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Saturday Conference Calls

On our Saturday Conference call St. Theresa speaks to us…”You are surprised that I stepped forward as Master but it is time that you come to know me more fully for I have committed my life and many lives to the anchoring of Grace and Purity.”


On our Saturday conference call Mother Mary reminded us..”we are in sacred partnership, we have been forever and yes, you are on the front line, you are the wayshowers, you are the ones who are the implementers and the legion with Michael and his Strategic Peace Initiative…do not stop sending peace”


So on behalf of all, it is my honor this day to thank you, to give you the gift of grace, to anchor more deeply within you the gift and the knowing of peace, for it is of love, yes, but it is also of creation, for that is what you have been doing.


…each of you, yes in different ways have deep seeded injury that you have not, as yet, begun to heal. It is that deep sense within your heart of what you have buried because the wound is so raw, so painful, so hurtful that you cannot bear to look at it. But not looking at …


It is time to trust yourself, to celebrate yourself, to have faith in your beloved self like never before. It is time to throw away the ‘what ifs,’ it is time to eliminate and completely destroy doubt and to fully embrace faith, trust, hope.


On our Satruday conference call Mother Mary came through with an urgent request for our help…”A couple of weeks ago Michael has asked you, for each of you in your Sunday night meditation and more often if you can and wish to send the healing, the cooling, the calming energy to those who are in …


…this Peace Meditation that I ask you to undertake and to undertake for the next several months is to help calm that fury because it is that fury, that anger, that desire to maintain and to stay in control and conflict; that is the most dangerous element of all…Taken from the COL Saturday call…


You are fully moving into your role as Creator Race and that is why I am asking you to join my beloved and I in the dreaming because frankly my friends, most of you are dreaming too small.


I come to speak to your heart, to your mind, to your being about this process, about the renewal, the reclaiming, the reinstitution of my plan and sweet angels it is the plan of love, it is the plan of One, it is the plan of All…


Many times I have said to you “if what it takes for you to go forward, for you to trust and hold hope, if what it takes is for me to show up directly in front of you in your living room, bedroom, office, on the street, I will do so.” And this is exactly …