Archangel Gabrielle joined us for the Saturday conference call of August 20, 2016. Our beloved Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth leads us through a mediation reminding us of her gift of Golden Rain of Joy. She guides us in a meditation to bring her beautiful soft golden rain to the wildfires of California to extinguish the flames and quench the scorched earth.This gift of brilliant joy can also temper the floods of Louisiana, the earthquakes of Italy, the drought in Africa – you name it! Our Sunday Night Peace Meditations – 9 PM wherever you are, will  be dedicated to this undertaking. Come join us – let’stake this action to heal Gaia and to remember we are all one family, united in heart and purpose.

Title: Archangel Gabrielle – Golden Rain for California
Being: Archangel Gabrielle
Program/Date: cc/082016

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love

Let’s begin by taking a beautiful deep breath of Archangel Gabrielle’s gold and it’s that beautiful, rich Florentine olde gold. Open up your crown, open up your heart, open up your root so you just became a wonderful, clear cylinder. Relax, get go of the day and your to-do list and simply be here in this infinite moment of the Mother’s New Time and breathe gold. Breathe the Florentine gold, and the sunflowers, and the centers of daisies, the skin of grapefruit and lemons and breathe in that scent of grapefruit and lemon…bring it in. And the softest yellow rose that you can imagine; and dappled sunshine on a sunny day, the summer’s day underneath a big old tree.

Relax. Bring down your shoulders, relax your hips, feel yourself sink into whatever it is you’re sitting or lying on. Breathe in the brilliant gold of Yahweh and the almost platinum gold of Sanat Kumara. Feel yourself looking right into the Great Central Sun and feeling all that golden radiance, down through your crown, right down filling your heart, your cells, your blood, your bones, flowing out through your root down to the heart of Gaia. And from that effervescent energy of our Mother Earth, pull that energy up into your root, and your belly button, and your halion, and your heart, your throat. Let it explode like Mount Vesuvius out of your crown, covering your skin. Feel yourself turning gold.

Greetings, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. Welcome. Welcome my beloved friends, allies, earthlings, starseeds, and everything in between. Welcome to this Council of Love. And now I ask each and every one of you to put your fingers, bridge to bridge, heart to heart, and to go with me to the 13th Octave; I have begged you, pleaded with you and asked you time and time again and child, you still forget!

So, let us go as one circle, as one humanity, as one set of Gaians committed to the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan…click…click…click…

Long ago, over a decade ago, I have given you the gift of my golden rain and it has been a gift of joy. And so I remind you and I ask of you to see your entire firmament, your entire sky, from Beijing to New Jersey, from the tip of Australia and South Africa to the North Pole, to see the entire sky turn not the emerald green of James, but gold. And out of this comes my golden rain and it is the rain of beauty, it is the rain of joy. And this rain can be temperate, it can be fierce, it can be a soft mist, and it is all of the above. And every droplet sparkles and shines with my radiance.

Think of this…I am lily of love, the gentlest, the softest, and I am trumpet of truth, the golden horn of truth, and the sound of truth will echo throughout the mountains and the plains and across the oceans. And it calls to you, it calls to each and every one of you, because I am calling to each and every one of you – no, not to be my instrument, but like me and with me, to be the instrument of the Father/Mother/One.

Each of you have brilliant, precious, unique, splendid expressions of who you are, who you have been, and who you will be. But in this moment, together, all of us, all of you upon this sweet planet, stand outside and take your face and raise it to the sky and receive my gentle golden rain. Let it penetrate every pore of your interdimensional, multidimensional, human beautiful self and realize your magnificence and realize your humanity, your true humanity as angels and sheer energy in form, because that is what you are. And you may have traveled hither and yon, but that is what you are. In the beginning, in the middle, and the end and even when there are no such things as planets or galaxies, or universes, when all has transcended back and we are in the unified whole of sheer energy, that will still be who you are.

But, for the moment you are this delight of this wondrous form as human. You are this light-bearer, love-holder upon the planet in the fulfillment of the Mother’s Dream. You are the implementers and the anchors of Her Dream – and child, that Dream is rather large so when I suggest to you, individually and collectively, to dream big…I mean it! There is nothing minuscule about the Mother’s Plan and there is nothing minuscule about you.

Do you have the capacity to shrink and be like one of my golden droplets of rain? Yes. And is that a great deal of fun? Yes. And do you have the capacity to expand and be the size of the entire cloud or the firmament? Yes. And is that not fun? Yes. But shrinking yourself to the size of a golden droplet so that you can hide is not fun, it is absurd, it is ridiculous, and it is not why you are here, and it is not why I am addressing you this day. You have committed yourself, above and below, not only to the Mother, but to yourself and to the wonder of who you are. So, no more thinking, planning, dreaming tiny.

The fairy kingdom, long ago, were a tall and mighty race. And they shrank themselves in order to protect themselves against the atrocities that human beings were perpetrating on them and it was a wise and prudent move founded in fortitude. But they are beginning to expand, yet again, because that danger begins to fade. So, take heart from your fairy friends and family and know, yes, as this channel keeps repeating, it is safe to love.

Now, I think you are rather drenched with my golden rain, but feel that gentle sparkle of dampness upon your skin and how you are glowing. It is time for you and all of you upon Gaia to share that rain. And in this day I ask you, all of you, to share it with my state in the United States of America; yes it is a golden state…child, what do you think it was about? What do you think Los Angeles and that City of Angels is about? These are my places that I love and cherish; yes, I am an equal opportunity Gaian, angel, archangel, being, but there are certain places that speak to my heart.

The fires have been burning away hatred and greed and avarice and control, leaving the beauty. But it is time for this to stop for too many are suffering and the innocent are being harmed. So, together, in this moment of eternity, with me, bring the rains of my gold, of my joy, to quench the pain and to renew the Gaia in this area of California.

Let us do so together right now. Move the cloud. Do not make it too fierce, child, because the earth is unstable at the moment; we do not want more mudslides. Make it a gentle, persistent rain…here we go. And you and we will keep this gentle rain until such time as all fires are extinguished and the thirst of Gaia is quenched. Thank you.

And go in peace my sweet ones and do not forget not only to listen but to blow that trumpet of truth. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon