We are part of the same mission and purpose, we have different elements, different facets of the plan, but we are colleagues, we are in collaboration, we are in alignment, we are in allegiance for this completion which is merely a new beginning of the Universal Mother’s Plan.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for The Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Commander Ashira is back with us today to continue our fascinating discussion on galactic life, and perhaps the various ways that humanity may be shifting into similar ways of being. This interaction we’ve been having with Ashira has been both enlightening and wonderful for me. It already feels like a friendship, and I just am appreciating the experience immensely. Good morning, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi, and good morning everybody. We made it!

SM: We made it! Whatever challenges there may be …

LD: Yes, exactly. We do this radio show by call-in, just like all of our listeners who join us, and all the phones in the Dillon household this morning went ‘dead’. At the very last minute I realised I had no way to get into the show, but thank God for cell phones, so here we are.

SM: Well, I’m glad you made it. Thank you so much.

LD: You know, first of all, I love doing this show. I love our listeners, I’m so glad that they tune in, and I’ve certainly been loving this series with our dear friend, Ashira. And it’s funny to think of calling the Commander of a Star Fleet, you know, a friend. But he is, as are all of our star brothers and sisters. The energy that they bring to us and the lessons that they teach both actually and subtly are so powerful, and they really are teaching us, modeling I guess, is how they behave, how they proceed with their life’s works.

‘Cus as I was running round the house like a – as my mother would have said – like a chicken with its head cut off … I was thinking this morning, you know, even though we’ve had the discussions I believe last week with Ashira about how the balance of work and play, and alone time and spiritual time is so important, I’ve noticed in the last week in particular ‘cus there’s a lot going on with our star family – our star brothers and sisters – but these guys really work a lot, they work hard! So, it’s interesting, it’s a really important mirror for us to look at and to discuss.

SM: Oh, indeed. I’m so happy that both you and Ashira are willing to continue the discussion for as long as it makes sense to – the timing is significant to me and then it feels like a run up to First Contact which we are really really hungry for.

LD: That’s what it feels like to me too, Suzi.

SM: Yeah …

LD: Yeah. We know – even though we won’t say it out loud – we know! So here we are. You know, it’s interesting, I know that the conversations for you that we’ve been having with Ashira have brought up lots of questions – even for me who spends a fair bit of time on board ship. But the topics that we’re covering and addressing have really brought up a lot of questions for me as well. I know that we have talked about having discussion today about how conflict is resolved, and how … what does it mean to be a global citizen and, all these questions and I think of what’s going on, not only in the Ukraine, but particularly in Venezuela, you know, which we aren’t hearing that much about, and that is a completely atrocious and terrible situation going on over there.

So it’ll be interesting to have a galactic or intergalactic perspective on how does that get addressed on their side, and what’s their perspective on what’s going on. Because, you know, as we move into the Tsunami of Love – and that’s another question for me, like how will this affect not only us individually but nations that are still really caught in the sludge of conflict. So, lots of questions…

SM: Well, I keep wondering if … like for us living here on Earth, obviously these things that you’re mentioning, they’re prevalent, they’re in our faces. It just seems very challenging sometimes to see that change is happening when there’s so much chaos and falling apart and destruction around us – wanton destruction, really, so it’ll be interesting … I know that the Tsunami of Love is intended to wash all that away – I’m just wondering when it’s going to come!

LD: Well, so many people are already feeling it and that’s part of the discussion. I think the more that we have, you know, our circle – our Lightworker/Loveholder circle – holding the energy, the more rapidly we become aware and embodying what’s really happening. But the chaos has to go.

SM: It really does …

LD: The chaos from broken phones to war!

SM: Yeah – so phones and war, all in the same basket! So, because we have so many questions should we jump right into a meditation?

LD: So relax and feel yourself sinking into your chair, the bed, the floor … (pauses to check phone) … Let’s go – let’s go travel the galaxy. So sit yourself down, and relax, let go of the day, the week, the year. Let go of the chaos, let go of all the little things and the huge things, not only that bother you but that collectively need to be addressed, and just agree for this time and this space that you will give yourself the gift of simply receiving and being and chatting with our star brothers and sisters.

Feel yourself anchoring in your heart, into that wonderful emerald green, and feel the brightness of your tri-flame – of the Blue Diamond of the Divine Mother, the Pink Diamond of your divinity, your magnificence, your wonder, and the Gold Diamond of the Divine Masculine, and feel those tri-flames burning brightly and evenly, and feel how the root of each of those flames is braided, and feel this braid go down out of the tip of your heart to the base of your solar plexus, of your rib cage, and feel that energy of Halion – that wonderful mint green touched with the blue of Electra, my home planet, and that bright cobalt blue, a little shade of pink and mauve.

Breathe in the halion and feel that chakra opening and spinning out as you begin to travel along that sacred spiral, leaving your body secure – anchored in safety and wholeness and oneness, but feel yourself beginning to drift out your halion spiral, out the roof of your house or your building, your car, up through the blue ceiling or beautiful sky, faster and higher, out into space, into that wonderful void and see there the multitude of ships, thousands of ships – not crowded – but simply in position, and as you gaze and you scan, choose the ship that you wish to visit.

Perhaps it’s your own ship where you bi-locate at night for doing some of your spiritual work. Maybe it’s where your family – Pleiadian sector – are stationed. Maybe it’s a Science or Explorer ship you’ve always wanted to visit. Choose a ship – let your heart choose – and feel yourself traveling and directing your halion spiral to the landing dock of that vessel.

And as you alight you see the doors open and you are greeted, not by strangers but by friends and family, by old colleagues. Can you see the light in their eyes, the smile on their face as they welcome you? You can feel that they want to hug you, but they stand off a little, honoring your personal space, until and if you welcome them in that way. These are our friends, our allies. These are the beings that are closest to us in terms of our own expansion and evolutionary path.

After you complete the greeting, feel yourself traveling, going down the corridors with your beloved friends, and whether it’s to the Healing Chambers or the Command Center, Communication Center, or simply to your own quarters, go and enjoy this visit – enjoy this time – as we also receive the further insights and updates and the greetings from Commander Ashira of Neptune – Commander-in-Chief of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies.

Ashira: Greetings. Greetings – I am Ashira. Welcome and welcome, welcome, welcome! Thank you for having me back. And yes, it is true, we have been very busy – but everybody on Earth, consciously and unconsciously, has also been very busy. Even when you sit in prayer, in the void, in meditation, in co-creation – dear hearts you are busy. There are so many attunements and adjustments that are taking place, so it is important as you realise that this is underway.

No, it is not merely what we are doing in terms of bathing all of you and sweet Gaia in the pink light, and we thank those of you who have captured this pink light in the physical realms to share, because this is but another indicator of how we are in co-operative union. There is a great deal of discussion with the Council of Love, of which you and I are part of, and I mean you – everyone who is listening to this program, whether it is current or later, it matters not – we are part of the same mission and purpose.

Do we have different elements, different facets of the plan? Yes we do. But the commonality, first of our love – and I do not simply mean unconditional love in the general sense, which of course this includes – but I mean our love for you. We see you – we consider you – as part of our mission and purpose. And we are colleagues, we are in collaboration, we are in alignment, we are in allegiance for this completion which is merely a new beginning of the Universal Mother’s Plan.

So many of you have said – and we always hear you, by the way – you say to us, “I am lonely. I feel isolated and alone”. And as some of you say this, you are even surrounded by family and friends, or are in partnership – what you call ‘marriage’ – and yet still your plaintive cry as “I feel alone” is heard. You are not alone.

There are many forms of sacred union and not all of them have been addressed, for there is a wealth of information. But what I wish to say as we begin today, there is the individual sacred union – soul to soul, heart to heart, person to person – but there is also sacred unions of collectives – of heart promises, love and caring of collectives. So we, we of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and I do not mis-speak if I say that all of the various commands hold this vision and this knowing, this commitment. We are in sacred union with you – not only with each other, but with you – and particularly with you who are awake, who are aware not only of our presence but of our love. To us, of course, always in honor to the Mother and to universal law, which we will never break.

But what this union means in a very practical sense is we tend to you, we tend to all of you, that is why right now we send you the pink light – pink cocoon. We do not betray you, we do not usurp your power, we honor you – we honor your brilliance, your light, your commitment, your pathways.

Many times that is why we do not interfere. You say, “Well we wish Ashira you would interfere a little more”. But understand, there is an element that you also know what you are doing. So often we have said we will not come in a way that can be translated by anyone – that we would not exhibit ways that could be thought of as ‘invasion’ – that we will not land in ways that would create fear. And there are still many fear mongers upon your planet.

But simply because we have not, as yet – and that is an emphasis – landed en masse it does not mean that we are not with you. And so, yes, look to your night skies, look to the Keepers of the Council Fire, and even look subtly or actually at the energies of who surrounds you interdimensionally. Your rooms, your cars, your living rooms, are full!

So sweet Suzanne, where do you wish to begin today?

SM: Selek-teh-vay Ashira, thank you for joining us again today. I would like to start, if I may, with asking for detail on the meaning and proper use of that term – Selek-teh-vay – as well as perhaps hearing what a proper greeting would be when we do get ‘face-to-face’. I think – I think I might just want to hug any of you in my excitement, but I do get that launching into such an enthusiastic contact straight away might not be so welcome?

Ashira: Oh – we would welcome it!

SM: Oh good!

Ashira: When Linda has done the full meditation and indicated how anxious we are to hug you, to embrace you, the … where do you wish to start – with the term ‘sacred union’ or with the greeting?

SM: Ah, the greeting, please.

Ashira: There is a tendency that has been adopted by many of us on greeting one another, if it is close, of two fingers to the heart, which the Council has also taught all of you. And in that way there is a heart linking that it happens, and it is a beautiful exchange because what happens in that linking – in that connection – is what you are doing is you are saying, “I permit you to see me”.

Any word of greeting – whether it is intergalactic, telepathic, or any language of Earth – is permissible and welcome. “Welcome” is welcome! So it does not matter, but there are many situations – and this is because the ‘fear factor’ will not be present – is that we will simply embrace one another.

SM: Wonderful. OK, so there’s really nothing to worry about in terms of breaching protocol if we’re just in our hearts then whatever comes will be fine.

Ashira: Yes. Now you have all had the experience, so let us speak of this – frankly – where you have gone to a gathering, or a party, or a family event where someone is holding anger, angst, etc – fear, and they hug you and you can feel the ‘brittleness’, the separation, the “I’ll hug you, but don’t come close to me” … is that not sad?

SM: It’s difficult.

Ashira: It is very difficult! And so when we encounter those situations – and yes, it is enough to choke anybody! (Linda had coughing episode) – what we do is simply nod, or slightly bow to one another, because we do not invade – not on ships, not on other planets – we do not invade someone’s personal space who is not willing to truly share their heart. So it will work to you like an old-fashioned ‘half bow’ nodding of the head – it is to acknowledge the person but to say I … because we very clearly read each other’s energy fields – so there is never really a question of it. So if that is the situation we simply bow or nod and move on.

SM: Alright. And that word Selek-teh-vay – would you say more about that, what language it is and what the real meaning of it is?

Ashira: Selek-teh-vay is a well-known term that is simply one of the ways of saying ‘Hello’ or ‘Namaste’ in intergalactic language, which is a language that is used far and wide – it is a universal language – and so it is very similar to ‘Namaste’, it is ‘Hello’ and ‘I welcome you, I honor you’; because that is always a safe greeting.

SM: Ah, lovely. OK. It seems like there’s been a shift of epic proportions has taken place over this past Equinox week – would you please speak to what may be different from when we last spoke on the air a week ago?

Ashira: There is a huge heart opening and in that heart opening there is a greater flow of rebirth – not of love, but of the willingness to embrace love, the willingness to utilise universal law, the willingness to create and co-create, the willingness to go forward – so this has been a true opening to do with your center of choice and decision and will. So that is one thing that has happened.

With the heart opening, what is also occurring with the willingness, with the readiness, is also the preparedness to go forward so that there is very little – what we are observing – very little looking back, because part of the collective human tendencies has been to truly dwell – and in many situations, simply live – in the past, so that you are continually caught on a wheel, or in a situation or a cycle, of living in the past rather than creating your now or creating the future.

So you are so busy reflecting on what has happened, you are recreating it in what you think of as your present and your now. The other thing that is occurring which is heart opening, is that there is greater clearing. So what you are seeing is that some of the old debris – what you would have thought of as old debris, and yes, we can hear you swearing all the way up to the Neptune! – that you thought was over and done with has been re-emerging. Well, we understand that sometimes in your culture, swearing and screaming helps – we find it peculiar but we understand it … so that is what is going on.

SM: Alright, wonderful. I’ve been wondering about emotions in the higher dimensions. Is there fear?

Ashira: There is ‘fight or flight’. And that is very different from fear … because fear is simply how human beings have experienced, or shall we say nourished fear – they’ve made it their best friend!

When we say something to you, or to ourselves, that we are on ‘High Alert’ for example, that can mean anything – that there is a tumultuous asteroid shower, to we are getting ready to land and it can be filled with joy and excitement … but we do not live in fear. And that is where what you do when you are living in that cycle, in that wheel of the past, you are living in fear because you think that what happened either yesterday or two thousand years ago is going to definitely repeat. You do not even really tend to give it a lot of latitude, so of course you are calling in those very creation codes even as you have these thoughts.

So do we have ‘fight or flight’ mechanisms? Yes, that has not been taken away. Are we aware of what fear looks or tastes or smells like? Yes, and that capacity is something that we have kept attuned within all of us – and I will tell you why. It is like an internal radar, so if we encounter someone – now we are not talking about a human coming on board ship, there is always a level of nervousness and even a trace of fear – but what we are talking about is each other.

If we were to encounter – and this has not happened in hundreds of years, let me tell you that – if we are to encounter, say, a colleague, or a new arrival from a distant quadrant, and they come on board and we perceive fear in them, then it is a warning bell to us that either they are fearful of being discovered because they are up to something that is not of light and love and ethical behaviour, or they are afraid of us and what we may or may not do, which immediately informs us of some of their planetary or galactic history, that that nervousness is still there. So we immediately do things energetically and actually, physically, to allay those fears.

But fear is often something that people – galactic and otherwise – try to hide, so we have radar for fear, we know what it is, we know how to address it. But do we live in fear is your question? No. There have been times when on Earth, particularly in the United States of America, where your military has been put on high alert and actually launched to threaten us, prevent our landing. Our reaction to that fear, because that is an action born of fear, is not reciprocal to act in fear. We understand it, but we do not mirror it.

So for example, when you have all your fighter jets and your arsenal of missiles aimed at us because we have let down our screens, our reaction is not fear, if anything it is compassion. But then we will retreat because we see that our actions cannot result in violence, and if we ‘read the tealeaves’ as it were, that the reaction is going to be violence, then we simply put up our screens of invisibility.

SM: Yes, well – thank you for telling me that and I just want to apologize … it makes me sad that there are any humans that would do such things. I would guess that there’s no such thing as war in 5D and higher, and it makes me wonder in what dimension the often referred to Galactic Wars took place. Is all that done with, or does galactic war still rage on?

Ashira: No, galactic war is done with, and it took place … well, in what you would think of as a variation of the 3rd dimension. It was a … we do not have the same spectrum necessarily as you, but it was also interdimensional so it was primarily 3rd, 4th, 5th and of course the lessons of those wars, thousands of years, have taught us the devastation incomparable, but it has taught us never to engage that way again. So no, they do not rage on. That is why we get to come in peace.

SM: Yes. I’m very grateful for that. You said that it ranged up to 5D?

Ashira: Yes, it brushed the 5th dimension, but again you see our existence and our knowing of existence in the various dimensions was fully present. Now the … you know we have talked, or you have talked actually, a great deal about cleaning up the old 3rd. Well, there were residuals to be cleaned up in the other dimensions as well, but that has long since been done – that is why they are such places of the divine qualities.

SM: Well, that’s good news.

Ashira: But for example, in the 4th dimension the use of what you would think of in your mind as ‘magic’ or ‘alchemy’, was used in a negative way. So for example, in your military situation, the shielding of our planes, of our craft, of the Motherships, but even the tiniest explorer ships, could very easily by your military be assigned to the 4th dimension. Well, what technology, what magic, alchemy, do they have that they can do this? And it evokes fear, but to us it is simply flipping between dimensions – it is common.

SM: OK. Could you talk about how conflict resolution looks for you … surely there are disagreements, I mean you’re all different people and individuals and you do have more of a group mind than we do, but surely there’s got to be conflict of some sort?

Ashira: There are conflicts. You have a saying on Earth, which we like –‘Get over it!’ We do not allow – by joint agreement, both formal and informal – we do not allow conflict to fester. Not upon our ship, the Neptune, not throughout our fleet and that is true of all the fleets. What we have found over the years, for many many years, is that conflict is best addressed ‘head-on’ – never in a way that is considered confrontational. Again the only reason that conflict primarily tends to emerge is either because of fear or feelings of lack of self-worth, or feelings of exaggerated ego or self-worth.

So how do we address this? When and particularly because we are in what we have talked about, a confined environment, you cannot allow conflict to grow. It would be highly disruptive and destructive. When conflict is identified, and there are a number of ways in which it is identified, it can be identified either by the individual or by family or by colleagues or friends, everybody has the responsibility – not merely the right – but the responsibility to speak up when conflict seems to be occurring. And we do this so that it does not escalate. Then it is addressed, your expression would be ‘nipped in the bud’.

Initially, when there is conflict say between two people, there is encouragement – and we mean formal encouragement – for these two individuals to talk. Depending on the level of tension they are either encouraged to use intergalactic language so there is no hidden meaning, or even to speak in Perro which is an intergalactic language developed after the Intergalactic Wars which has no emotion; so it communicates perception of facts but it is not charged with feeling. A similarity in your culture would be non-violent communication.

If the two people involved sit down and are not able to reach a place of agreement – and we don’t simply mean agreement in terms of, “Well I agree to simply ignore you” – to us that is not agreement. There has to be a return to what we would call unity consciousness – and what you are learning also as unity consciousness. If that is not forthcoming, or if the initial identification of the conflict is of such a nature – of such a tense feeling – then immediately a negotiator, a third party, is introduced. And many many on ship and throughout the fleet, all of the fleets, are trained in this area of being the negotiator – mediator would be your term.

And it is for the mediator to assist the two parties, or the ten parties – but we are talking personal conflicts still – to come to agreement and resolution. And resolution isn’t simply tolerance – it is truly the return to the appreciation of that soul, and the elimination of the fear, the angst, the tension, etc. Many on ship are trained in this so, in addition to their other responsibilities, many have this as something that they do on a voluntary basis because it promotes peace, tranquillity, serenity, work ability amongst us – it is a given.

So it is not a matter, “Oh, we have to wait to have a negotiator before we can talk”. Any number of negotiators do and are willing immediately to step in. Things are not permitted to fester and the discussion goes on until that middle ground is found. Now that does not mean that we lock people in a room for ten hours until they reach agreement! There is breathing time in-between.

Very often people have that initial conversation and then they have need to go off to be in their sacred space, to be feeling that they’re not under the microscope as it were, and do their own reflection of their role and their feelings about why they are behaving in such a manner. But it is never permitted to go on – it is not acceptable in our culture, in our society, however you think of us, to grow. Now when there are differences of opinions on a more formal basis or areas of conflict say between groups – formal groups – then it is the same process but it is more formalised.

SM: Right. Well, it doesn’t feel terribly different from what humans living from their heart would do to resolve conflict.

Ashira: This is one of the ways in which we want to tell you how far you have come. You know, there is a great deal of discussion because we hear it all – yes, we do eavesdrop, constantly – and then we have many of you coming on board ship and reporting in as well, every single day and night! So you have evolved in this.

Now, where you are falling down, shall we say, or where there is room for growth is in the formal setting of conflict. And in fact, if anything, part of what has occurred – certainly in the last few years – is that you have gone backward, back into that old paradigm, where there is not truly negotiated peace – negotiated ‘win-win’ would be your expression.

So if you look, as Linda was saying, to Venezuela or to the Ukraine or to Syria, these situations are not being negotiated with a strong, powerful, negotiator third party with power to resolve. This is the thing – they say, “Well we will get together and talk” but there is no agreement to have successful outcome, and that does not work because if you do not have the agreement to successful outcome as a starting point, you can talk until bears emigrate once again from Sirius!

SM: Bears, you said?

Ashira: Yes, the bears! The bears came from Sirius as well, sweet One.

SM: Ahh – I love bears! OK.

Ashira: Yes, the bears, the whales, the dolphins, the dogs – they all came via Sirius.

SM: Well, may I ask what it means to you to be a galactic or even a global citizen – like one can identify with being Hussian for example, and still consider life from a much larger perspective. So is there loyalty to any specific group or idea for you?

Ashira: I am loyal to my family – and I mean that in the most private and individual sense – and then it is a spiral that grows from there. I am loyal to my fleet. I am loyal to my planet – to my home planet, although I have not been there in a long time. I am loyal to the entire universe. So we do not have this sense of ‘either/or’ – quite the contrary, it grows, it has layers. But our loyalty truly starts with our loyalty to the Divine Mother. And like you, to the ascended ones, to the archangels, to the various masters, so everything is measured against that.

You see, it is to us – and we find this curious – so I do not wish to be politically incorrect, so I will be very careful in my wording! If one is loyal and in service to the Mother, then you are utilising and living according to universal law and what you have named the divine qualities of compassion and prudence and patience, etc., and that look to yourself, to your beloved – and, by the way, we tend to be monogamous – to our families, to what we see as a very large family, what you would think of as a clan, and out to our ship and our shipmates, to our fleet, to our nations, to our sectors – it’s a continuous circle or spiral.

We find it peculiar if one can say that they truly love God, love the Mother, Father, One, Source, Buddha – it doesn’t matter how you are naming this, and that you are in service – not servitude, by the way – service to the One, and you are not in service to your family, or you are not in service to your neighbor, or that you love God but hate people who are different than you. This is more than confusing – this is the heart of chaos.

And this is what has need to be healed, and this is what our pink is doing for you, but more importantly it is what the Mother’s gift of Clarity and Purity and her tsunami will address. But this is the biggest stumbling block, this division – it is incomprehensible. I mean, you may say that you are vegetarian and that you love carrots and don’t care for lima beans – but you would never wage war on lima beans! It makes that much sense.

SM: Okay, I understand. If I could interrupt you here for a moment, can we find out if Linda needs something in particular, if she should take a drink of water or something?

Ashira: Yes, I will make her drink some water. Here we are…hopefully this will do it.

SM: I would like to see … may I ask how you observe us – is it more a general observation of growing collective lightness, or are you able to keep tabs on individual thoughts and feelings? What I’d really like to get at is how well you could know any of us individually from so far away? To what extent can someone on a ship above the planet really understand the motivations and feelings of an individual on the surface? Is that a fair question?

Ashira: It is always a fair question. Is it a question that can be fully answered? Well, I will try.

SM: Alright, thank you.

Ashira: We are not spying on you! [Laughs] I am teasing you, dear heart! See, that is one of the things you have to get used to – our humor! You have a tendency for defensiveness because there has been so much spying done in your various countries, and you are very defensive about your rights to privacy – as you should be.

So let me preface what I say to thee is that we never interfere with someone’s personal space. We do not view you, or look at you if you have not given us the OK sign. But when you do – and there are variations, because there are people on Earth who truly wish a very close relationship with us, and this is true not only of the starseeds and the hybrids. Many many people – and of course you already know our yearning to be in community with you – so when there is that individual calling out as it were, we do watch you. Do we watch you 24/7? Not generally, unless you are one of our troops in which case you are on our radar constantly.

But that is another matter. Most of who are part of our troops on the ground as it were, are fully aware that they are being observed. Now, we do not observe their private moments – that would be inappropriate. But we also hear telepathically – not just orally, but telepathically – the cries for help, the questions, the greetings. The number of greetings that we receive from the humans on a daily basis is in the billions! Billions and billions, and they are received with gratitude, with glee, with warmth and we transmit back our greetings. And very often you may not know where that warm feeling came from. But we definitely answer.

So we have different levels, obviously, of observation. Your planet, sweet Gaia, and all of your operations shall we say, not merely military but industrial, agriculture, business, these are always being monitored. And then within that we have a specific initiative, we have spoken to you of our communications initiative, to be able to more clearly use language and terminology, emotion that speaks more directly to each of you, and to know more readily how to tune our energy fields to you and yours to us, so that is for example one initiative.

Another initiative is the science initiative, whereby we are introducing new technology – placing it as inspiration in a variety of people’s minds – but then we also do it in terms of suggesting subtly that this be done on a communal level or a co-operative level, an international level, because it promotes exactly the type of community that we are encouraging and supporting. Do we force? No. But do we suggest it? Yes. Then there are situations where we are observing what we would call ‘High Alert’ to make sure that there is no devastation – or further devastation – upon the planet of Gaia.

SM: Right. And I for one appreciate that.

Ashira: Yes, there are certain levels of oblivion that will not be permitted.

SM: Thank you. You’ve mentioned troops on the ground. Are there troops that you have that are unaware of the fact that they are troops?

Ashira: No. Those who have been positioned – and what we are saying when I am using this term – I am talking about those who are part of the various commands, and who have been positioned either permanently or back and forth for various specific assignments, back and forth to the planet to help the earthlings to get ready and adjusted for being with us and us with you.

But then there is a whole other category of individuals who knows that they are working subtly and perhaps not so subtly with us either in their dream-time or through their energetic fields, through their sacred space, and that knowing is also growing very rapidly. For example, look how you feel sweet angel!

SM: Oh, for sure! It’s wonderful. It’s just an expanding experience of connection and I’m so grateful for this series right now, because as far as I know we haven’t had conversations before, but as this series continues it feel like a renewing of bonds, to be honest – I feel like I know you.

Ashira: You do know me – and many of you know me. And it is a renewal, and it is part of the plan, it is part of the unfoldment. We are as anxious as you are!

SM: Yes, I really get that, I really do. Would you please speak – you mentioned a little bit about technology – could you speak to the concept of conscious technology, and what kind of gadgets we’ll be using instead of our cell phones and computers, or even our cars.

Ashira: Well – you love your cars! You probably love your car’s the same way that we love our little ‘to-and-from’ ships, shall we say …

SM: Exactly!

Ashira: … our little explorer ships. So, we are not suggesting that you will lose your cars, but we will assist with – very rapidly – is let’s clean up the cars. You can keep your car – they will be modified, let us put it that way!

SM: Awesome!

Ashira: But then there will be other forms of transportation that are more efficient or effective, but that does not eliminate the ‘love affair’ that human beings have with their cars. It is the same – we have had this discussion at the Intergalactic Council … Oh, my father is sometimes is ready to pull out his hair! – About humans’ love of currency, because there is this ‘love affair’ with currency. So it has been decided, as part of the plan that currency will continue to be in form for a while – because you love it! So we would never arrive and say that you don’t really need that any more – so you can have the currency if you so wish!

But there will be, what we would call, communiqué devices, and that would be … again, is there a requirement for people to give up their telephones, their cell phones, their various equipment? No, we would never do that. But, just like thousands of you go and line up for the latest cell phones, many of you will line up and want the communiqué instruments – because they work better.

SM: Oh, yes please!

Ashira: And by the way, they are free! So, can you keep your rotary dial phone? Yes.

SM: I don’t want them, and I don’t even want them … go ahead.

Ashira: Yes, chances are you will not want them. You will have Replicators – you will have various pieces of equipment – but none of this would ever require you to relinquish what you truly like! So if you are one that still writes with pen and paper we have no problem with that.

In fact what you are going to find, there is very little that we have problems with. Where our problem areas exist is in the area of conflict, of cruelty, of unkindness, of the acceptance – and this is something that we have not truly talked about – but the acceptance of dis-ease as a ‘given’ – and that, my dear friends, is absurd.

SM: Agreed.

Ashira: So, will there be future generation computers? Yes. Will there be more automation – if you can think of it that way – in the household? Yes. But the biggest shift – and we can’t wait, although we will – is the cleaning-up of the cities …

SM: Oh, perfect.

Ashira: … clean pure air, water, cities, countries, nations – you have so many wars that are centring around gas and oil – this is absurd!

SM: Truly so.

Ashira: So, what we will bring forth is the way to work with energy in various alternative ways, so that you do not need to keep maiming and drilling Mother Earth.

SM: Well yes, given the ability to get going on clean-up in conjunction with you, I can guarantee a very large contingent of enthusiastic humans to team up with that. Can we please get on with it?

Ashira: There are millions of you that are already doing this with us – both aware and not aware. So when you do your work to clean the oceans, to clean the soil, to clean the air, you are working with us – and dear hearts, we are not only welcoming you, we are utilising you.

SM: OK. It’s just that it’s in our face that things like fracking and all the energy things that you’re mentioning that are completely unnecessary – it still continues, and the transportation of fossil fuels and the spilling in the Gulf of Mexico, into our water supply – people can light their tap water on fire – it’s very troubling and it seems that no amount of protest is changing it.

Ashira: It will be one of the first and most significant changes – even before the personal technology … the cleaning up of Gaia, of this type of rape and pillage, will be ceased.

SM: Yes, good. OK, thank you for that. So last week you mentioned interbreeding between humans and galactics – I think that this may continue into another show – but what you said about your experience of intimacy being what we know magnified kind of beyond imagination, will surely be motivational for some humans. There seems to be a great potential for both an influx and an outpouring of both of our populations, and we can learn a great deal from one another as we mix together. Do you feel this to be a potential in the foreseeable future?

Ashira: It is already happening. So yes, there will be a great outpouring because this is one of the practicalities or demonstrations of divine sacred unions. This is how we join together. Many of you, and we are complimented by the way, many of you find your preferred partner in a star being – as we do with you – because do not forget we have known each other through many many lifetimes. And many of you who are honored or of the stars have been with us time after time after time, and our love for you personally and generally – collectively – has not diminished, if anything it has grown. We yearn for those sacred unions and there are many of you who know that your partner is with us.

SM: Well, I would love to be able to have an in-person, conscious, interview with a member of our star family – you or anyone else – and I get that it’s a matter of frequency match, but surely there are at least a few humans who have reached the state of being that would allow for that. Can you say anything about how you’ll come and bring First Contact?

Ashira: We will not give it away! But we will say that it is very very close – and I say this to all of you, my beloved friends, look out your back door.

SM: OK. Alright. That’s wonderful. So we’ve reached a place that open relations can begin then?

Ashira: Yes, the adjustment of frequencies. Now, will we have open relationships with everybody? Not until some of this other conflict is cleaned up – but we are looking on it!

SM: OK. Alright. Transportation, from Earth to a ship, from ship to Earth is … we talked about Star Trek being a visionary channeled program, is the ‘beaming’ of a body something that happens … is there … is it necessary that you land here in order to be here – in physical? How does that work?

Ashira: Oh no, we can do both – we can absolutely do both. We can either simply send our particles that will rearranged – there are a number of, particularly, Reception Chambers that are built for this, but no, we can either send our particles or use the smaller ships.

SM: OK. And it hasn’t happened before because the frequency is not a good match yet – or it hasn’t been?

Ashira: Oh it has happened – it happens all the time.

SM: OK. Alright.

Ashira: Yes, now when you see somebody ‘apparate’ in front of you, there is a tendency that it might give you a bit of a heart flutter, if not an outright heart attack – we’d never want that to occur. But many of our beings that have been transported have simply been beamed down – they’re beamed down into rather remote situations simply so that there is no interference or no observance, but it is a much more rapid way of delivery than back and forth and back and forth.

And many of you, let me say this – I know that we begin to run out of time, but let me say this – my beloved friends, now you say, “I wish to go to my star ship, I wish to be with my star brothers and sisters,” particularly at night – many of you are. You do not remember because it would deplete your energy and your attention to your mission and purpose, your current contract, as it were, upon the planet of Gaia. But many of you when you are coming home to ship at night or actually reporting in for various shifts – which many of you are working here as well – you are simply beaming up.

SM: Well, I really look forward to the time when I can remember, because I have started to realise that I do have quarters on a ship somewhere – it might even be yours – I don’t even know. But I want to know – I want to have conscious awareness of that, and I know it’s all in divine timing, but …

Ashira: Look around you, and look for the insignias of the various fleets. Our insignia is often seen, or is thought of, as an upside-down ‘U’ with two lines through it, to indicate the Unified Forces. So look for the insignias as you go about your busy day, or when you are in bed at night and you are transported onboard ship – you will know where you are, simply look and ask. And you are welcome – and I say this not only to you, beloved Suzanne, but to all of you. I welcome you as a visitor to my ship.

SM: Thank you. Well, we have …

Ashira: And I pray that you will remember.

SM: Ah yes, well thank you for that. And you’re willing to come back and discuss some more wonderful fabulous juicy questions?

Ashira: Yes I am. Now, Archangel Gabrielle has also asked me to remind many of you of her – and the Company of Heaven’s – agreement to gather this gender inequality in its mildest to its most severe form into the Blue Topaz box – clear top, clear bottom – many of you have forgotten this instruction in this partnership, and she is very eager that it go forward, and so are we, because this is one of the ways in which we are clearing the way for full contact. So let us begin yet again – gather.

SM: Beautiful – thank you for that.

Ashira: Thank you for having me, and thank you for blessing me. I bring you the greetings from all fleets, not merely the Unified Forces. I bring you the greetings of all planets, all galaxies, all realities. Turn to us for help – no, we are not angels or archangels – but we are in this with you, and we love you.

SM: We love you too, and you are welcome in my home any time.

Ashira: …you sweet angel. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon