Every now and then a personal channel includes information of such depth that it is worthy of sharing far and wide. Posted with the permission of the recipient.

Jesus’s Christmas Message on the Winter Solstice

  Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi. I am the eternal and Read More

Archangel Michael on Current Chaos & Joy

Channelled Gem ~ Joy & Archangel Michael Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Read More

St. Germaine discusses Karma

Karen & St. Germaine discuss Karma A channeled gem with St. Germaine on the deeper understanding of karma.

Urgency, Balance of Action and Stillpoint, Pacing and Alignment

Rarely do we get the opportunity to share in a personal reading; but, that is what this posting is about. Read More

Lightworkers Unite! by Steve Beckow

I had a reading with Archangel Michael on July 22, 2016. A disagreement had arisen and I sought Michael’s counsel. Read More

The Collective is in a State of Flux

Another gift of a channeled gem with Archangel Michael. Earth Bound Star Soul has had another reading with Linda, and again Read More

Maree & Archangel Michael ~ Sabbatical & Reconstitution

Many have been experiencing being put on sabbatical by the Divine Mother during this time of radical change in frequency. Read More

Sharing Words Of Encouragement ~ Elle, Archangel Gabrielle & Belle’Anna

Elle’s guides, Archangel Gabrielle and Belle’Anna share a fabulous hotchpotch of encouragement to revel in: Archangel Gabrielle ~ Brexit & Read More

The Mother’s Tsunami of One ~ Maree & Anastasia

Maree’s Guide, Anastasia has offered the following insights into the Tsunami of One: We are in your sphere. We are Read More

Message from Archangel Michael to an Earthbound Star Soul

On June 10, 2016, I had a reading scheduled with Linda, to speak with my Guides. For the second time Read More