The sixth in the original 13th Octave channeling series. We have begun with the assurance of wholeness and now as our New You selves, we claim it…

Greetings from the Council of Love, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth speaks this day of surrender. The misconception of most souls upon Earth is that they believe that they have returned to the planet less than whole. There is a common misunderstanding that you are incomplete and that by service and sacrifice you will earn Love and become whole. That is totally erroneous.

Each being whether on Earth, heaven or throughout the galaxies is 100% whole. The Love and sense of wholeness being sought is already within you dear ones. You have always carried the spark, the essence of God within. That Love is what allows you to operate and exist in what is essentially a dense environment. When you seek opportunity to join in Love with another, you do so to seek a complement, a mirror of your own magnificent perfection. You do not do so in order to fill a gap or to complete thy sacred self. You are and always have been complete.

The opportunity for entry into the 13th Octave is not so much a new opportunity as it is an ancient re-awakening and full anchoring of this realization. There are as many who need to go through this doorway as there are grains of sand on the beach. The belief of lack of wholeness became endemic on your planet as for generation after generation came to believe this misunderstanding was actual truth. When you have been instructed in an earlier time not to place false gods above you the meaning was twofold. The first was to not allow any being or life form ascendance over your divine self. The second was to never allow any being that is less than the truth to stand before you.

The belief system that one is not born on Earth with Love, presently and throughout eternity, is incorrect. This belief became so pervasive that small children, the essence of trust and Love, placed aside their own knowing so as to please their caretakers and parents. Parents similarly placed aside the swell of heart to comply with the demands of ruthless leaders who wished to destroy man and woman on Earth. It was the form of war waged upon Earth during the conflagration of the inter-planetary wars. Earth’s technology was so primitive that there was no need to destroy the physical being of planet. The plot was much more subtle and horrendous. The implant of false belief systems, which almost destroyed the essence of knowing, was the tactic utilized against the citizens of Earth.

This movement to destroy, not the inner presence of Love for that can never be eradicated, but the awareness of that Love was the work of what has been known as “dark” forces. That conflict has long since been resolved on this side, which is why the denseness now lifts upon your planet; the veil removed; the illusion cracking.

It is time for all upon Earth to awake to the call of my horn. I announce a glorious new day when peace shall reign not for 1,000 years but forever. The grid and strands of your DNA were rewoven last year (1996). The new strands do not include the false encoding. Wake up Earth beings; celebrate the new dawn of reawakened Love. Surrender unto wholeness.