Tonight our beloved Jesus discusses the differences between these two processes: Enlightenment is more a state of being. Ascension is also a process, but ascension in and of itself is not an outcome…ascension is a doorway that one is passing through.

Jesus on Ascension and Enlightenment
Jesus Sananda
An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow: Host

Steve: Just before we turn to our guest today who is Jesus, I’d like to ask Linda to give us an update on the Core Issues webinar that I think is beginning May 9th. Linda, is that correct?

Linda Dillon: Yes, people have been registering and getting involved in this Core Issues webinar series. And I have to tell you – I think that it is probably the most intense workshop series that the Council of Love has ever brought forward.

SB: I’m sure. [Laughing]

LD: And I say that from my own experience of what they are teaching me and preparing in terms of materials, meditations, etc. But I am also seeing it in my readings and particularly in the people who have signed up, because as you know as soon as someone signs up for any Council of Love workshop, not only does the process begin, but I also start on an etheric level of working with them.

So things are coming to the surface, but we are also seeing it in the collective. I don’t know if you have noticed this or if our listeners have noticed it, but issues that have been really buried for a long time with the Mother’s Tsunami – because this is all part of the wave three of the Tsunami of Love – are coming to the surface. And I’m seeing a consistency in how people are describing it, or more appropriately, at their inability to describe it. They’re having a really difficult time naming it – putting their arms around it, identifying it, and a really common response is as soon as we start to talk about it tears start to flow.

SB: Sure. It’s intense.

LD: So it’s underway and it’s intense, and by golly, bring it on! Because we are ready to be done with this once and for all.

SB: Oh gosh. I hope that’s the outcome, I really do, of this third wave.

Well, I’m in the course and my core issues have certainly begun to rise once again. And one of them, by the way, is something that you would think is positive – that I feel moved to assist people, say, financially. But if you look at it more closely you can see that I’m driven in the area; it’s not like it’s a choice, it’s like I have to. And that for me bespeaks a core issue, does it not?

LD: It talks to a core issue that really is about worthiness. And really when you strip down all the various labels that people try and put on core issues, when you really strip it down to that essence it’s going to be about worthiness and feeling that somehow you have to come to the rescue financially or you’re not fulfilling your bargain.

SB: . . . I’m not playing up to my role, not doing what needs to be done, failing, and therefore not being anymore worthy – yes.

LD: And of course if you’re not worthy, then you’re not worthy of God.

SB: Of course. Yes.

LD: . . .And that’s when all hell breaks loose. [Laughing]

SB: Cast out, my heavens! And of course it’s all more illusion – we are just spinning the drama and the illusion.

LD: That is the first part of the class. And I wish we could just say for the whole human race, we are going to get rid of this human addiction to drama.

SB: Well you know absent love – drama kind of reminds us we are alive, right? But when love begins to flow all of that disappears immediately. It just dissolves in the face of transformative love.

LD: Yes, it does. And that’s really the reset, that’s the reboot is to find yourself in that place of balance embodying the love, not just believing that you are worthy of love or that you are worthy of being loved, but truly embodying the love.

SB: Yes. Realizing you’re the source of it.

LD: And it’s going to be a wild ride, Steve. Are you ready?

SB: Yeah, I’m all buckled up and ready to go! [Laughing]

LD: Okay. [Laughing]

SB: Okay. Well let’s let you take a moment out to make your transition. And just in a second I’ll be introducing Jesus and we’ll be talking to him about spiritual unfoldment, enlightenment, ascension, etc.

So with that I’d like to welcome Jesus.

Jesus Sananda: And welcome to you beloved friends.

Yes, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua. You may call me by many names. I come as brother, as friend, as teacher, as healer, as ally. I come as one who has walked the path as human, as man, and for you to know that in so many ways I continue to walk the path with thee. Know this my beloved friends. Yes, we come to speak of enlightenment, ascension, the shift, the upliftment – it goes by many names.

Many of you, all of you sweet listeners have been diligent, mostly consistent, courageous in your journey of spirit in form, in this incarnation, during this time of such momentous change, during this time of the unfoldment of an ascension that includes and is reliant upon maintaining your physical reality, your physical form, your vessel.

This is remarkable.

Now there have been numerous and culturally divergent and similar ways to describe enlightenment, ascension, and fulfillment of this plan. But let me speak to you this day before we get into this deeper discussion in the simplest way of what this truly entails. And I hear you when you say, “Well Yeshua I hope it entails a very brief time span because we are tired.”

SB: [Laughing]

J: Sweet angels, it is not merely the Company of Heaven that determines the timeline. Is it the intention of the Mother that all else falls in alignment with? Yes. But it is also the intention, the participation, the action, the upliftment, the absorption of the humans, of the collective, yes – of the pillars, of the way-showers, of the gatekeepers in this process.

Before we begin I want to speak to the magnificent brilliance, the glory, the splendor of who each of you is; not who you will become and not who you have been, but in this moment where we gather together to have this conversation, at how brilliant you are.

So often I hear you – we all hear you even when you think we don’t – I hear you saying, “What will I become? How will I be different? What will I look like? What will I feel like? What will my talents and capacities be? How will I experience the fullness of my true inter-dimensional self?”

Let me please bring you back to who you are and who you are already. It is not about and it never has been about you becoming a different person. Are you transmuting, are you transforming, are you shifting, growing, increasing your frequency, your vibration? All of this is so and you are doing it in a very steadfast and consistent manner, and taking at the same time in that solidity also the quantum leaps. And you have noted that in yourself; one day you feel that you are stuck in the mud and the next day you are dancing on Venus.

But the truth of this matter is not about you becoming anything other than the totality of who you really are and who you have always been. You are the love. You are the brilliance. You are the embodiment, interwoven, hosting as it were the Mother/Father/One just as you are present in her beloved heart.

So I emphasize before we even begin this broader discussion – the divine perfection of who you have always been and who you are right now – your key is anchoring, expanding, anchoring, expanding, receiving, surrendering, and anchoring. Are you free to fly? Are you free to cross through this ascension portal once and for all and never return? The answer is yes. And that answer has been yes for a very long time. And we will get into that.

But first comes this deep acceptance, surrender, admiration, honoring, respect, wonder and awe at your sacred self. Nothing has changed and of course everything has changed. But when I say this – nothing has changed since the time I walked this beloved planet and my mission and purpose was the anchoring of love, the knowing of love.

I began my mission, my purpose, but I did not complete it. Did I complete my time? Yes. But the mission, the shift, it was not completed and it has been a work in progress all of this time. Yes, even through the darkest hours.

And you sweet angels, starseed, galactics, earth-keepers, you are the fulfillment and the completion of that portion of the mission. Now is it the completion of the Mother’s plan?

No. The Mother’s plan is infinite.

But will you and I revel, celebrate the completion, the anchoring of this segment as humanity shifts into a higher realm and higher state of being? Oh yes we will, together.

Sweet Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, thank you very much, Jesus.

I loved listening to you. I want you to know that I have been very impacted by two articles that you wrote; one is The Third Way and

to uncover and rediscover your own creative abilities.

I asked you on the show today because you have such a command on human processes and the road to enlightenment – I’d like to discuss spiritual unfoldment. And there are two conversations going on right now; they are more or less going on parallel to each other – one is about enlightenment and one is about ascension. The two obviously have a relationship to each other and I wanted to know if you could help us, myself and the listeners, to understand what that relationship is between those two notions.

J: And that is one of the reasons – and I would be happy to by the way – why I have begun our conversation this day by stating, sweet ones, both of these processes, both of these.

Enlightenment is more a state of being. Now is it a process of enlightenment to reach that state of being? Yes. Ascension is also a process, but ascension in and of itself is not an outcome – if you would think of it in that way – ascension is a doorway that one is passing through, and do think of it in some way as a doorway within the same house. Can we speak of this first?

SB: Please.

J: The plan for humanity, for Gaia, for this system at this time – and you have need to realize that when I say ‘this time’ I mean a span of time, I do not mean a particular day. But during this time has been ascension of the planet, of the kingdoms, and most wonderfully of humanity, of humanity coming to a place where they are evolved and in some ways returned to original pattern.

Some of you will and have understood the expression of the creator-race, of the ability as the holders of love, as the anchors of love in form to have the experience of human potential. Now what does that mean in practical terms?

The human being – and we are talking before the limitation and all the various controls were placed upon by various groups, humans – but the original core of humans was to be able to create from love because that sense, that knowing, that access to the divine was always omnipresent. It was not cut off, it was not severed, and the experience, yes while being upon Gaia, the first, shall we say, quantifier of experience upon Gaia, of being in a physical form, is just that; it is physicality. But it was never intended to be a prison. It was intended and is in fact a state of being where you may have the experiences of various dimensions, various forms, and to create and to experience in delight, in love, in laughter, in excitement and exploration the meaning of what it means to be in form. These are expressions of love, all of them. And this latitude of being the expression in form was forgotten. It was for all intents and purposes buried, eliminated, and certainly forgotten or misplaced – almost. And there have been prophets, sages, teachers, men in the street who have raised their voices, raised the awareness throughout time of saying, “Please remember and embrace and become who you are.”

Now this is where the blurriness between enlightenment and ascension has become foggy; because in those teachers, myself included, in that realm of teaching so often the path, the journey to that reconstitution was seen as a path of enlightenment and in addition to that it was also seen as a path where the physical body became secondary rather than a primary vehicle for experience. So in some ways it became disregarded. And that process of enlightenment has often been viewed as an individual pathway, as something that, yes, under the guidance perhaps of a sage, a teacher, a guru has been an individual path nevertheless – and a path that required diligence and discipline and great attention and longevity.

Now, ascension has been – yes, you would think that it has been an elongated process, but from our perspective you have been flying through that portal for sometime – consciously or not it matters not – well I know it matters to you beloved ones, but the level of integration has not been dependent upon your conscious awareness – let me put it that way. But it was also different than enlightenment and this is a very important distinction.

The physical form, the physical anchoring, the demonstration of what you can think of as awakening or the steps of enlightenment – and that is many, many steps – the key has been the anchoring of that in your body, in the physical body, and to make it even more complex it has been a process of anchoring it in the collective, not just the psyche, not just the soul, not just the mental, or emotional or causal bodies, but in the physical body and hence the physical realm. And what that has meant is not so much just the inter-dimensional experience, but that the behaviors, the actions, the thoughts, the emotions, the mental thoughts, the way in which your planet is constructed shifts. And it shifts from a paradigm that has become but an echo and anchors in a new realm of physicality that is much broader and sometimes is termed as enlightened.

There are many, many steps on your pathway, on your journey home back to the Mother. Is this ascension monumental, not only for each of you but for this universe or this galaxy and far beyond? So it is a milestone.

You are thinking that when you walk through that portal, into or through the ascension portal, that everything changes. But the point is – do you expand, do you become the love? Yes. So there is a substantial shift and change and there is an expansion. But your fundamental self, of being on planet to create, to build, to enjoy Nova Earth – that is still intended and part of the plan to be in physicality. Now does that explain in the simplest of terms about ascension?

SB: Yes. Thank you.

J: Alright. You are welcome.

Now, this process and this journey of enlightenment – it certainly began long before I ever incarnated – and this desire and implementation of a journey of enlightenment is that soul-seed memory, not only that there is more, but that incarnation is a round-trip and that you evolve, emanate, are birthed from the Source of the Mother, One, and that you travel, some of you for billions of years in your time, some for a brief period. But it is the process in which one, in what you would think of – and it varies because there are many degrees and I have need to emphasize that with you – but it is the process by which one seeks the One, the Source, the All, the Divine, and the knowing of the Divine within and because it is within, it is without. But that divinity and the anchoring of enlightenment in these degrees that we are going to talk about is the anchoring of the divinity within. Now let me be clear with you, we do not want – and you are far too wise my sweet listeners – to play a semantics game.

Divinity is love.

If you are knowing and anchoring in the love, then you are knowing and anchoring in the degrees of divinity and of love. Now, can you say, “Alright, I’m enlightened then.” Sweet angels, when I say there are degrees – it is a growth, it is a conjoining with the All, with the One, with the Mother. There is always room, and for those who desire this, the potential for more. Do not, please, make the error of mental body to think that if you are completing your ascension that you have achieved absolute enlightenment. That would be an incomplete understanding.

If you go – now I do not wish to minimize the impact and the expansion of ascension because it is far greater than anything that has ever been experienced upon this planet, period, and you are well underway. And the Mother in her wisdom has sent and is sending the Third Wave, and she declares there is no turning back.

Now in any language we know what this means. So it is not to minimize what you are doing because it is beyond, and it is beyond what you think of as your expectations. So I am not attempting to minimize the magnitude, but what I am also saying is don’t delude yourself that you are becoming someone else when who you are is already perfect.

Now, let us assume you have gone through your ascension. Do you still, in the soul-seed of your very being, desire further enlightenment? Even more so. It is one of those situations, one of those paradoxes that the more you know, the more you experience, the more you want to know, the more deeply you want to experience.

Now let me halt there so that you may ask your questions.

SB: Okay. ‘Cause I’m very much enjoying what you are saying. Well, it’s occurred to me that there are two

. .. not right away I mean over a period of time. For instance the Divine Mother has given us numerous baptisms, several waves of the Tsunami of Love, and even though that is not happening outside ourselves if I could be allowed the space to pretend that it is happening outside ourselves, then there are things that are happening inside ourselves so to speak, again. For instance in January a lot of core issues were raised in me, February I had a heart opening, and now soul aspect is reintegrating itself in me. It occurs to me that perhaps you could tell us what lies ahead between here and ascension; what kinds of internal events, primarily, are we going to go through in this last leg of the journey? Can you talk about that?

J: Yes, and it is occurring within you and outside of you.

SB: Okay.

J: Now, depending on your perspective, as you well know some are more internally aware and certainly more perceptually attuned to the inner workings, where others are more externally focused. It is neither here nor there, but both are important. And in this, what the Mother calls “Third Wave”, there is also the – oh, to call it increase is a very mild term – but she is also multiplying her gifts of Clarity, her gifts of Purity, her gifts of Grace. You are feeling that internally and you are feeling it in two ways, and they are not necessarily step one, step two. It is a back and forth and a balancing until you come to the middle of your being. So what you are experiencing is further integration, deeper integration, not merely of past lives, of different aspects of your being, but a deeper integration, a deeper solidity, appreciation, understanding of who you are, who you really are.

Now in that comes the clearing, and yes, the channel and you have spoken of this core issues because much of what you can think of as the debris and the dross have been cleansed. And what you are left with are the deepest illusions of separation, of recrimination, of isolation, of worthiness – you may name it twelve thousand things, it will all boil down to one.

But this is bound to come up and then the various dressings for this in terms of frustration and irritation and disappointment or disillusioned – you name it. And this will come up, and it will come up with your self and it will come up with others. The point is to simply observe it, participate where and how is appropriate, to let it go, and to maintain not only your sense of humor, but your sense of balance. Balance is key.

Now in that you are also part of this integration and the anchoring at the same time, although you may feel it as different because that is the way the human mind is set up and organized. You are feeling a greater sense of love. And the first definitive quality of this is love of self.

Now you don’t have that definition, ‘oh I think I love myself more today’. It is simply being awash, afloat in love so that that sense of differentiation begins to disappear. It is not to eradicate the uniqueness, the splendor of who you are, but the love becomes totality that you are part of that unified grid so that you feel the love for your fellow humans, for the kingdoms, for the mountains, for the streams, for the Divine, for your guides.

But that is the key, is feeling awash in love. That – and think of it in terms of a washing machine; so you are in the various cycles, everything is circulating at once, and what you are really waiting for is that final spin cycle. What we suggest to you is that you are already in that final spin cycle.

Externally – and again the separation that we are using to have this discussion is artificial. But nevertheless let us proceed.

Your perception and your actual experience – because that is all you have to go on – your knowing of the external world begins to shift. Now if you are in that rugged piece of cleansing then you may well be frustrated, agitated, disappointed, etc. with the human race. But by and large what is happening is that your perception and your experience of the outer world, whether it is your next-door neighbor, the person on the street, or the person in Iraq, is becoming more loving, more benevolent, more understanding, and based in passion and compassion and wisdom.

Why do I differentiate wisdom from knowing?

You live in a world that is, you believe, based on facts and figures and might I say “news cycles”. Now in our day “news cycles” was news from Rome via a courier or meeting at the well. You live in a world where you are bombarded by what you believe are facts, most of which are incorrect, and many of the facts, as you would discern them, that you need to know are either hidden or incomplete. I do not say that in a way of limitation it is just the construct within which you are operating at the time.

Now as you are becoming more of your enlightened, ascended self, what you are seeing externally is that you are seeing through that illusion. And you are seeing through that illusion with compassion and wisdom. And wisdom is that discernment to truly be wise about what is important, what is truth, what is relevant, what is important, what contributes to your forward thrust, what contributes to the collective forward thrust, and what is in perfect alignment, not so-so, but perfect alignment with the Mother’s love.

Now you say, “Well wait a minute, I am looking in the external world and I am looking for these very popular notions, the illusive signs.” Sweet beloved brothers and sisters, those illusive signs are all around you. They have always been there. Are they becoming in your wisdom vision more apparent, more obvious, because you are seeing with the heart of compassion and with your true inter-dimensional eyes? The answer is yes, of course.

But, if you are looking, be cognizant. You are an extraordinarily intelligent species. Why do you think, not only that you have chosen your self, but that you have been chosen? Why do so many star-beings, so many star-families hang about waiting, observing, assisting, involving themselves in this process? Yes, of course it is because you are deeply loved, but it is also because you are so intelligent. You have the ability, innately, to comprehend massive conceptual structures far beyond what you think of as your everyday reality. So what you are doing is you are looking and you are seeing in your outer world not simply events – and often events that are completely misrepresented – but for trends, waves, attitudinal shifts, heart shifts, energetic openings, transitions, transmutations, something that you are observing and saying, “This is coming into alignment gracefully with Universal Law.”

So it is not about simply an event or a cessation or a peace treaty or a declaration by one government. It is the wave of change that you are truly observing, and you are observing these right now. You are observing the human trend to say violence, gender inequality, increasingly, is unacceptable; murder, mayhem, cruelty – unacceptable. Do you understand what I am saying to thee?

SB: I do and yet I’d like to go back to something you said earlier and get clarification on it. You said that balance was key, and I keep getting this sense that there is a real relationship between balance and love. Can you tell us why is balance key and what is the relationship between balance and love?

J: When you are in love, and I don’t mean in the romantic sense, although that is a reflection of being the love, but when you are immersed in the love, in the divine essence, then you, by definition, are in balance. As soon as you start to waver then you become distracted.

Michael uses this term very purposefully – when you become distracted by either the internal clearing or by the external drama or the event of the day, then you are wavering out of the love and you are wavering, teeter tottering out of the balance. When you are the love, when you are embodying and anchoring the love then you are in your place of balance . . . because you cannot access the totality of yourself, of the inter-dimensional reality, of the alignment with the Mother/Father/One if you are not in balance. And how do you get to balance – yes we know there is much discussion about clearing and dredging, but truly the balance is maintained, not just by stillpoint, but by the love.

SB: And the balance point is in the center, and the center point is the heart. Is that correct?

J: That is correct. And go further it is the seat of the soul.

SB: Well yes. I was just going to say that.

And is it the heart that loves or is it the self that loves?

J: You move from the heart. And this is part of, also, this blurred line with ascension and enlightenment. And it is a delightful blurred line.

You move from the heart loving, to being the love, to having every fiber of your being love . . . so that your hands love, your eyelashes love, your teeth love, your hair, your skin – all your fields line up.

So when we tell you – because much of even now what we say is allegorical – when we tell you that your heart is expanding, and it is not just energetic, many of you have felt the pressure of late in your heart as it expands, as it is pressing outwards, because it wants to encompass your entire being. It does not want that sense of delineation and differentiation.

So it is all of you. You cannot say, “My heart loves you, but my mind despises you.” It is all of you. And let me say – I love all of you; the parts, the pieces, the aspects that you have either disdained, or ignored, or aren’t too sure of, or even worse, fall into shame about – let it go. I love all of you.

And I love all of you with all of my being, all that I have ever been and all I ever will be. That is love and that is balance.

SB: Hmm. Wow. We’ve only got a couple more minutes, maybe I can ask you this – it seems to me that when people ascend with their physical bodies into the fifth dimension that the space into which they are ascending must be new. I’m not sure that it’s ever been there before. Is that a correct statement?

J: The space has always been there. It is part of the fabric, not only of this planet, but of this construct. Now, has it been utilized, has it been recognized – you have visited there, just as you have visited second, eleventh, seventh; you visit, sometimes you don’t realize . . . So does it feel, do you experience it as a brand new space? Yes.

Think of it in this way – there is a room in your attic that has been locked for eternity and it has all the treasures and junk locked up in there. Well it has been renovated, cleared out, aired out, redecorated and is prepared. Unlock it and come on over!

SB: Well I am certainly ready for that, Jesus. We are nearing the end of the show so I’d like to ask you if you have any closing remarks?

J: You, all of you, beloved listeners this night, you are doing stellar work. You are in your ascension. You are already most of the way there. Come walk with me, take my hand, and let me show you; let me guide you the rest of the way.

I am with you.

SB: Thank you very much, Jesus.

J: Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon