On our Saturday conference call Archangel Michael praised us…”Credit yourself for your valor, for your persistence, for your endurance. You are knocking at the door to each other’s hearts, you are knocking at the door to ascension and you are demanding to be let in…”

Title: You are past ready for Ascension
Being: Archangel Michael
Program/Date: Saturday conference call/09-17-16
Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love



So, let’s start with a little meditation of blue. I happen to be a little partial to blue…the blue of Archangel Michael, of the Universal Mother, of our beautiful blue sky, of big blue in Arizona, the blue of the Pacific which is so dark, and the varying colors of blue of the Caribbean, the Sea of Galilee, and the Atlantic Ocean. Breathe in the blue of delphiniums, the blue of sapphire, the blue of lapis lazuli, the blue of blue topaz, the blue of larimar, of aquamarine.

Feel yourself going into your heart, and going deeper, resting at the base of your tri-flame and really feeling the vigor and the nurturing of that Blue Diamond Flame, and the strength and the wisdom of the Yellow Canary Flame, and the brilliance of your own Pink Diamond. And if your Pink Diamond is a little weak, turn it up, the way you would turn up a gas stove, so that you’re equal and in that place of perfect balance…because you are even when we feel a little off-kilter, even when we’re feeling exhausted, teary, worn out, sweet angels, you are absolutely perfect – you always have been, you always will be. And that’s why we’re here…not that we don’t ever feel tired or that we don’t ever mis-step, we don’t get upset when we witness other people mis-stepping, but because we’re perfect because our Mother is perfect, our guardian angels are perfect, the masters are perfect, the entire Council of Love is perfect and we are but a part and a reflection of that; so we are perfect.

Take a moment, take a nice deep breath of sky blue and say to yourself, “I am perfect. I am balance. I am love. I am perfect and I trust…huge word…I trust in the divine perfection of the Mother’s Plan.” And feel yourself just melt and relax; feel the stress of this past week go away as your jaw relaxes, your shoulders relax, your hips, your knees. And bring your attention down to your root, down to that bright red cord and feel it going down through the carpet or the floor, the linoleum or the wood. Down through the concrete, through the soft earth and the hard earth, the rock, the stone, the gaseous layers. Down, down to the heart of Gaia.

See her, this beautiful archangel, sometimes as wizened wise woman, sometimes as brilliant goddess, sometimes as mighty archangel; give her your cord and let her fuel you. Pull up that rich, red, ruby, cherry red; pull up that life-force red. Bring it all the way up through the layers, through the foundation, through the floor, up your cord into your root. Up through your creation centers, through your umbilical, through your halion and your hara, pull it up into your heart. And as the red and the blue blend together, breathe magenta; the magenta of the Buddha, and Lord Maitreya, and Yeshua. Breathe it in. Now, send out that energy into every cell of your body as if it’s a ginger ale that you shook up, effervescent and fizzy. Fill yourself; bright red, bright blue, bright magenta. And relax and allow this refill to restore you.

Take the weekend, take whatever time you need and let yourself be nurtured, refreshed, restored so that we’re ready for the next chapter. Love yourself; you are absolutely perfect.



Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, bringer of news, brother, ally, friend. Welcome, welcome to all of you, my beloved family. And it matters not whether you are green or blue, pink or purple. I welcome you all, I embrace you all.

This channel has been teasing me saying she doesn’t want to hear any more about persistence and fortitude and valor. But my message this day, to each of you, to your hearts, to your minds, to your bodies, is one of congratulations, of honoring, and yes, asking you to continue. But let me be clear, your persistence, which you sometimes term correctly as endurance; your fortitude, which we sometimes term as stubbornness; your wisdom, your love, your bravery, your courage, your valor is so admired, appreciated, reinforced.

We stand in gratitude as brothers and sisters of the same Mother, the same Father. You are our partners. You are the implementers of Nova Earth, the physical builders of Nova Earth embodying, very beautifully, Nova Being. And we know this has not been easy and that you have had to call upon endurance and fortitude and great valor and will.

Will is the mover and shaker of love but it is dependent upon discernment, it is dependent upon valor, it is intertwined with fortitude and persistence because it brings to the forefront that which you wish to create. And we are not talking about small issues; yes, some of you are creating new homes, new jobs, new undertakings, new projects. But we are also speaking in the largest way…you are creating and co-creating with us Nova Earth, new Cities of Light, new centers of peace.

Discernment is a quality we encourage you, we support you in utilizing right now as there is so much information and dis-information, mis-information; there is so much confusion and distraction upon your planet as you shift into the fullness of multidimensionality. And yes, there are those who cling to the old, who do not want change, who do not embrace change. Is that not the saddest statement of all? because change is the constant.

Our Mother is eternal and infinite and in constant creation. That means the change is constant; that the interweaving of this and many universes is constant. So, those who wish for status quo…and that is not something we ever even think of…are out of luck because that can never occur. You are not the same beings you were at the beginning of this conversation. And you are not the same beings you were a year ago, let alone a thousand years ago. Yes, the messages of love, the practices of love, the application of love always endures. Yeshua’s messages aren’t about to change and neither are ours.

Sometimes you give us attributes that in fact we do not always have. Now we don’t generally take the time to correct you because when you are attributing things to us…and in this I am saying the Archangelic realm…you are also attributing qualities, divine qualities, to yourself. So, you will say, “Oh, they are all-knowing.” Well, our perspective, our wisdom, our knowledge, our breadth is much larger than yours at the moment, but only the Mother/Father/One is all-knowing.

But let me tell you why we don’t correct you…because in that statement you are expressing such trust in us, such faith in us, but you are also declaring that you are all-knowing. And when you stop even a millisecond to accept that, that the answers and the knowing and the pathway is within you, then beloved friends, we are halfway home, we are actually at the door.

Credit yourself for your valor, for your persistence, for your endurance. You are knocking at the door to each other’s hearts, you are knocking at the door to ascension and you are demanding to be let in. And dearest friends, we are happy to throw that doorway open. You are not only ready, you are past ready. And the feast, the party, the celebration is prepared and it is a victory celebration.

So, come and join us. We are waiting. All is ready. Go in peace!

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.