Your guides are the gift of the Divine Mother. It is her gift of love so that you know that you do not travel alone, that you are helped at every twist and turn. There is no one who does not have a retinue of guides. Their only purpose is to love you, to help you remember that you are loved and lovable and that you are the essence of love.

SM: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and myself Suzanne Maresca, sitting in for GD.

Today we’ll be talking about guides of a celestial and galactic nature. Our surprising guest to further explore the guidance available to us is Saint Teresa who helped us understand the divine quality of purity a few months back. I’m looking forward to hearing from Linda how that interaction went because Teresa is usually a very quiet one.

So many people have written in asking how they can connect to their guides and how they can actually feel them rather than guessing at their presence and feeling as though they’re pretending. And I think it maybe just be possible that pretending opens the doorway to perception. Good morning, Linda!

LD: Good morning, Suzy. And yes, trusting your perceptions and your imagination is a huge part of allowing yourself to connect with your guides. You’re right.

All of us have different ways in which we perceive. There are some people that are really clairaudient or clairvoyant; they see things, they intuit things, they perceive things, some people just get a feeling in their gut.

Often, our guides will come to us in ways that … or the higher realm, for that matter … will come to us in ways that communicate to our senses such as a scent or a fragrance or a sound, or a feeling of a brush, that coolness on the side of your body, or just that feeling when you know even though there’s no one in the room you can feel that there is someone in the room. So it’s a matter of just expanding what you allow yourself to perceive.

Some people are really lucky and they get the full Spielberg movie. But that’s not most people. Most people get glimpses or feelings, especially scents, because scent is one of our really strong senses.

SM: In that case it’s not only okay to assume that our higher self and our guides are here for us, but it would be wise indeed to do so, to just assume that they’re there and talk to them as if they are.

LD: The one thing I hear when I channel individually for people and it’s humorous, but in a way it’s really sad, is that so many guides suggest to their people that they are underemployed. So talking to them, acting as if they’re there, giving them jobs and tasks to do, asking for help in certain areas, it really starts to open the door.

SM: We can look at it as sacred play. If you feel like an idiot and ‘gosh, I’m just talking to the air’, or whatever, so what? who cares? We’re playing.

LD: Yeah, it doesn’t matter. The strongest illusion that we’re breaking through in terms of our Ascension process and the Shift in dimensions is that illusion of isolation and separation. We think…and it’s sad because, I think, all of us have had that feeling at one point or another that ‘gosh, I’m all alone in this’ and the truth of the matter is that you have these guardians and guides, I tend to use guides and guardian angels interchangeably.

Sometimes your guides are indigenous people, Native Americans; sometime they’re galactic; sometimes they’re angels; but I use all of that sort of as one grouping. They are the team that’s with you.

SM: It’s a frequency and names are not quite as important. Our relationship with our guides will be as individual as we are so it doesn’t have to look like anything in particular, nobody else has to tell you…Just relax and go with it. I’m sure that we will encourage everyone to meditate, go to stillness every day; it’s absolutely vital to a relationship with guides. You have to make yourself available.

LD: It would be like having friends that you never talk to. And after awhile they’re not your friend, are they.

SM: We could add a caveat here that I don’t think our guides ever abandon us; they might be at arms length, but if we don’t pay attention do you think they really, actually go away?

LD: They don’t go away because what people don’t understand is that our guides are in service to us, but that’s their service to the Divine Mother. So, in the mix of things, our guides have chosen to be with us on this sacred journey and remain in whatever frequency or form that they are in, but they’re not going to go away.

Sometimes I’ve had people say “I’m firing my guides” and part of me shakes my head and part of me chuckles and I think “you can’t fire your guides!” You may say “I don’t want to talk to you for awhile or I’m upset with you,” but the truth of the matter is, they’re not going anywhere.

SM: In higher realms there is no such thing as taking something personally. They’re not going to take offense that we’re not paying any attention. They want us to pay attention, but are not offended if we don’t do that.

LD: Sometimes we’ll ask and we’ll pray and ask one of our guides to please help us, and we surrender an issue to them. And I know I do this. It’s like when I reach the point where I’m dealing with something that is so far beyond me I can’t see where the solution comes, I hand it over to my guides because they can sort it out and do things that are so much more miraculous than we in our human dither sometimes can get to.

And the difficulty is that as human beings, sometimes we hand it over and then we get nervous or scared and grab it back. So working with your guides is giving the issue to them and allowing them to really help you.

SM: So, last night my daughter told me she doesn’t feel she has contact with her guides at this point. But I heard her last night giving advice to her boyfriend over the phone and she was brilliant and wise. I’m going to make the point to her today to say, “you know, if you don’t say you’re in touch with your guides you’re not paying attention, because guess what – you had a lot of wisdom come out of you last night” and really, don’t be kidding yourself because they’re there.

LD: And sometimes they are speaking through us and we don’t even realize it. I know there are times when I call it ‘looking at the bubble’ – where something comes out of my mouth just in casual conversation. And it’s like the cartoon bubbles that are above your head, and I look at that and think ‘where on earth, who said that? where did that come from…. And it wasn’t from me.’

SM: Yes, I always ask for help when I’m answering questions in the inbox, if I’m stuck I can always ask for help and I’m just allowing the words to come through me. Sometimes somebody will write back and say ‘wow, that was brilliant, that was really helpful.’ And sometimes I’ll read back what I wrote and go “wow who wrote that; it’s really good.” And I’m very grateful for that.

LD: The other thing sometimes people have misunderstanding about is that they think that their guides change life to life to life, and they don’t. You may have additional guides, you may have legions that come in and help you for a particular incident or issue. But, your guides have been with you since the beginning. And so they know you. They know the big you, the little you, the core of you, the essence of you because they’ve been with you since the whole realm and round of incarnations started.

SM: Would you say that in many cases our guides are beings that we’ve had lifetimes with? That we used to be great best friends with, that they chose to incarnate, as in the case of a twin flame? If we’re incarnated, our twin would certainly serve as a guide if they’re not embodied. They’ve been with us for a long time, but it’s not always as teacher/student or guide.

LD: Sometimes we incarnate together. But the other thing is, the misconception is that people think ‘well my grandmother that passed on is my guide’ and that’s not necessarily the truth. Now you may have had a really close relationship with your grandmother, and she may be with you and she may be watching over you.

I know particularly in the case of parents who pass on, I hear consistently, including my parents, they say ‘well I didn’t stop being your parent simply because I left form.’ My parents are visiting more now than they did when they were in form. But they’re around and they’re helping us. But that may be part of your circle.

It’s not to be confused with your guides who have been there since the very start. Now it could be potentially your grandmother. Sometimes our guides will come in and be in form with us during a lifetime where we know beforehand that it’s going to be a ‘big life’ for lack of a better way to put it. And we’re going to need that human assistance, so they come and they will be in form to help us. But really, they’re more effective out of form in their own particular frequency and form. They can do things that we can’t do because we’re stuck in these human bodies.

SM: Yeah, and this lower density which I don’t think is all that comfortable for them anyway. So we’re kind of like superheroes because we’re living here.

LD: I’m so glad you said that. Because we really are brave. I joke sometimes that if we had known, if we had really known what we were getting into, would we have done this? I don’t know.

I think that on the other side it’s like ‘oh of course I’ll do it.’ We have this ease and this freedom of movement and we want to serve the Mother and we know we are the love. And then we get down here and it’s like ‘oh my gosh, if I’d known it was going to be this hard…’ Because you know I don’t think any of us want to pretend that this hasn’t been hard. It’s been wonderful, it’s been joyful, and it has its incredible moments and I wouldn’t trade being on earth for anything. But it’s also been a rough ride.

SM: It’s a tough gig this human thing.

LD: It is and I think particularly this life while we are in this huge shift of what it means to be human, individually and collectively, it’s been a big, big deal. And so in a way we’ve never – well I know we’re not supposed to use the word ‘need’ but I don’t know what else to use – we’ve never needed our guides so much.

SM: This is a critical time and I think that visionary skills would be helpful for people to have and understand and that puts you into a space of availability and allowing and opening up. If you see yourself having this luminous architecture around you and you make yourself available and make your luminous egg really big and you sit outside in nature and you wait and you ask, they’re going to come. Just assume that they’re going to come. And if you still can’t hear them, just keep trying.

LD: And pay attention. Not just to the visuals, but to the sensations, to the sounds, to the scents, the coolness. Very often, spirit will come and it just feels like there’s a coolness in the air, or heat for that matter. Allow it to happen.

So often people say “I really wish I could see my guides” and I get that. And I also know that you and I are lucky because we do see things. But if you were lying in bed and all of a sudden a huge angel appeared it would scare you. So you sort of have to build up to it and be ready for it. You need to get used to seeing that shimmery kind of light and thinking ‘huh, I wonder what that is?’, and just be the observer. Just allow it to come.

SM: Also being outside, try exercises like letting the wind pass through you, or seeing yourself as one nature among the rest of nature and letting your be breathed. Things like this. Just sitting outside and practicing different things to sort of reduce the boundaries that make “I”.

LD: Boy that’s a wonderful idea. I’ve never tried that. Let the wind just pass right through me. I love it.

So I was surprised when Saint Teresa was almost jumping up and down, because as we’ve talked about before on Heavenly Blessings, Saint Teresa is the quiet, shy one. And there are lots of Saint Teresa’s by the way. But what the Council of Love has come to show me is that that energy is really one collective energy. That very often, like there was a Saint Teresa of Avila in the 1500’s, and Saint Teresa of Portugal in 1250. And Saint Teresa Margaret Redi, 1770…. So there’s been this continuity of Saint Teresa’s just like Saint Catherines.

But they come from the one universal self, or the oversoul. But when she showed up I thought this is really a surprise that she, out of all the beings that could very easily and eloquently talk to us about guides. But, because she’s been human I think she can really relate to that human heart desire of wanting to connect and that human desire of ‘can you show me?’ So, we’ll see what happens.

One of the things that I was guided to do today was to extend our meditation time a little and to do a meditation where people can meet their guides. So I guess that’s how we’ll get started …

So, take a nice deep breath of lurion. And lurion is one of the new rays and a chakra color and it is where your clavicle meets, that dent in between your clavicle and it’s one of your areas, just like your throat, of communication. And this center of communication is for communicating with your guides, and with other people’s guides, and with your I AM, and The I AM. So the colors, the blend of lurion, is pink and mauve and lilac and lavender and sky blue, that soft, soft summer sky blue.

So relax and feel yourself sinking into your chair, your bed, the floor, wherever you are, and letting go, once again, of the day, of the week, of your to-do list, and feel yourself floating on these currents of the color of lurion, one of the colors and the rays of communication. So breathe in that gentle blue and smell the lilac and lavender and feel the pink and the sweetness of a sweetheart rose. Just feel yourself sinking into your heart, deeper, right down to the bottom of your Valentine heart. And from that place of your core essence, of the love and the truth of who you are, welcome this opportunity of this time and this day to meet and to be with your guides. And drift, drift on those colors of lurion and feel that chakra, the base of your neck, open wide. And we’ll begin.


It’s a summer morning and it’s one of those perfect, perfect summer morning when you wake up early as the sun’s just crossing the horizon and the birds are just beginning to sing and you go outside and you can feel the freshness of the day and the promise, the fullness of the sunshine, the richness of the energy of summer, a time of flourishing. And you decide to go for a walk and as you leave your building or go down your driveway you notice that your street has changed and that today you are on a quest and you have traveled interdimensionally, particularly for the 4th dimension, the dimension of magic and alchemy and wonder, and you know that you are going on a walk, on a journey, to go and meet your guides. You have felt them and perhaps even known them and certainly felt their assistance throughout your entire life. But your heart’s desire is to know them more clearly, to have that kind of loving, sacred relationship that you yearn for and that somehow within your heart you know that they yearn for also.

So, you are walking down your street but it has become a country dirt road and as the sun is rising you can feel the beginning of the warmth on your face, on your hair, and you can feel the still, slight moisture in the air. It’s very quiet; you can hear the bumblebees and the rustle of small animals on the side of the road in the tall golden grasses. You can feel the slight movement of the buttercups, the dandelions, the black-eyed Susan’s, the Queen Ann’s lace. The sky is a china blue and you breathe the air deeply because it is a perfect day. And while you are anxious and excited, at the same time there is a deep, peaceful knowing in your heart that this is the time that you have chosen to go and more deeply communicate with your guides, your guardian angels, your friends, because that’s what they are, they’re your best friends.

So you meander a little further down the road and there on the rise, the brow of the hill, you see a perfect storybook cottage. You know that this is the place you’ve been looking for, so you walk up the pathway, edged by stones and all kinds of flowers, to the doorway, to the portal of this cottage. And even though you don’t know who lives here, you know that this is where you’ve been called to, guided to, and without hesitation you open the door and go inside this magnificent cottage. Go ahead. Now pay attention, look around you, note the floors, the walls, the ceiling, the light, the furniture, the scent in the air, and even though it’s very quiet, there is sound underneath it as well.

And you can hear the birds singing, beginning their day outside. You notice to the left that there is a staircase, a beautiful old staircase, old wood gleaming, not only with the smell of beeswax and polish, but simply by the sheen of human touch over many, many, many generations. And you decide to go up this staircase quietly and gently, but knowing full well that this is your plan.

And you reach the top of the stairs and there are several rooms; but you choose to go into the last room at the end of the hallway. And when you get there you notice an old, old bronze plaque that says “Your Guides” so you know you’ve come to the right place. So gently you open the door and you go into this room and although it’s beautiful, it’s rather sparse but there are some wonderful French dormer windows that are open, allowing the breeze to flow in and caress your skin, to scent the air. And in the middle of the room there is a beautiful old table, a cherrywood table; cherry, the wood of peace, the tree of peace. And on one side of this table there is a chair and on the other side of the table there are three chairs. With an instinctual knowing you go and you sit in the single chair.

There is nothing else in the room although it is painted a beautiful color, the color of your ray, of your soul. So relax and breathe and look around the room and as you do you notice in the corner, the far corner on the right-hand side, there is another door and you think ‘that’s a little strange’ because you thought that led to the outside of the house. But you’re not concerned; you’re just enjoying this adventure.

Now go deeper, deeper into your relaxing, into your knowing, into your heart and allow yourself to drift. And in your heart, in that wonderful place of love, ask again for your guides that belong only to you, no one else, for your guardians to come this day, to introduce themselves, that you may come to know them more completely. Go ahead.

You open your eyes and the air seems wavy, as if it is charged with energy, and it is, for you are in the place of magic and you have left the old 3rd far behind. You see the door, that mystery door, the far right-hand corner open and there is a being coming through it, walking towards you with the most incredible smile of welcome on their face that you have ever seen. Pay attention and allow. What does this being look like? Do they appear human or angelic or star being? What is the color of their hair, their wings, their eyes? What do you think they’re wearing? You can feel the excitement in your heart, in your body, because you know that your request has been answered and this is your guide, this is your primary guide and he or she is walking right towards you, their arms wide open.

Now you’re a little nervous so rather than running and embracing, you lean across the table and embrace and with that, your wonderful guides identifies themselves, they simply say, “I AM…” . You invite them to sit down and to talk to you, to tell you, to share with you who they are. And you can smell their fragrance, their essence, you can see their auric field, and you can sense their beauty, their innate goodness.

Now, I want you to listen closely because your guide has a message for you this day. Listen with your heart not just with your ears. Listen!……….This is important information just for you, for your journey forward. Feel the love that emanates, not only from your guide but from you and feel that wonderful circular exchange, from heart to heart, smile to smile, eyes to eyes. Reach over and take their hands and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Speak to this being, this wondrous being that has been with you forever, about your heart’s desires, about what you’ve been hoping and praying for help with. Express yourself, the truth of who you are and feel that information received and embraced. There is never any judgment with our guardians, never, just love and compassion and infinite understanding.

And give thanks to your guide, to All, to the universe, to yourself for having the courage, sensibility to come today. And you know that you will come back to this cottage, to this room, to this place in-between and you will meet your guides one by one by one and you will do this meditation again and again, always receiving more information and more importantly, more love.

As you prepare to leave, ask your guide, right now, how you will know them as you go about your busy day. What is the scent? What is the flower or the tree? What is the color or the ray? And listen. And thanking them for this information, knowing that you are welcome to return at any time, you stand up and you hug your guide full on. And you walk out the door that you entered by with a plaque “Your Guides” on the outside. You go down the hallway and down these beautiful stairs, out the front door, down the garden pathway, down your beautiful dirt road back to your house, to your home, carrying the knowing and the loving of your precious guide with you…..and rest.

Saint Teresa (ST): Greetings I AM Saint Teresa.

SM: Welcome.

ST: And welcome to you my beloved friend, sister of my heart, and thank you for inviting me this day. For yes, I really was quite insistent. And I tell you why. During my journey as Teresa, as Theresa, as Thérèse, I do not think I would have made it if I did not have the very visible and tangible help of my angelic guides; of the knowing of the gifts.

Your guides are the gift that the Divine Mother sends with you. It is her gift of love so that you know that you do not travel alone. And that you are helped at every twist and turn and in between.

There are moments in every life where there is a crisis of faith and it can take many forms but it is then when you turn to your guides, your guardian angels and you allow them to lift you up out of that dark night of the soul, as they have for me many times.

I often lived with the misunderstanding and illusion that I was not worthy. That no matter how hard I tried, how much I purified, how could I ever be worthy of the love of the Mother and yes, of Yeshua, the Sacred Heart of Yeshua.

Of course this was not of truth. But that was my journey; of discovery, of service, of becoming. But I could not do it without my guides, without my sisters, without my friends and family.

What you think of as the unseen realm is more tangible than you think. And as you’re shifting dimensions, my friends, that tangibility, that sense of form, of accessibility, is becoming clearer and clearer to you. And now when we are speaking of tangibility, also often know that your guides will overlight or apparite or be in human form, many times pointing the way, as the stranger that you encounter on the street, as the panhandler that you give a dollar to, as the merciful nurse or doctor who heals a wound, as the friend that holds you as you cry.

So it is not simply the matter of seeing the angelic beings but it is also seeing and knowing that energy as it overlights humans as well. These beings never leave you. And they sustain you.

Yes, they are in service to you but more clearly, they are in service to the Divine Mother. And they are her sentinels and her gift to each of you. There is none, no one who does not have a retinue of guides. And their only purpose is to love you, to help you remember that you are loved and lovable and that you are the essence of love. There can be no more precious gift than this.

And the thing that is often overlooked and what I wish to draw to your attention before I step aside is also that you must celebrate with them. So yes, they lift you up in the darkest night of your soul but when the victories are achieved, dear one, when the breakthroughs come, it is not that they are standing there waiting for a thank you – although I strongly advise it, it is that they want to share your joy, they want to be part of the joyous victory. And sometimes the victory is just getting through the day or the night. And sometimes the victory is going through the portal to the new reality.

SM: I am looing forward to that.

ST: You are mostly there, dear one. All of you in your own way are progressing through this portal of Ascension. And I will be there waiting for you with a bouquet of roses. Yes, you may ask your questions.

SM: Oh, okay. You read my mind.

ST: I read your heart.

SM: Thank you so much for being with us today. I really love this opportunity to speak with you again. What is occurring to me is that it’s been vital before now to ask for protection and clarity when seeking guidance from the currently invisible realms. I’m just wondering if that has shifted in any way with the new energies and the continual raising of frequencies here on earth.

ST: It shifted some time ago. But the reason that we still suggest that you ask for protection and guidance is because your belief system is not completely free of the belief that you need protection. So therefore, when you ask for it, and you know full well it is there, you feel safe to proceed.

So, it is one of those cases of ‘no harm done’. But is it necessary as you are entering into realms that do not have the same frequencies, energies, beings, as what you have encountered on old earth? No, it is not.

Now because so many of you are straddling back and forth – and I say this in the most positive of ways – that you are helping many through the portal, sometimes you are caught in the detritus of the old 3rd and in those situations you always want to have a little extra layer of armor on. But dear hearts, make no mistake about it; you are mightily protected.

SM: So at this point it’s only in our perceptions that, say, a lower 4th dimensional entity would come in trying to disguise themselves as a light being with true guidance.

ST: That is correct. It’s only your fear. Now I say ‘only’ – of course that is what we’ve been talking about – fear is the true enemy, the real lower vibration. It is not a being, it is a belief that you are in jeopardy and that you are not tended to and that your vulnerability leaves you open to abuse.

SM: Right, exactly. So if we see ourselves as the incredible light beings that we are there is no darkness that could even come into our field without being transformed.

ST: That is exactly correct. And that is why all of us have been saying to thee that the work that you are doing with your fields of light are what is transforming the planet.

SM: Awesome. I love that. Okay, so I have one more question…When there are aspects of us that live on ships are those aspects also serving as our guides? Does starting a dialogue with them help to facilitate the integration process taking place in the ascension of humanity?

ST: It is important that you are in what we would call a unified field, particularly at this time, with all of your aspects. So, yes, it would not do to leave a position on ship unmanned as it were, so we are not saying bring them entirely within you. But make sure you are forming a unified field of knowing, of connection, of love, of clear determination of purpose, singularity of purpose, together.

SM: Okay, alright, beautiful, that makes sense. Okay, so I’ve been speaking to many people who used to feel contact with their guides but I was wondering if you could please speak to what might be going on when we feel that our guides seem to be gone from us. For some it seems that the usual avenue of communication is no longer available. For others it might be that what used to be a dialogue has been replaced with silence. Can you say what might be going on there?

ST: Some of what is going on is that you are going through this transition and through the portal and what you are coming to know is the beautiful magnificence yourself. So have your guides disappeared? Of course not. They are right next to you as you are going through this transformation. But what they are asking of you, what they are teaching you, what they are, silently perhaps, assisting you with is the fact that you are learning to listen and to trust and know yourself.

Now for others it is completely the opposite. The guides have never been so vocal and chatty and available. So it is actually happening on both ends of the spectrum, simply depending on where you are.

SM: Right, right. Lovely. So are we ready for some callers.

ST: Yes we are.

SM: Fabulous. Thank you. Area code 727 are you there?

Caller 727: Yes, I’m here. I’m just going through a little bit of a rough spot. I just became unemployed. I may be looking for some hints or clues from my guides on a neighborhood or a timeline that I should look for, for employment.

ST: The timeline is to give yourself a moment to breathe. Yes you are going through a rough patch, dear heart, but you also are worn out. And so for you to jump immediately into another job would further exhaust you.

Give yourself a little break, not one that will break your bank. But a little break. Think in terms of a month or so. And do not hesitate to ask your sweet ones for help. Now, in this break, and I speak to many of you who are in this position, even if you are not unemployed you are in a situation and I know what this feels like of being in a job that you despise. Well, what are you doing there?

That is not the service of love that you agreed to on earth. So take time to also think, not in ways that are completely unrealistic, not that you are deciding that you are going to be the next President of the United States, and really who would want that job? but that is a whole other conversation.

But assess what job and think of it – a job. What does this mean? It is an expression of your faith and your love for the Mother. So, if it feels like drudgery, then that is what you are offering up. And that is what you are saying you are worthy of. And dear heart that is simply not true. So take time to assess about your joy job. And then decide, get the help and go forth.

SM: Alright, thank you very much for calling. Area code 586, are you with us?

Caller 586: Hi. My question has to do with an experience that I had about ten years ago. I woke up and came out of an experience where I think there was some type of visitation. But the last thing I remember is sort of a three-prong electric type cord going into my abdomen, and around that time it developed into a tight band around there and spread through my body. And I got very sick and no one could tell me what it was.

I’m still now dealing with this pattern in my body and I feel that I’ve asked again and again to be released from it and I keep hearing that all I need to do is breathe and ask for release and it just seems like I’m not getting any help or at least maybe I’m not receiving it but I’m not sure what I can do differently. I was wondering if I could have any more guidance on that?

ST: Dear heart, it is time for you to unplug. Now the energy that came to you was to increase the frequency and particularly what you would think of as the electrical component of your electromechanical grid. But it has intensified and intensified and you have never truly become comfortable or attuned, shall we say, with these energies. So quite literally, I want you to go into meditation and simply see and feel yourself taking that three-prong plug with the help of your guardians (who are not the ones who installed it by the way) and simply unplug it. It is as simple as that. And we will be glad to help. You will be well my dear.

SM: Okay, thank you for calling. Area code 724, are you with us?

Caller 724: Yes I am. I have a question. I’m hoping my finances pick up here quite soon. Is there any way you could tell me that? I know, that’s a big one, huh?

ST: Well, it is big and it is not. Because what you are really asking – I did not come to be the psychic on-call – but I tell you something more important. I want you to do this with me.

I want you, and I know as a founder and Mother of many orders what it is like to live shall we say modestly and in poverty. Now notice I use poverty or modestly, not lack. Because it is my choosing.

With me, right now, throw open your arms and your hearts and simply allow yourself to receive the abundance of the Universal Mother and of Gaia in every form imaginable. And do this with me, my dear friend, every single day. So it is not just imagining yourself…There is a movie, it is The Sound of Music, it is quite a pleasant film actually, it has many messages within it. But throw open your arms like that dancing and simply sing to the universe “I accept, I allow, I receive, I am whole”. And let the abundance flow.

SM: Beautiful, I love that image. Thank you for calling. So, area code 949 are you with us?

Caller 949: Yes, hello and good morning. I really have a dream that I always like to do, an artistic project, it’s about doing motion graphics with the universe and I have been having hesitations, for so many years, of doing it and I want to know really from my heart if this is the time for me to start doing this project? I have the money and everything but I don’t know why I have so much hesitation. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with this, it’s just something I like…

ST: It’s the fear of failure. And it is the fear of success. So, though you’re trapped at both ends, dear heart, take your sword that Michael has given you and cut the cords to fear of failure, then cut the cords to fear of success and allow yourself to then take hesitation and throw it out the window. There is no time during this reawakening for hesitation. There is nothing that you are waiting for anymore. So begin and begin today. Declare yourself the artist that you are. Do it in joy, not in fear. Do it in creativity, in laughter, do it with a sense of ‘I am so glad I am finally getting to this. Look out world.’ And start.

Caller 949: Do you think also that this can also have an impact to other people? That other people can benefit from my dream?

ST: Oh yes. It is not meant for you alone. You are building community and unity. This is to be shared.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you for calling. So area code 519 are you with us?

Caller 519: I am. I’m a little lost, out of work right now and I feel I’m in the wrong place and I don’t know whether I should stay nearby or go far.

ST: Your heart is telling you. Now you can create and have community and the work that you desire wherever you choose. But what your self is saying is that you want some change and you are hesitant because it means venturing a little into the unknown.

I understand this, dear heart. But also understand that you are creating a new adventure for yourself. You are creating a new opening for yourself. You have said already to your guides “I am tired of this same old same old” and they are listening and they are prodding and they are encouraging and they are supporting. So it is not just about moving, it is about creating and going where your heart desires and then creating and locating effortlessly the job you desire. Go for it, dear heart.

SM: You’re so welcome, have a wonderful day. Thanks for calling. Okay, this is great. Area code 248 are you with us?

Caller 248: Oh! I’m here, I’m here. Sorry. I have a question, I’d like to know how to discern between our core selves and our guides? because we’re expanding and knowing who we are in more dimensional ways and I’d just like to know if there is a way to discern this? If it really matters at all?

ST: Yes, of course it matters dear heart, it matters because it matters to you. But let us be clear on this. Yes, you are expanding; you are coming to accept your multidimensional self. And there are many aspects that you are coming to know.

And for some, as we have spoken of earlier, that is why your guides have gone quiet. So that that knowing of your sacred self is expanded and embraced and come to be known more intimately, more joyously.

The sense that you have with your guides, your guardians, is they are external to you. Now, are they felt within? Do they speak to your heart, to your head, to your ears? Yes. But there is a sense of differentiation.

So it is the feeling that your grid, even though it is all one huge massive grid of the multiverse, so your section, your plot of grid ends and there at the edges, which is as close as your skin sometimes, do not think that your grid does not expand and contract, it does constantly just like breathing and your lungs. But outside that grid you will feel and sense your guides. The sensation is, there is differentiation and that is how you discern it.

Now, can you make a mistake? Of course you can. And it is no such thing as a mistake. If you think that your guides would be upset by thinking that they’re an aspect of your sweet self, that is not so. They would be honored. Regardless, they are going to help you.

Caller 248: Thank you so much.

SM: Thank you for calling, you have a great day.

ST: You’re welcome, dear heart.

SM: Teresa, do you think we could take one more caller?

ST: Yes.

SM: Alright, we’ll try this one again. So, area code 970 are you with us.

Caller 970: Good morning! I’m wondering if you have guidance for me, or any thoughts about my guides? I’ve listened this morning and learned a lot. Sometimes I think asking you what you might want to say to me is more effective than asking a question.

ST: What I say to you is what I say, and it is the perfect ending to my sweet visit. What I say to you sweet angel and all of you angels – because don’t forget that’s where you started – trust. Trust is the key and of course it is connected to purity is it not? But it is trusting your heart, your mind, your soul and then expanding that trust to trust your guides. Trust them and entrust them with the secrets of your heart’s desire, with tasks, with undertakings and to lift you through the portal if necessary. Trust my sweet ones. It will never let you down.

Caller 970: I keep hearing living in a community of like minded people which is Sedona. Does that seem like that’s right, aligned then? That’s what I hear myself saying.

ST: It is where you find that you trust yourself. So proceed. Go with my love, all of you and thank you, thank you for having me. Farewell.

SM: Oh, farewell Teresa. Thank you so much for being with us today.

LD: Hi, it’s Linda. Wow, what a great guest. You know she didn’t get to be where she is …oh my, that was a treat. So, everybody start working with your guides. And go back through that meditation which can just be in the silence of your own home or relisten to this. Go back and bring your guides in one by one or as a group and just get to spend time with them and come to know them because they’re only there to help you.

SM: Absolutely and there’s no judgment and it’s only love.

LD: It’s only love. No one, even those of us…we just had Mother’s Day and so Happy Mother’s Day to everybody. But for those of us who have had wonderful mothers, which I was certainly blessed with, lucky enough, and I miss my mom, and we all know what that mother love can feel like, or we wish we knew if you didn’t get it, but the love of our guides is like mother love times a million. So turn to them; they’re standing there waiting for you and they really, really want to help. Take them shopping. You’ll find yourself buying healthier food – and maybe some ice cream.

SM: Oh gosh, the food thing. I’m just not that interested in food anymore and I wish I could just stop being hungry because then I’d probably just stop eating.

LD: Yeah. And that’s important to be eating something while we’re in this transition period. And what I’m seeing is people who wither don’t want to eat at all or they’re so hungry for sugar and carbs. I think it’s a grounding thing. They just want that…their bodies are telling them, give me this so I can stay in form. But you have to eat. And you can never eat enough green because green is love. And green is regeneration.

SM: Thank you so much Linda, again it was a great show.

LD: Oh, thank you Suzy. I love you.

SM: I love you too. Have a great one.

LD: Until next week.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 05-17-13