“Go ahead gently, sweetly, kindly, lovingly. Wake up those who have fallen into the slumber of indifference. It is time for everyone to be awake. So, wake up sleepyheads!”

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Jesus Sananda is our beautiful guest today and the discussion will be around the tendency of some humans, perhaps many, towards indifference about the world around us. Apathy may simply be one symptom of a deeper issue fuelled by the fear of having clear vision and of knowing ourselves.

Perhaps those who don’t care to accept the responsibility of who we are as a Creator Race are primarily afraid of stepping into the power we all have. Jesus Sananda will be offering his approach to such a situation based on his own experiences. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi and good morning everybody! Welcome to this sunny, cloudy, whatever day. And as we were talking about beforehand, you know what? It doesn’t matter! It can be snowing or raining or sunny and warm – it’s all good.

Suzi: It’s all good – we woke up!

Linda: We woke up – that’s always good news! [Laughter]

Suzi: And we’re breathing. The breath is so incredibly important to us these days.

Linda: It is. You are reminding me of what Einstein has told us in that with every breath, we are creating with every exhale, we’re bringing it into physicality. So even if you’re alive and breathing, you’re doing your work!

Suzi: It’s true. And anything we can do to add to the imaginal nature and aspect of what our breath is doing… you can add the Violet Flame to the Infinity Breath, you can do all sorts of things. And as we were also talking about before the start of the show, we all have a different role to play and a different way to do it and we really should not limit ourselves based on what other people are going through.

Linda: No, and we shouldn’t try to define ourselves either by what we see others doing or not doing. One of the things that the Council of Love has been so emphatic about – especially Universal Mother Mary, the Divine Mother – is that each of us… it’s amazing when you think of it… that each of us has a unique soul design, a unique expression of Her in form.

And so, in just the same way there are no two snowflakes alike, there are no two of any of us – humans or otherwise – who are the same. We each have a different expression, an experience of why we’re here and that’s what so cool about it!

Suzi: Yes, it is really cool because it just speaks to the vital nature of each one of us as an individual. We are working towards Unity Consciousness and group soul, etc. but we all do have a unique job to do. It’s important to know.

Linda: Yes, from my experience it’s comforting to know because we can’t do it all and that is part of Unity Consciousness and Unity Action. So if I can’t do something, I know there’s somebody else out there who is actually here to do exactly what I can’t do or don’t feel inclined to do or don’t want to do.

Suzi: Exactly. We are all in this together working towards the same thing.

Linda: We are, and every single piece is vital and important.

Suzi: Agreed! Is it time? I know Jesus Sananda has been really wanting to get a word in and so I guess it’s time for meditation then?

Linda: Let’s go!

[Meditation from 05:13 to 10:40]

Jesus Sananda: Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda.

Suzi: Welcome.

Jesus Sananda: And welcome to you and welcome to all of you. And yes, this day I speak not only to my beloved friends, family, allies who sit and listen, who stand and listen, who walk and listen. I speak to the entire planet of our beloved Gaia and far beyond.

And yes, I draw upon and share with you my knowing and my experiences as Yeshua, and of other planetary experiences that I have had and that speak to this issue of indifference, of apathy, of denial.

But let us begin, my dearest friends, by revisiting what I have spoken of at the very beginning of this New Year – and it is still very early days, is it not! This is a year of extraordinary change: of awakening, of shifting, of becoming, of returning, of embodying the wholeness, the Truth, the extraordinary nature of who you are.

And when I say ‘who you are’, I speak to each of your hearts, your minds, your entirety, but I also speak to those who are perhaps unaware that I address them, that do not consciously or unconsciously wish to hear what I have to say. Nevertheless, I address you all.

Many of you have had moments and times where I have, like you, felt that you are a voice in the wilderness crying, yelling, softly whispering and that the words and the wisdom and the Love that you have to share has not been heard or received or welcomed.

But, my friends, that does not stop us from our declarations and from our missions and purposes throughout all timelines, all realities, all kingdoms, all dimensions, all planetary systems throughout the Omniverse.

Not only my voice but your voice, your thoughts, your feelings travel throughout the Omniverse as well. You, each of you, are powerful beings, not only agents of extraordinary change but vehicles, vessels, embodiments of Love, embodiments of the sacred design of the Mother.

I literally declare “Oh my God, you are magnificent!”

Do not – I plead with you – ever underestimate who you are: yes, unique, wondrous, powerful. You are powerful in the quiet of the soul, of the darkness of the night, of the brightness of the day. That is why I wish to emphasise to you it is not only your voice that is an agent of change, an anchoring of the true creation. It is your thoughts, it is your emotions, it is your knowing, it is your beliefs.

And when I say ‘beliefs’, I mean the true beliefs in what you hold to be valuable and true. There is no value in false grids or false beliefs and those old paradigms that have held humanity captive for so long. The shackles have been released! Not that you are breaking free. My beloveds, you ARE free and you are declaring that freedom.

And in that, in part of that, is your desire of what you have declared long ago – and two years, three years, four years, five years, ten years, fifty years ago – is that you aren’t desiring to simply be free on your own. You declare the freedom of your entire species, of all the species upon this planet of Love and far beyond.

For the interconnectedness of all beings is undeniable. It is a stand-alone Truth. And it is either the act or thought of the being in denial – or ignorance – that there can be any thought or belief that you are not connected. It is beyond ridiculous. It is beyond absurd.

Now, you know this! And I most certainly know this. But there are many upon the planet who are choosing to not be quite awake and to relax, shall we say, in the sleepiness of withdrawal or denial.

Now the difficulty, the challenge with this state of being, of what we call “indifference” – that is not a judgement, that is simply an identification of a state of being. Indifference is that state of being – which you’ve all had – when you are waking up and you are between slumber and full awakening.

There is a sense of luxurious indifference as the world drifts by, that you are not yet required or expected to fully participate, and that you can luxuriate in that sense of comfort without demand upon your being. And it is that sense of comfort without demand that can make indifference so appealing.

Think of it in this way. As you are in between worlds, that there is no having-to get up, walk the dog, feed the kids, make the coffee, get ready for work, have a shower, rush out the door and begin your day. All of that is kept at bay and as soon as, of course, you start to think of that ‘to-do list’, that sense of tension comes into you.

Now, that sense of tension is a feeling of burden. That sense of tension is not excitement about what lies ahead but a feeling of burden and of being overwhelmed with demands, expectations, of things that perhaps you love but also that you feel you ‘have’ to do.

Now, this is not the Truth of human experience. Why at this juncture are we asking and choosing to speak to you – at length! – about this issue of indifference and apathy? Because there are so many still upon the planet who are in this state of indifference.

It is not malicious, it is not malign, it is not intentionally destructive, it is not of hatred or greed. In many ways, you can think of it as a survival mechanism that has been adopted by far too many in order to cope with what they believe to be the human reality.

Indifference is a denial of your own power, of your own mission and purpose. It is the retreat into the feeling of overwhelm because you consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously believe that you are not up to the task at hand.

Well, my friends, that is absurd and ridiculous – but that would be harsh, would it not, if I was to say that? But I am saying it, because such denial of self is not only of unworthiness. It is of lack of Love, of acknowledgement of your precious self, of the powers, the capabilities, the abilities, the talents, the wonder of who you are.

The most tragic piece of indifference is not only that it is a denial of hope, denial of self-power, denial of group participation, the collective. The most tragic piece of that is that it is a denial of Joy. Joy is an aspect, an expression of Love; it is the action in many ways of Love.

And it is sad – not only as Gabrielle would say “sad as in pathetic” – but sad as in tragic that any being would, out of fear… because that is what indifference is; it is denied fear… that you would wallow in the denial of who you are, your basic freedom, your birthright.

Now, have I been faced with this challenge to awaken those who are slumbering in indifference before? Yes, I have. I will speak of some of my experience as Yeshua, but I also wish to talk about what has occurred and remind many of you what has occurred on Galatea.

Now, for those of you who do not immediately remember Galatea, I will remind you. Galatea was a beautiful planet, a twin to Gaia. She existed over 100,000 years ago, much like a Garden of Eden that you experienced here upon Gaia. You were twins, Gaia and Galatea.

There was a great deal of indifference, a comfort zone that was not comfortable at all. That is the trick of indifference. It allows you to think that you are on cruise control but you aren’t, and vigilance goes by the wayside. And that is what happened in Galatea. And the separation between those who were awake, aware and on the Ascension path and those who were not was a very wide gap.

And why am I mentioning this? Because we do not wish to see the difficulties, the disaster of Galatea be repeated. Those who were aware, those who knew how to enter interdimensionality, those who anchored Love thought that they would assist the collective, that they would awaken those in the slumber of indifference, and took it upon themselves to raise the energies of the entire planet all at once.

The result was the destruction and devastation of Galatea and all upon it because it was misguided. You cannot do it for someone. There is a difference between gently awakening others and simply picking them up and bringing them to where you think they should be.

It is not permissible, it is not an act of Love to interfere with freewill and free choice, and it can only lead to death and destruction. So when you, as a collective, have decided that you would proceed together, it was also an opportunity to not repeat some of the difficult decisions that were made elsewhere, and particularly upon sweet Galatea.

So indifference cannot be dealt with in trying to override. What is required is participation and the invitation to participation, to awakening is inclusive and gentle and loving and kind. It is compassionate and prudent – and yes, patient.

Now, I am not actually known as a Master of Patience. That certainly goes elsewhere. And when I have walked the Earth as Yeshua, I have encountered this level of indifference. It was the same indifference that you are seeing and knowing in your populous right now. Have the numbers grown? Yes, but there are more of you as well. So it is truly a very parallel situation.

I was always shocked and astonished that there were so many in my community and beyond that would just say “Look, I’m not interested. I don’t want to buy what you’re selling. I don’t want to be seen as a political person. I don’t want to be seen as a spiritual revolutionary. Leave me alone.”

Frustrating? Yes. Understandable? Yes. And it was interesting because very often those that were passionately not indifferent were those that sought power and control.

So it was not that I really wanted to engage with them, with the Roman bureaucracy and hierarchy, with the Rabbis, the Pharisees, because they also saw being awake and passionate as being in control. And that is not a walk of Love.

And that is not what I am about and it most certainly is not what you are about. There are many theories – and most of them correct in one way or another – about why so often I spoke in story form, in parables. But one of the reasons was so that I would not come across as if I was always preaching, preaching, preaching. Preaching gets boring very quickly!

So we would have stories and parables and allow people to draw their own conclusions. They were more palatable, more easily digested. Now, there are also stories about loaves and fishes, but I can tell you that breaking bread – whether it was 2,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago or 2,000 years hence – breaking bread with fellow humans, regardless of whether they are hybrids or not, is a joyous act.

And it engages not only the senses, it engages the person and it promotes a sharing and a conversation about thoughts and feelings and beliefs and truths. So certainly, often we would share food to be able to have these conversations, to say “Well, what do you think? What do you feel?”

It was not simply me standing on the side of a mountain preaching. There were many of us. There were many apostles, the female apostles, my beloved Magdalena, disciples, and we would be what you would call ‘small groups’ chatting, talking about the dream of what was possible.

And by and by, it began to include many of those who were indifferent, who were afraid. “Don’t be talking about this because the Romans are going to come and imprison you.” And so we spoke in symbolism, but mostly we spoke heart to heart, being to being, aware that when someone has been in slumber they do not want to be rudely awakened.

It is like sitting on the edge of the bed and gently touching another in a loving, not aggressive way, and saying “Did you have a good sleep? You won’t believe the incredible day/year/life that lies ahead. Wake up and come with me. Let us discover and rediscover what you are all about, what is possible if we come together gently, kindly, with latitude for choices and decisions.”

There are many pathways to Ascension, to Oneness, to getting Home. But, my friends, they are all pathways of Love; they are all expressions of freedom.

So can it be frustrating to see or to hear those who say “No, no, I am comfortable. This is my zone. I have too much to attend to. I have a family, I have a job, I have a mortgage, I have bills. Don’t distract me.”

And you say “Oh my goodness, you’re dealing with all of that so could you use a little help? Because you would not have all that if you were not this phenomenal creature that had the ability to deal with that and so much more.”

What you are doing in the fulfilment of my plea to awaken those in slumber is you are offering them the view, the vision, not only of Universal Love, Unconditional Love, Unified Consciousness.

You are offering them the vision and glimpse, the practical reality of who they are, what their capacities are and how they can contribute to changes that make sense to them, that are the fulfilment of what they want – because indifference is an expression of feeling powerless and that is not Truth. It is being robbed. It is still being hemmed in believing you are shackled and in jail when they are not.

Now I have spoken for a long time, dearest Suzi. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh well, I wish to begin by thanking you for joining us and speaking to this very important topic. We’ve all experienced frustration that the world isn’t changing fast enough. At the same time, we don’t really know what we’re asking for.

So the destruction of Galatea, going too quickly… What I thought of when you spoke to that was we’ve been getting our little frequency bumps and it doesn’t really let up any more. But at this point, I really appreciate the timing of it, if I could say that, because I’m a different person than I was in 2012.

But anyway, what I wonder about when you’re talking about this is those who are indifferent are not necessarily all that way by choice. I mean, our perceptions have been affected by calcification of the pineal gland, induced chemical apathy, electromagnetic and psychic manipulation…

Could you speak to those things, because I think some of the worst sleepers are probably that way because we’ve been made that way?

Jesus Sananda: But before you were made that way… Let us count angels on the head of the pin! Before you were made that way, you were not created that way. You were not birthed from the heart of the Mother that way.

So there are many, many reasons why, yes, the pineal is not fully activated, why your hypothalamus is not fully activated, why your DNA markers are not fully activated. And it is pollution and chemistry, but mostly it has been attitude and belief systems.

The most practical before you go into the structural… Think of it, the number of children – and you, sweet Suzi, are an exceptional, different mother – but the number of children who are raised all over this beautiful planet – which I have witnessed as Yeshua as well – the parents say “Don’t make waves! Do not – do not raise a rebel whatever you do!”

There were times when my own mother and sweet Magdalena would say “Do you have to be so vociferous? Do you have to always be making trouble? Can’t you tone it down a bit?”

So the number of parents, from the goodness and the Love within their hearts because they were raised the same way, and they say “Get a good education, get a good job, get a good trade, get married, get a mortgage, get a house, have your kids, raise them the same way – and don’t make waves!”

And why do you not make waves? Because you will be ostracised, because they may come for you, they may imprison you, they may hurt you, may harm those you love. And then, if you create waves, what they’re going to do is take away your ability to make a living and support the very family you have created and that you cherish.

So this attitude of ‘be obedient’ as if it was Old Testament, that there is a thundering God-force that will come down and strike you or smote you is absurd. The dictum from the Heart of One is to be the Truth and the expression, your beauty of who you are.

So in that desire to not hurt or harm… that is why we are saying “To be maligned is not to be indifferent.” To be vicious is a very active event. So as a result of many of the man-made situations, whether it is chemical abuse in the air, in the water, in the food or what you imbibe or choose to imbibe, whether it is because your pineal has never been activated…

But now I wish to speak about this because you have touched on something very timely. Do not forget – and this is a time reminder – that you are in the Mother’s New Time.

Humans have thought of this as very structured. But you can, in the fluidity, in the ocean of time – not even in the tides of time – in the ocean of time you can swim backwards, forwards, and go to the place where your perfection is.

It is not even travelling interdimensionally because it is anchoring… All of what we are talking about today is the anchoring of the fullness in the physicality of your being, in the embodiment of your being.

So go to the place and ask for the Truth of who you are to come forward, to come back to your NOW. And it is that simple.

Suzi: That’s beautiful. As you spoke too, we’re in a far different space now; I feel the grids are clear, negative timelines are collapsed… We’re having a Chinese New Year today, I believe, the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Could you talk about that at all because I do feel like everything has now changed?

Jesus Sananda: And the ancient Chinese wisdom is highly beneficial. And so I give greetings of Happy New Year! But also know it is not just the Year of the Monkey, the year of play, of mischief! And that is what awakening all those who are indifferent is about. Is it not delightful mischief! And that is how it needs to be approached.

But the Fire Monkey, the Red Fire Monkey, is ignition – it is burning away. It is a rare event and it is burning away and igniting creative, playful, joyful, communicative, sharing energies.

The monkeys live in colonies; they live in community, they create. But have you not noticed the one thing about monkeys? They are always talking to each other! So even as they are swinging and playing or eating, they are always talking to one another.

So this is… yes, and the frequency bumps have stopped being bumps… it is a continuous stream and you are correct in this. But this is a marker and human beings love markers.

So look to this day – and every day – as a marker to say “Oh my gosh, this is a new beginning. And the old – in terms of what we have endeavoured and worked and slaved at times so hard to eliminate – is gone.”

The difficulty with indifference or apathy is that they do not know – because they’ve been asleep – that what they were afraid of has come and gone!

So you are gently lovingly reaching out and saying “Hey, it’s a new day. Won’t you join me in this adventure – forget the term ‘journey’! – adventure of extraordinary change?” And the change is the Love.

You know, I began this a long time ago, but you, each of you, are the ones that are bringing this to fruition – not conclusion – fruition, harvest, bounty and beginning the next adventure.

I am in such awe and admiration of all of you!

Suzi: I appreciate that! It also brings up a thought I’ve been having that I’m not going to stop doing what I do, but I really don’t feel like initiating anything new. I sort of feel like I’m retired now and here on a consulting basis, and that there’s going to be others coming up behind us who are going to do the work.

Jesus Sananda: Oh my dearest Suzi, forget retirement! I thought I got to retire thousands of years ago! I was wrong. [Laughter] But you are right in so far as you are choosing the rate, the pace and what you want to do.

That is the whole point… that there are millions – and a few unique beings – that will pick up and continue what you have so courageously begun, just as there are some that will pick up Linda’s and pick up my trail and continue on. That is the way of life. It is the beauty, the continuity of One, of the Mother. It is the unfoldment of the Plan. It doesn’t begin and end with any one of us.

So yes, you are absolutely correct. But part of what you are doing – and why I have emphasised that I am talking to the entire planet, and while I am talking, I am sending my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings, my beingness out – and when you sit or you watch anything and you think about something, it is not just restricted to your own personal space and head. It is communicated far and wide.

So as you are receiving all these activations and you are having different thoughts, different emotions, different attitudes, different expressions – that is being communicated. That is the gentle awakening of others.

Suzi: Yes, beautiful. Might we speak of aspects at all? You are my brother Yeshi and you are also Jesus Sananda. I know we all have different aspects, but could you maybe explain that a little bit because it’s sort of like a fuzzy knowing for me?

Jesus Sananda: Think of it in this way. You have your Universal Self – think of it as your own personal oversight of your group soul, as it were. But it is difficult and you want to have embodiment. That is part of the Joy, the expression of Love, of Joy.

Now, aspects are that part of you that you send out in a variety of forms to do different jobs, have different experiences, to take care of various things that you choose to either undertake or know about.

So they can be the totality of the fullness of a… what you think of as a parallel life. Or it can be almost like a robotic or a drone that you send out to do a specific job and then you call them back Home.

Now, during this time, it is important – and that is an understatement – that you are calling back and anchoring all of your aspects. Think of yourself as that snowflake that I referred to earlier. Now you don’t want to fragment your snowflake to the point where in fact you are no longer a unified pattern, do you?

So you are calling back all your aspects into this unified whole because you want – well, that is an understatement – but you want your unified whole, in the embodiment of who you are right now upon planet, to ascend as a unified whole.

So it is a time of calling everybody Home, making sure that they are cleansed and brightened up before they take up occupancy.

But that is what is going on. Now even during this process, you are still continuing – you are somewhat of a revolving door – and you are sending out… that is your consultancy role, dear Suzi… you are sending out aspects to do various things and it is important that this take place.

But, primarily, it is a bringing-in so that you are going forward in the fullness of ALL of you, because you haven’t seen ALL of you in a long time.

Suzi: Right. Is there a main aspect, like a hub kind of aspect?

Jesus Sananda: Yes, and you can think of that as your Universal Self. Yes, as a ‘Master Controller’ as it were.

Suzi: So when people are channelling their Higher Selves, they could be drawing on any number of their own aspects?

Jesus Sananda: That is true, but they may also be simply connecting with All That Is. It is a very delicate operation.

And the thing is – this is a human trait which I have suffered from! – that you want to know… And it is important. It is not necessary to simply draw in beings who are perhaps not of the highest level, shall we say, the highest level of Clarity, Purity and Love.

But in terms of when someone is channelling: “Is it Jesus Sananda? Is it Lord Maitreya? Is it my Higher Self? Is it an aspect?” Again, it is going back to thinking about the process rather than trusting the process, of from an ego perspective wanting to know and, in fact, many times you don’t know. But when you do ‘know’, there is no question.

Suzi: That’s true. It’s true for the most part that it doesn’t matter to me. It’s also collective energy anyway and I can’t separate it, honestly. It’s like “Well, who was that saying that?” And they would all be saying the same thing anyway…

Jesus Sananda: There is only one message. There is only one communication.

Suzi: Right. And then I have this unanswerable question of how many souls are there actually in existence if we are all One?

Jesus Sananda: It is a good question to ponder. So the number is immeasurable and the number is One! Because we all hold and participate in the Mother as she participates in us.

Suzi: Yes, beautiful. Thank you so much. We are coming to the end of our show. Do you have something in closing? I just want to sincerely thank you for coming and bringing all this Love and information to us.

Jesus Sananda: Oh my friend, you are so welcome. I am pleased to be here this day.

So, my parting words would be “Go ahead gently, sweetly, kindly, lovingly. Wake up those who have fallen into the slumber of indifference. It is time for everyone to be awake. So, wake up sleepyheads! And go with my Love.” [Laughter] Farewell.

Suzi: [Laughter] Thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon