For years I have wanted, and been guided, to create a portal where a global conversation about spiritual matters – matters of the heart, could be openly, freely and joyously discussed. Today this dream takes form! Welcome to the Council of Love Nova Earth portal, complete with a social media element to express yourself!

Nova EarthThis portal is based on the principles of kindness, safety, sharing, respect, and exploration. It is the place to share the secrets of our hearts, the questions of our souls and our dreams of a new tomorrow.

The foundation of this site is that all sharing comes from a place of heart awareness and that there is no room for caustic, sarcastic or cruel comments or conjectures. The guiding principlesare that we all have information, insights, feelings and questions to share, and, that together we can explore and forge new pathways based upon expressions of Love, wonder and equality.

The Nova Earth Portal is about 3 things: creating a global community committed to Love, integrity, gentleness and expansion of what it means to be Gaian; creating a global community that is interested in not only talking about Nova Earth but eager and excited to translate that conversation into productive action on every level; and thirdly, focusing these creative energies into proactive Council of Love Nova Earth projects.

To this end we have created a portal that begins with 4 Nova Earth Projects: The 13th Octave,Peace Now!, The Tsunami of Love, and Pray for Rain. This list of projects will expand and morph depending on your wishes and desires. Each portal page is filled with videos, channelings and insights to guide, trigger and stimulate this global conversation.

The 5th portal page is to simply express what’s on your mind – the whole idea is that we are wide-open – this is your place for conversation. Links and a wide variety of thoughts, inspirations and pathways are not only allowed but exuberantly welcomed!

The principles of this portal are that this is our safe place to explore, to create meaningful relationships and connections, a place to express our innermost desires, questions and wildest dreams. A place that is without judgment and rich in discernment.

Together we can build an incredible loving and beautiful Nova Earth. It’s what we came here for! This is a sacred community mission….our community is the billions on Sweet Gaia, with no boundaries, and no countries to divide us. All of us are needed.

Here we join hands and hearts as fellow Lightworkers. Here we make and meet friends and soul family. Your being here is a blessing to the development of our new earth and to each of us. Please accept our heartfelt welcome and join us in this incredible adventure today.

Far too often the journey of the Lightworker / Loveholder is akin to the heart of the lonely hunter. Today I invite you – come join with us in creating a new world where everybody’s voice counts – where everybody’s spirit is seen and recognized.

Please share this inspiration with everyone you know – spread the good news that we are united in heart as one community dedicated to the creation of Nova Earth; dedicated to being Nova Earth right now.

To join the conversation without further ado, click here!

Love you, Linda