…purity is not merely gentle, purity is stalwart, purity is strong, purity is mighty, purity is your declaration that you are of One…


So, everybody close your eyes and just thank yourself for being here, thank yourself for showing up, thank yourself for being so committed to this process of ascension, and of anchoring Nova Earth and Nova Being.

So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of pink. From the softest, softest, softest baby pink to the most flamboyant rich fuchsia, from the pink of strawberry ice cream to rose petals, to a baby’s blanket, to a sunset sky. Come into your heart… feel like you are sinking into the bottom of your heart, into the base of your heart, into your tri-flame. Go into the base of your tri-flame, into your beautiful Pink Diamond self, surrounded by the Mother’s Blue Diamond and the Father’s Gold Diamond… and go deeper.

Too often we don’t explore the beauty of our Pink Diamond self. So today I want you to go inside… place yourself, your eyes, your ears, your nose, your perceptions, your heart, inside your beautiful Pink Flame, your Pink Diamond self… sparkling… but see, see the rays of your pink because regardless of whether we travel on a blue, or magenta, or amethyst ray, our tri-flame of our sacred self is pink. So, take a moment and go inside and feel it and explore it and sense it and know it.

And this is the Prayer of St. Teresa of Avila:
Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing frighten you. All things are passing away. God never changes. Patience obtains all things. Whoever has God lacks nothing. God alone suffices.

And feel that, feel it inside your beautiful Pink Diamond self. Feel that mighty, soft, gentle, pure, beautiful essence of who you are.


Greetings, I AM Teresa, I AM Theresa, I AM Teres, and I am one with you. And I welcome you beloved friends, brothers and sisters of light, brothers and sisters of love. I welcome you to this time, not only this time of fall but this time of becoming, this time, yes, as this channel has spoken of, this time of breakthrough.

So many think of me and they think of the flowers of spring and the flowers of summer, the rich, luxuriant, plentiful roses, and daffodils, trees that blossom, and shrubs that are fragrant. I love the flowers of fall, the maturity, the depth of color, the russets and the marigolds, the plums and the purples, the magentas and the reds. These hold the richness of what has been learned in previous seasons, in previous adventures, in previous chapters, in previous lives. And you, my beloved friends, are in that richness… that richness of harvest, that richness that comes when one has traveled, and understood, and anchored, and incorporated the wisdom, yes, of Gaia, of your life of existence, the wisdom of the ancients and of the unseen.

Often I have come to you and I have spoken to you of purity and the desirability of purity and grace. I come this day in the ancient wisdom, in the knowing, in the divine authority of choice and free will to remind you, not only of your richness but of your purity, of your fundamental, essential, grounded, ever-present purity. It is part and parcel, and part of your DNA, part of your soul, soul design, and it is part of this life, it is part of your heart, it is part of who you are.

My difficulty, when I have walked and roamed this planet of beauty, was so often I was seeking, praying, hoping, yearning for purity… and it was already there. I did not fully comprehend that I have come forth, birthed from the Heart of One, pure…an essence of beauty. And so I strived and I strived and I prayed. Now I am not suggesting you should stop praying because it is mighty… it is your mightiest heart speaking and heart listening tool. But do not delude yourself… your essence is, always has been, it includes, purity. Recognize it. Embrace it. Trust it. Count on it. Expand it. Share it. It is not being a braggart. When you express your purity in thought, in word, in action, in deed, what you are doing, what you are saying to the collective of humanity and to the person standing right next to you, or across the planet, you are saying, “I am pure. I see the purity in you and I know you to be pure.”

So, let us shed this illusion of less than. Let us shed the choices of barbarism or misdeeds, particularly to your own sweet self and each other because purity is not merely gentle, purity is stalwart, purity is strong, purity is mighty, purity is your declaration that you are of One, in form, on planet, in service to the Mother, in service to the Father, in service to your brethren, and in service, admiration, love, and surrender to the truth and the might of who you are.

If you did not have the purity, if you did not embody the faith, if you did not know that, in fact, God/Source is all you need, then I would not be having this conversation with thee. And I am overjoyed to have this conversation with thee and to remind you…do not follow my example. And today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life embrace your essence of purity, embrace your gifts from the Mother of clarity and purity and grace. This is part of your sword and shield, for when you are in the purity, when you are in the clarity, then what is not disappears.

You are at an amazing juncture of breakthrough, sweet ones. We hail you, we bless you, we fortify you, and we accompany you. Go with my love. Farewell.