To join with another is the most blessed experience that you will have upon Gaia. It is the fulfillment of yourself and it is the fulfillment of your sacred other; each relationship is going to be a reflection of two hearts desires…

Suzanne Maresca: Good Morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging Into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca. Once again we have the sometimes-outrageous St. Germaine with us this week to discuss intimacy within partnership. It seems to be a good time for revealing things about being human that we may not have had great awareness of before now. During his last visit with us our guest was very direct about physical form being the reflection and the embodiment of all the grace and expansiveness of the Mother’s love, and as such, worthy of our Love, attention and appreciation.

St. Germaine implored us to know what pleases us physically and to truly love and appreciate our bodies. This week the focus will be on sharing what we know and love about ourselves with our partner. And I’m excited to find out what surprising revelations are in store for us today.

Good Morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good Morning Suzi and yes, you never know what’s going to come through with St. Germaine. But I have to tell you, as I’ve been sitting here meditating and getting ready for the show, and thank you for pinging me to bring me back to some level of consciousness, that the line up, Jesus was here, Mary Magdalene was here, St. Germaine was here, I mean, the line up was huge. And what was interesting is we know, or maybe not all our listeners do know, but the ascended masters, right now, are working with us very intensely and particularly intensely about being in our physical forms and our physical bodies and enjoying…en-joy-ing…our physical form and embracing our creative power. And we’re like; humanity is like their special project right now. And you know when I’ve asked about what this is about, I mean, other than, of course, our Ascension they say because they really understand what it is to be in physical body. What it is like to be alive, maybe not at this exact moment but they all had their trials and tribulations. So it’s very, very interesting.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you did and I hope everybody out there did. But during dinner with dear friends, one of the people around the table was asking about requesting money, physical manifestation of money from Archangel Michael. And I was sharing because this is a, the reason I’m bringing this up is that this is really a common theme. You know, “show me the money.” And I, I’m sure you hear it, answering the in box every day, but what was interesting, because I sort of slipped into, you know, my channeling self, and I was saying “well you know it’s not really common for the archangels to help us manifest money or just to drop money into our bank accounts.” And then I found myself saying, “If anything it’s the ascended masters that do that. It’s St. Germaine and his company that does that.” I found that fascinating.

Umm, you know my bent is always on going back to our spiritual currency. But it also seems that all the exercises that Michael, Archangel Uriel, St. Germaine, the entire Company of Heaven has us working on right now is the elimination of lack and limitation. And that includes the lack of money, or the limitation of money, or the lack of loving our physical selves, or the limitation and how we dole out our affection or our trust in our partner. So this is a real theme that is a core issue for so many of us. And our core issues are up for grabs so I don’t think we can really talk about intimacy and sacred partnership without somehow bringing up at least, or talking about our core issues. So it will be really interesting to see what St. Germaine has in store for us today.

SM: It will be interesting. I’ve recently discovered a core issue that I was completely unaware of and it has to do with betrayal and trust and this is like from lots of life times and so it fits right in with the topic because in sacred partnership if you are unable to trust, how can you really engage as deeply as is possible and can be and is actually vital to a sacred partnership, if you’re always in fear? So I need to, I need to make friends with me fear and say that I actually have it, because I’ve been denying it my whole life.

LD: Well, you know…

SM: Very interesting.

LD: Well, it is. At the risk of sounding like I’m promoting my own products, which of course I am, on my website there’s two great meditations…and I can say they’re great because they come from the Council of Love, it’s not about Linda Dillon. But one is “The Removal of False Grids” the other one is a really early one, you know it’s amazing how sometimes we have to go back to the beginning, but it’s about “Transforming Fear into Courage” and it’s short and it’s powerful. It’s just powerful. So…

SM: All right. I’ll check that out.

LD: Check that out. I’m actually saying to a lot of our listeners you know, let’s use all the help that’s available to us. So today St. Germaine wants us to use his violet flame torch. So this is going to be, I think, an interesting meditation.

SM: All right, shall we then?

LD: Are we ready?

SM: OK, we are! Thank you!

LD: Ah, thank you Suzi. Thank you for being my partner in this adventure.

So let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath and let’s make it that outrageous purple, the Easter purple, the woodland violet purple, that purple of Siberian Iris and the wonderfully purply blue, the violet of St. Germaine. So feel yourself beginning to relax breathing the purple down through your crown and in through your nose and with each out breath sink deeper into your heart.

So sink into your chair, your car seat, your office chair, your bed, the floor, wherever you are. I see a lot of hunched shoulders. Just relax. We’ve just come through the Thanksgiving holiday, which is a time of gratitude. But sometimes when we’re with family that we don’t’ see all the time, there can be tensions or unresolved issues or being sparked to our core issues, or feeling alone, so let’s let it go. Relax your jaw, your neck, your shoulders, your hips, your knees, our ankles, your feet. Feel that connection to Gaia. Deeper into your heart. Deeper. And let’s fly through that pinprick of light. We haven’t traveled to the inner chambers of our heart in a while so spread your wings and see and feel the might of who you are. And breathe violet.

Now go through that pinprick of light in the center, the portal of your heart, into your inner chambers, to those magnificent chambers of gold. Before we start, take a moment and look at the walls, at the beautiful symbols, at the writing, at the cuneiform, maybe at the pictographs; things that you have etched in your heart not merely throughout time but for this life, to remind you who you are and why you are here. Look at in awe, in sublime wonder, at your brilliance, at your ingenuity. And then go to your chair whether it’s a violet plush cushion or a golden thrown or a purple divan, a fainting couch. Go and sit down and relax. And simply feel the sense of safety and security in being in your sacred space. And breathe.

Now directly in front of you, with his beautiful blazing eyes of blue, his smiling, flashing smile, is St. Germaine, master of the violet flame, keeper of the I Am Presence.

St. Germaine: I am St. Germaine. And I welcome you, all of you my beloved friends, soul family, fellow journeymen, fellow journeywomen. I welcome each of you this day and I give you, put out your hand right now and accept this torch I pass to you for it is the torch of the Violet Flame; it is the flame of transformation, of transmutation, of creation. It is of the I Am Presence. And I give this to you, I entrust this to you once again. It is time for us, once again, to journey together. Take this torch right now for I wish you to come with me and eradicate, not merely for yourself but for all of humanity, these feelings of inadequacy, these feelings of lack of self worth, lack of self love, these feelings of betrayal, of being less than, these feelings of fear of rejection, of loss, of sorrow, of guilt, of pain, of shame. They have no place in intimacy either with yourself, with us, or with each other.

Feel yourself taking this torch and again spreading your wings, fly with me through this portal as we soar above the planet. And let us ignite these feelings that limit and bar you, not merely from your creations but from the joy, the gift of being in physical form. You have come to inhabit form, not merely for Ascension, not merely to assist the humanity, not merely to serve the Mother; you have come to know joy. And you cannot fully embrace and be the joy if you are living in this fear. And this is true for each of you and for all of humanity.

Take this and with me let us soar high above Gaia. Use those wings. They are beautiful. Now take this torch, lean over and see the millions and billions who suffer in this limitation; who yearn for love, for intimacy, and to fear it with a terror that is known throughout the universe. With me let us light up the hearts of humanity. Let us now eradicate these fears; this pattern of rejection and lack and limitation, destruction, despair. Let us be done with it, my dearest friends. Lean over and with me let us ignite all of Gaia and every human being upon the planet and let us do it right now, together, 1, 2, 3.

And let this bonfire burn brightly until all the old is in the ashes of the phoenix. I beg you, I plead with you…and I am not one that normally does this…I beg you, let it go. Let it disintegrate right now. Let us be done with this illusion that we may create together the unity, the beauty, the joy, the sweetness of true sacred partnership. And let this fire burn brightly within and without, as above so below. Tend to each other and in so doing, my beloveds, you tend to yourself.

Now, let us begin; let us begin in this altered state where you are receptive to truly discuss this wondrous gift and this fundamental birthright of sacred partnership, of sacred union, of intimacy in the most graphic reality. Yes, I know I have shocked many but it is not the first or the last time.

To join with another, to truly join with another, other than being in sacred union with the Mother and returning home, it is the most blessed experience that you will have upon Gaia. It is the fulfillment of yourself and it is the fulfillment of your sacred other. It is the fulfillment of your community, and yes beloveds, of your mission and purpose of joy. For what is Ascension except the re-anchoring of love and joy? That is why I have begun this day by leading you to this ceremony of eradication. What you most fear, yes sweet Suzi, the betrayal, even more, the rejection. Because betrayal is bad enough but inside rejection is not just betrayal it is the statement, subtle or otherwise, by the one that you seek, “you really aren’t up to snuff.” That is how you tend to take it; I know I’ve been there, that you aren’t quite good enough, your legs aren’t long enough, your hips aren’t slim enough, your chin is too big, too small, your eyes aren’t the right color, your hair isn’t curly enough or too short. But what do all these rejections really say? How do you take it because that is what I am talking about? It does not matter whether the person is truly saying this or not.

Let us get down to business. What you hear is “I’m not enough”… and when you hear that often enough you believe it. We have to be done with this. Someone else’s opinion or brilliant understanding that they are not intended to be with you, that they do not have the sacred privilege, delight, gift, of being with you, is not about you.

Now why do I start here? Because we have discussed sacred union and intimacy with your beloved physical human divine self. Many of you have said to me morning, noon, night, and eons, “I yearn for my sacred other. Yes, I know my twin isn’t on planet but I yearn for my sacred other.” And this yearning is not the same than it was even a year or two ago. Yes, I understand about your time and I understand how my yearning also shifted, as I became what you term “more enlightened.” It is not a yearning that is based in feeling that you need someone to complete you. It is not a yearning that you are insufficient by yourself; in fact many of you say, “I don’t think I will risk sacred union or sacred partnership because I’m doing okay, finally I’m doing okay by myself!” But then there is still this yearning that comes up because there are only a few of you, literally, only a handful of you who have decided to travel completely alone during this incarnation because the entire purpose is coming in to unity and community. And how is that started? By sacred relationship and then it grows to family; biological, soul, friendships, it matters not, and then it expands to community.

So what is happening is you are yearning for this true relationship, which I am going to talk about, and at the same time there is what we would call history of “well, I’ve tried” or “I am in a marriage or a relationship and it isn’t anywhere near where I want it to be. It is stale, it is boring, it is unloving and I am not free to express myself”. Well, what I say to you beloved ones at the risk of being called very frank and blunt is that that is not a sacred relationship…that is a make due! So you either work on it and transform it or you let it go. And I am not one that is recommending the relinquishing of vows, but if it is not serving you make sure it is not serving your other partner! That I can assure you of; there is no one, even those who say, “Well, it’s not really what I want but it’s comfortable.” That is ridiculous! You do not enter into sacred union and partnership merely to be comfortable. Comfortable is a cozy bed and a warm blanket and a hot meal. Comfortable has nothing to do with the definition and totality of sacred union and partnership. Is it an element that occurs because you feel safe and cozy? Yes, but it can not be the definition.

So, what is the definition? And I take into account and I honor you when I say, that of course the definition is unique to each and every one of you. Each relationship is going to be a reflection of two hearts desires, two very different puzzle pieces conjoining, dancing, waltzing, doing a tango across the face of Gaia. But there are elements of truth, of honesty, of being forthright, of gleaning and giving courage and valor. Initially it takes courage to declare yourself, to say “I want, I wish, I need, I require, I desire, I yearn,” because the history of the old 3rd, for many of you, is the response, “well that’s tough, that doesn’t matter to me and I can’t give you that.” That is not the truth of the intimate sacred relationship that we are discussing with you.

Does it take courage initially, the first little bit, to say these things? Yes, it takes enormous courage, but let me suggest to you, courage fuels courage. Courage fuels valor. Courage fuels truth speaking. Courage, when it is expressed in action, in words, telepathic or otherwise, heart to heart, eyes to eyes, gives you that safety and security to proceed. And if the person, whether it is your father, your mother, your husband, your wife, your lover, and when I say husband and wife I do not mean in any way to make this gender specific, wife and wife, husband and husband, all of you have your sexual preferences. Let it be. Enjoy it! Embrace it! Be true to who you are!

But once you have begun, the most difficult step of this sacred relationship is the courage to express the truth of who you are, to allow yourself to be vulnerable, exposed and seen. And that requires, it is not merely a helpful hint, it requires the courage to be seen, and that requires getting rid of this fear! And that is why I am asking you with me and with all the ascended masters to torch this feeling of fear, of rejection, of limitation, that in any way you are not as worthy as the stars, the moon, and the Mother herself.

How can you possibly ever be intimate mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, if you are not expressing who you are, how you feel, what you want to laugh at, what you want to create, what you want to share? Now, not only do you hold out emotionally, spiritually, you also hold out physically. How often have you been in an intimate relationship, whether it is brand new, or twenty years old, or forty years old, and you have not said to your lover “I want”, “ I like”, this that or the other? And it ranges from “I need a hug” to “I need to be touched here”, to “I need to have sacred sex”, “I need to feel valued, cherished, desired and loved”. “I want to reach the peak where our essences of light, our sparks of light are dancing inside our body and outside of our body.” Practicing intimacy in the physical sense begins to give you the courage and the faith, the trust, to express yourself emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Similarly, if you express emotionally, “I need to feel more valued. I need to feel that you hear me when I say that something is dear to me or important to me.” That gives you greater courage to then say, “This is what I believe the universe is made of. This is what I think my mission and purpose is, what do you think?” And you engage in that conversation.

They all are braided together. You can’t simply have one, and I’m talking specifically in this sacred relationship, which is setting the paradigm for how community is going to work. There have been far too many taboo conversations upon the planet…“You can’t talk about this, you can’t want this, you can’t desire that”…This is absurd! You can have it all! And what does it take? Not just the power to create, my friends, but the courage to say, “I want”, “I deserve”, “I desire.” Now I know I have gone on a rampage. Dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

SM: Well, I’ll begin with saying thank you very much for this conversation. It’s really timely for me and I’m hoping that our listeners benefit as well. Um, it’s just perfect for me because of the thing that I’m going through that I was completely unaware of like dissociating from terror from past lives and connecting with the divine being a scary thing and I’m sure that’s happened with many of us. So thank you for speaking to all of that. Where do I begin? Ah, for one thing, one of the struggles I believe that we have here on Earth is that men and women perceive intimacy in different ways. Is that likely to change? Are we going to be becoming more in sync with how we view things and in relationship and intimacy?

St. Germaine: Yes, and you already are. This mythology, and that is what I will term it, oh yes, there are biologically differences and I acknowledge that, but the pattern that something is masculine rather than divine masculine or something is female, rather than divine feminine is truly an outmoded way of approaching life and certainly intimacy, sexuality and partnership. So, let me dig a little deeper here; for example, there is a belief and a push, a biological push, on the part of males that they are more interested in defining intimacy as sexual. But that is not necessarily true, it is simply how they have been acclimatized, I won’t even say acculturated. So they have been acclimatized into thinking that this sexual act is an act that creates intimacy where it is merely a starting point for them because they are afraid of expressing their truth and their emotional feelings.

Many women, I would say more women, are deeply in touch, as you sweet angel, with the reasons why they have shied away. The core issues are on the surface but it is the men who are more fearful of confronting this because they fear that if the love isn’t there and they have gone into that route, then what do they have left? So they have been taught through centuries of control and blood lust that they are to be the warrior conqueror. That is absurd. Let me tell you as one who has been a warrior conqueror, and one who has been a lover, I had far greater success producing diamonds, sapphires and jewels for my beloved friends then I ever did in making war or forcing any issue.

So the definitions of what one really wants, yearns for, desires, in terms of intimacy is shifting. And it is through the shifting of the core issues, up and out, that that is occurring. But it is also both genders being given permission, not only to express the truth of their desires, of their needs, and I do not mean needy, I mean needs, so that in that expression and the allowance of that expression comes forth what we would call more homogenous gender equivalency. The man is permitted to be tender, gentle, loving, vulnerable. They always were! And the woman always has those attributes and she can be strong and valiant and leader, provider, nurturer. The barrier in terms of role definition, not only needs to fade, it needs go away.

SM: Right. I’m sure we could use some help with that like if there were some fabulous enlightened men among us who wanted to step forward and have some sort of mentoring, gathering, training for other men, to offer guidance in this because it’s, you know, where do men have to look for that sort of guidance? It’s like not around.

St. Germaine: Well it is but it is very sparse. And so yes, I encourage all of you men out there to formulate training courses or to attend them. To get in touch with your inner male and female and to come to this place of balance, of permission, to be who you are which is bright angelic master, intergalactic man. You have chosen to be a man during this lifetime. You have done all things, you have been male, you have been female. You have been homosexual and you have been heterosexual. You have been lesbian, you have been gay. It matters not. This is not about sexual preference. This is about embracing who you are and the fullness of who you can be.

SM: Exactly. Without fear of ridicule or “you sissy” or whatever other names there are and there is plenty to shame, etcetera.

St. Germaine: And there is no room for shame. There is no room for guilt, and we mean this for all beings. Too often, one feels guilty or shamed, to ask for what you want, whether it is in bed or at the dinner table or at the banquet table of life.

SM: Right, it’s true. All right, so if I might switch gears and get on to somewhat of a difficult question, there are some among the human collective who, for whatever reason, be it hormonal, psychological, karmic, strictly physical, can not have an orgasm. Would you please offer some comfort to those who find it to be a bit depressing to think they’re missing out, especially in light of what you’ve been revealing?

St. Germaine: What I would suggest to all of you is that it is an extreme rarity that someone cannot have an orgasm. Now let me talk about this. You see, I am shy about such matters….

SM: And I’m grateful for that. (Laughter)

St. Germaine: (Laughter) Yes, some are shocked but let us talk about this because this is Nova Being. So, for many if we are talking physical, psychological, emotional, there is an issue, a terror, of surrender, of letting go. And this may come from many past lives, not merely of betrayal but particularly of feeling that this is evil, that this is sinful, that you are supposed to keep your self, truly what I would call, spiritually celibate. So I will do the dirty, but I won’t enjoy it.

SM :(Laughing)

St. Germaine: It is sad. Is it not? And I say this in the greatest compassion to all of you who are not having orgasm. So I’m asking you to practice surrender, fantasize if you need to, fantasize, practice with yourself first and foremost, then expand to your sacred partner. But you say, “Physically St. Germaine, I’m not getting over the hump.” Well, this is what I guide thee to do. Begin in earnest and I mean this, because this spark, explosion, implosion of what you think of as spiritual, physical, emotional orgasm is a gift! So, work with your kundilini and if you cannot or do not understand, then in your community find someone who knows how to raise kundilini.

Your kundilini is sitting at the tip of your spine. Have someone or rub it yourself vigorously, with your knuckles, as if you are awakening or trying to rub a stone and stick together to start a fire. So rub it and then see, come up your back as much as you can, and again, have a friend or an ally or a massage therapist or a trained therapist do this to you. But the sensation is you are pulling up this energy, this life force kundilini up, up–up–up. I want you to begin by pulling it all the way up your central column, which is the column around your spine over your head; do not start with a crown meditation because it will blow your circuits. Bring it over your head to your third eye. Bring all that energy…and it will take you a couple of weeks to get there, but it is well worth it…bring all the energy into your third eye. Sit there. Energy, energy, energy, energy until it explodes and it is a spiritual orgasm and very often a physical orgasm. That will get you started!

SM: (laughing) All right.

St. Germaine: And call me. See that I am igniting the torch of your kundilini. I am pleased to help.

SM: Yes, yes you are. (Laughing) I love that. All right, shall we continue this conversation another time, and have you got anything to say about that? Is someone else going to step forward now or…?

St. Germaine: I am going to step back because I have been very talkative, have I not?

SM: Oh, we appreciate it.

St. Germaine: Dear hearts, I love you. I cherish you. I speak of this sacred relationships and partnerships because it is the doorway to opening your heart to more; to more love, more sweetness, more creation, more of what you desire to bring forth in this journey of life. I am with you. Farewell.

SM: Farewell

Jesus: I am Jesus. I am Jesus Sananda. I am Yeshua. I am Yeshi. Call me what you will but call me and thank you for calling me forth this day. So we have spoken a great deal about intimacy. We have spoken a great deal, particularly my Magdalena and I, about the partnership aspect of sacred union and is there more to be said? Well, there is always more to be said but I also wish today to speak to you about the expansion of this sacred relationship and how one engages with family.

Now, everyone tends to think, and I have told you this, that I have has the most, well, magnificent parents when I have walked the earth as Yeshua. I know, it does not get any better than my Mother Mary and Joseph. And for that matter it didn’t get any better than my brothers and sisters, whom I adored. So, so often people say to me “Well Yeshua, you had it really good. My family is a horror show.” And yes I hear you when you say that and inside of that I also hear the yearning of your heart to have deep and meaningful and loving relationships with your parents, with your siblings, and with your family.

Now, why do I bring this subject up today? I had a very large family. You know in the days that I have walked the Earth the extended family was the norm. I had many aunts and uncles, nephews, nieces, and then there were those, and you still have this custom today, where because someone is part of the community they become the honorary aunt or uncle. Well, let me tell you, because I walked a different path, all my family had opinion…and they weren’t always supportive. Some were enormously supportive, giving me the courage to carry on, reminding me of the sacred nature of family. But you all know there is a difference of being reminded that family is important and being badgered to pay attention to your family.

There were many who would say to me, “Yeshua, what do you think you are doing? You are causing such pain, upheaval, humiliation, for the entire family. Your poor mother! Your poor father! Your poor wife! When are you going to get some sense into you? Come with me back to the synagogue. Let us pray together and hope that you will be guided to sanity.”

Well, what was I to do? Often I would say, “Thank you. Thank you for caring enough about me to express your opinion, your belief. Thank you for loving me and my immediate family enough to take the chance of stepping forward in what may seem to be an offensive or an aggressive manner because you care so much. I believe I am on the right track. I am guided by my Father above and my Mother below. Do not be overly concerned about me.” Sometimes when it was a particular uncle that I would Love, I would say, “Let us go to the synagogue and pray. Let us go to the synagogue and pray Uncle Josh because let’s face it, you could use some further guidance.” And we would laugh. And we would hug and we would go and we would pray.

So there was a mixture of allowance, of love, of what they most certainly viewed as defiant behavior, but a consistency in how I shared my truth. I did not stop love, loving and cherishing my extended family because they didn’t agree with me. Now, did I try and avoid them. Yes! I must admit that. There were many times where I would say to Mary, “Let us just duck out the back, I’m not in the mood for this conversation.”

SM: (Laughing)

JS: But there were many occasions when I could not avoid it. So did I betray or try and adjust or tone down who I was? No! Did I use humor, did I use compassion, did I use faining deftness? Yes!

SM: (Laughing)

JS: I say this because all of you, all of you, my beloved family, have those in your life who think they are simple shining a light for you and bringing to your attention that you are dead wrong. (Both Laughing)

And that is because they care or they are just committed to the fact that they are always right. Bless them, cherish them, send them on their way. They are being touched, prodded, opened, cleansed by the Mother’s tsunami. Stand back, be the observer, share what they can hear with their hearts and let the rest alone. Change is underway and you can be the observer and see the miraculous shifts in them right before your very eyes. You are far more lucky then I was in that lifetime. So many of them stood back, even at the crucifixion, said “See, I told you no good would come of this.” So, be patient but be vigilant. Be true to who you are. Love them unconditionally but obedience is not a requirement.

SM: Beautiful.

JS: Go with my love, dear hearts. And go in peace. I cherish and treasure you. Farewell.

SM: Thank you Yeshi. Farewell Yeshi.