When we speak of public awakening, we are also talking about the awakening to the yearning, to the presence, to the actions, to the beliefs in LOVE.

Archangel Michael ~ Public Awakening and The Foundational Principles of Fellowship, Community & Unity Consciousness

Another uplifting Channelled Gem lovingly shared by Andrew from his reading with Linda Dillon.

Andrew: I know we can’t really discuss future developments and so on, but might we be getting a bit closer to things like the Delegations generally revealing more on the planet about the deep state and what they’ve done in recent years… in other words, public awakening?

Archangel Michael: Yes, but also understand, beloved… yes, ‘public awakening’ as you would call it is well underway… but when we speak of public awakening, we are also talking about the awakening to the yearning, to the presence, to the actions, to the beliefs in LOVE.

It is not of love to have a focus on, shall we say, misjudged or even cruel, egoic, authoritarian actions. What is occurring in the collective populous is an awakening that says, “We do not want to live in a structure that is so inconsiderate, to put it mildly, and that is based on human greed and violence and abuse.”

So it is not that the focus is so much on the revelations of what has definitely gone awry because you could spend the next two or three centuries reviewing that. No. The focus has to be…and the Plan of our Mother is… to focus on the New – to bring people to not looking back over their shoulders but looking forward to what is possible and what they are choosing to create.

It is basically like a snake shedding its skin or a phoenix rising from the ashes and deciding that they simply will not live because, quite literally, they will not be able to live in the old paradigm. It is that clear.

So when you say, “Is there an awakening? Are there revelations?” Yes, but the focus is not on the misdeeds of others. No, they are not hidden or ignored either – but it is: “What is the third path? What is the path where the duality of right or wrong, good or bad, evil or sacred is not the only option?” It is the third path in terms of “How do we come to a place of Unity, a place where our hearts are conjoined and the love is shared, and becomes the operating system, shall we say, of the entire planet?”

So are there great advances already being made? Yes! As the Mother has indicated, there is still a huge adjustment… and that is part of what you are feeling also, sweet brother of mine… there is a massive adjustment that is still taking place in terms not only of her Divine Radiance, your new 36-hour days, and the shift in Gaia to a different dimensional reality. That is all underway. But what is also occurring during this time is that there is the adjustment and that will take until about the Spring Equinox.

And by the way, once this begins, it is not simply a national or a cultural phenomenon, it is a global awakening!

A: Right! And the Delegations, how are they progressing?

AAM: The Delegations have been very instrumental in, shall we say, the foundational principles first of all of Fellowship, Community, and Unity Consciousness.

There is a paradigm that has already been developed and set… no, never in stone, but perhaps in water because it is more fluid than that. But what is occurring is the Delegations continue to work and have moved way past addressing simply what you might think of as the troubles, the difficulties, that have been created by the human patterns of the old grid.

They have come to a higher level of focusing not only on healing the wounds of what we would call ‘war’, but also on formulating the structures in every area of life that you can possibly conceive of about how things can work for the human collective and the individual.

This is something that has often been misunderstood or even ignored in the realm of ‘old Earth’, shall we say. Because what has happened is this hierarchical/authoritarian/egoic control has always meant that someone was in charge and gaining power, and very often the populous or the collective was at the mercy of that collective egoic power.

So now the reverse is happening where the Delegations… and the patterns that have been laid down actually long ago… but the structures that are being agreed to now will be fluidly in place as the old simply fades away.

So the work of the Delegations continues and it is very robust! You know because you are part of them.

Channelled by Linda Dillon, 15 February 2024

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn