The Creator Race -~ Part 1 & 2

A powerful explanation by our beloved St. Germaine on the return of the Creator Race – and what that means.

Universal Law

I am Sanat Kumara, and I come to speak of the Law. It is never a matter of obedience or Read More

Jesus Sananda ~ On Power & Creation

Both this piece, and the one which follows from Universal Mother Mary, were channeled as part of the Creation Series Read More

Three Universal Laws of Creation

I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Law. Welcome, for we have gathered the Supreme Court here today. We are Read More

Letting Go of Judgment

I am St. Germaine and welcome back. I wish to speak to you about letting go of judgment. Each one Read More

Jesus Sananda’s Christmas Message 2000

This message is as apporpriate and meaningful today as it was in 2000 – read on! Welcome, welcome back. I Read More

Buddha ~ Wake Up!

I am the Wayfarer. Welcome. Cease the music, for it is the music of the soul that I wish to Read More