1922478_680078248719033_1850689762_nWe are as anxious as you to come together in celebration, in unity, togetherness. This is us waiting for a family reunion. We know the angst, we know the anger, we understand and we are building bridges as fast as possible – and we are asking that you be building your bridges to us as fast as possible. Know the power of your individual and collective declaration. As a species and as individuals you have not fully grasped the power of ‘no’ and the power of ‘yes’…

Suzanne Maraca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for The Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and I, Suzanne Maresca.

Commander Ashira of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies is joining us again today to answer your questions. There are quite a lot of them so we will get to as many as we can, and we appreciate that so many of our listeners have chosen to participate. Since we are addressing your submitted questions today we won’t be taking live callers.
This has been an interesting exercise for me in experiencing other people’s energy around our galactic family and their presence here. Perspectives have been anywhere from giddy with excitement to disappointment and anger, happily with the latter being in a small fraction of responses. It feels like a long time since we have done this show and I am excited to be entering the discussion once again.

Welcome back Linda, good morning!

Linda Dillon: Oh thank you and welcome back to you, Suzi! It’s good to be back – and welcome to everybody who is tuning in. It does feel a lot longer than a couple of weeks but it sure has been a busy couple of weeks. Those dogs you hear in the background are mine. I am babysitting so I have some extra ‘woofs’ today!

I wanted, before we got started, to actually have a little conversation with everybody – and boy the room is full and I am sure the airwaves are equally full – about the Tsunami of Love. You know that we have been talking… well; we’ve been talking since December – January about the Tsunami of Love. Certainly, there are many of us who have been diving in the waves and doing the Tsunami of Love meditation, and holding the energy and becoming literally, energetically, part of the Tsunami and realizing that we are part of the Tsunami, part of the breakwater, part of the anchoring for the rest of humanity.

But on Saturday, as you know, the Council of Love holds regular Saturday Conference Calls in which we get on and we talk and have channelling. Well, Archangel Gabrielle came on and said basically “the Tsunami of Love is starting”… and especially for those of us who are anchors and part of the breakwater, etc. And so I have put that notice out, and I know it is being shared far and wide – and it’s exciting! You know, I am talking in this monotone voice, like “liven it up Linda”…

SM: Woohoo!

LD: … it’s exciting and the Tsunami of Love is a gift – and it’s pretty much the ultimate gift from the Divine Mother. It’s the gift of her love coming at us like a huge wave, washing us clean of all our debris, all our illusions, all our false grids, and filling us with love – and then continuing on.

And the reason that the Divine Mother has used the term ‘Tsunami’ has been so that people realize, first of all, it’s to eliminate the duality that we have, that we have positive and negative words, constructive, destructive words, and what she is doing is changing the paradigm to say “This wave which comes and goes, and then will re-penetrate you and re-penetrate you, is so strong that there is nothing and no way that you can avoid it”.

So that’s what the Tsunami of Love is and it’s a prequel – and I think it’s a very close prequel, to our Ascension work. And that’s another thing: many people have already gone through Ascension, they are doing u-turns and coming back and helping with the collective – but that’s a whole other conversation.

So, Gabrielle comes on the conference call and says “OK, the Tsunami of Love is basically starting” – and that was the day before Easter. She said it would start on Easter, which seems fitting because of Passover and Resurrection, and moons and tides and Gods knows what!

But I have to tell you – I have learned over the years that I am not the only filter and I am not the person that’s supposed to, in these kinds of cases, filter what the Council of Love is saying, and particularly Archangel Gabrielle on behalf of the Divine Mother. So I have put that post out, but I have to tell you – and I will be interested to hear what you feel Suzi – is that since that time I woke up so excited on Easter morning thinking “Okay, here it comes” And I am a very level person in terms of emotion, and attitude and consistency. I am a pretty calm person and, like many of you who are listening, I have done my work just like you – and I am doing the Tsunami meditation just like you.

I have felt since Sunday that someone is rubbing the chalkboard with sandpaper, and the chalkboard is my soul. I have been irritable, I have been teary, I have been anxious… [laughs] and part of me – because I am talking to the New You group, right, because this large group of about… oh I don’t know, 100 people… we are comparing notes because we are doing the Tsunami work every day – but I am thinking I felt way better last week [laughs] in doing these meditations than I am today!

And so, in the post that I sent out to everybody, I implored everybody – that’s you who are listening – to share your experiences of what you’re getting, what you’re not getting, what you are feeling, and that is on the Council of Love website. If you go to the main top bar and it says Tsunami of Love, there’s a dropdown saying ‘share experiences’…

What I figured out yesterday, after talking with a bunch of Lightworkers who are part of this circle – and I consider everyone who is listening is part of this circle – is that even though I think I’ve done my work, and I have… and even though I’ve been doing this Tsunami meditation, is that I think I am feeling the irritation of those grains of sand and that powerful energy washing through me. Because I am feeling irritated about things and having situations come up that I haven’t even thought of in 30 years, 40 years…

So it’s been an interesting couple of days for me, and my only reason for doing true confessions on the radio show [laughs] is to say to folks “We are getting started, but if you are feeling this irritation like as if it’s a grain of sand in your screen and it’s rubbing you the wrong way, don’t worry about it – keep going, because I think it’s a very, very deep clearing”.

How are you feeling?

SM: Oh, well, I guess sort of like a pebble in a stream that’s getting polished I suppose. I mean, I’ve been feeling pretty good but I do understand the irritation. I had a day of blowing leaves the other day and I just kept on chewing on things that I don’t normally bother myself with. But I would say, more remarkable for me is the physical experience of past injuries, past diseases that I may have gone through in… well, like I said, in the past – symptoms are showing up again like for no apparent reason and I feel like it’s a clearing of residuals that might be left over.

LD: I think that that’s really true – and certainly on the Conference Call and on the New You Forum – people, myself included, and now you are saying the same thing Suzi, things that I thought… physical things and hard things that were cleared up 20-30 years ago have re-emerged, and I am thinking “What is this?” I mean, I haven’t had this in, you know, decades literally and I am looking at it and I am thinking…

SM: Exactly!

LD: … and I think part of it is also – not the aches and pains, a lot of back stuff, hip stuff, joint stuff, headaches, swelling, all these things that people are experiencing that we thought we were done with – but the emotional component of those injuries as well.

SM: Right.

LD: I have people who are getting whooping cough because they had it as a kid, mono because they had it as a teenager, back injuries, hip injuries, you name it… and it’s kicking the emotional component of how it felt to be so traumatized.

So keep breathing, keep doing the meditation, see that water, that beautiful blue water of the Mother – maybe I’ll make that our meditation – just coming right through you and let it be. Then we’ll talk to our beloved Ashira who I am sure they’re up there shaking their heads! [laughs] In fact, I tend to know that!

SM: Yes, really. You know what… lately when I have a default vision, default meditation for myself. My meditations have become quite simple and focused, and whenever I feel any discordant energy or any kind of thought of fear or doubt that come up, I will just go to my default and that is basically… I’ll just say it: shining like a sun that I am. It’s just very simple, I don’t need to think about where it’s coming from, where it’s going, this is just what I am here to do, really simple. And that’s just my work.

So, you know, maybe it would be helpful for people to just have some kind of never-fail thought or vision in their pocket for when any kind of negativity comes up. If we just put love there… like I said, the other day when I was outside and feeling all irritated, ultimately what I decided was to just put love there, to just be loving towards the irritation, towards the person, towards my perceived hurts or rejections about it or whatever… and just let it be. And it was perfect because it just sort of dissipated. It was all good – everything was fine.

LD: Yeah, I think you are right Suzi. I think it’s really important that we, each of us in our own way, have a ‘default meditation’ as you so aptly put it. My default meditation is I flip open my crown like a gas tank and I just say “fill me up” and I just let them flood me with love, which is our gas really – and I just stay there until I feel filled up.

SM: Perfect!

LD: Yeah… so that’s a really good thing for you to bring up.

SM: Alright – so we are going to do a lovely blue water meditation?

LS: OK, but it’s going to be a quickie so we can get to all our questions. But thank you for letting me talk about the Tsunami of Love.

SM: Oh, it’s important. OK – here we go.

LD: Alright everybody, this is the drill and you know it.

Get yourself comfortable, relax… and if there’s any anxiety or agitation, disappointment, disillusionment, aches or pains, just for this time, let’s let it go, as you sink into the cushion of your chair or the floor or the bed, wherever you are sitting, and feel as if your crown is wide open and all the energy from above is just sinking in, like water down a drain into your heart.

Now let’s take three deep breaths of the beautiful Mother’s blue, the Blue Diamond, the blue of the Atlantic Ocean… deeper… deeper… the blue of brilliant sapphire… and feel your shoulders coming down and your jaw relaxing… and give yourself the gift of this time because you so deserve it. There are only two things in the Universe: love and being worthy, and they are inseparable.

So take a nice, deep breath of love… and feel yourself, whether it’s down at the ocean, or sitting in a chair, or walking your dog… feel yourself turning into a screen, like the screen you have on your windows to keep the mosquitoes out… very fine screen… because that’s what we all are… we are an energetic grid… and feel this beautiful, warm, pure love, this blue water love of the Mother passing through you, filling you with ecstasy, with bliss, with love and washing away any debris, any concern, anything that is not of wholeness. Feel that sense of relief as you are bathed in the Mother’s water of love and her Tsunami of Love. Feel it pass right through you, from your front to your back, catching all the debris, every stray grain of sand, every hurt, every injury, every disappointment. We are ready and it is time… it’s time for you, for me, for us, for humanity to receive in fullness this gift of love. Relax. One more time, feel that wave pass through you… and let it be.

Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. Welcome my beloved friends, and thank you ~ the hiatus was worth it.

I am glad to be back and speaking with you. It is not only humanity and Gaia, and all the plants and animals, the kingdoms that are receiving this Tsunami. Such a massive energy cannot pass through your field, through your Universe, through your Solar System, through your Galaxy and not also be felt by us. Is it in exactly the same way? No, because we are at a different vibratory frequency – but are we enjoying it? Yes!

And my beloved friends, I encourage you to do the same. Set aside your worries, your woes, your concerns, the ifs, the ands, the buts and simply enjoy it. The gifts from above are plentiful and you receive them every day – but you are not aware of all the gifts you receive. And it is important; indeed it is critical, that you be aware of this gift and receive it with an open heart.

Now, we have asked humanity – and those of InLight Radio – to submit their questions. Where do you wish to begin Miss Suzi?

SM: Welcome Ashira. Many thanks for returning to address questions directly from our listeners. I have to say that not all the questions have been very friendly and it’s had a surprising effect on me to experience how others might perceive the current situation. Having said that though, I will add that most messages come with a big open hearted welcome, people expressed their desire for friendship, friendship to develop and there are even offers to join the Galactic Forces and be a Federation citizen, with enquiries as to how to go about it.

I think people really want to know that they are recognized individually and that they are being heard. There are invitations to party and enquiries about how soon we can meet. There’s been lots of love expressed and appreciation for all you do on behalf of humanity and our listeners are appreciating your presence on the show. I certainly am.

Have you got any comments about all that before I launch into questions?

Ashira: Yes. First of all, it is my honour, my pleasure, and even my duty to reach out and to speak to each of you, to share not only our perspectives, our experiences, our understandings, our position in this incredible unfoldment of Ascension, of movement to the higher realms, what our role is in that – but also to simply have the opportunity to extend our hands and our hearts, not only in friendship but in kinship.

If we had wished, we would not tell you about how many of our Intergalactic and Galactic troops are on the ground. We would not share and begin to share technology that is becoming rapidly available to you. We would not share how to spot us or how we live. All of this is done in the way of forming deep and loving relationships. We do not simply wish to be a traveling envoy, to be invited or welcomed to Earth in stilted, uncomfortable circumstances. We have not hung around for hundreds of years to simply be strangers. Now I know some of that anger – and trust me Suzanne, I have read all of the questions!

SM: Oh okay, good.

Ashira: So, let us before we really start address some of these frustrations. Basically, can we abbreviate it and say… it comes like this “Where the hell are you and why aren’t you doing more?”…

SM: Oh yeah, I don’t want to say that… [laughs]

Ashira: I am saying it for you. Do you think that we don’t know your thoughts, your feelings? No – we don’t intrude. You are screaming at us and we can hear you. Do you ever think that we have ever said to humanity “Where the hell are you and why don’t you do something?” Well, we haven’t! At one point in our evolution we may have. We don’t feel anger, we don’t feel the same disturbing frequencies, vibrations, emotions, whatever you call it, that you do.

Now, are there times when I can say to you that our patience, collectively and individually, is tried? Don’t forget, we all have family on Earth that we are watching over, that we are anxious to reunite with. But we are never going to do two things: One is we are never going to interfere or override the Mother’s Plan. That would result in our own annihilation of our own souls. We won’t do it. But the other is we will never create situations that will result in conflict or fear. That is why we have been so, can we say ‘prudent’, about how and where and when we have been showing up.

We have developed so many work-arounds that you would think we are the work-around specialists – but we aren’t. [laughs] But I might say, humanity is very good at work-arounds – and yes, in maintaining some of the collective illusions.

We are as anxious as you to come together in celebration, in unity, togetherness. This is not merely a trade commission or a diplomatic mission. This is us waiting for a family reunion.

Now, are there things, more showy things due? Yes. But we are being very vigilant not to interfere with the massive spiritual, quantum, physical, emotional, mental jump that humanity, that each of you is taking. So, if we just basically lay the lot on the table, then you might take it and run, but you may not be learning everything you can about your own ability to create. So are we eager and have we actually been co-creating with you? Yes – and one of the best examples are these shows.

So, we know the angst, we know the anger, we understand and we are building bridges as fast as possible – and we are asking that you be building your bridges to us as fast as possible.

SM: Beautiful – I really appreciate you speaking to that because it was making me massively uncomfortable… you know, to feel that and so thank you for addressing it. So I guess we’ll go on to questions then.
How do you determine if an individual or group is ready and willing to make contact?

Ashira: Well, with individuals it is very simple because we can scan your energy field and we know a couple of things. One – Is there any fear frequency that will be destructive or detrimental to your physical or mental or emotional being to have contact with us? A scanning of an individual is very simple.

The other thing is – What will you do with the information once you have contact? And the third, which we have been working on a great deal, particularly through our communications project is – Is your vibration, the individual’s vibration, and this is true for the group as well, but is the individual’s vibration going to be detrimental to us?

So, for example, we would not be at this point engaging with those who have enormous fears or concerns or control agendas.

SM: Right.

Ashira: Now, that doesn’t mean, as the collective and as we move forward – because you are at that tipping point – that those people will not be affected and see because we are not going to remain hidden. We have had invisibility shields up for hundreds of years but those are about to be removed.

SM: Wooo!

Ashira: Yes – it’s time! Now, how do we discern a group? It is much the same way. So when there are gatherings or small groups – and it doesn’t matter whether it is a group of 5 or a group of 500 – again, that scanning is done and those who have the fear or the lower vibration stand out as if they are a brilliant red on the scan of the group. Most groups come through as a rainbow. Now, we love the colour red, do not get us wrong but that is an indicator when we are looking at groups that there is a ‘dissident’, let us put it that way.

And again, it is for the group – Would it be for their highest good to have contact with us? Now, there are groups, by the way, that have had contact with us several times – or many times – and that they have not remembered. Similarly, there are many of you who come, either as individuals – or even as small groups – who come to work or to be visiting on board various ships at night and do not remember. It doesn’t mean you aren’t doing it.

SM: Right. Well, that brings up questions then that – What is the purpose of us not remembering those visits? and also, How do we raise our vibration? I know the answer is love, but I am just going to ask it – How do we raise our vibration to make it high enough so that it is not damaging to you?

Ashira: You have been raising your vibrations, and you have been doing… well, I’ll use the term “stellar job”… you have been doing star work [laughs], you have been doing galactic work, and your vibrations have been raised so significantly, particularly in the last year. There was much disarray around the time of, can we say ‘intended Ascension’, but as that got a little further, there was a recognition on the part of most lightworkers and many human beings, increasingly every day, that there was work to be done. And that work has been diligent on an individual basis and on a collective basis.

Now, when you have been talking about the Tsunami of Love, you have been talking about a lot of the old issues that are coming to the forefront – whether they are emotional or physical, it matters not – but they are coming to the forefront. And in that coming to the forefront is actually a very large release and a buoyancy in your frequency. So you are doing it. So don’t worry about that.

And because of our presence upon the planet, we would not have put… oh, now there are about an extra million boots on the ground…

SM: Wooo, nice!

Ashira: … and that would not have been possible a couple of years ago. The vibration was too variable, inconsistent for us to truly be, what we would call ‘permanently stationed’ upon the ground. It took an exceptional person to basically be on permanent assignment. Now we still, out of that million, have about 200,000 that are back and forth, back and forth, back and forth – but this would not even have been possible if your vibration as a collective had not been increasing.

Now, I’ll tell you, while we work and try and bathe the planet in pink – and yes, we are continuing to do that – we are not specifically putting our boots on the ground, because this is a saying you all understand, that we are not putting them in, say, war-torn places; we are putting them more in peaceful communities, rural communities for arrival and then migration to the more urban centers – but they are not being put in ragged conditions.

SM: Right. Are these the ones who will be doing First Contact with us?

Ashira: They already are. But no, there is First Contact. And Yes, when we have been speaking with you, we have said “Look on the ground, look at your neighbours, look at the stranger buying food, look at the treetops, look at the sky”…

SM: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Ashira: Now, we have been adding “Look at the treetops” because many of our smaller ships are hovering right there, easily spotted.

SM: Okay. So I’ve been seeing like coloured spaces in the air in the treetops around my yard – is that…?

Ashira: Yes!

SM: Wow, that’s exciting! Okay.

Ashira: So we are almost there and I will make you a promise: don’t give up on us – we won’t give up on you.

SM: Oh, I am never giving up!

Ashira: No, I mean ‘you’ collectively. Suzanne Maresca, you have never given up!

SM: Ohhh, thanks.

Ashira: And I do talk to you!

SM: Yes, Yes, I feel it – it’s wonderful. So grateful for that too and it’s become easier since we’ve started doing these shows together and I’m really grateful. Okay, so if you could just let our listeners know that you don’t necessarily need names and addresses in order to know who is open to meet you and who isn’t.

Ashira: I don’t need names and addresses – we have very good tracking systems. What we track… well, there are two things actually. We do the scanning of the individual, but think of it this way: you look like a pinprick of bright light on the grid. And while we are at it, so do your houses, your apartments, your office buildings. It is phenomenal how, when the love, the acceptance, the work, the energy – not saying that there is never any trauma or tribulation – yes there is, but you are learning to deal with this and it shows up. We don’t need a GPS – we have one installed already!

SM: [laughs] Alright, I think that will be good news for many. I’ve had people write in – as you know – with, you know, like this is my address and you are welcome to come any time and sit on the porch and have a drink and whatever else, be social…

Ashira: I have received, we have received – and particularly our communications project has received all these letters.

SM: Beautiful, wonderful. Some have written in that they might find it easier to connect with star family or to prepare for meeting if they had the name and story of some of your crew, kind of like having a pen-pal to make it easier to become familiar with particular frequency and establish a stable connection – is that possible?

Ashira: It is and this is how I will guide you to do it. Now, I tell you, my forte is to work with the Fleet, but I have been known to meditate from time to time. What I ask of you to do is to anchor in your heart. We are anchored in our hearts. Our mental capacities, our emotional capacities – yes, we know emotion – are highly developed. Now, notice that I say “highly developed”, not “superior”, just more developed. So you would never think of us in that way. We do not want to be thought of as having ‘superior’ capacities.

So I will tell you how we would do it. Anchor in your heart. Go down to your Halion, your Star Chakra at the base of your ribs. You have been working this with me, with all of us, over the past couple of months. Sit as if you are sitting in your heart and sitting in your Halion, and ask – ask for one star family mentor.

Now, the names that come to you may be sounding very foreign because our traditions, our cultures, our names, there are some similarities but there are many differences. And very often when we give you the name – and there are many mentors lined up – is that they will give it to you phonetically so that in every language around the world, it can be understood in your language. So we are willing to do that much.

So sit, receive the name, immediately write it down. And why am I saying this? Because you are bringing it into your physical reality. You have mentioned ‘like a pen-pal’. Well, it is much more than that. And then begin the conversation. It will be primarily telepathic. You say “Well, what if I am not telepathic?” My dear friends, you are all telepathic.

Now, Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, who we bow to, the Divine Mother, who we bow to, we serve – they have told you – you have brought your mastery to the planet for this time. You are not strangers to us; our ties, our relationships, have been intact for thousands of years. We know you and you know us.

So telepathy is one of those talents, one of those capacities. Perhaps you haven’t truly been working with it yet – but I am suggesting to each and every one of you – it is time. So allow your mentor, who is part of your family, to begin to telepathically have conversation.

Now, do not ignore the rest of your life. Perhaps it is like a telephone or a skype call that you wish to set aside 15 or 20 minutes a day to have a conversation with your mentor. We are beyond eager to do this. So let us begin.

And then, if you are courteous and patient enough to invite me back and we have some to call in, we will share notes on who is getting what. There will be many, many messages and insights and adventures to report.

SM: OK [laughs] that’s wonderful. That just totally chased my thought out of my head. That’s alright – Could you share anything about was your Ascension process at all similar to ours?

Ashira: No. Well, somewhat… and it depends on what you are thinking of as Ascension process. You are doing it fully physical, from the density… yes it is basically disappeared… but from the density of a dimension that became – and this is where the trouble began; your dimension became so warped, and I don’t mean warped speed, I mean warped, uneven, jaded – that your, what you have called the 3rd dimension, was actually operating outside of the 12 dimensions of human existence.

So think of it as the ‘clean 3rd dimension’. I have no other way except to express it that way. The body of the ‘clean 3rd dimension’ had a cancerous, poisonous cyst called ‘the old 3rd’ and so that had need, and is being cleansed, repaired, renewed, rejuvenated and from that reality you have jumped into the clean 3rd, you have already moved up to the 5th and you are continuing to move up.

We never did that – not while assuming form. We have learned, in many ways we did it the hard way, by relinquishing body, reincarnating, relinquishing body, ascending as a planetary collective and evolution to the higher realms.

So what you are doing is fabulously unique, marvellous. That is one of the reasons we are not just here to observe – we are here to learn, we are here to support, we are here to cheer you on – and then, as you do it, this method, this ability, this model can be replicated throughout the multiverse.

SM: Right – so in that way we have a great deal to offer to you, our star family. I mean, I am sure there’s a number of humans, people that have written in, and they are wondering “Well, what could we possibly do for you?” And that exactly puts the finger on it, to say we are having an experience that nobody else has.

Ashira: You are having an experience that no-one else has ever had. You are part of the unfoldment and very unique element in the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan. And just as you… our timeframes have been longer than yours, because you have tended to think in terms of human life and existence which actually is very brief and faulty – but that is another conversation as well.

But, when you have come, we have had an agreement that we would come and support you, much like your guides, your guardian angels, except we are galactics and intergalactics. We are here to support you. What you can do for us is ‘be the truth of who you are.’ You are the masters.

This isn’t just some ragtag group from the far reaches of the multiverse that decided to come together. You are the chosen of the Mother. You are the Creators. You are the benefactors of Gaia. You are the ones that have said “I will not allow her to be killed. I will not allow her to be maimed and destroyed”.

And we hear your cries, whether it is over nuclear waste in the oceans or fracking or chemtrails, and we are working with you, yes unseen, to clean that up, but you are the ones that have come to re-build and create Nova Earth. That is the gift that you are giving us.

SM: Well, that’s wonderful. I am happy to be giving that gift and I am also looking greatly forward to, as many are, to having a resolution for all our body aches and pains and illness and discomfort and aging. You know, I am not… well, I am kind of looking for a timeframe – Could we look forward to that, like this year? [laughs]

Ashira: Yes, timeframes – that illusive subject. I will not make a comment to Linda [laughs] but I will say that you will have the technology, the equipment, the chambers certainly within this year.

SM: Oh, I love to hear that, wonderful! Well, that’s a load off. And also the money situation for many is getting very troubling would be an easy word for it… but looking forward, well we all are looking forward to all the changes to take place, you know, in our political system… we just want to get on with doing the love and unity thing and there’s not a lot of evidence of that in the mainstream media and what’s happening around the world. It just seems to be all disillusion and chaos at this point – and I’m personally looking forward to having a relaxing vacation. [laughs]

Ashira: Declare it, declare it, declare it. Now, one of the things that is going on right now is that your collective – just like you have said, old injuries are coming back for clearing. Many of the old paradigms that were very emotionally traumatic are also returning so that it can be cleared. Not that it has to be lived through again, but simply that it can be released.

So, know the power of your individual and collective declaration. As a species and as individuals you have not fully grasped the power of ‘no’ and the power of ‘yes’…no to the mayhem…yes to what you so richly deserve.
SM: Love – it’s all about love.

Ashira: Love – and love can be a fresh salad. No, I don’t have any recipes [laughs]… but it can be a fresh salad or a fresh packet of money. Feel it, put it in your hands, claim it – it is yours.

SM: Alright, that’s wonderful. So we have 3 minutes left. This could be a bit tricky and we might have to spell it, but how does one say “I love you” in one of the languages you use? Is there an easy one?

Ashira: I am sending it to you telepathically…

SM: Oh my word… [laughs]

Ashira: I am sending it to all of you.

SM: Alright – I have to be with that some more.

Ashira: There is another way – it is called “I love you”…

SM: Alright – I love you.

Ashira: It can be in any language because it is all the same.

SM: It’s the energy of it – wonderful.

Ashira: It is the energy.

SM: Alright. So I guess, one more quickie maybe. The plans for a few folks to have a real-time visit on the Neptune fell through back in 2012, I believe. And the question is – Has enough shifted since then to try a similar exercise now, or are we close enough to contact to not even have that be necessary?

Ashira: You are close enough to contact to not worry about it.

SM: Awesome.

Ashira: We would not take a risk at this juncture with so many nations on full alert that we would risk taking a large group onboard ship. We welcome you, one by one by one by one, to come and visit.

And when you are lying down to go to sleep, simply say “I want to remember”.

SM: That was another question. Alright, wonderful. We have got one minute. Is there anything you would like to say in closing – and are you willing to come back?

Ashira: I am more than willing to come back. These conversations are encouragement, not only to you, but to all of us. Communication is the key, and the more that we are communicating, even if there is only a few thousand, it is anchored in the air that we are talking – and every government on Earth knows it!

SM: Yeah, beautiful – Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for coming and I look forward to our next conversation.

Ashira: So do we. Go with our love and go with the power of ‘no’. Farewell dear hearts.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon