The delight of being an angel in form is just that: it is the joy, the delight, the witnessing, the participation in the unexplainable – that which feels joyful, miraculous, unexplainable, and yet, is there right before your very eyes…

This delightful Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by Elle from her reading with Linda Dillon.

OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE ~ This is the Time for Dreaming and for the Miraculous, the Unusual & the Unexplainable!

Greetings, I AM Mother, I AM Maré, I AM Our Lady of Guadalupe, and yes, I step forward this day, this day of miracles, of becoming, to simply say hello!

Elle: Hello! How beautiful!

Mother: Sweet angel, you – and your planet, of course – are full of miracles. And yes, it is so that, shall we say ‘the unusual’… long ago, your friend Albert Einstein has defined a miracle as ‘something that is an occurrence that science has simply been unable to describe or explain as yet.’ And of course, that is true to a certain extent, because often what we are talking about is far beyond what humans think of as quantum or super-quantum physics! [Chuckling]

The delight of being an angel in form is just that: it is the joy, the delight, the witnessing, the participation in the unexplainable – that which feels joyful, miraculous, unexplainable, and yet, is there right before your very eyes, within your field, within your realm of comprehension.

Humans reached a point in their egoic need to control where they did not welcome the unexplainable. This drive to be in charge of everything has truly limited, as you know, the human capacity, individually and collectively, to expand and grow into the truth of who you really are.

Now what is occurring is there is a deep desire that is crescendo-ing – yes, like my Tsunami of Love – to reignite, to reintroduce, to re-experience the unexplainable because it fires the heart, the mind, the soul, the sense of wonder, the sense of curiosity, physical/mental/spiritual, that is part of Creation, which is part of exploration and quite literally bringing forth the New.

Wanting explanations for everything that occurs is limiting. Yes, what you think of as the science/wisdom/knowledge base – because we do not mean ‘science’ as in just your scientists, of course – has expanded and is expanding exponentially. It is expanding at the speed of love, quite literally, and what you think of as discoveries and inventions are going to be coming out of people’s ears! And that is exactly as it has need to be.

Bringing forth the miraculous, sharing the miraculous, sharing what I choose to place in your pathways is part of the expansion. So rather than denying it or denigrating it, the tide is shifting to welcoming it because, of course, you live within my Infinite Ever-Expanding Omniverse.

Why would restriction and a demand for explanation be a part of that? A desire to learn, to understand? Yes, most certainly. But also an acknowledgement of when it is unexplained as yet is also pivotal and part of it. And you, Elle, you have always accepted the unexplainable.

When I wished to truly speak of my presence upon this planet as Our Lady of Guadalupe with my beloved Juan Diego, I did not choose to introduce a scientific or mechanical engineering feat. I created a hillside of wild roses blooming in the desert in the dead of winter. It was a cooperation and co-creation with Gi’Anna. It was to draw people’s attention back to the beauty within their sphere, below their feet, to smell the roses – yes, even eventually to pick the roses, and to share that the miraculous can happen on any ordinary day.

That is the gift – and it is looking and seeing and accepting and celebrating the extraordinary in what people think of as an ordinary day. There is nothing ordinary about any day, whether it is your new 36-hour day or your old 11-hour day. They are filled with buckets and bushels of wonder! And is it not curious, child, when you hear people say, “Oh yeah, I heard about that, but I don’t really have the time to pay attention, I best watch the news instead.” [Chuckling]

Humanity is awakening, but the first part of that awakening is awakening to their new dream, individually and collectively.

And sweet one, yes, you have always been a step ahead because you are not just a dreamer, you are a lucid dreamer, and that is how you receive and channel messages, insights, understanding because also understand, within each dream are massive downloads of energy. And as scribe, when you download, when you edit/translate/transmit, what are you doing? You are receiving and then transmitting out into the collective.

You say that you do not wish to be front and centre. I understand that, but it also means not hiding away, yes, behind the screen or in a dark corner. You do it in the measure of your being and your being according to this life – and that changes and grows and is in the process of becoming. You have chosen, as part of the Creator Race reintroduced, to come to this planet to assist with this, and to create and to reinvent in people’s heads the meaning of family and the depth of connection.

The bigotry of this collective, of the old human paradigms of rich and poor, elite and not, brilliant and stupid, white or black, male or female, hybrid or earthkeeper – all of that is ridiculous and it has been born of ego run rampant and destructive. The delight of it is the knowing that each being has an integral part and is an integral part of the whole.

I did not create a mountainside of flowers with a single petal. Everything is a part and connected, the roots are connected, and so that is to be celebrated! It is to bring a sense of unity rather than competitive separation.

Now why do I speak of this? Because those old paradigms are rapidly fading – and yes, you have, as a collective, brought these issues as a whole to the forefront so that they can be eliminated. And that has been important, is pivotal, and is necessary for the collective to go forward.

But as they do, of course, the next step is: “Well, are you Gaian or are you Pleiadian? Are you from CeeCeeCee? Are you Galatean? And then, because that sense of division has been eliminated, the expansion takes place where all are equally welcomed – and it does not matter whether it is in the royal palace, my basilica, Notre-Dame or a chapel in the woods. ALL are equally welcomed, valued, and yes, necessary.

Now, is this and has this been challenging? And I speak to your heart, sweet daughter, as those that you love have basically shut down and turned away. Is that heartbreaking? Is that heartrending? Yes! It would be foolhardy to deny that. And you go ahead because you know, as pathfinder, you are forging the way so that the path is cleared and the table is prepared.

It is not a question of ‘if’, it is simply a question of timing. And will there be many, as you know… your family on ship… many joy-full reunions? And there have need to be! And I’m not just talking about an esoteric or even a physical need. There is a soul desire – and one thing you do know is that what the soul desires, either in or out of form, will come to be!

Take heart! And yes, of course, you observe the progression, sometimes speedy, sometimes slow, of the collective. But sweet angel, take heart in what you know to be true, beyond question, because you are ahead of the wave and that is how you have volunteered. That is the way you have progressed in this and many lifetimes.

So where there is doubt, give it to me. Shed it. It does not serve you. Where there is pain and suffering and angst – physical/mental/emotional/spiritual – shed it and give it to me. It is simply a matter of staying in my heart and Divine Radiance. It is not about an exercise. It is very much about discernment, and it is doing as you feel guided and moved to do!

Sometimes it is like a sweet ‘I think I’ll do this, it feels right.’ Or sometimes it is a grand passion. Nevertheless, do it! Not in a rushed or hurried fashion. I repeat: This is the time for dreaming! Why any being, in any realm/dimension/reality/planetary system, would choose to skip dreaming is about a core issue of control, the desire to be in charge, and it is so limiting.

So, sweet daughter of my heart, take time for the dreams. Come and dream with me! …

It is a time of expansion and the dreaming of the ideal people/situations/undertakings because, yes, there are those, particularly now… you see, for some, this is how they will awaken. No, they are not totally asleep… of course not… but it is how they will awaken and dive into what they need.

And the material that we are channelling through this vessel IS EXPLOSIVE and so it has need to be shared far and wide.

It has need to be THE CLARION CALL TO HUMANITY now more than ever!

Channelled by Linda Dillon, 12 December 2023