We are truly blessed to have had this channeling by Marianne Baer at the 15th Annual Gathering in Sedona. She is a gifted healer, channeler, crystal kingdom master and animal communicater. What a gift to go to Venus’ pool in Hana, Hawaii. Enjoy the journey.

We are all here today because of a promise we made a long time ago to Yeshua, to Mary, to Michael, to Gaia, to the entire Council, to all the Beings upon this planet. We are here because of a promise that we made — that we have kept by being here today — to care for this planet and to create Nova Earth as a reflection of the Oneness that is Spirit… something we have forgotten. And today is a day of promises kept and new promises that we need to make for the planet. What we are going to be doing today is we are going to be traveling. We have been to the Sea of Galilee and now we are going to be traveling to the 7th dimension to the Island of Maui, to Hana and on Hana there is, on the 7th dimension which is this Christ dimension, there is a very, very sacred healing space of temples and nature. And this healing space is Venus’ temple of One Love and is a temple that has existed for millennia that she and Sanat Kumara established many, many, many thousands of years ago. And they established it so that the Elementals and Nature Spirits would have a place to go and heal, where we could go and heal our elemental bodies.

And I know Linda and I have been talking and it never dawned on us that the elemental kingdoms would actually have a place that they could go to heal. But when we think about what has happened, what we have done to this planet, individually and collectively, in this life and past lives, the Elementals and Nature Spirits have put up with a lot — and we’re pretty lucky that they have decided to stay and to be with us. It makes sense that they would have had a place that they could go to, to heal from the atrocities that we have placed upon them on this planet. And to heal not only those things that have been done physically to the planet, but to heal from every thought, every word, every action that has not been of Love, that they have then had to try to transmute and take on and to take to a higher level.

So this temple was established eons ago by Sanat Kumara and Venus. For those of you who may be new to our group, Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos of Earth; he is the one that oversees the Ascension of this planet and has for millions of years; he is also the Keeper of the Universal Laws. And he and Venus established this to be a place of healing for the planet. When you think about our own daily lives and how much and how hard it is sometimes for us to navigate the negativity that we feel around us. And now imagine the Elementals and Nature Spirits on the planet and how hard it has been for them. And when I am talking about the Elementals we are talking about the nature angels that are the actual builders of form. You can think of them as the ones that actually construct everything we see around us. To use the analogy of a house, they are the ones who put up the walls and put down the floors, who put on the roof; they are the ones who construct everything that we see. When we look out here to these beautiful trees and to the rocks and to the streams, they have built every single thing in nature that we see. They have built our bodies.

And the Nature Spirits are the ones you can think of as the interior decorators who put on the final touches. They are the ones of the water and of the earth, of the fire, of the air who create the scents of the flowers and of the colors of the birds and the sounds of the wild animals. Together with the Elementals they have created all of that which we appreciate and we love on this planet. And when you think about what they have had to put up with over the past thousands of years, of the raping and the pillaging of the lands, of the poisoning of the waters, of the greed, of the lust, of everything that has not been of Love… well that is what we are here to work on today and to help heal.

And what is coming forward today is something that we extinguished a long time ago because of our actions. Venus was very misunderstood when she came to this planet, and she has been on planet before. But when she came to the planet in times of what we would think of as mythology, that was a time when Mother/Father/One sent to the planet representatives to show us what our potential was: that we were individual gods and goddesses, that we had the ability to create. And they sent these gods and goddesses to Earth to say to humanity ‘look, this is what you are’ and humanity was not ready, just like humanity was not ready when Yeshua walked the earth, and when Buddha walked the earth, when Magdalena was here, when Mother Mary was here, to hear the fullness of messages.

And the fullness of the message that Venus came with was the message of One Love. And that message of One Love is the message that ‘we are all Love, that every rock, that every drop of water, that every particle of air, that every flicker of flame, that every animal, that all of us are all one’. But humanity was not ready for that message so they narrowed her message down to romantic love which is not what she came to anchor and to remind us of. Just like Mother Mary’s message was not just the giving birth of Yeshua; she was a healer, she was a tremendous healer and her gift of Love was enormous. Magdalena was a master. So often the messages of women in history/his-tory have been truncated because people did not want to hear or to take responsibility for what the fullness of the messages were that were being brought forward.

And that is what we are being asked today to do and it is to take responsibility not only for the Love that we are feeling in our hearts but the actions we take every single day, because we are the creators of Nova Earth. This shift we are in is not, in the blink of an eye, going to turn Earth into paradise without our heart and without our physical actions being aligned in Love upon this planet. And that is what Venus and the long line of people who also wish to speak today wish to bring forward today to speak about. So what we are going to be doing is we are going to be traveling to Hana to this sacred temple, to this sacred site, to be doing very sacred attunement of our own body and the elements within our body and to be connecting those with the elements and Elementals and Nature Spirits upon this planet.

And we are going to be reactivating the flame of One Love of Venus which is a flame of gold and pink, and it is a flame that we have, for the most part, snuffed out and deactivated by our choices of how we have treated the planet. So it is not one of the new gifts like the Pink Diamond, and the Blue Diamond of the Mother. It is something that we came in with, that was our birthright when we first incarnated on this planet, millennia ago in the times of Lemuria and before. It was part of the gift of Mother/Father/One. We came in with this ray of gold and pink so that we could create in Joy and create in Love. And this ray is a ray that is particularly suited to the elemental kingdoms because they are the creators, as are we. And they come here in Joy and they come here in Love and it is a union of those two flames that they particularly resonate with. So that is what we will be doing today.

Now, for anyone who might be feeling skeptical about this — I know I was – here’s information I have learned during this journey this summer. First, whenever information comes through and I am skeptical, I do two things… I call Linda and ask her for clarity, and I also ask for conformation from Spirit. This information has been coming through in bits and pieces for quite a while now. And then when Linda first mentioned Sedona this year, in one of her twice a month channeling sessions to the group on the phone, about 50 voices in my ear said ‘healing of the elements’ and I immediately e-mailed Linda and said ‘I think we might want to consider this… what do you think?’ And as the information started coming through about Venus and the healing temple, Spirit one day guided me to go onto the computer to look at pictures of Hana. And the second photographer that I came upon had taken beautiful pictures of Hana and as I was scrolling down one of them caught my eye. It was The Venus Pool, as it is known only by the locals; that is not its official name. And my very good friend, who also lives in Hawaii, said Hana is known as ‘Heavenly Hana’. So this is a space that even the locals on some level realize is very sacred to the work that needs to take place on the planet.

So, we are going to do some journeying but there’s also going to be some work, and when Yeshua was coming through to Linda yesterday he came to me and he said ‘I will be by your side, I am not coming through, but you can tell the group that this is a coming to Jesus meeting!’ So, the Council’s request and Yeshua’s request is that we’re to be comfortable but to not be in a position that you are going to be falling asleep because, yes, we are going to be activating energies but we’re also going to be sending energies to the planet. Also, at one point, there is going to be a Being that is going to come to you that is going to have a very personal message for you that is not channeled through me. There are also commitments they are going to be asking you to make, so you need to remember these. So everyone get comfortable…

Just feel yourself anchored in that Sacred Heart that was gifted to us by Yeshua. And I want you to feel yourself anchored to the very heart of One. Feel that light coming down through your crown into your heart chakra, going down through your sacral, through your root chakra, down your grounding tube, all way to the center of Gaia and feel her Love and her energy greeting your energy. And breathe that back up and anchor that in your heart as we get ready to travel.

I want you to feel yourself raising up out of this room; feel yourself drifting west over these beautiful red rocks of Sedona, over the desert between here and Phoenix, the deserts of California, the mountain ranges, and then the ocean. And feel yourself drifting across the blue of the Pacific and beneath you you can see the first whales, as they are going back to their breeding grounds, and the dolphins that play, the peaks of the waves, and keep drifting west till you see in the distance the beautiful green islands of Hawaii. Allow yourself to drift toward the island of Maui on the eastern coast. And you feel yourself drawn down to the beautiful expanse that is known as Hana. This is the Hana on the 7th dimension and you see the verdant green trees swaying in the gentle breezes, the turquoise blue of the Pacific as it gently laps upon the sands. You see waterfalls cascading down the cracky, rocky outledges, and everything looks and feels pristine. The air is crisp and clear, just like breathing in Mother/Father/One. And the water sparkles with a hundred different colors as the sun hits upon it. And the leaves of the plants and the trees are the most beautiful shades of green that you have ever seen. And the flowers, you can smell their perfume drifting on the breeze; you see the vivid reds and the pinks and the yellows and the purples.

And as you get closer to this beautiful land you see the crystalline temples that are scattered; these beautiful temples that are outdoor temples, gazebos of rose quartz and amethyst and citrine and stones that you have never seen before shimmering and glittering in the beautiful sunlight. And you feel yourself drawn down closer and as you get closer to the land you see the Nature Spirits, you see the water sprites playing in the fountains, playing in the waterfalls, dancing and skipping as water cascades down. You see the fairies of the flowers and the trees dancing and singing and playing games. You feel the air fairies touching your cheek, laughing as they go by. It feels like a land of enchantment, of purity.

But as you also get closer you also notice that lying on some of the sacred stones and in the mist of the waterfalls are elementals and fairies who have come here in need of healing. They are exhausted and they are sick and they have tried to hold the energy for this planet for so many thousands of years. And they know that this is a place that they can come for restoration, to be healed, to be whole again before they are sent back out to go to their sacred spaces, where they hold the sacred energies, where they help to keep the air pure, where they help the plants to grow up, where they help the waters to flow clean and fresh. But they are tired.

And as you see them you feel yourself drawn now to sacred space. It is an inland fresh water pool. The ocean is just a stones throw but somehow this pool has formed; the water is a beautiful aquamarine, soft gentle white sand, warm inviting breezes, gentle cascading waterfalls surrounding you and you feel yourself drawn to come and sit in this sacred space. And as you alight you feel a presence behind you. You turn around and you see standing there not one, not two, many presences behind you, and the first to step forward is Sanat Kumara, this radiant Being of the Golden Ray who has worked for millions of years to help oversee the Ascension of this planet. And he comes and he takes your hands and he looks into your eyes and he greets you…

I AM Sanat Kumara and I greet you with my Love this day in this heavenly Hana, in this sacred space, in this place of remembering of who you are, of why you have come to this planet, and of what you wish to create. For we hold the energy of Nova Earth sacred here, for it is the energy of Oneness. This sacred temple that my beloved and I established so many years ago was a place of remembrance on this physical plane to remind you of the fullness and the richness of what you have come to this planet for. My dear ones, you forget. You came, you came originally to this beautiful Terra Gaia to play as angels in form upon this beautiful planet, to live and to love and to create with all of the kingdoms, the animals and the waters and the fires and the air and the earth.

To be as One and you have forgotten, you have forgotten the original journey, the original plan. And that is why this sacred place was established, not only for the elementals to have a place to come and heal, but for you to come and remember your Oneness. And my friends, I tell you that time is of the essence. I told this one and I have told Linda when we have all sat together, that the time is now. You speak of Ascension and you speak of Shift and you speak of opening your hearts, but my friends I tell you this Shift will not take place, and seldom do I use the word ‘not’, I am a man of eternal optimism; this Shift will not take place until you remember your Oneness. It cannot happen because for a Shift, an Ascension to the 5th and to the 7th to take place, you must remember your wholeness, your at-one-ment with everything, with every being. And that is why we have brought you here today, because the activations of heart have taken place, the Blue and the Pink Diamond and the gift of my brother Yeshua to you this morning of the Sacred Heart. But now it must be an activation of action that takes place. This Love must find action in form. And that is why we have brought you here. There are many who wish to speak today, this one did not know I would even come through; there is a line and we are all pushing and shoving to get to the front. There is time for all who wish to speak so I step aside to let my beloved Venus speak to you this morning about what she has come here to help you remember. You go with my Love. I step aside….

I AM Venus, I AM the goddess of One Love, and you all are my dear family for we have traveled here and to many systems around the multiverse to anchor this energy of One Love throughout the universe, this energy of Love for one another, this energy of Love for all beings, for we all come from the heart of One. And the dance of Joy, the dance of Love is in the Oneness. You asked yesterday in the session ‘when will we be able to fly free between the dimensions?’ and I tell you ‘when you remember your Oneness with all’. My sweet angels of form and creation this is what you have forgotten, this is what tethers you, when you forget who you are, when you forget your connection to Mother/Father/One, when you forget your connection to all upon this planet, to every animal, to every crystal, to every drop of beautiful sacred water, to every breath of air. Every time you forget you tether yourselves, it keeps you

And I am here this day, and I have waited so long to come back, to remind you, to reactivate within you that which you have forgotten. This ray of pink and gold, which has been gifted to me by the Mother to spread across the multiverse, this ray of Joy, this ray of Love, this ray of Creation, this ray of Oneness is my gift to you today so that you may remember your wholeness so that you may fly free. When I came to this planet as Venus, that was my message. It is in the Love, it is in the awareness of our at-one-ment that you fly free, that you are the angels in form. So I come to help you remember who you are, to reignite this flame, to connect you again to that essence of the heart of the Mother/Father/One so that you may be the angels in form that you want to be upon Terra Gaia and that you may create Nova Earth. And with me and with you not only do you have the help of my beloved Sanat Kumara, but you have the help of the beautiful Elohim.

The Elohim are the angels from the heart of One who oversee the creation of every molecule in the multiverse. And they oversee all of the nature angels on this planet who create this beautiful Terra Gaia for you. These beautiful friends of ours have stayed far off-planet but they know that time is of the essence right now and they are back; they are back to
assist you in the healing of this planet; they are here to be called upon. And I want you to feel them beside you now, these tall, beautiful, glorious beings of God who oversee the creation of all. And they are here to work with you today; they are here to work with you every day moving forward. Now before we begin the attunements to the elements there are sacred beings who have asked to step forth to speak to you briefly, and we have asked that they keep it brief, we know the line is long. So I step aside…

You feel yourself sitting upon the warm stones of this sacred Venus pool and you see approaching you from across the waters, and you have to blink your eyes, the tallest redwood tree that you have ever seen. And it draws close, and closer, and you look in amazement. The last time you checked there were not redwoods on Hawaii. And as this redwood approaches out of it steps the most magnificent tree spirit that you have ever seen.

I AM LanChi; you are surprised to see me. What you must understand about this sacred space on the 7th dimension is that you and all of the nature spirits and the elementals are free to come and visit. The elementals can bi-locate here. And we who tend to like to stay rooted in one space can ask the energies be brought to us, but I come to you this day. There are some who may know my energy for while I am rooted in the sacred groves of Yosemite, I am from Lemuria which in truth my friends is Yosemite. It is a place that was bi-located so the energies of Lemuria could exist and remain in the 3D.

I feel honored to be asked to come here this day by the elementals of Earth for I have seen much over my two thousand years in this incarnation as redwood. And I have seen much in the millennia prior to that as my incarnation as tree on Lemuria. And I come to speak today on behalf of the Earth element. We are the rocks and the sands, your bodies, the mountains, the deserts, the valleys, the plants, the trees. And I come to speak to you today about personal responsibility. My friends I have watched, trees have eyes, trees have eyes that are far-seeing. I have watched what has happened to this planet, the desecration of the sacred
plants and animals.

My friends you are so quick to place blame upon the corporations for cutting down the trees, for the corporations for polluting the waters, you are so quick to place blame on others and I am here today to tell you to look to yourselves. I want you to think of your lives right now, your 3D lives. What are you doing in your lives to honor or dishonor Terra Gaia? When you put fertilizer on your lawn or chemicals, when you cut down trees without asking permission from the spirits, when you use poisons in your home, you are every bit as responsible for the desecration of this planet as the corporations that you wish to place the blame on. My dear ones, I do not come here to place blame on you, I come here to tell you that it is time to take personal responsibility. It is not enough to say that you love your neighbor, although that is incredibly important to be acting from this place of Love, if you then go and spray chemicals on your lawn, pour chemicals down your drain, when you do not bless the food that you eat, when you choose to purchase things, when there are other options, that may not have been grown with the highest intent for Gaia.

I want you this day, right now, to make a promise of what you can do in your own life. It need not be big, it might require a little bit of sacrifice, but you do not get from 3rd dimension Earth to Nova Earth without change, without sacrifice. So I ask you now ‘what in your personal life can you do, each one of you, today, when you return to your homes, to make a difference?’ It could be using cloth napkins. It does not have to be huge my friends. What commitment will you promise to make today to make Nova Earth a reality in your own home, to make honoring of the kingdoms a reality in your own home? Make that commitment and put that in your Sacred Heart of Yeshua now. And I step aside…

I AM Pele’. I AM Guardian of the Fire. My sweet friends, fire as you well know can be used to create; it is the fires that burn through the forest that burn out the undergrowth and allow the new trees to sprout forth. Fire can also be used, as you know well, because you so well use the Violet Flame of St. Germain, to transmute that which no longer serves. I would ask you to look at the world around you where you see fires that have ravaged so much of beautiful Terra Gaia, when you know that those fires have not been in balance. Know my sweet friends that that imbalance is a reflection of your own imbalance, individually and collectively. It is a reflection of the imbalance and the energies of greed, of anger, of hatred, of bigotry, of lust, of power. And it is also a reflection of what you have chosen to create in your own lives,
individually and collectively.

And I wish to ask you this day to look at your own life. Go inside that Sacred Heart. What have you chosen to create in your thoughts, in your words, your deeds that has not been of Love? What are you creating in your relationships, in your jobs? That fire I give you that is passion, how are you using it? Are you using it to create in Love or an energy not of Love? I ask you to, this day, be aware of what you choose to allow your fires to create and I ask you to call upon my fire, in addition to the fire of St. Germain, to help transmute that which no longer serves, which you no longer wish to have as part of your creation. Think of one thing right now that would be served by my fire that you wish to heal, that you wish to transmute into love. And invoke my flame right now and let it do that for you. This one is hot, I step aside.

I AM the Nature Angel of pure water. I oversee the waters of this beautiful pool of this beautiful Hana. My friends, water is your emotions, it is what flows freely from you. What are the emotions that you allow to flow freely from you, are they of Love, are they of sadness? The water that flows from you, that feeds everything around you, are you feeding the planet sadness, despair, or are you feeding her Love and Joy? I want you to look within your own body right now, this body of water and think for just a moment of a thought that upsets you, and look at what that does to the water within you. You know this from our friend Masaru Emoto; he showed you how thoughts affect water. But see it inside of you. Now think a thought of Love and Joy and see how that transforms.

The water is the life blood of the planet and it is the life blood of your own sweet bodies, as within, so without. It is not only of the emotions that you share, but it is what you are doing in your everyday lives that impacts the quality and the purity of that water. And again, like LanChi, I take this to a very mundane level, but my friends, that is where change begins. What do you wash your clothes with? What do you put down your sinks? Where do you think that goes? It is not enough to write in the water, and yes that is important, but if you do not take action to keep the waters pure, you are at cross-purposes. And as LanChi said it is not enough to blame the corporations; you blame the oil companies for polluting the waters with oil, what are you doing in your own homes? What can you commit to doing better when you return home? Make that promise to the waters of Terra Gaia now. And I step aside…

I AM Archangel Uriel and I have teased this one mercilessly for two weeks. She waited and she waited and kept asking for the element of wind to come. She looked for birds and she looked for wind spirits and she kept thinking and waiting and waiting as I sat on the sidelines waiting for her to just be quiet and see me. And I kept tapping her on the shoulder with my wing and she kept saying ‘Uriel not now, later’. She’s a wonderment to us sometimes. And I tease, but I don’t, for yes I have come to talk about the wind element. For my friends the wind element is about inspiration and it is about thought and I AM the archangel who is helping you to bring the future into the present. But you cannot do that if you are thinking thoughts of old paradigms. You cannot create the new with old energy as my friend Einstein has told you. What are your thoughts, what are your thoughts that you share with the air, that go around the planet? Realize every breathe you take you are breathing in the thoughts of those around you and they are breathing in yours. What are you allowing them to breathe in? Thoughts of frustration, thoughts of lack, thoughts of limitation? These are thoughts of old Earth.

To create Nova Earth my friends, you need to have nova thoughts. And we laugh but my friends you are creators. Thought creates. Choose wisely, for the longer you wait to choose thoughts of creation and stay in thoughts of lack, the longer it will take for Nova Earth in its glory to appear. For how can it appear if you do not have a thought of what it should look like? The creation of Nova Earth is not about us, the archangels and the ascended ones creating for you. It is about your sweet selves creating what you want. What do you want? Go in that Sacred Heart and create from that space. And I step aside…

And around your body you begin to feel a fluttering, or perhaps it might be a pull on the pant leg, or if you’re being really stubborn it might be a little kick to the pant leg, and as you look you realize that the being that is now coming to you is your Body Elemental. Every one of us has an elemental who oversees the building of our form and the maintaining of our form. We often speak in platitudes, of talking to our Body Elemental but this being, this angel is real. And it has been here for eternity to help you with your physical incarnations.

And it has a message for you this day. So ask it to tell you what you need to hear or to see or to know so that you may honor this temple that is your body. As your Body Elemental steps aside you feel beside you the towering presence of the Elohim and you feel behind you Venus. And as she places her hands above your head you begin to feel the ray of gold and pink beginning to enter your body as the attunements of your own elements begin. Allow yourselves to feel this pink and gold as it enters your body to balance your Earth element. Feel the pink and gold penetrating your skull, penetrating your bones, penetrating your muscles, filling every molecule with Joy, with Love, with vibrant, radiant health. Send it to those areas where you may feel pain or discomfort and now allow that beautiful gold and pink to exit through the bottom of your feet. Feel it traveling down your grounding cord to the center of Gaia and as you breathe that down feel it beginning to expand from the center of the Earth out. Feel the molten lava, the mantle of the Earth, the crystals all beginning to vibrate with this beautiful gold and pink, balancing them, healing them. The sands of the oceans, all of the animals who swim within the depths. Feel that gold and that pink coursing around the beaches across the globe, to the mountains, blessing every plant, every fairy, every tree. And with this energy that you are sending out, send your gratitude, your gratitude and your Love, to all of the Earth elementals who create this Terra Gaia. Feel every animal, every mountain, every ocean, every desert humming with this gold and this pink.

Then bring yourself back to your body on the beach in Hana and become aware of the water that is lapping at your feet. Become aware of the water that is in your own body, the water that is a part of every molecule within you, your blood, your lymph system. Breathe in that gold and that pink and allow it to course through the blood, through the
lymph, nourishing and purifying every molecule of water within your body, filling you with Joy, with purity.

And feel that water at your feet again and allow that pink and that gold to enter into this sacred pool and feel it spilling out beyond into the Pacific. And send this gold and this pink to every waterway on the planet, the Gulf where it is so needed, the Atlantic Ocean, the rivers, the streams, every fountain, every pool. And as you send this out send your Love and your gratitude to the mermaids and the mermen and the water sprites and to all the beings who have worked so tirelessly to keep the waters of this planet pure, above ground and below. See this gold and this pink infusing every particle of water till it is dancing with Joy, until it is dancing with the Joy of One.

And now see this pink going out and healing every thought of sadness upon the planet, every thought of despair, purifying the emotional body of Gaia. Send it out. Feel the Joy coursing around the planet and the Love and the perfection of the Nova Earth that we are anchoring.

Now feel your body on the beach again in Hana, feel the warmth of the stones beneath you, and feel the energy of Venus pouring through your body to energize that fire element within you, and purify and elevate every chakra, every meridian, your digestive system. Feel all blockages removed and healed and raised to the highest vibration of Love and Joy. And as you radiate this outside of your body, feel this energy of balance, of Joy, of perfection traveling along the ley lines, the meridian lines of the planet clearing every blockage, clearing all chakras upon Gaia so that they are beautiful, radiating nothing but Joy, Love, peace, harmony.

Now feel yourself again sitting on the beach in Hana and take a deep breathe in of the pure air, that air that gives us life, that air that transmits thoughts and feel that gold and that pink, breathe it into your lungs, see it going throughout your body and nourishing every organ, every muscle, every spot of tissue in your body, and as you breathe out know your connection to the air upon the entire planet and breathe that gold and that pink out to every human, to every plant, to every animal, clearing and raising every thought that is not of the highest light of Love and God to that level; cleansing all thoughts of separation, of difference, of better than, of less than so all that exists is the purity of Oneness, the purity of what we wish to create for Nova Earth.

And see and feel your body connected to the planet now. It is one, huge, beautiful, glowing orb of gold and pink and purity and perfection and promise, the promise of Nova Earth. Feel yourself coming back to your body in Hana. As you open your eyes on Hana and you look around you are astounded. You see that you are surrounded, there are star brothers and sisters, there’s the Council of Love, there are the animals, there are the fairies, and the elementals in a huge circle that surrounds you. All walks of life from all dimensions and out of the crowd walks Wa’kana’taka…

I AM Wa’kana’taka. I have not come for a long time as Taka takes my roll at the Council Fire. But it was important for me to come today, it was important for me to tell you how important today is. Yesterday this channel picked two cards, actually one jumped out, she would have put it back, it was Moldavite, it is not her favorite stone. It is a wonderful stone, they just do not get along together, but it is a stone of transformation. And the other card that we had her pick was Petrified Wood, beginnings. My friends you are coming back to remember your Oneness and the beginning of the truth of why you came to this planet. This is why these cards were picked and it is the time of
transformation and it is a time of at-one-ment. There have been those before who remembered that. Your beautiful Yeshua, and Buddha, and Maitreya, and Magdalena. How do you think they achieved mastery? They could not achieve mastery without Oneness, without at-one-ment with Source and with everything around them. Yeshua loved to speak to the goats. Buddha was at one with the trees and the plants.

Your mastery comes from your Oneness. The Ascension of this planet comes from that Oneness. And you have made great progress, and you are here today with this new energy, on this new day after the end of the Mayan calendar to truly begin the full anchoring of your mastery and the mastery of Nova Earth. We sit at the Intergalactic Council in awe of what you are creating, and know that it has ripple effects throughout the entire multiverse. We know it has been hard work and we know it means sacrifice, but keep up the good work. I step aside…

And in this crowd you see the beautiful elders of this planet who have walked before us; the Maori and the Aborigine, the Native Americans, the African elders, the men and the women who have held the wisdom. And out of the crowd you see Sitting Bull and he carries his staff, the promise staff with him. And he approaches you and he looks deep into your eyes and he holds out his hand in welcome.

(Sitting Bull) I welcome you this day, my cherished friends. We have waited long for this promise to be kept, for this day to be realized. Your beautiful channel Linda has talked often; the Council has had her talk often about the circle of One. Look around you, this is what this means, your star brothers and sisters, the ascended ones, the fairies, the animals, the elementals, you. It is not an intangible, it is real. When you disregard one member of the circle, you tear a hole in the weave. Enough holes have been made. It is time for the healing and you have begun that this morning with the at-one-ment with this energy of Venus. Those of you who visit the Council Fire at the center of the Earth may have never really looked at the flame, the color that is down there. But if you look closely it is the flame of pink and gold that has been waiting to be reactivated and ignited to its fullest. We have kept it going and now it is your turn to spread it every day, every moment, with every action, every thought, the energy of at-one-ment, the energy of One Love. I give you this staff, this staff of hope and promise. Look at this staff; it has the feathers for the wind, and the shells for the water, and the obsidian for the fire, and the wood for the Earth. It
is my staff of Love that I give to you because you have kept your promise. But in this staff are also the promises that you have made today. Take it with you. As you go forward from this day on know that we all surround you, we are all here to assist you in the creation of Nova Earth.

As you feel your feet in the waters and your body on the land, the crowd disappears into the mists, the only one in front of you now is Venus and she kneels in front of you and puts her hand in your hand and thanks you for keeping the promise of the reactivation of the flame of the pink and gold of One Love. She lets you know that this sacred place in Hana is one that you can visit always and that this flame is your gift to gift to the entire planet to reactivate everyone you see; a gift to be given as you eat your food, to the elementals who give you the food. On your drives to work as you pass the beauty around you and in your prayers. It is the gift of Nova Earth made manifest.

And she kisses you and leaves you and you stand up radiating from the energy that has been gifted to you feeling connected to all upon the planet with the promise staff of Sitting Bull in your hand. And you feel yourself lifting up off the sacred beaches of Hana, drifting back across the Pacific, back across the deserts, back into the room here renewed with the promise that you have made for the creation of Nova Earth.

Channeled by Marianne Baer