Quan Yin & Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ Further Insights Into Awakening the Cities of Light

This fabulous Channelled Gem is lovingly shared by the Denver City of Light ‘Sisterhood of the Star’ from their reading with Linda Dillon.

Opening Prayer:

Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, all Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Enlightened Beings, Wise Prophets, Council of Love, our sacred circle of Quan Yin, Sanat Kumara, the beautiful silver of Archangel Uriel, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Buddha, Shakti, Ganesh, Lao Tzu, Serapis Bey, the Magdalena, St. Germaine, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, and our entire Star Family and all servants and bringers of light and love ~

We come here this day as one circle in yearning, preparedness and surrender. We join in this heartfelt prayer and full intent to discover, embody and embrace the totality of our sacred selves, of our unified, integrated self, and in so doing to call forth, anchor and conjoin with the Denver City of Light and ALL Cities of Light upon Gaia and far beyond.

We accept, we embrace the fullness of our sacred divinity, our sovereignty, as the daughters and sons of One, as co-creators of Nova Earth. We pray to create and co-create miracles of Unity, Joy, Wonder and Awe to heal all human anguish, despair and uncertainty, to be guided by the knowing of our heart consciousness, to celebrate our physical presence and our ascended self right now, here, on planet, in form upon sweet Gaia, in any and all dimensions, timelines, realities, realms or bodies.

We anchor heartfelt gratitude in our knowing that we are already complete in this process of bringing forth into physical reality this City of Light upon our beloved Gi’Anna. We are already anchored in Unity and Sacred Union above and below as one circle, one heart, one star, united in purpose to bring forth the fruition of the dream, of the Divine Plan.

In humility, compassion, surrender and joy, we give thanks.

Amen, Amen and Amen

*     *     *


Greetings, I am Quan Yin. Welcome, my beloved sisters of One. Welcome to this sacred sisterhood, to this beloved City of Light where all are welcome to come and play, to create, to heal, to nurture and comfort, and to anchor the Unity of One of ALL the kingdoms – yes, of the fairies, the elementals, the rocks and trees, and dare I say the dragons – where we come to create in Unity of One in ways that benefit all, even those who are unaware or do not want to be aware, it matters not, for the inclusion is essential, that all are welcome.

Often, I am known as Goddess of Compassion, Goddess of Mercy. I do not stand on high! I do not rise as the phoenix or the dragon and say, “Only you receive mercy, only you deserve compassion,” because it is those who do not know who are most anxious, desperate, and truly in need of the embrace.

And yes, sometimes, when you are fortunate, the embrace is literal and physical, sometimes it is etheric, sometimes it is spiritual, but the point is that it is embrace. And it is the acceptance, always and forever, of the divinity that rests within all beings, and it is also the awakening of the divinity that is in all beings.

Many, and I might suggest far too many, have not only veered away but have run away from the acknowledgement and embrace of their own sacred self, of their own divinity, of their own glorious essence. And that is extremely sad because it is a denial of their basic self, it is a denial of their essence, it is a denial of why they have come.

So yes, beloveds, you play many roles, but let us say one of the key roles is as the awakeners, the embracers, the Welcome Committee! And that is for your Star Family, for the elementals, and yes, for these human beings who are and have been [chuckling] the most reluctant of all. But you are seeing it all around you as they awaken, as they feel in the distant field that there is something that they do desire to know, there is something that they do desire to participate in, and you are preparing the way.

In many ways, sweet angels, Sisterhood of the Star, you have been preparing the way for eons, and yes, upon this planet for thousands and thousands of years. You have all travelled and come from distant galaxies, different dimensional realities, and you have offered – and we have most certainly accepted – your mission, your service to awaken this brilliant, brilliant City of Light.

Now, it is already underway, and you know this. You have been anchoring your portals, you have been diligent in your work, together and alone – and really there is no such thing as being alone, is there, for even as you sit in a garden, on a bus, or on a freeway, you are surrounded! And you have accepted that, and you have the greater perspective of what is truly transpiring. It is not a hierarchy. It is not that you are above or below any being, including us. But there is a specific focus, a vision that you bring to this reality and to this particular anchoring of this City of Light in form.

One of the things that we guide you, ask you, to do this year is to be more public, and you have already begun. But there is much to talk about – and yes, Grener wishes to speak to you as well – but I will say, “Bring your questions!”

Click on the link to read the full Q&A session with Quan Yin

*     *     *


Greetings, I am Grener, I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. I am President of Intergalactic Council and I come to you as father, as grandfather, as friend, as ally, because it is time and I have been waiting patiently for the full participation of Gaians in this Council – much of which is about peacekeeping, and creativity, and the sharing of wisdom and knowledge, science and art and beauty.

Humans… you are awakeners and you are reminding them – and I would like to say, “on our behalf, on behalf of this Intergalactic Council” – you are reminding them not only that they are sovereign, intelligent beings but that they are creative, creator beings.

Energy – and particularly if you think of energy, it is creation and creation is energy – and it is intended to be used. When energy is denied or tapped down or shoved aside, mayhem… and you are seeing this on-planet in war and starvation, in lack… so what you are saying – and what we are saying with you; and we are anxious for our encounters, by the way – you are saying, “Let’s create, let’s not devastate!”

Oh, there is an aspect, of course, in all creation of destruction. You destroy that which interferes; you destroy that which is of hatred and greed and cruelty. But what you are really doing is saying, “No, not this energy; let’s work it, and then transform it and make something new.” Think of a child who plays with playdough and they make something and it is really quite ugly, and then they mush it up again and they create something beautiful. That is what you are doing!

And yes, the emphasis is on the intermingling of you, bright 5-pointed star… of intermingling with, shall we say, the collective of humanity. Because also know… and I’m not asking you to be practicing bi-location in addition to everything that Quan Yin has asked you to do… but I will suggest to you that when you go to a public place – perhaps it is a museum and you are enjoying the art, the ambience, the fact that you are together and that you are bringing into the conscious reality unity – well, just for fun, simply know that you are also doing that in the Metropolitan Museum, in the Louvre, across the planet.

So you are multi-tasking, my beloved friends, whether you know it or not – and we are with you! Everywhere you go, feel our beam of Porlana C. Feel it outline your entire City. We have been very busy and we are very excited! We have waited a long time for this occurrence – and you are ready and we are ready.

So yes, we welcome you! And we welcome you, each of you, literally, to this Intergalactic Council. You are assuming your place at the table and we have been waiting. You bring your wisdom; you bring your wisdom of your planet and of the human experience; you bring your willingness of spirit; but mostly, beloveds, you bring your sweet self, as you are, in form.

So look for me. I am with you.

Go with our love, all of our love, and go, sweet angels, in peace.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 27 January 2024

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn