The fourth of the orignial 13th Octave channelings: 

Greetings from the Council of Love, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Herald of God. We wish to speak this day about the many changes you and those on Earth can anticipate after the completion of the 144,000 going and returning to the 13th Octave, the place of wholeness within the Universal Mind and Soul.

Long ago, I have told the world of my horn of freedom, my trumpet of truth. The purpose of my sound, which is the sound of God, is not to warn or harm or to announce the end of the world, but to announce the arrival of a new way of being, a new hope, a new ray of existence. This new realm of existence will be of benefit to all, not simply those who hear and not simply those who enter the new octave. During each of the initiations I will come and sound my horn at the moment when those present enter the octave and unite with the heart of the Divine. The union of all those present with the essence of Oneness will be simultaneous. It will be liken on the spiritual realm to a nuclear explosion for the power of so many in human form coming together in wholeness, merging with sheer energy will indeed be worth heralding.

The sound of my horn will cause a vibration not just in the heart by throughout the entire body of the individuals, and the body of the collective. There will be a merger of a magnitude never felt before on Earth, not even when our beloved Jesus Sananda walked here. The ripple effects will begin to be felt immediately by all on Earth. Of course Jesus will be in attendance for this is his celebration, he is the host. When the sound of God is made it hallmarks a very sacred occasion and the vibration is felt and heard throughout the Universe. Each person present at the initiation will feel and hear the vibration; it is one of the gifts. For you, it will be your indication and the indication to those present that the undertaking has been completed and successful.

There will be those who are on a spiritual path who will question how the 13th Octave is different or “new”, given that there is nothing new in the Universe. Know right now and feel within your heart that they are completely and wholly wrong. God is a being or energy and beyond comprehension to most, even those who have spent many, many eons of time at His side and within His embrace. This is not because God wishes to remain a mystery being but because he is constantly changing, evolving and inventing new forms, new ways for all to unite with his energy, new ways in which to become One with Him. The Universe is not static, it never has been. Nothing remains the same if it is a part of the Divine- it is dynamic; it is living breathing and having different experiences, reaching different levels of knowing always. This change is not the same as chaos for it is self-directed in concert with the heart of God. It is expansive in tandem with the Universe, not in combat with it. This is why the Earth has wished to move and evolve beyond her former state of a 3rd dimensional being. She has always understood the bigger picture, the grander scheme. But we digress.

Many have believed, and they have been correct, that the purpose of their spiritual journey here on Earth has been to clear all blockages, remove all debris. Then, in that state of balance, they again correctly believed, they are able to join and experience the Divine. This is a state of momentary bliss or ecstasy through concentrated meditation, spiritual practice and a life of clarity. This union with the Divine, particularly for those who do so on a daily basis results in and promotes a state of clarity, of balance and of extreme joy. To date, that was all that was truly available to those within your energy grid, the gird of 12 planes and 12 existences. Now this has changed. God created the next energy plane, the next circle long ago, but it has never been open or available to those on Earth. That is why it initially will be difficult for some to understand and accept. Those who are in a state of advanced knowing, those who through their daily ritual of joining with the Divine will be the least resistive, for they have always known that there was much more beyond the veil, they have always prayed that they would enter the next phase alive, conscious and ready.

It is those who have pursued a spiritual path and have not yet reached that plateau who will question. It is a good thing that they question, for it opens their hearts and minds to new information. They have trepidation for they are like small children worrying about what will happen if they do not choose, what will happen if they do not enter, what will happen if they do enter, what will happen if they are left behind. These questions, this process catapults them to exactly where they need to be, to take the next step, and begin earnest preparation to enter the 13th Octave. With the preparation and clearing of outstanding debris they will shed their concerns and cynicism and become enthusiastic about the possibilities of a new creation of an energy field; a new gift from their personal and One creator to their hearts and their beings. For, as we have said before, this is a very personal gift. While there will be group initiations, the gift, the passage the entry is a soul/sole journey.

You come together in large groups to merge energy, to increase your vibrations to such a level that you can accept the next levels of energies without blowing your circuits. You come together to celebrate. You come together in large groups so that we many reach many at once, to create a group dynamic and synthesis that will be greater than the individual parts. Yes, it would be possible for us to reach the hearts of each person individually, and some will be touched in this way. But it is our method to use large groups because the purpose of the entry into the 13th Octave is to return in service to the One, and, the one united humankind who remains within their path of 12:12. This is a group; a community undertaking and mutual support, Love and Unity are the benefits of this type of gathering. Also fun, for believe me when I say the Divine intent of this entire process is Joy and that means having fun!