The third of the orginal 13th Octave channelings: Years ago the Council told me that the keys to heaven (of returning home) are love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance. This is the beginning of that guidance.

Greetings, I am Lord Jesus Sananda. I come this day to speak of trust and forgiveness, to show you by my gentle touch the meaning of healing heart. As I have told you, the gift upon returning from the 13th Octave will be that of simply touching another’s heart and it will be healed. However, movement though the energy field into the 13th Octave raises the most acute feelings of fear and insecurity in all of you. Long ago I have told you that the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, well now I repeat and say that the keys to the 13th Octave are also trust and forgiveness. The passage you are about to undertake is a leap of faith, a separation from all you have known on this human plane of existence. It would be adequate to raise fear in your heart if we were to ask you to take the giant step of forgiving all those who have caused you injury and grief not only during this lifetime but for all lifetimes and all existences. When that clearing has been completed, the forgiveness we ask you to extend is to self, yes to forgive self all real or imagined grievances, to forgive self for all the perceived wrongs and failures you have committed throughout time.

Part of the process of preparation to enter the 13th Octave is and has been the reintegration of the many denied aspects of self. As you reintegrate all your denied aspects do not deceive yourself, there will be many aspects that you find distasteful and even despicable. That is why you have denied this aspect in the first place, it was far more than uncomfortable, it caused such feeling of chaos within that it was easier to deny than to accept, alter and change. Now dear ones the time has arrived to put aside those judgments of self/selves, and having done so to leave this plane behind and enter a new state of being, the 13th Octave.

Understand that you cannot enter a state of wholeness with All that is and All that ever can be with only a portion of self. Also understand that this undertaking has many, many rewards, the least of which is that you will reintegrate those aspects of self that were perceived as too outstanding, too stellar to maintain. Much of human experience is distrustful and disdainful of both extremes; the human race has come to be frightened by both extremes. This is ironic when one considers the original plan for Earth. The purpose was for pure unadulterated spirit to have the Joy, the experience of being in a physical body while maintaining their angelic knowing and wholeness. With entry into the 13th Octave that purpose is restored and completed.

There are other issues that also raise fears within your heart at the prospect of entry into the 13th Octave. It is because the invitation requests that you leave all known planes of human existence at this juncture in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. For some the prospect of leaving all human experience and reality behind is appealing, there are those who have never adapted well to the human form. But know also that this wishing to leave Earth is a form of denial. Denial that your true spirit, whole and mighty has chosen to enter into this reality and have this experience. That form of denial also must be cleared and eliminated prior to entry into the 13th Octave. Know that this is particularly true for many who will continue along the path of 12:12, that is why they will wait until after the year 2012 to enter the doorway into the 13th Octave. They must first learn what it is to exist wholly and completely within the human form while consciously maintaining their connection to the Divine. The invitation to exit the realm of the cycle of 12:12 is assured to raise fears from a cellular level. It speaks to the very core of your being, to the survival mechanism, which is part and parcel of the human equipment, and indeed the equipment of all who walk on Earth. This fear is further magnified by the further leap of faith which will require you to leave that realm of existence behind while continuing to straddle realities, dimensions and states of being. All the while you continue your path of spirit, and, become a service worker for the rest of humanity; a humanity that will not genuinely have the capacity to comprehend your realm of existence or experience.

We, the Council of Love, assure you that the rewards are many, and that we will come and walk with you in the new way of being. But accept that inner voice which questions you and demands to know what assurances you have that this will transpire. Understand that fear is the guardian of trust and forgiveness. It alerts your heart and soul that there are blockages that need to be addressed, a small child alone and frightened which needs to be reassured. Think if you were a helpless toddler and you were told that you needed to cross the continent alone to see your parents, to receive loving support. Even if you were offered all assurances that you would be accompanied escorted and have every physical and security need addressed – you would still be in a state of trepidation. So do not judge your fear, thank it and ask its assistance in more clearly identifying those areas which need to be coddled and taken care of in order for you to be taken care of Understand that the fear occurs on many levels, from cellular to the most complex system of spiritual existence. You do not wish to extinguish your eternal flame; the fear is that basic and that complex. All you have to go on is trust, but you cannot fully trust until you have forgiven. The cycle of fear, trust, trust, and fear is a mechanism to serve you, not defeat you. Accept that built in mechanism, use it and go forward. You are not stuck; you simply are in the cycle of 12:12.

Throughout your life you have always striven to help others, to understand them and to forgive them when they have consciously or unconsciously hurt you. You have tried to live my message of forgiving and doing unto others. But you have forgotten one essential piece of that teaching, one essential element of that practice. You have forgotten to Love and forgive yourself; to Love and forgive all of yourself. To accept and allow yourself to know not only the wonderful shining star you are but all parts – warts and all. To Love and cherish that thoughtless child, the ignorant fool, the critical cynic, the bitter heartless part of you. I am here with you this day of endings and new beginnings to tell you that it is my wish, part of the Divine unfoldment, that you Love, forgive and cherish all parts of you. All parts of an extension of the Divine, all parts must be called home, nurtured and loved so they can be made whole. What you deem and despise as the part of your being which you wish to disown is the very part of you I ask you this day to wholly and completely, for all time and throughout eternity, to forgive.

Intentions are extremely important, but sometimes intention and action go astray. Very often it is how you have learned on the planes of the 12 existences. It is part of the process of human existence. It is how you have come to know me. For I have always come for you in your darkest hours. Never think that I will desert you or will not be present exactly when you have need of me. When many of spoken of me as Savior it meant helper, helpmate.

So the promise I exact from you this day, and for all time is to forgive yourself Allow fear to be released, for there is no fear when you have felt my continued and continual presence and support. Release it. Now. Feel my Lightness enter within you, and warm your heart. You are released from the fears and worry which can drown you. You are safe – all parts of you are safe and loved, cherished by your guides, this Council of Love and myself. Know this, trust this, and accept this forever. When you are willing and ready, allow yourself to enter my embrace as I take you home, into the 13th Octave, to your life, to your family, to your heart.