if we are not concerned about money for ourselves we are certainly concerned about money for the world and food and shelter and clothing for the world. But what I hear Sanat saying to us is that it’s really time and the Mother too, it’s really time for us to start, at least thinking and perhaps even feeling, abundance different way.

Suzanne: Well, It involves trust.

Linda: It involves that darn trust again. St Germaine where are you when we really need you?

Suzanne: Right here


Linda: Yeah Right here. Right here, the room is full Suzi. And I can hear, excuse me (Linda coughing) … my morning allergies… I can hear our listeners saying: “Well yeah, I can see abundance! I can see abundance of war; I can see abundance of friction, of mayhem, of chaos, of hatred, of greed of rape, of pillage, of starvation, of abuse of animals.” I think one of the things I’d like to ask Sanat Kumara, the Mother, whomever is present because Gabrielle just walked in, too, is to give us another word so that we are not sort of defiling that word of abundance, so we can start thinking of and creating in a different way because this has to shift and I know many of you who are sitting there are feeling that; this has to shift.

Suzanne: This has to shift, exactly and it feels like all the lack and the poverty and all the things that you mentioned and war as well as disease are all created things. It would be interesting to track where the creation of these things has started that we can discreate them.

Linda: Or torch them, or use the Law of Elimination, you are absolutely correct. Because all those things that we are talking about are human creations, they are human, man-made for and I don’t mean gender prejudice but they are man-made creations.

Suzanne: It brings me to wonder and I am sure that many listeners are wondering how long we need to keep the faith, hold the light and do what we are doing while the rest of the world doesn’t and when we get to, you know, when our perceptions will open enough to know in our hearts and in our bones that everything really is ok and that we can just relax and just keep doing our thing, I mean how long does that go on for? You know.

Linda: I do know and you and I have certainly had that conversation is that, you know, I mean the answer, when I am in a flip mood as well, as long as it takes. You know, we put our heads down and keep going but of course it’s the real question is how long? And I do sense that if we just use ourselves, no one else, like if we just didn’t even look outside this room, if we just looked at ourselves, then we are not the same, and I say this to everyone who is listening, is that we are not holding that energy of war and lack and limitation. We may be having a 3rd dimensional, an old 3rd dimension experience of lack and limitation but we are not holding that energy. So how do we shift into that fullness of abundance? Because it’s abundance of joy, it’s abundance of knowing, it’s abundance of all those things that are the higher qualities, the Blessings and Virtues that were included in the Mother’s gift of Grace.

Suzanne: Well one of the challenges is if we see these things for ourselves then we trust and have faith and most days we are strong in knowing that everything is going to be okay, we are continually surrounded with people who don’t feel that way and it’s really hard to hold the light in those circumstances. You know, some days are better than others, I mean most of my days are great and I can be in that place, but yesterday I had kind of a cranky day.

Linda: And part of that is allowing yourself to have a cranky day too. You call it cranky I call it goosie… Laugh…But yeah, there are days and yes you can fool yourself and say, Oh, I am just processing for the collective” (laugh) yeah right! And of course the reason that we can say that and it’s true, we are processing for the collective, like we have never done before, but if we didn’t have a speck of that energy of whenever we are cranky or ticked off about within us or within our field, if we didn’t have that mirror to match up with then that is not the issue that we have been processing. So I think my question to the Mother and to Sanat Kumara is, “How do we move to being the mirror from being the mirror of that – can we say – the lower vibration, to consistently, every waking hour, being the mirror for that real sense of abundance?” Wow I wonder if they can deal with this.

Suzanne: Well we’ll see? Time for meditation?

Linda: Time for meditation and it’s also time for us to realise that this is a process for us; this is part of our Ascension process as well.

Suzanne: Yes, yes indeed. And I agree that it’s time to, what we pay attention to is important and you know on those days when we are just feeling bombarded with all the negative energy and the bad news in the world and how people feel about it that’s when we need to really, really step in and hold the light.

Linda: That’s when you need to lie down in your bed and ask Mother Mary to come and comfort you.

Suzanne: Okay.

Linda: And it’s also even in the times and you and I have talked about this and I think it s important to share, is that even when we are in this feeling of bombardment, we are also still in a really creative, highly creative phase. So we are building, I mean look at you and your Whale Tails, you are in production city girlfriend.

Suzanne: Oh I am. I haven’t done it for 8 months and I finally opened a new kiln and I am still taking pictures and updating the website, but yeah, I’m doing that and I feel really good about it and they turned out really beautiful and the energy in them is awesome. But at the same time that’s one of my reasons for being cranky yesterday, I took a bunch of pictures and they did not turn out to be as color accurate as I wanted them to be and I wasted all that time and I am just like a little, you know … laugh…whinny…

Linda: Yes but you know what? We are taking pictures right now of the planet and of what’s going on on the planet and that’s not color accurate either.


Suzanne: All right!

Linda: So with that …

Suzanne: So with that…there we go…

Linda: Everyone please forgive my hoarseness. There’s a horse in here; maybe it’s a unicorn. So let’s begin to take a nice deep breath of gold, the gold of Sanat Kumara, brilliant, shiny gold and the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, that rich molten gold, the Florentine gold and the gold of Yahweh, which is like a canary diamond, sparkling and brilliant. And breathe and simply give yourself permission to just be here, to be bathed in this golden energy, in this golden light.

And go down into your heart and as you’ll remember, see that tiny pinprick of light, the center of your heart and unfurl your golden wings and stretch and relax and feel the truth, the might, the abundance of who you really are. And fly through that pinprick of light, right through that portal, to the interior of your being, to the interior of your heart and see those golden walls. And see the beautiful writing and symbols and messages that you have written on your walls to remind yourself of the truth of who you are, of your magnificence in and out of form, of your divinity, your wonder, your gifts.

Go to that place, whether it’s a cushion or a stool or a beautiful chair or a throne and go and seat down. Come with me and come deeper into your heart. And as you sit and you gaze around this wonderful chamber, look and notice, What is the very particular abundant quality that you brought to earth, that is as much as part of your being as you lungs, your hair, your skin? What is that abundant quality that is an essential part of your soul design? Compassion? Or joy? Humility? Prudence? Maybe you carry an abundance of hope so you can be the well spring that others drop on, or love, or peace.

Take a minute and let yourself really feel what your special abundance gift is. And as you do this, feel the gratitude welling up in your heart, in your being, in you core, as you are sitting there. It’s just you. Feel the gratefulness for who you are and for what your carry, for you carry it not just for yourself but for the Mother/Father One anchoring it on Nova Earth, you carry it for your family, for your soul family, for humanity and there is enough to go around for everybody. You are an embodiment of the Mother’s infinite design. Acknowledge this and accept this and be grateful to yourself and allow others to be grateful to, for and with you.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

Suzanne: Welcome.

Sanat Kumara: Yes, I bow to the Mother and I stand with Gabrielle and I thank you, my beloved friends, for inviting all of us this day as you always do, you know. Yes you may give me or St Germaine or Archangel Michael the opportunity to speak, but know, particularly, there are instances when we speak as one. Do we have slightly different perspectives, different ways of expressing? Yes. But the kernel is truth, the kernel is love, the seed is love.

And yes, I have come this day and asked, requested, not merely to review the Universal Laws, which I am so happy to share with thee, but also to take you by the hand, to put my arm around your shoulder, not merely as Planetary Logos but as brother and friend and guide. Yes, and guide you and lead you to a different place, a different place of existence, a different octave, a different way of being, a different way of perceiving.

When I have shared with you, my beloved family, the Universal Laws, straight forward and simple, my purpose is to share with you how things work, the mechanics, not merely for Earth, but that is our concern at the moment is it not? It is how do you operate, how does love behave and create in this planetary sector? So, I share with you the Laws of Sacred Purpose, of Change, of Unification, of Dispensation, of Elimination, of Give/ Receive/ Intend, all of this, not because I wish to be the instructor but because, yes as Logos, but as friend, as brother, I want you and I need you, in our sacred union and in our partnership, I need you to understand, to implement, to use these laws and to begin the creations of your life, of your journey, of your being and yes, of abundance.

You have asked dear Suzanne, how to discreate? And previously we would not have had such a creation discussion, but that is the purpose of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of Give and Receive, of Transmutation, of Transmission, of Dispensation, of Elimination. You are tending and I mean you, the human race, because I, like all who are coming to you at this time, I speak to all the people of Gaia. You are thinking of abundance in terms of drawing in, but that is only one portion of it because to be in balance, when you bring in there is also a release, otherwise you are going to tip over…not really because you are infinitely able to hold far more energy than you are even dreaming or conceiving of.

But there is too much, yes even for me, there is too much discussion about the clearing, about the letting go, about the dispelling, the elimination. And on the creation side, which is why we started to have this discussion about the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws in the first place, there is not enough discussion, there is not enough action about the ‘bringing in’.

Now you say to me, “SK, Raj, brother, I am asking every day to bring things in.” That is all very well and good and there are our legions, quite literally, ready to assist you, in addition to your guides and circle, to bring things in. But we are also in a time, your time and our time, of sacred union, of the Mother’s tsunami, of the imbuing of grace, of all the divine qualities and attributes. So, it also means that you are pulling in; so, not merely are you asking to receive, you are actively, you are forgetting the action piece, not totally, but this is what I wish to speak to you of, you are forgetting the action piece of creation.

You, yes in partnership but that is what partnership means, we do not do it all, you are the servants of the Mother the strongest of the strong, masters, how many times do we need to say this? You came to Earth in your mastery and you say to me, “Well, SK I sure don’t feel it.” Well, nevertheless this is the truth, the stand alone truth; you are the masters. Look at what you are creating. Now I am asking you, each of you, pleading with you, are you collecting daily, the codes of what you wish to bring forth, what you wish to create, in accordance with the divine laws, in accordance with the divine qualities, in accordance with dimensional reality, not the old 3rd because the old 3rd will get you nowhere. It is an illusion, so the more attention you pay to the illusion you are living there. So you say, “Dear heart, it is hard for us to ignore when people are being shot down, starving, raped, pillaged, when institutions are taking away our freedom.” But that is not the truth. You cannot, it will kill you if you continue to live in that old reality; it will kill you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You cannot do it, you cannot live, thrive, build, create in a non-existent reality that the Mother is banishing from the universe.

You have spoken of discreation. Well one the fundamental discreation that is taking place is the discreation of the old 3rd. We keep saying it is but vapours; there is nowhere for you to anchor. You may send the energy but do not live there and you most certainly do not create there. So you say to me, “Well then Raj where do I create?” Start and not tomorrow, not an hour from now, start right now with me, creating in your heart, in your room, in your car, in your office, wherever you are in this instance. Let us start and never stop.

I am not saying that you do not have time out for play, for laughter, for sleep, yes for what we call staring at the wall; these are important pieces of creation. But start! It was not an intellectual exercise for me to explain and to share and to give you and ignite within you the Universal Laws, the understanding of how things truly work. So you say to me, “Well then, if this is how things truly work, if Universal Law is simply an expression and explanation of how Divine Love behaves and manifest, how do I begin?”

And that is what I wish to review with you. In our reality time has always had a different meaning. Our time lines at this juncture are in alignment, our energy are in alignment, our grids, our intentions, the divine plan, it is all in alignment so that is why I am here this day, that is why the Mother is flooding you even as I am speaking to you. How you begin is being in your grateful heart. You say, “I don’t have anything to be grateful for; I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m broke.” Then be grateful that you are breathing, be grateful that you know that you are in a situation that must change. Look outside your window and be grateful for the sky, the air, the grass, the trees, the cement. Start with me by anchoring in your grateful heart. In your heart, not the heart, not the heart of One, but your sacred heart that is an infinite, eternal vessel of love.

Now while you have become magnificent at bilocation, I am asking you, for this exercise, not to be in two or twenty places at once. Be fully present with me in your infinite, loving, grateful heart so that you cannot be in that place of lack and limitation, hatred and greed.

So anchor my beloved with me. Your intentions for Ascension, which is throwing the door, the portal, wide open, not only interdimensionally but to the opening of all your talents and abilities. So let the intention be, for this moment, your Ascension, forget humanity, let us focus on you because you are the mirror, you are the mirror of each other and you are the mirror of the Mother.

Now, what do you wish to create? What I am asking is to take your focus away, just this day, just this week, just this month, during this transition phase, take it away from what you are thinking as repair work. It is not that it does not need to be done, but rather than looking back at the old 3rd and saying, “What I am creating is peace on Earth,” bring in the abundance of the new, not just repairing the old but what is true peace, Nova Earth, where all are fed, all are clothed, all are welcome, where there is community like there is at home, on Venus. Where there is only the expression of love. Decide with me right now that that is what you are going to bring into you. Now as you do that, it pushes out the old. So bring in the abundance of whatever you choose: humility, compassion, peace, love, do it. Put your hands, your arms out. Feel the coolness; the air is filled with what you think of as creation codes. It does not matter if you are seating in a closet, a car, an auditorium. The air is filled and your wonderful magnetic hands, your violet flame hands have the capacity to simply gather the abundance of these codes.

So through open your arms my beloved friends and bring in the abundance of what you desire of these codes and bring them in directly through that portal of your heart, bring it in right now. And understand as you do this, as you bring forth and in an abundance of awe, of joy, of compassion or charity, as you do that what does it experience interdimensionally? What does it experience, what does it manifest as in terms of the tangible, of a physical expression that you can maintain form with? It is everything you want.

So I am not saying do not collect the codes for a new car, or a new sofa, or a new house, or financial abundance, what I am saying is bring forth the laws and the qualities that allows those things to manifest. So you have said today, “How long do we have to wait?” What I am saying to you, each of you, you wayshowers, gatekeepers, pillars, beloved angels, masters, how long do we have to wait? I say not one more minute. This alignment is not a figment of imagination; it is as tangible and real as your physical form. So let us proceed.

Now Suzanne I know you have a million questions.

Suzanne: I really have a million questions; you have answered a lot of them. I would love to see our work from your perceptive because, you know, down here on the surface, you know the faith and the trust, and everything…. you know, my entire life is built around things that can’t be proven and can’t be seen at this time. So, you know, what you have been telling us, what we have been getting from the Council of Love in general, is, you know, how to use the things that are already available. So what you are saying here, what I am hearing you say, is that it is all available right now we just need to do these exercises, trust and believe and know that it’s there. So I thought for the longest time that if we had our super powers we could do so much more for humanity and helping the shift and what I hear you saying is that we already have them, we just need to open our perceptions that they are actually here and available now.

Sanat Kumara: That is correct. You are activating them and we are helping you activate them. So often you will have a perception, an insight, an inspiration, you will actually see something and this is part of the difficulty with the patterning of the old 3rd, you actually see things and then you, almost before you consciously acknowledge them, you dismiss them…

Suzanne: Well what that makes me think…..

Sanat Kumara: …no more. Go ahead.

Suzanne: Well, what it makes me think of was a vision I had a couple of weeks ago that the work that I am doing, okay, as a conduit for divine energy to come down, go into the earth, out to humanity; it’s a matter of stepping down, transforming it into a palatable form for others that I really have no idea what that energy is used for but then I saw myself… I realise that I’m… is this actually the transforming into crystalline form? Like we just have these expectations about what things will look like but I’m just feeling like I am doing what a crystal does. Is that the transformation into crystalline? Like I still have this flesh and blood body?

Sanat Kumara: Yes, of course you have a flesh and blood….

Suzanne: Bloody? Laugh

Sanat Kumara: …body because you are maintaining a physical form. Will it transmute, will appear younger, healthier, stronger? Yes. Because when you look at yourself in the mirror do you say, “Oh look! There I am, a carbon base being?” Of course not! You look at yourself and you see the magnificence of your beauty, then something even more important; you have had the realisation -and I speak to you, but I speak to many- of who you are and what you are really doing. You are a beacon, an anchor, a transmitter.

Now you can say that, “Oh isn’t everybody?” Like you can say to the channel, “Well, is it not everybody is a teacher, a healer or a channel?” There are variations. There are millions, billions of variations on the theme and not one of you is doing exactly the same thing. But you have glimpsed who you truly are. Now that transmitter isn’t the same being, that thinks about going shopping but what I am saying to you is that they are the same. So, it is also what St Germaine has been suggesting to you, it is this period right now of the unification, not only a unification above and below but unification of you. And how do you do that? You do that by pulling in and realising more and more. When you are pulling in that what you wish to create you are also anchoring and activating more and more and more, in physical reality, who you are.

So you are doing magnificent work. I know your frustration. I don’t want you to know ours. So we know your frustrations and that is why I have returned with this very simple lesson.

The things that has happened with humanity, with your societies, beside from a few tribes isolated, is that you have made your understanding of this planet and the universe very complex. That it is beyond understanding, let alone what we would call manifestation manipulation of codes. And in fact it is not complex. Is it magnificent? Is it startlingly beautiful? Sparkling radiant? Yes! Look to the animals, kingdoms. They know the wonder of the plan, their place within the plan, they live the plan and they do not make it overly complicated. That is why we have given you the simplest of formula. Not because we underestimate you but because we know you are brilliant enough to comprehend the simplicity, the divine simplicity and intricacy of the Mother’s plan. And let me be very clear: war, bankruptcy, poverty, hunger, none of this is of the Mother’s plan. Yes, continue, by all means, to use your torch of our beloved St Germaine but can I ask you, please, to start bringing in the abundance of what you want to be, rather than simply thinking of what you don’t want. It is that simple.
Suzanne: So I can think of a restructuring of government and a disbanding of things like the IRS and a.. you know…..

Sanat Kumara: No!

Suzanne: No?

Sanat Kumara: No. Think of it this way …thank you for bringing that up because many would misunderstand what I have just said… it does include all of what you have said but what you are truly bringing in is the beauty, the love, the truth of community of Nova Earth. Where we have a planet that is of a frequency of harmony that does not permit, it does not literally energetically support all of those things that you wish to eliminate.

Suzanne: So the rest will just fall into place when we do our work?

Sanat Kumara: It is already falling into place just as it is falling into place for you to see who you truly are.

Suzanne: Right. So I guess the question is, “Is enough of humanity, because it seems there is a very small fraction of humanity that listens to the shows or understands light and energy work and all that sort of thing, are there enough of us to really do this?”

Sanat kumara: Yes. Don’t forget you are in sacred partnership with us.

Suzanne: Yes indeed.

Sanat Kumara: And you are mighty masters but let us also say this, “There are enough of you; you have to know that, not just hope and pray but hold the knowing. Yes, it does include trust and faith and hope.”

So if you are feeling that there is in any way a lack, then bring that in. And if you say, “Well, I don’t know about creation codes, I don’t know how to do that,” well then throw open your arms as if you are a thanksgiving cornucopia and let us fill you. And when you feel that you have collected the biggest bouquet of flowers in existence then bring it in to your heart. You do know how to do this.

Suzanne: Yes. Well thank you for coming to guide us and remind us of what we can do.

Sanat Kumara: I have only begun to remind you what you can do, what you are capable of as co-creators of Nova Earth, as our partners, as our family.

Suzanne: Yes. Yes.

Sanat Kumara: So you do not do this alone.

Suzanne: Indeed. Indeed.

Sanat Kumara: Go with my love dear heart.

Suzanne: Thank you.

Sanat Kumara: Go with my blessings and go with my abundance.

Suzanne: Thank you so much.

Sanat Kumara: Farewell.

Suzanne: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon