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In light of our phenomenal undertaking this weekend to fully embrace the Divine Mother’s Tsunami of Love, I am guided to re-post this message from Jeshua on the ‘agenda’ for 2014.”Don’t wait, because the energy, the tsunami — it’s already not only at your front door, but in your kitchen, your bedroom, your basement, your …


Yeshua has guided me this wonderful Easter morning to post this message from 2007. It’s amazing how the channelings are timeless and how appropriate this sweet message from Jesus Sananda about the continuity of life and Love is right now. Enjoy!


If you do not love, honor, accept, surrender, cherish, nurture your sacred self, then you are not in a position, you are not prepared or capable of entering into relationship in the way that your heart deeply, not only desires but demands, with others.


In this Saturday conference call we reviewed how to anchor in the 13th Octave and the heart of Gaia; followed by a powerful channeling of Jesus Sananda taking us back to our original essence form. Get comfy, anchor in your heart and enjoy!


One of the greatest obstacles to humanity assuming and fully anchoring in the 5th is this issue of fear and doubt. Fear is a contagion, it simply freezes your energy field. Now, doubt is dismissive. It does not build, it simply cancels and dismisses and gnaws at you like a rat with a rope. It …


I come here this day to talk to you about sacred union, about that union of love that is the most precious gift throughout the entire universe. Many would say it is the gift from which all else flows. Sacred union is the gift that the Mother has given you at the very beginning of …


As you are creating, as you are in intent, as you are in stillpoint, as you are in action, as you are love and joy, gratitude, infuse your essence into the creation, infuse your heart, your laughter, your smiles, your joy, your gratitude, your desire, into the creation. This is what makes it unique and …


You came into that family to be the beacon and the carrier of love. It is that simple. And you came into that configuration, whether they were absolute strangers or beings that you had traveled with time after time after time, you came in because there was an opening and an agreement that those who …


…when we are talking about the eternal now it is not a beginning and an ending it is all right now. But in your framework, your understanding, all you have is this very moment; so in this moment, do you choose love or do you choose worry? Do you choose hatred or control or greed …


On our Saturday Conference Call Yeshua addressed it as: “It is you remembering our agreement and my agreement with you to help, to assist, to add my energy, to help you stand back and allow and for you to be that vessel to bring forth creation and healing and Nova Earth.”