Gentleness is an element necessary for survival during this time of ascension and change.


The gift that is being brought to us today is from our beloved St. Teresa, that sweet gentle angel, that enlightened being who teaches us gentleness and purity and grace. And the gift that Teresa is bringing us is the gift of the creamy white tiny sweetheart rose and the very edges of that rose, the very edges of the petals, are tinged with the softest pink. So, it’s this creamy white, like really thick rich cream, the kind of cream you’d see if we ever went to a real dairy, the kind of cream that gets stuck on your kitten’s whiskers. That duller white when you look at a cloud when the sun’s gone away, with a tinge of pink. The gentleness of a baby’s breath; the infant’s checks when they just wake up; that tinge of pink at sunset.

And Teresa’s asking that we bring this little sweetheart rose, that’s just a bud, into each and every one of our chakras to bring in that gentleness and that purity. Both individually and collectively, we have been doing a lot of cleansing, clearing, shifting, illumination, elimination, as we go through the completion of our ascension process. And it’s important…and it’s particularly important she is emphasizing…that we do this, not only with ourselves but with the collective, that we remember that gentleness is the key.

So, into your crown, into that beautiful, brilliant crown of violet, bring the gentle sweetheart rose, and into your third eye, and into your fourth eye between your brows, and feel your head being gentled by that creamy pinkish white light…it’s not sparkling, it’s like liquid velvet.

And bring it down into the blue of your throat, into our centers, not only of communication but our anchors of change and our ability to change and shift within ourselves, within our circumstances, our relationships, our situations, and to change the entire planet.

And bring it down into your lurion, into your esoteric center of spiritual connection, and blend it with the paler blue, the lavender, and the violet.

And bring it down into your siroun, into your high heart, that peachy-pink gold, and this is our center for peace and harmony within ourselves, but on our planet. So, bring in that creamy baby rose and bring it into your heart, let’s plant that beautiful rose in the center of our Pink Diamond and let the root split and anchor in the Gold and the Blue Diamond. Breathe it in and breathe it into your heart.

And bring it into your halion, your halion chakra, your starseed chakra, with the mint green, the Electra blue, and drop it down into our solar plexus. Let’s really focus here, let’s bring that gentle sweetheart rose into the center of our will and let’s bring it into the center of the collective will so that we, individually and as one circle, are aligned with Divine Will and our ability to step forward and accept and live our Divine Authority, our ability to take the wishes and dreams and love of our heart and to translate it into action creating Nova Earth with gentleness and purity and love.

Now, bring that little rose, that creamy rose into your umbilical, into your belly button…we often forget this chakra and this is your center, this is your chakra for elimination. And it spirals out as the color of liquid honey or maple syrup and this is where you can push out that which does not serve. So, bring that little rose into your umbilical and in the gentleness and the sweetness of honey, the sweetness of the scent of a rose, if there’s anything that you’re ready to let go of, as we sit here together in the 13th Octave, do so…push it out.

And bring the rose into your tummy, into your sacral – she’s  planting a rose, St. Teresa’s planting a rose in each of our kidneys, our liver, our spleen, our gall bladder – and in the center of our tummy the rose is blooming…it’s small and powerful. Breathe in that creamy little rose all the way down to your stomach, all the way down to your sacral. And feel the peace, feel the peace of gentleness.

And down into your pubic and down into your root and let’s let the stem of this beautiful white-pink sweetheart rose coil around your red rope and anchor with you in the heart of Gaia, through the carpet or the tile, through the floor, the cement, the soft earth, the hard earth, the rocks, the gaseous layers, the water, all the way to the heart of Gaia.

And rest. And receive. And be that gentle rose.


Greetings, I am Teresa. I am Teresa, I am sister, I am ally, I am friend. And yes, I am honored and pleased to step forward with a gift, yet again, of gentleness…yes, sister to purity, sister to serenity…but beloveds, gentleness is an essential element. Let me speak even more strongly! Gentleness is an element necessary for survival during this time of ascension and change and complete reformation, reconstruction, reconstitution of what it means to be human, what it means to be divinely human, because there is no separation, there is no delineation…it would be artificial at best and ridiculous at worst to attempt to even try and suggest there can be a separation between human and divine.

In my life that you have known or learned about me as Teresa, you know that I have endeavored, worked, struggled, surrendered, to attempt to become pure, to feel that I was deserving for the love of Christ, to be the handmaiden of our Mother, to be on the earth but not of the earth. And I do not criticize or chastise or judge that path, for that was a life where I came to know what that deep acceptance of my true essence and that my divine connection was about. It is a lifetime and an experience…because what is a lifetime but, in fact, a very brief experience?

It is when I came to learn that the key to unity, to love, to joy, to happiness, lay not in struggle, not in torment, not even, really, in removal from what we have thought of as ‘the human experience’, but, in fact, the deeper embrace and the full surrender, not to something I was attempting to become, but to the gentle truth of who I am. And sweet angels of light, the truth and the surrender to who you are.

Gentleness has probably never been as critically important upon this planet, upon this sacred archangel, as it is in this moment.

And I mean this for each and every one of you: Lay down your fears! Lay down your hesitations! Lay down all your lack and limitation – they do not exist! Surrender to the divinity and the humanity, the beauty, the purity, the wonder, the inspiration of who you are.

In the very end, when Yeshua has turned to me and said to me, “Teresa, what is it you really want?” And I have said and declared, “I want to be the inspiration of purity and gentleness. I want to inspire others in the quietude and the certitude and the knowing. To know, beloved ones, that you may walk this planet, not only in the deepest peace…yes, not disturbing even a dandelion in seed, not disturbing a blade of grass, a glowworm, a fairy, a cloud, a star…not disturbing but observing and conjoining.”

Too often upon this planet there has been…and I emphasize past tense…there has been a belief that things get done, whether it is creating a new relationship, a new economy, a new planet, a new system of existence, there has been an errant belief that it is done through effort and arrogance and pushing through. And you can guarantee that pushing through always means hurting and harming someone or something…and that is not the way of love.

That does not mean that in the shift that some do not choose to move, some do not choose to leave, some do not choose to die…and that is organic and that is free will. It is free will on the part of a blade of grass to continue on through winter and attempt to remain green, or to simply go with the cycle of its own existence. You do not interfere with that and you most certainly do not delude yourself that you were in control of that. And so it is.

There is a shifting, right now, in fulfillment of our Mother’s Plan, in fulfillment of our Mother’s Dream, to gently open  your hearts and shift to a new realm of existence. It is you lying in my sweetheart rose and simply saying, “Yes, I am prepared to blossom. I do not fight. I do not force. I accept and surrender to the beauty that I am. And I will do so, not only with gentleness but in surrender to who I am as divine being, as a child of One, as the agent of change, as the implementer of our Mother’s Plan, and as the seed for humanity.”

You are the Nova Beings! You are already there! Allow yourself, with my help and with the help of all of us, allow yourself to open and feel the light, not only of the Great Central Sun but Gabrielle’s Joy. Feel it upon your face and rejoice, sweet ones, and give thanks.