The idea is that we are coming together, choosing to come together, on a sacred playing field that is far more level.

BELLE’ANNA ~ Ever-Closer Communion With One’s Guardian Angels

A delightful Channelled Gem lovingly shared by Ellen from her reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I AM Belle’Anna, and welcome, beloved sister, mother, daughter, friend, ally. …

E: Oh my love, I feel you so strong today, I sense you too have had an upgrade! [Laughing] So to use your words, if I am moving to “a higher, broader perspective,” then you are too, right? If I do, you do, and/or vice versa? [Laughter]

B: Yes! But not only that, what happens is that the perceived distance between us is shrinking. You are coming to me – I am coming to you – and we are all gaining that higher perspective!

Think of it in this way. Eventually – and you know what that means in the Infinite Cycle of All – eventually we will all migrate back into the Heart and Being of One. So yes, it is true, you receive upgrades, so do we!

But what is interesting in that is that it actually collapses what we can think of, in terms of explanation, as the distance or separation between us. So think of it this way. If you are in Grade 1 and I am in Grade 5 – and then you advance, you jump a few grades, and you go to Grade 4 but I go to Grade 6 – we are closer together!

And this aspect or element of the Mother’s Never Ending Wonderful is so that we will be in closer communion, closer connection, binding, participating, until eventually we are all back [in the Heart and Being of One].

And then, of course, we will all choose to explode again and continue on! [Laughing]

E: I feel today… well, I know you are!… but especially today I feel you more completely and absolutely entwined within the Mother. Why is this?

B: Yes! Because your heart is opening more clearly, your heart is opening to what the true relationships are – and particularly, for my joy, our relationship!

We are literally kindred spirits, and so that awareness… think of this… your awareness of your relationships, seen and unseen, is expanding, and might we say, becoming even more clear, more refined, in that balance of creation, of give/take/receive.

And so it is shifting your capacity to perceive and to know – and from that place of wisdom, to create using a greater ‘quantity’ of the Divine energy – and to participate more profoundly, more clearly, in the Divine Plan and in the creation of Nova Earth, yes, as Nova Gaian.

The idea is that we are coming together, choosing to come together, on a sacred playing field that is far more level. Now, if you think of it, I can open doors, if you want to think of it that way, to the higher realms – so in some ways, yes, I have the Keys to the Kingdom! [Chuckling] But I am not going further away, I am getting closer!

I have always wanted our union, our relationship, to grow closer. And you are seeing that in your human and in your beloved’s relationship, that it is gaining substance, love, definition. And at the same time, the scope of what is possible is expanding, while the applicability is expanding – and the practicality of manifestation is expanding and shrinking at the same time.

And when we say shrinking, we mean bringing it down to manageable bite-size that you can see on your kitchen table!

So you are more, sweet one, in the mystery, and it is wonderful!

Channelled by Linda Dillon

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn