The seventh original 13th Octave channeling: Over the years we have been taught in-depth about Universal law – about how things work – but this my friends was the beginning…

Greetings, I am Maitreya, brother of magenta, balance of the East, traveler of the circle. Welcome, my sisters and brothers, to this time of future. Know that man may live in East or West, but the center is the place, the home, of wholeness.

It is necessary for each of you to understand the importance of traveling to each place, East and West, to bring in succor, courage, wisdom, and clarity. We speak to you again of the need to understand how some have chosen to live and exist in the places of chaos. Not because you have chosen to be in chaos, or to live chaotic lives, but because you have transmuted the energy and your sacred purpose is to remain that you may continue to transmute, to assist those who remain in the places that are wild, not only geophysically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. As the planet shifts into her new being, many are disturbed by the energies being released and invited in.

I come to you this night to speak to you of the Laws of Magnification, the Laws of Transubstantiation. They are both simple and have need for immediate application in each of your lives. Magnification, as is transubstantiation, is the process whereby one’s whole being, purpose, heart and action are focused on one aspect. It matters not whether it is a small lily or a planet. In the concentrated focus comes the magnification. This has been inexpertly applied in many cases, for where one concentrates all energy on chaos, and pain, disruption and hurt that is what is magnified. You have need to funnel all your energies from all pieces of your being, to your third eye and heart to the magnification of calm, to the magnification of wholeness, to the magnification of Love. When this energy is expanded through the focus of energy, there is no room for anything else that is not of a replicate vibration. When each of you chooses a virtue, know that they are unique, but they are all of one circle, they are all of one vibration. The difference between humility and beauty is none for they all require wholeness and commitment to create. It is the same for instant transmutation.

Many of you have questions about the Laws of Creation. My friend and brother Sai Baba has come to this mandala planet to show you how to create out of thin air. It is done primarily through magnification. To see the energy within your hands as simple air until it becomes so heavy that you begin to see the flow of atoms; that you begin to see the particles take form and change form. Know during times of chaos, there will not be need for any to do without, whether it is in the physical sense for food or the spiritual sense for guidance. You have the ability to transmute matter and energy. The Law of Transubstantiation is the same. Take the energy again (it does not need to be a physical form, it has only need to be a feeling, a fact, a concept)  and to place the energy within your hands and to imbue it with Light, infuse it until it changes form.

Each of you has come to this planet with this capacity and it is time for it to be brought to the surface for it is required now. It is not necessary to study nuclear physics for it is too primitive for this exercise. Each of you this day has been marked by the blue flame and by the violet that is why there has been confusion about the colors. I mark you now and welcome you home to the magenta that you may see the energy. Focus upon your third eye now. We of the magenta, Lord Jesus Sananda, dear heart Sai Baba, are the Masters of transubstantiation. Call upon us for this work. I step aside my dearest friends, for there are many who wish to speak.

I am Sai Baba, servant and teacher, friend who walks this planet with you. My teaching is simple, and that is to trust, and in the trust, to find the wholeness of service. It is not sufficient to walk the planet and be whole and even believe you are whole, unless you extend a hand to another, unless you extend your heart to another. Where there is hunger you must feed, where there is thirst for truth you must share, not what you have discovered from us but what you have honed from your own journey, for this is why the soul turns to you because you have what they require. The physical body is important. Those who chose to leave will do so quickly by the millions, but those who chose to stay will seek you out. In the cities or the country, no place will be isolated. Nor would you wish to escape.

One of the basic helpings that you have been given is your community, the laughter of friends, the touch of support. Use it. Do not look further than your eyes and physical being for they have provided all you need. In looking at a friend, and every being is a friend, you see far beyond your galaxies, far beyond your circle. You have always had the blessing of creation. You have forgotten how to use. The substance required is in the air around you, is in the Earth. Use it. The creation does not need to be seen, for many things of beauty are the gifts that pass unseen. Turn to each other now and touch your third eye that you will feel the admission of rule of magenta. You have all you require to go forward and more importantly to return. I will see you through this transition. It is why I have come to Earth. It is a celebration of cosmos upon cosmos, without end. It is infinity within the physical form. I step aside.

I am the Wayfarer (Buddha) who goes everywhere sitting under the Bodi tree. You are my travelers. You conduct your energy in the Western part of your world. Face the East. It is a time of laughter, of singing. Always it is a choice. Each has been dismissed so you will follow your path, which is the circle of life, which you have repeated forever so that you may join with us. You have always been the balance for half of you run forward and half of you fall back. You create a pendulum, an unending flow. You are complements. The teaching, the dharma is simple. You may do a million things and all you have need to do is to be. That is the meaning of life – it is to realize you are existence and in so doing you become human and free. Many of you will choose to drift in and out of form as many of my family have. It is a gift of enlightenment. It is what you have sought. Therefore when you see your friends do likewise, understand they do not pass, they simply flow. The energy within your hands, within your center is the same energy as the chair and candle, the soul and dove. It continues always. There is no end. This is not tedious, this is existence. You have come as bringer of hope, and the hope is communicated through laughter. We all bring you one message – you will pass through to the 13th Octave. To sit on my knee, you must Lighten up. Be jolly. It is a term that has been forgotten. When you have need of comfort and peace, come sit with me and we will magnify together. Farewell.

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda and I have called you to the 13th Octave. My blessing to you this night is the gift of Love. Focus within your heart, for this is where we live with you. And focus upon that which you most dearly desire – a single thing – and we will magnify it together. And you will see it upon your return. I request not only your presence but that you allow me to infuse you as we walk together again on this planet and world together. Go with magnified peace in your heart.