Now, why have I linked this core issue business, challenge, obstacle, opportunity, to the global conversation? Because it is through the heart centered, honest conversation together that allows you to see and experience the wisdom, the history of others that apply directly to you…

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Golden Meditation:

Let’s begin this beautiful First of August day in the height of summer, to bring in that golden warmth, the warmth of our sun and the Great Central Sun, the gold of Gabriel, of Gabrielle, the gold of Sanat Kumara, the golden rain that can refresh our planet and refresh our souls.

Relax, take a minute and feel your heart, feel your entire body but anchor into your heart. And as we do this feel all your chakras lining up and opening; from your root, to your pelvic, to your beautiful tummy, to your umbilical ~ which is the color of honey, to the solar plexus ~ to the golden lemon yellow, up to your halion, to your heart, to your high heart, to your siroun, to your lurion, to your throat, to your brow, to your third eye, to your fifth eye, up to your crown and feel that opening and that alignment as you anchor in your heart, as you anchor in the Love, in the beautiful Love that surrounds you and the beautiful Love that each and every one of you are.

Love yourself up and breathe gold…from the most brilliant platinum-white gold of Yahweh, to the shiny gold of SK, to the deep Florentine gold of Gabrielle, to the gold of dandelions and buttercups and canaries, to the gold of who you are, because you are pure gold regardless of what ray or what color. You are the gold of Gaia and of the Mother’s heart! So, feel that warm expansion as the gold fills you…as it fills your heart and your circulatory system, your muscles, your fibers, your tendons, your bones ~ the core of your bones, your skin. And fill your field right out to the Seal of Solomon with this gorgeous gold, with this rainbow of gold, and simply be.

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Yeshua, and I come this day to speak, yes, of a global conversation and of core issues. Now how is that, my beloved friends, for a pairing? I open my heart, my arms, my being, to embrace you, to congratulate you, to invite you, to entice you.

Let me explain: I speak of my incarnation as Yeshua – one of various incarnations, in various forms, in various planetary sectors, but also one of my most sacred and favorite incarnations. An incarnation where I walked with you, where I talked with you, where we broke bread together, sometimes drank wine, other times drank water…and they were one in the same…where we engaged in the very beginning and the continuity of such a conversation.

When I became man, when I engaged into a form, I did not carry or experience or have the experience of dealing, of hiding, of removing, of eliminating core issues. I was blessed and fortunate and in many ways because I came upon this beloved planet, birthed from the heart of my Mother, with a purity, with what you can think of as a clean slate.

Now, my sweet allies and friends, my beloved family, this is also one of the reasons why I have introduced and have continued with the blessing of Karmic Dispensation. Because I came to know the burden of what it means to carry, to deal with, to challenge, to clear, to let go, to surrender these false grids known as core issues; these emotional, mental beliefs that the human race has carried for eons.

When I would so often engage in conversation of Love with many of you and others, translated into actions and existence and knowing and being of Love, I would often encounter this cement wall, this brick edifice that would not allow my message, my being, even my Love, entry. Now this, initially, confused me somewhat, it stymied me for I could not comprehend, either on a human or a divine level, why one would not wish to engage in Love, in the most precious gift and the root fabric and element of every being. Why there would not be such a desire for this transformation was a puzzlement to me. And so yes, I retreated, I reflected, I observed, and I listened, from my perspective and from my core of my divinity as messenger for the Mother. It was difficult to engage.

I spoke truth and I speak truth to this very day. This is what I speak, dear hearts, not through the various lenses and filters and layers understanding. Love, peace, joy and compassion are stand-alone truths. So my quandary was why the resistance, when I engaged with so many humans, particularly those in positions of authority, but also many who were simply fellow travelers or villagers? Why, through their lens, why, through their filters, this truth was not felt or seen or even accepted; not even accepted in some cases to even be examined and explored?

You can imagine my dismay and yes, at some times anger and concern that I would not complete my mission even in my mastery. I had need to discern what this blockage was. And hence I learned, in a very clear way, this obstacle of what you call in your parlance now, core issues. And because core issues do not sit at the surface, it requires a willingness, not only a spiritual willingness but a mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, causal willingness to engage, to dig, to remove, to confront, and to create victory.

This became the focus of much of my work; work, in many ways that was lost. The messages, the energy, the spirit of Love, of Love yourself, Love your neighbors, and act and be the Love of One has never been lost. But the translation through that cement wall has, in many ways, been pushed to the side.

There has been a growth of the belief, in all traditions, that if you pray, if you plead for divine intervention, if you meditate, if you do good works, that this obstacle will be overcome. While that is a part of the solution, most certainly, it is not the totality. The totality, the other piece is the inner work of being full of valor, courage, bravery, and curiosity to discover what it is that bars you from this feeling of wholeness of the Love, which is your very essence.

You may have different color skins, different color hair, different heights, different weights, but there is not one being upon Gaia or anywhere that is not created from what you would think of as the sub-sub-sub-atomic particle of Love that comes directly from the Mother/Father/One. So, if for no other reason, you would think, feel, that curiosity would encourage you, catapult you into not only the discovery of these core issues but the removal so that you are free. This is a time of liberation, of quantum leaping, of jumping for the entire human race.

Now, why have I linked this core issue business, challenge, obstacle, opportunity, to the global conversation? Because it is through the heart centered, honest, truthful, vulnerable, brave, courageous conversation together that allows you to see and experience the wisdom, the experience, the history of others that apply directly to you. You begin to see through your wisdom, your knowledge, your understanding that you are free to share. This is always what I wished to promote. It was never me; it was never my beloved Mother, or the Magdalena having all the answers. It was engagement, it was unity and connection, it was the ability to be together, to discover together, to grow together. This is your and my and our golden opportunity which is why I have begun this day with the Golden Meditation.

Engage! Engage my beloved friends within your sacred self and engage with each other. You are glorious. The insight, the pain, the suffering,the wisdom, and the allowance that you bring to the forefront are to be shared. This is the passage, this is the Ascension. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon