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St. Teresa

Your guides are the gift of the Divine Mother. It is her gift of love so that you know that you do not travel alone, that you are helped at every twist and turn. There is no one who does not have a retinue of guides. Their only purpose is to love you, to help …


The walk of Purity is the acknowledgement that all forms are equal and that you are part of that vast mosaic of love, you are an integral part and you voted yourself and made that choice and decision a long time ago. Purity is action oriented, it means getting your hands dirty. The embodiment of …


On our Saturday Conference call St. Theresa speaks to us…”You are surprised that I stepped forward as Master but it is time that you come to know me more fully for I have committed my life and many lives to the anchoring of Grace and Purity.”


The reason you go deeper is to heal this injury…it is part forgiveness, part trust but it is also surrender, literally lying down and allowing yourself to simply say “I am not in control. I am in partnership but in that sacred partnership there are times when I hurt and feel this injury, so I …