The second of the original 13th Octave Channelings:

Archangel Gabrielle ~ A Time of Decision

Greetings from the Council of Love. I am Gabrielle, Herald of God and Messenger of One. I come this day to speak to all lightworkers, not only across North America but across the world, of love and joy, of a new way of being. The time for indecision must come to an end. There is no longer an envelope in time, as you know it, in which to decide whether to go ahead slowly, rapidly, or at all. One must decide now if you choose to enter the 13th Octave or to remain in the cycle of 12:12. Know that this decision is one based on soul desire and purpose.

The choice made long ago is that you would return to Earth during the time of changes, during the time of the Golden Age which now commences, during the time of dramatic upheaval within and throughout your planet and the Universe. The decision to be of service to the One, to be of the Love and of the Light, is known clearly within your heart and the heart of the Mother. Fear not! Your intent is as clear as your photo ID is to those who walk the path of righteousness, truth, and wisdom. The issue is not who you are, but how you wish to proceed.

The time has come to choose not only the timing of your journey but where you wish to remain and reside for the coming millennium. No, we do not say that there will not be relocation from time to time, but travel and relocation will be more difficult in the coming months for a variety of reasons, not simply the Earth’s changes, which now begin in earnest.

I have sounded my trumpet several times and many have heeded my call, each responding to the sound that vibrated within their soul. Know that my trumpeting, my tone, is the sound of God. Sometimes it calls those who have a soul desire to return home; there are times when it is a call to action; there are times when it is a call to stand as still as the rock of ages. Now, the purpose of my trumpeting is to sound the arrival of a new way of being, a new dawn of hope, and a new ray of existence that will benefit all, not simply those who remain on Earth, and not simply those who heed the call to the 13th Octave.

We tell you that the time of duality has come to a close and we are now in a very brief period of division – not in the sense of separating the wheat from the chaff, for that is not of love and wholeness. When we speak to you of the time of division, we speak of the time when there will be a decision, tacit for some, about whether to remain on Earth or whether to return home to our side. There will be further division among you who choose to remain on Earth. Do you choose to remain on the 12:12 path of spiritual existence, doing so in hardship and suffering in the days ahead, or do you choose to seek a place of safety?

Know, children of our heart, that the decision is not as easy as it would appear. Know that many of you have volunteered long ago to remain in the places of upheaval, to understand more deeply that process, and to assist the Earth and those who walk upon her during the times of change. So it is not simply a matter of ‘getting out of town’! It is a matter of going deep within your heart and knowing your purpose, and aligning clearly with that purpose.

When we say, “You may remain in the places of hardship and suffering,” understand that this does not necessarily mean that you will come to harm, injury or death. It simply means that you have chosen to locate to a place of confusion and chaos to be of service, rather than to seek the places of calm and serenity where that vibration of healing will be maintained. This is not an aspect of duality; not an either/or; not a matter of a good or bad choice. It is a matter of being fully and completely open with yourself, your needs, and your heart. It is a matter of understanding whether you are a Florence Nightingale or a Gandhi. Both are saints.

If you are one who has chosen the path of the builder, the seeker of new places, the places of tranquility and rebirth, then we suggest to you that you leave now for the places that have been calling you. Long ago, we have spoken of the safe zones. These have not changed. Know that the definition of a ‘safe zone’ is the place that beckons your heart and speaks to your soul. They are never the places of urban intrigue.

The issue for those who seek to remain on Earth, and indeed the issue for all, is not whether to live amidst chaos or tranquility. The issue is to live in love and joy. The entire purpose of this existence, and all existence, is the joining together wholly and inexorably with the heart and soul of the Divine. That is why the opportunity of the 13th Octave has occurred – so that union is felt, experienced, and known by many.

When we speak to you of 144,000 souls passing through the gateway, know that we do not do so in the sense of division. It would be our greatest joy if all would choose this day, this very moment, to unite totally and completely with us, with All, with God. It is the final unfoldment. It would be our greatest joy to welcome all of you into our loving embrace, never to be separated again. If four thousand or four million choose to walk through this doorway, all will be welcomed with equal jubilation. My horn of freedom will sound and the choruses of the Heavenly Host will indeed sing Hosanna!

It simply appears at this moment that the gift will only be accepted by a few, but understand that this rather than having joined with us, with the Divine, will have the effect of a wildfire out of control. Their love and heart-healing will touch millions upon millions. They are not our chosen ambassadors but our colleagues who walk the Earth, who will be able to walk and teach with Jesus Sananda, James, and the Ascended Ones upon their return, which will be shortly.

Some will remain in the cities and some will travel to the far-flung outbacks of your planet. The places of desolation and the places of joy will see their presence. And it will matter not to those who have passed through the doorway of the 13th Octave and joined with All That Is, All That Ever Has Been, All That Ever Will Be, for in their wisdom they will see and know all situations as One and all hearts as the reflection of the One Divine Source.

But we tell those of you who choose the path of the 13th: you must begin preparation now! There is no time for thoughtful consideration. The blockages must be cleared and the debris swept away. We tell you this now because it will be much harder to complete clearing once the changes have started in earnest. It is better to clear immediately and then go forward in service than to find yourself struggling to enter later when you will be bombarded by many emotions and experiences that have been deemed by human history as negative.

We, the Council of Love, conclude this message by thanking all of you who serve, especially those who serve by leaving. Do not fear your passage home. It is a rose-strewn path, scented with lilac and protected from the wind. You are all loved and cherished, dear ones.

Go in peace and go in love. And remember: DECIDE!