On our Saturday Conference call St. Theresa speaks to us…”You are surprised that I stepped forward as Master but it is time that you come to know me more fully for I have committed my life and many lives to the anchoring of Grace and Purity.”

Greetings, I AM Theresa, I AM Teresa, I AM Teres, I AM the Little Flower. Welcome. I AM also the Master of Grace and Purity and I step forward this day to not only speak to you of these qualities, but also to infuse you, my beloved friends, my family, oh yes you are my family, you have always been my family. And I have watched from a distance and up close and I have watched you learn and come to love walking gently upon Gaia, caressing the grass, greeting the flowers, speaking to the birds, reassuring the trees.

You are surprised that I stepped forward as Master but it is time that you come to know me more fully for I have committed my life and many lives to the anchoring of Grace and Purity. Yes, I have spoken to you before to not be obsessed, my beloved ones, with the anchoring of Grace and Purity to the point that you forget to enjoy and to anchor in your physical bodies. It is not about getting out of your body, it is about relinquishing and finding the joy, and anchoring the Purity and Grace within your very being, within every realm, every body, every molecule. For when you are in the state of Grace you are the receptacle for love, you are the vibratory notion of love, you are the transmitter of love and you are the bringer of Grace.

Do not divorce yourself from the physical realm for as you go through this Ascension, and you are almost home already, yes you stay in this middle ground simply to assist others. But that is who you are and that is the Grace and love and if you were not in a state of Purity you would not be able to do this. So I am gifting you what you already have, what I am doing is activating the knowing and then I am adding layer upon layer upon layer because you will accept it, because you are ready.

This is not about struggle; it is not even about fortitude or prudence. No, I do not in any way nay-say these qualities, but I suggest to you that as you enter and anchor in Grace and Purity, the need for many of these divine qualities dissipates because it is your foundation, it is what you have anchored and what we, today and every day, are building upon. We are not simply building Nova Earth my ones; we are building Nova Being and Nova You! And I am not saying that there is anything wrong with you, quite the contrary, but there has always been room for infinite growth and expansion. And you know this now, you don’t merely think it or wish it, you know it.

I embrace you in the gentleness of love, in the kindness and the caring and the sweetness in every form. This is your birth-right and it is my honor to remind, to remind each of you and to reactivate and further activate.

I also wish to speak to you of Nova Earth, how I refer to Nova Earth and to the Cities of Light. It is the planet of flowers; it is the cities of flowers. Yes I am preferential, all are welcome. What do the flowers teach you? Gentleness, to tread softly, they imbue you not only with beauty but with an appreciation of beauty. It helps you to be more conscious in your physical form, to pay attention to where you place your feet on Gaia and the more bare feet there are the better, for then she has immediate access to you. The fragrance of the flowers heals; their vibration sings to you and heals you. And you have already begun to hear their magnificent chorus and song and yes, each one has its own unique song.

We are talking about cities and countryside and places that are not polluted, where the blossom on a tomato plant is as exciting as a rose. Where an apple blossom is not only bringing the messages of fruit and plenty and spring, but the song of being able to move with the elements of wind and water and rain and to grow from that into the fullness of who you are.

I ask you to take time over the next couple of weeks to reconnect, not only with the kingdoms, but within your heart. What is your fragrance? What is your flower? and there may be several, for most of you are bouquets. What is your tree? What is your fruit tree? What is your grass? Are you the grass of the savannahs or of a lawn, the Amazon? Connect more deeply and cherish this because it is part of who you are and it contributes to your Grace, your Purity and your wholeness. Do not think that your aspects are only starseed or Lemurian or Atlantian, connect with the totality of who you are and know that I am there and I am assisting thee, always.

So turn to me, my beloved family, I am with you. Go in Grace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon