I have explained about the concept and the reality of the fluidity of time, that this experience of time, bracketed by infinity and eternity, is the experience of being alive. There is a freedom that you have not known before, of movement, in this spectrum, in this bracket that you think of as time. And also feel this sense of stillness of simply being…

Universal Mother Mary



So, let’s begin this wonderful day, this perfect spring day, by taking a nice deep breath of Blue Diamond. And let’s make the whole range of Blue Diamond from the sparkly, palest Aquamarine down to the deepest Sapphire or Tanzanite and everything in-between…the Blue Topaz, the paler Sapphire, the Lapis Lazuli, the Larimar. See this whole sky and ocean of a gazillion Blue Diamonds and open your crown and anchor in your heart, anchor in your root and open your heart and open your throat as well, because my friends, this is a time of change.

And breathe in the Mother’s Blue Diamond, breathe it in and let it come down through your crown, activating your pineal and your pituitary, your hypothalamus…fill your head with Blue Diamonds, let it activate those parts of the brain that in the human species have been dormant for so long. Open it up and feel the opening of your third and fourth and fifth eye and your throat chakra. Feel it expand, not only your center for communication, but your center and your willingness for change. And clear your throat if you need to; make room for the Mother.

And down through your high heart into your heart and feel it expanding. And take a minute and notice that in this flood of Blue Diamonds, as it’s raining into your heart, into your blood stream, that there is a patterning of those diamonds within the blue and that patterning is unique to you, to your own sweet self.

For me, I often see the pattern of the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, reminding me of who I am. Sometimes it’s the Big Dipper or Orion’s belt; sometimes it’s a very complex pattern that I don’t consciously know or remember but it is activating something inside of me. So, take a second as you stream with the Blue Diamonds, as it floods down out of your heart into your other chakras, into your root, filling your central column; but just take a sec and look at that pattern because it’s your soul design. And try and remember it because after you leave this call…jot it down and look at it and let the information about who you are flow into you. And breathe and feel the love from the Mother, from the Father, and feel the love that you have for you. Yes, our stubborn, valiant, brave, courageous, consistent, patient, impatient, compassionate, loving selves.

So often we look for results, for outcomes, to prove whether we’ve been on track, whether we were right or wrong or out to lunch, but so often simply being consistent, enduring, patient, for seeing the pattern within the pattern, the bigger picture, the picture hidden behind the veil, that’s an outcome, that’s a reward in and of itself. Give yourself kudos and a great big hug, credit, for being who you are and for being the love and for allowing that love and the Mother’s pattern to blossom within you. You’re incredible!



Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Mother of change, Mother of One, Mother of you, Mother of all. Yes, my essence is Blue Diamond. You have an expression upon your planet, ‘dust to dust’; well it should be ‘diamonds to diamonds’ because that is who you are…oh, so much more…magenta and violet, pink and gold. But as you return to your essential self, what remains, what stands long after everything else is gone? My pattern, dear heart, in conjoining, not conjunction, conjoining with you.

Never do I or have I or will I, because I do not will such, to override your unique design. But part of that design, part of the essential nature of that pattern and design of who you are, who you have been, who you always will be in and out of form, is my Blue Diamond. We cannot and we will not be separated, we cannot be severed. What is possible is what I create, what I birth, and I do not birth separation, I do not birth isolation, I do not birth pain.

Now, does that mean, my sweet angels, that you have not known moments or years of pain? Yes, for it has been the pathway that some of you have chosen or endured to assist in the transformation of the collective. But, is it your natural state of being? Absolutely not! Not in the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Cee Cee Cee, or out of form, it is not the truth of who you are; for you are of love, you are of joy, you are of truth, you are of peace, you are of humility, you are of awe and excitement and wonder!

Now, why do I come this day, other than the fact that you are precious and I love you? You would think that would be reason enough, would you not? And, from my position it is always enough because it is all…but there are a couple of things in this time of unfoldment, and yes what my son has called extraordinary change, that I wish to mention.

I have spoken to thee that this is a time of my New Time and I have explained, and I explain again, about the concept and the reality of the fluidity of time. That before you have felt, as human beings, that you were moving in the linear direction of cement, solidified, from one point to another, trudging along as best you could and that this experience of time, bracketed by infinity and eternity, is the experience of being alive.

But I also say to you, in my New Time, yes still within the brackets, that there is a fluidity. Think of it as either the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, or a quiet lake or pond, or a rushing river or a quiet creek; it is liquid. And you may dive or skip upon the waves or ride those huge waves that you have spoken of earlier, it matters not. What I want you to understand is that there is a freedom that you have not known before, of movement, in this spectrum, in this bracket that you think of as time.

Now, why am I being so emphatic? Because very few of you are taking up the understanding and translating it, related to your multi-dimensional selves, and playing with it in the way in which it is intended. Now, each of you have had miraculous times, happy times, joyous times, painful times, times of grief, times of sorrow; you’ve had a gambit in this very brief thing that you call life.

Why are you not being the tiny sea bird or the hawk, and skipping down to where you have known the greatest sense of joy and fulfillment, picking up that sensation, that knowing, that experience and bringing it into, dropping it down, into your heart and your current experience of time right now? Why are you not taking that joyous time, that time of peace on Earth, of abundance, of peace literally, and bringing it forward into the creation of Nova Earth?

Yes, this has been a planet of war for far too long. But there have been pockets of peace and even when the entire planet has been at war, what you have called world wars…which is rather strange…but even in those times there have been pockets where perfect peace and joy and serenity has existed. The ravages of war did not touch every corner of the planet. Giraffes we’re not carrying machetes and machine guns, rabbits in the Adirondacks were not carrying grenades. Go to those places of peace and joy and bring it into your current reality and then catapult it into your near future and your future future. And then if you wish to truly be creative, throw it beyond your personal bracket into the next millennia.

I want you, I am asking, I am inviting, I am encouraging you as strongly as I can beloveds, to play with time. Now part of this…second subject…is you are also learning, shifting, into a new experience of beingness. Your life, your society, your global belief system of the old third has been based on achievement and doing, pass or fail, success or fail. Well, there is no such thing as failure and it is an adjunct to the grievous atrocity of judgment, so we eliminate that.

Now, I am not suggesting to thee that doing, completing, achieving what your heart desires is not desirable, because it is. It is part of your unfoldment within my unfoldment. But increasingly, many of you also feel this sense of stillness of simply being, that you are in a sense of waiting. What you are doing is adjusting, I have said ‘learning’ but think of it as a slight adjustment, to be in your beingness without the impetus or the requirement to constantly feel or believe or think that you must be doing. You are learning beloveds to do without doing, to know without seeking, to love without confirmation simply because you are the love.

If I were to share every detail of this unfoldment, you would not comprehend 99% of what I say. Your human, curious self has this desire to know, but what you are learning to be comfortable with is not not knowing, although that is part of it, it is the comfort of simply being in the knowingness of your being. To know as you sit here this day in meditation and union with me, that you and we are transforming this entire planet and far beyond. And it is not achieved by running hither and yon, it is achieved by staying in your heart and being the love because that accomplishes everything. And from that place you take appropriate action that you either desire to do or don’t do. But it is you…and I am within you as you are within me. We surround you, you are encircled by this entire Council of Love, which is far greater than you can imagine as well.

So, there are two things: being in the stillness and yes, preferably the stillpoint of simply being the truth, the anchor, the beacon, the transmitter of who you are; and playing with time. I am asking you, my children, my beloveds, to practice this, to anchor this, to get comfortable with this, because it is the new way. You are already upon Nova Earth, you are already the New You, you are already the Nova Being. You were asleep and while you were sleeping you changed. So, gently awaken to your glorified self. Know and feel and embrace the truth and the love and the flexibility and freedom of who you really are.

I am with you. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon