The reason you go deeper is to heal this injury…it is part forgiveness, part trust but it is also surrender, literally lying down and allowing yourself to simply say “I am not in control. I am in partnership but in that sacred partnership there are times when I hurt and feel this injury, so I need help”…it is faith and trust and hope, and there is no life without hope…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Our guest today is the Universal Mother Mary and we welcome your calls and your questions and your comments tonight. You can call in tonight by dialing 323-784-9697 and when you press #1 Suzanne will take your call and we will do our very best to get you to join the conversation. Hi Linda.

Linda Dillon: Hi Graham, how are you?

GD: Good evening, it’s a nice evening on the east coast.

LD: Nice evening in Florida; hot, muggy and mosquito ridden.

GD: You’re on the heels of Hurricane Isaac and it sounds like you’ve had some tornedo activity out there as well so no escaping some inclement weather.

LD: It’s part of the human experience, right?

GD: Right, right, we’ve talked a fair amount on the shows about the peaks and the troughs and the calm waters, and obviously I’m making the analogy to the weather you’re experiencing, but we get it all and it’s a really good place that we can get to and we can be a peace with it all. And there’s a lot happening in the world and a lot of people are feeling lots of things and I know we’re going to be talking about some of that tonight. Anything you’d like to say about tonight’s show?

LD: Well, I think there’s a theme right now, a universal theme right now and it’s about healing injury and we have, the Council of Love, has Saturday conference calls and in our last call St. Germaine came in and he was speaking to us about healing injury. And how he defined injury was not just as feeling hurt or being hurt but injury having a component of feeling betrayed or really disillusioned or let down. And you know sometimes we experience these internal tornedos as well and that can be a really good way to just, you know that sacred spiral, to clear things out and let go. And part of the healing of injury and part of the letting go and taking our next step is really surrender. And that’s the universal theme right now is surrender, letting go and really embracing just being.

GD: Yeah, that’s a big one.

LD: It is a big one and I think it’s important that we be able to say that to each other and to say “You know, I’m really having difficulty with this today” because it’s never every day, it’s just some days, and to be able to help each other along the way because that’s what it’s about. Thank goodness we’re not all in the same place all at the same time.

GD: Right, right. Well I’m looking forward to this. Would you like to start us off with a meditation?

LD: I would love to start us off with a meditation. Before we do, do you have anything you want to share with our listeners about the upcoming InLight Radio Conference?

GD: Oh, right, absolutely. We’ve been doing a number of projects and my mind’s on one in particular and it’s been very exciting, all of the creative energy and all of the wonderful ideas and what a wonderful team. And Linda I don’t have the information in front of me to speak to it. Do you have the dates in October?

LD: It’s the weekend of October 26th, so I think it’s 26th, 27th, and 28th, whatever that Friday, Saturday, Sunday is. It’s at the Poco Diablo in Sedona; we have a wonderful line-up of speakers that have been associated with the 2012scenario and InLight Radio, a whole variety which is going to be really neat to be able to share perspectives. Sierra Neblina has been spearheading a lot of this coming together of this group and she has organized it in a way that we are able to interact and have time together to chat, to talk, to do Q & A’s, to process together. You can register by going to the 2012scenario site and just clicking on ‘Buy tickets’.

GD: And all the information is there and in addition to the InLight Radio crew, the folks that you hear during the week that hosts shows, we’ll all be there speaking, we also have Mike Quinsey, the channel for SaLuSa, Suzy Ward, channel for Matthew, Genii Townsend right from Sedona, Wes Annac, Pleaidian walk-in will be there and many people that are listeners and many people that are readers of the 2012scenario and you know what I’m so psyched about? and we’ve talked about this Linda, is just getting us all together because we haven’t all met.

LD: No we haven’t and to have this, it feels like a reunion. So it’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s going to be intense but it’s going to be playful and fun and come geared to have an experience and get ready to ascend.

GD: And to be in that space with all of the lightworkers that are coming, I’m just so excited about. We’re going to build some amazing energy and love and light. So that’s just really, really great. Linda, thanks for being mindful to plug it, you’re good at that.

LD: You’re welcome. You’ve been working hard, as you say, on a number of projects that we have underway. So it was my turn to be the little reminder. So let’s begin with a meditation. Everybody relax and feel yourself sinking into your chair, the floor, the sofa, the bed, wherever you’ve positioned yourself tonight. And as we get started thank yourself for being here, thank yourself for giving yourself the gift of this time to connect, to connect with yourself, with your heart, with your higher self, with the Council, with the Company of Heaven and to allow yourself to be filled because even while we’re talking the Archangels, the Ascended Ones are filling you with their light and love.

So in honor of our Universal Mother let’s begin by taking a nice, deep breath of Mary blue, of that beautiful twilight blue, not navy, not royal, not sky, that beautiful perfect blue and breathe. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and feel yourself letting go of tension, of expectations, of the day, of the week, of what lies ahead and what lies behind. Feel Mary wrapping you in her cloak of blue as you cocoon in this color of the sky at this time of night. Feel her love and her nurturing, allow yourself to be loved and nurtured, more and more and more. This is not something that we have to limit; this is something that we can expand and grow and simply luxuriate in.

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I AM Mary.

GD: Hello, welcome.

UMM: Welcome sweet angels of light, children of my heart, children of my soul. Welcome to this time of unfoldment bright angels of the dawn, anchors of the new, creators of the new. You dear hearts go forward, whether you know it or not. Yes you are in the eternal now, you are in the space and time of love, and you are in the space and time of the unfoldment of my plan, of my promise not only to each of you but to my beloved Gaia, to your universe and to the universe far beyond what you know.

Very often sweet ones you feel that things are moving very slowly and I hear your prayers, I hear your creations and yes you are doing well on dreaming big. But things are actually moving very rapidly and let me be clear about what I mean when I say ‘things’ I mean energy, I mean your sweet selves. It is not about the external reality; yes that is a current manifestation that you are experiencing, much of it of your own making. But what I wish to speak to you of tonight, of course to answer your questions, your queries, and the secrets of your heart, but also what I wish to speak to you before we even begin to engage, is the changes that are transpiring deep within you on every single level, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, esoteric, it matters not. And each of you is becoming to understand that there is no separation between these fields of your being; the flow is eternal and infinite and there is no separation between you and the rest of the universe, there never has been. Have false walls and grids been erected and adhered to? Yes, but they are not reality child. They never have been. And when you have turned to me and you have said “Mother, I will go, I will go and I will share my heart, my love, my life, my experience and I will allow this unfoldment of the promise and I will take my place in the light.” You have known that this Shift would take place, that this time of Ascension within your very core would take place. Many of you are still looking to the external signs, yes they are guideposts, but sweet ones the truth of your progress, of your Ascension, of your movement is from within. It is from the acknowledgement and the surrender to who you are; it is not surrender to the illusion of the external reality, you are recreating that even as I speak to you this day. So do not put too much attention on that because it is shifting like sands in the ocean. Observe it, note it, and then go again deep within and expand your heart. Yes I have asked through this channel to speak to you tonight about surrender and to continue upon my beloved St. Germaine’s theme of healing injury, of letting go. Each of you, in your own way and in this and in many other lives, both upon the planet and off, have experienced feelings or situations or environments of injury. We do not simply mean when we speak of injury, having your feelings hurt, of being misled, misunderstood, or mis-stepping, of veering off your pathway which most of you have done in one way or another, at one time or another. Injury is grievous and it cuts deep within your being, within your soul and that is why I speak to you of it because some of you, many of you choose not to go deeper because when you do you come upon that feeling of injury, of grievous betrayal, of worlds and beliefs falling apart, of being betrayed by those you love and trusted, of being betrayed by your sacred self. But the reason you go deeper is to heal this injury and go through it to the deeper love and the infinite knowing. Yes it is part forgiveness, part trust but it is also surrender and surrender is literally lying down and allowing yourself to simply say “I am not in control. I am in partnership but in that sacred partnership there are times when I hurt and feel this injury, so I need help.” And it is the trust beyond any proof; that is what trust is about. It is faith and trust and hope, and there is no life without hope.

It is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and allowing yourself to be taken care of and knowing that you will be taken care of and what you have felt as injury can be removed permanently. Because it is not of your God-essence, it is not of your divinity, it is one of those deeply seeded beliefs, experiences and it has no place because where it leads you is to doubt, to fear, to anger, to disillusionment. And for many of you it leads to the questioning of ‘what if…?’; am I worthy? Am I loved? Is there love? Will it be enough?

I come forth this day to speak to you children of my heart, children of my soul, children of my being and I do not use the term ‘children’ or ‘child’ in any way to connote that you are junior. I wish you to understand you are born of our essence, you are born of One and in that there is only perfection. And as you go deeper within, as you embrace more deeply not only the love but the love of your sacred self, what you are doing in that action is creating a new external world, a world that is alignment with that existence where betrayal and injury does not exist. You are moving to a dimension where doubt and fear and anger has no foothold, so you have need to surrender those.

But it is not an external action, it is internal, it is deep within you. If you are having difficulty, if you say to me “Mother, help. I wish to go deeper, I wish to know all of you more fully, I wish to know my sacred self more fully, my starseed, angelic, human, earth-keeper self.” We will help, we will hold you, we will nourish you, we will reassure you, that is part and parcel of family. It is part of the promise that I made to you, each of you when you said “Mother, I will go.” When I said to you “Are you aware of the moments of hardship, of the illusion that you will be breaking, of the paradigms that you will be eliminating?” And you said “Yes, I will still go.” And I promised you I would help so I remind you tonight not only of my promise but the promise of all of us, of this Council of Love. We are here with you and it is time sweet angels to go deeper. Thank you.

GD: …..taking this all in, can you hear me ok? Thank you very much for your comment tonight and for your wonderfully wise words. I’m taking it in for myself, just digesting everything you’re saying. I’m hearing a few things that are coming out really clear and it’s a good and important and timely reminder for us to not look to the external but to go within and the invitation to go deeper and to heal injury so we can connect to the love and the forgiveness and that involves trust and that doubt and fear and anger have no foothold in this new paradigm that we’re coming into. And this is such an important discussion because it’s something that we’re all affected by or we’re all experiencing on different levels and for those of you who are in the studio and you have any comments or for those of you who have called and you have any comments or any questions feel free to join us, just press #1 and we’ll have a chat.

You talked about hope as well. I keep coming back to that because I know, especially during times of change and especially as impatience comes up or these Shifts, you mentioned things are moving along rapidly even though it feels that at times things don’t feel as they are moving forward, what else can you say to or speak to around hope, perhaps with the new paradigm or perhaps as we continue to focus on our own internal process and our own internal benchmarks perhaps how that will get easier as we go forward?

UMM: It will become easier because you choose more consistently and yes, more deeply to rely on the foundation of hope. Hope is not simply a quality, a divine quality that is of earth and of your human experience; it is a quality that is known throughout the universe. It is one of the pillars and the foundations of an evolved and evolving civilization whether it is your star brothers or sisters or human or anything within that realm. Hope is eternal on our side. Hope is a fuel for creation. Hope is the fuel for imagination. If you do not have hope, you do not have life in any form. It is not something that you bring in now and then; do not mistake hope with wishing or dreaming even. When you are dreaming and creating, hope becomes an element of what you are bringing forth but it is also a very important stand alone.

It gives you the energy to take your next breath, to take your next step. Very often again you pin hope to external reality and you say “Well I hope this or that will happen. Or I hope things in the political or economic or financial or social arena will improve.” Hope is generally related to improvement, but when I speak of hope to you I am also speaking of hope internal to your sacred self because it is that knowing that you are progressing. It is akin to trust and faith but it is that motivating energy to keep going even when you do not have the external confirmation. Otherwise, why would you keep going? It is all based on hope.

There are many beings upon the planet who believe themselves to be existential, who do not believe in an external power. Well let us tell you, we are not external, we are within, we are around, we exhibit externally but we are as much a part of you as your fingers, your hair, your heart and your hope. Hope is the foundation; if you are ill, what keeps you going it is hope. It is this belief that help is on the way, that you are worthy and that you are loved and it is this knowing, even though you may not have the entire scenario, that if you are suffering and that is why we have spent several of your precious hours talking about illness, that if you are suffering emotionally, mentally, physically, that you are serving. You may not know the fullness of what that service is but your hope tells you that there is a greater purpose. And when that hope is eliminated is when you transcend, is when you leave your body because the hope carries you to a different reality, out of what you know currently as a human form. It is actually hope that will help lift you out because what you are doing is going to a knowing that there is something else that awaits you. But while you are in form and while you are in your heart always turn to hope, it is not fanciful, it is not simply trusting in a fool’s paradise. It is very sad when I look upon any of my children anywhere who say “I do not have hope anymore, I have lost my hope.” For even in that declaration is a strong scream and plea for the hope to be rekindled. It is not dead; otherwise you would not be in form. It is simply a plea to have it rekindled and made more evident in your experience of life.

GD: Thank you for speaking to that. Would you like to take on some callers?

UMM: Yes, I most certainly would.

GD: Alright, Peter from Florida, welcome.

Peter: Thank you Graham and thank you Blessed Mother for taking my call. I wanted to ask you, on May 2, 2010 I was in Medjugorje and I got a recording, an 18 second recording of what I believe was you appearing and disappearing and the cross coming up and then you come back on and I know that was in front of the people who see you at certain times of the month and all those people in Medjugorje who have seeing you for about 30 years. I wanted to know if that was you or an angel of some kind?

UMM: No sweet angel, it was not an angel, it was I. I have been appearing all over the planet for a very long time and I appear in Medjugorje regularly. But I have also said to each and every one of you and I say it again tonight, “I will appear in your living room, in your bedroom, wherever you call me.” Relax and allow your eyes to truly see and I will be there.

Peter: Well you certainly did……..thank you so much, I have it on U-Tube and millions of people have seen it and commented on it. Thank you very much.

UMM: Dear Peter, I thank you for sharing what people think of as a miracle because it is a gift of hope.

Peter: Yes, that’s it. Thank you Blessed Mother, thank you. Thank you Graham.

GD: Absolutely, thank you for your call tonight. Suzie from Rhode Island, welcome to the show.

Suzie: Hi, thank you so much and thank you so much for that really touching channeling. The question I have is something I’ve been concerned about. I’ve just been awakened to what is happening the last 3 months and hear a lot about drugs that kids and adults are put on to maybe prevent that. I have, now it makes sense, but I have suffered from basically a life-long depression and have been on medicines for the last, I’d say, 10 years and my concern is am I being prevented from communicating at the highest possible level? Do I have some kind of shroud or cabalish kind of screen that’s in my way? I have tried to back off on it but it hits me again, I just sink pretty low and the anxiety and all that comes back. I know you’re not doctors so let me preface my question with that. But I would like a spiritual answer Mary because I am close to you and I need your help on what to do so that I can ascend too.

UMM: You are one of my girls and you have raised a very important question for millions and millions and millions of my children because it is not simply a question of medication for depression or bipolar or schizophrenia but for arthritis or heart disease or all the many maladies that human beings experience. And it is important, first and foremost what I wish you to know, nobody, not one human being, dog, cat, eagle, fly, flower is not welcome to the Ascension and you will receive the help you need. And dear heart, you have been a pillar of hope even in some of your darkest moments. Does medication sometimes alter? Yes, but also sometimes it clears the way, it lifts the burden and this has been particularly true, what we would say in the last few years and particularly in the last two years because there are many and particularly many with what you think of as emotional burdens, what you think of as imbalance or dis-ease. Are those not dreadful labels? But let us say that you are also working for the collective and the burden has been heavy. Now that is not to say that there is not a bio-chemical event happening within your form and it is also not to say, and no I do not wish to challenge your western physicians, well perhaps I do, but let us also say this can be and will be overcome. No, I do not want millions of people out there taking their pills and throwing them away and saying “The Mother will take care of me.” What I do wish you to do is to hold your medications, whatever they are, hold them whether it is a single tablet or the vial or the prescription when you receive it or even an aspirin, a headache tablet, a cold tablet, a vitamin, hold it in your hands, bring it to your heart, fill it with light. You have seen scientific proof that sending the love will transmute anything that is not for your wholeness. So you can take it knowing that it will do exactly what it needs to do as if it is simply a gelatin capsule. But also, yes surrender, and when you are surrendering dear heart, surrender the imbalance, go to the healing ships, your brothers and sisters of the stars are positioned en masse around your planet at this time. Go to the heart of Gaia and anchor there, let her heal you and nurture you, place your head on her lap and let her soothe your brow, let her soothe your heart and then turn to me, rest in my arms until you are restored and know that this malady, whatever it is, is service and it will come to pass.

Suzie: Wow, thank you very much I’m happy to hear all of that and I thank you. I’m deeply, deeply touched tonight, deeply. I cannot thank you enough.

UMM: You are welcome. Understand there was a time when those who wished to exert control and yes particularly mind control upon your population, used various forms of what you think of as drugs. But you have shaken off those shrouds. You are not a prisoner; you are free, so fly sweet angel.

Suzie: I will. Thank you so very, very much and have a wonderful time helping all of us.

UMM: I do. Farewell.

GD: Thanks for your call, Suzie. Karen from Florida, welcome.

Karen: Hey, how are you?

GD: I’m well, hello.

Karen: Hi Mother Mary, how are you?

UMM: I am well too, dear heart.

Karen: Thank you. My question is kind of a general one but…I’m 50 years old and I worry about the future generation of children and the current generation of children, what is going to be left for them? And I pray for adequate housing for all children and clean air and water and food and health care and education and abundance and prosperity as there is enough to go around for everybody. Is there going to be a shift in humanity where people become more compassionate in the…all the world countries start helping one another?

UMM: Dear heart, it is already underway. The Shift, Ascension into the 5th, 6th, 7th reality/dimension; it is a shift from your heart into the depths of a new being. What is left for the children of earth is Nova Earth. The old reality of your 3rd dimension based on control, lack, limitation, brutality, hatred, greed, it has been a very long list but it is already changing. And you say “Mother, how do I know this? I ask you this because I care about the children.” But sweet angel, the fact that you have hope, the fact that you care, the fact that you and many are posing this very question is indicative of the Shift. There is a new time and it is not far away, it is already in front of you where it is the restoration of my plan, of the plan and you say “Well, what is that plan?” It is the plan of love. It is actually very simple, I want my family, I want my children to know, to be, to experience love. Love is not simply esoteric romance; love is the fuel of the universe, it is the fuel of creation, it is literally what makes your world and many worlds go round.

In the new times, simply by thought, by action, by co-creation with your friends and neighbors whether they are in Ethiopia or Egypt, you create. And Gaia is co-creating with you even now, clean air, clean water, your brothers and sisters of the stars are bringing forth what is needed as well. There has always been enough to go around and that basic, fundamental understanding, that we did not create a reality in which some are gifted with food and some get to starve. So yes, do not worry about the children, love them, cherish them, teach them and let them teach you, let them show you the way. Most of the children are hindered by the residue of the old 3rd; they did not bring that in with them, so do not hinder them by applying it to them. Listen to what they have to say, allow their dreams to flow, allow their hope to take form. Have you not noticed, with these children, how they are very much community minded? That it is ‘life is a group activity.’ And that is the way of community. Yeshua brought this message, the Buddha, Mohammed, they have brought the message of love, of loving and honoring your neighbor and your self. That is what lies ahead and the old will be but a dim memory. And in eons to come you will say “Oh yes, yes I recall there was a time on Gaia when people did not share.” And you will simply shake your head and smile because it will be a dim memory.

Karen: Thank you Mother Mary, very beautiful. Thank you. Many blessings.

GD: Great question tonight, Karen. And Karen from Canada, welcome to the show.

Karen: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you Mother Mary.

UMM: You are welcome sweet Karen. How may I help you?

Karen: Mother Mary, I, in the last year, have recognized my light and I know that I want to be of service and I’ve walked away from a lot of dark, heavy energy and things that are contrast and I am now finding myself in another situation that I just started a new job that has brought me to my knees and I think that it’s teaching me humility, but my soul is crying because I don’t know how to recognize how I’m supposed to be the light, how I’m supposed to heal, how I’m supposed to show up when I’m experiencing sadness and lack and…is it the journey? Do I need to just be patient? Or am I … yeah, I’m just experiencing a rough time.

UMM: Yes you are and that is important, not only that you admit it but that you know that it is acknowledged and known and that you also need to know that the work you have done, as you have put it ‘leaving the darkness behind’, it is not for simple nothing, it is not a waste and it is not a matter of simply being patient either child. For patient in our realm, this seems to be a very current theme, is very different from your realm. You have practiced humility and we would say to thee and to all of you that humility is an underrated virtue. That is very, very important because what humility does and genuine patience is that it brings you into balance and alignment with your spirit, your personality and your ego. The purpose is not ever, child, to bring you to your knees, but what we wish to say is to have you look at your, particularly and this is true for many of you, your job situation. And you look at your jobs and you say “I am not doing what I want and it sure doesn’t feel as if it is service and it doesn’t feel like joy.” I am not suggesting sweet angels of light, co-creators of Nova Earth, that you need to stay on your knees in the dungeon. But I do wish to lend different perspectives; do you know, can you glimpse the light that you are bringing to these environments and these people every single day? Do you acknowledge the gift that you are? How you simply, by your presence, by your field, by the light that you incorporate, by the healing that your essence is, how you are transforming this situation and with every person you interact with and even those you don’t? Can you find, can you acknowledge, can you allow, can you surrender to the joy?

Yes, much of what I speak of tonight is internal and joy sweet ones, is internal; it is already there, it always has been. Now I am not suggesting that some of you, just like hope, have forgotten or that it has become very dulled, that there is a little ember left, but I am asking you to practice joy, to embrace joy and to find joy in the small things, but find it first within you and if you can’t turn to me and particularly to my beloved messenger Gabriel, and we will show you the joy. But take time every day, even if it is looking at a child on the street as you pass by on the bus, if it is looking at a cloud in the sky, if it is looking at the picture of your mother on the dresser, if it is remembering how deeply you are loved. Find the joy and let it grow. If you were trying to start a campfire, if you are lighting a candle and you only had one match, you would be protective, you would make sure that that flame caught. So be protective of your joy, nurture it and let it come bursting forth. It burns brightly and when you do that it will shine more brightly and you will bring joy to difficult family situations, what you think of as intolerable relationship issues, work, play, joy sweet angels is contagious and it is your birthright. Claim it. And do not underestimate what you are doing and no dear heart, if the joy is never present in what you are doing, then find another job. I will help you.

Karen: That’s beautiful. I find, I’m working as a cashier which is so different from what I do, I’m an artist and I am interacting with the university students which are so sweet, but the management, every time I burst out in an expression of joy, I get my wrist slapped and every time I try to do an expression of creativity I get told I need to go back in line. And it’s only been a week but…and that’s why, do I practice patience or do I look somewhere else?

UMM: Patient, knowing the joy is like chicken pox, it will catch on.

Karen: And this job does not speak to my heart, it’s because I’m not using my creative gifts that God gave me…

UMM: You will.

Karen: I will?

UMM: And it is not in this job. Just know that this is an assignment to bring joy to every person that you are working with and passing by.

GD: Thank you for your call tonight and…

Karen: Thank you. Namaste. Love you.

UMM: And I love all of you.

GD: Thank you for your wise and rich and timely guidance and words tonight, such wonderful sharing.

UMM: Dear hearts, I am with you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-06-12