…your bodies will be far more vigorous than ever before!

A wonderfully informative and uplifting Channelled Gem lovingly shared by HS [Humble Soul] from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Yeshua ~ This Time of Monumental Change

Greetings, I am Yeshua, I am Jesus, I am Yeshi, I am Jesus Sananda, I am friend, I am brother, I am ally. Welcome, sweet brother of light, sweet star being of love! And welcome to this Council and to this time of monumental change, of the awakening of an entire planet as they coordinate and ascend into the truth of who they really are.

Of course, Gaia and the elements, the kingdoms, have gone forward and are holding the space for the humans – yes, much as your Star Family are and much as we are – as the humans awaken and begin to wish, demand, require, design, create and form a new reality upon this beautiful planet of green and blue, of brown and grey, of mountains and hills and streams and oceans, all of which are cognizant and all of which are assisting in the care and feeding of this collective.

The humans, this beautiful collective of angels in form, are realising that they are not alone, that they do not ‘reign over’ anything, and that they are and have been intended to be in harmony with all that is sacred, all that has been created upon this Earth, and far far beyond.

It has never been a hierarchy. That has only been the egoic beliefs and constructs of humans who, because of their feelings of insufficiency, have tried to create feelings of supremacy. That is old thinking and it is old existence. And those paradigms are not merely about to be broken, they are broken to smithereens! They have no place amongst the collective or anywhere as these beings go forward into the light of a new day.

So yes, you say you have been practicing patience. My dearest brother, I understand what that means, for we have practiced patience for eons [laughing] – and we have laughed about it and we have cried about it!

Now, I know you have beckoned to me and asked for this conversation this day, and that you have asked and you have prayed and you have requested and you have cried for healing of your physical form. Understand, this physical form that you occupy, which is indeed the smallest part of your being, is attuning and adjusting to the increases in frequencies. And this is true of many.

And particularly as you try to go forward, the various joints – yes, such as hips and knees, etc – are a little cranky, shall we say [chuckling], because it is about stepping forward but it is not about stepping forward hastily. It is not about stepping forward in a rush.

The humans, collectively and individually, are needing to remember to learn to incorporate the stillness, to slow down in the Mother’s expanded Ocean of Time, and to progress in ways that are meaningful and thoughtful, kind and considerate, joyous and joy-full.

So yes, the attunements are taking their toll, but it is part of the recalibration. So beloved brother, we are not suggesting that you sit alone suffering in silence. We have heard the request and it will be attended to, but simply know what the underlying causes are.

HS: … How accurate is Dear and Glorious Physician? [book by Taylor Caldwell]

Yeshua: They are storylines… and let me backstep for a moment in telling you that often when I have walked the Earth, I have taught in the ways of storytelling because that is exactly what engages human beings. They are able to relate on a human level to the trials, to the tribulations, to the joys, and to the victories. And so through various authors, we have used this mechanism of storytelling.

So is it loosely based in fact? Yes. But is it also given, shall we say, poetic or literary license? The answer is yes.

HS: Was she writing from the Akashic Records?

Y: She was writing from what she would feel was a combination of vision, memory, and imagination, so it is a combination of all three.

HS: … Did you travel to India/Asia?

Y: No. What happened was I had various teachers of various walks & beliefs & experiences, and many of my teachers, particularly the Essenes, have journeyed to Egypt, Asia, India, and far beyond. But they came to me, not the other way around.

HS: So where were you and what were you doing between the ages of 14 and 30?

Y: I was having a life! Let me describe it that way. Now that does not mean there were not forays here and there – there were – but the agreement, both as child and as I grew into what some may think of as manhood, was that I would be free to have a physical, human experience.

Yes, of course, there was a great deal of learning, of remembering, of expansion, of sharing… the enjoyment of family life and friendships. It was not simply a journey of studying and enlightenment. I was already enlightened! [Laughing]

So the agreement with my Mother/Father/One was in fact that I would have the closeness of family, of community, and yes, exploration as well. But did I travel as much as has been expounded by various writers and channels? The answer is no.

HS: … Did you travel around North/Central/South America during part of that time?

Y: A little.

HS: So Taylor Caldwell’s supposed visit with the spiritual elders…

Y: Well, she has done extensive visitation over several lifetimes. She has been a time traveller and has done a form of bi-location throughout time/dimension/space, so that is where she has collected a great deal of her information. She is a brilliant author!

HS: Back to my physical body, my feet are so sore…

Y: You have been walking through the ruins of Gaza … bringing the peaceful messages and the healing messages that are so desperately required during this time. And so your feet are quite literally… you are bringing back with you some of the injury and the dust… the dust! No one is speaking of the dust, but it is horrendous! So yes, I will help you with your feet. We will bathe them in the balm and we will put myrrh upon them.

HS: Thanks a million. … The last months have been tough…

Y: Because there has been so much transpiring and part of your bi-location has been to the war-torn places. So yes, let us give you a break from that as you recalibrate because there is so much integration going on. This is the theme.

When the Mother has said that Unity would be the theme of this year, humans also need to understand that what that means is the unified form of self, of the unified/integrated being that is the totality of anchoring upon this planet – not this aspect or that aspect, this part or that part, but the entirety – and that includes the higher vibratory frequencies and rates.

And so yes, it has been physically demanding on many humans, especially those, shall we say, who are the wayshowers at the head of the line. And so there has been a huge adjustment and you are all feeling it.

So rather than commiserate, let us celebrate with you because this is coming to an end and your bodies will be far more vigorous than ever before!

HS: Well, the vision I had some years ago… I looked like I was about 30…

Y: It is your true form.

HS: I can’t wait… well, I have to wait!

Y: Well, you do not have to wait much longer! So yes, you are underway!

Channelled by Linda Dillon, 11 January 2024