All work with the Council of Love is heart-centered and done from the 13th Octave. The 13th Octave is the state of Divine Union – of being fully anchored in the heart and Love of One. It is the most transformational gift ever given to humanity and the foundation for Ascension.

The following 7 channelings (The Doorway Beckons through to The Laws of Magnification and Transubstantiation) were channeled sequentially over a period of about a year beginning in Fall of 1997 when the opening of the energy of the 13th Octave began to become available. Even today, as I re-read them I am amazed at the impact and perfection of this information. Everything the Council has ever spoken to us about from the Grid to Creation is here in those first transmissions.

To read each channel click on the below titles:

The Doorway Beckons

A Time of Decision

Trust & Forgiveness: The Keys to the 13th Octave

The Horn of Freedom

The 13th Octave: A New Circle of Exisitence

Surrender Unto Wholeness

The Laws of Magnification & Transubstantiation


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Linda Dillon

Linda Dillon is an internationally acclaimed channel, teacher, author and healer. She has channeled the higher realms and the Council of Love (COL) since 1984, after a near-death experience from a car accident opened her heart to her true purpose.

The Council of Love is God’s sacred alliance composed of angels, archangels, enlightened saints, the apostles, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and the ascended masters. The purpose of the Council is the transmission of the Divine Radiance and Love into the hearts of all beings who wish to align and receive. The Council are messengers of the One and the message is Love. The primary messenger for the Council is Archangel Gabrielle.