I fully intend to walk the Earth with you, I fully intend to be in physicality with you, as will many of us. Excitement is great, we can’t wait, and so that is why we are jumping the gun and doing this now.

Kuthumi Returns to Walk With Us Again

Greetings, I AM Kuthumi, Keeper of the Door, Keeper of the Portal, and Keeper of the Gateway, I AM Kuthumi of the Golden Ray, I AM the Eastern Christed Consciousness, and beloved ones, I AM you. Welcome!

You are not the only one, you are not the only circle that goes through transformation, that goes through ascension, that goes through change, for you have a saying on your planet that ‘change is constant’. But it is a saying that is based in truth. And yes, we are all One and part of One but, my beloved friends, I also have been on my journey.

Uriel and I have spoken to you often about being the Keepers of the Future, of keeping that Portal and the Golden Flame. Yes, of course, we bow to Yahweh, but I sit and chat with Sanat Kumara and he has taught me much about Universal Law and Love, and I have filled him in on Compassion and Love. We are intergalactic in nature, as are you.

Some of you have been addressed before as intergalactic bridges, beacons, anchors, and you have wondered what this meant. And then we have also said that you are the Keepers of the Hearth, and the hearth is Gaia. And you are Keepers of the Heart, and the heart is Gaia. And it is each other and it is the Omniverse. It is your connection with your Star Brothers and Sisters, and in planetary systems and universes that you do not even know of. And yet, still, you have held that energy of connection and unity.

I have traveled far and wide and I have stayed completely still, and in this stillness, I have called to you and I have beckoned you, yes, along with my twin brother Yeshua. And I have asked you to come with me to this different reality, to this interdimensional, intergalactic reality. I know you do not know what this looks or feels or tastes like because one of the things you sometimes do is attempt to take the reality of what you have experienced in the 3rd dimension and apply it elsewhere – and it doesn’t work, it never will.

Now, you may take the reality of One, you may take the reality of the 11th, 9th, 7th, and 5th and bring it and anchor it into physicality, and you have been doing this consciously and unconsciously for a long time. We have brought you, beloved ones, full circle. And yes, we have given you tools of creation, of understanding of how things work, of love, of joy, of so many numerous tools that you have lost track of them – and frankly, so have we, because there is always something new in this ever-expanding universe.

That is part of the joy and the fun that I am back because your future in what you think of as linear time is now. Unlike St. Germain, I fully intend to walk the Earth with you. I fully intend to be in physicality with you, as will many of us. Excitement is great, we can’t wait, and so that is why we are jumping the gun and doing this now.

You have always been ahead of the curve. That has been one of the purposes and functions of this Council of Love. You cannot be called a wayshower and not be ahead of the curve. How can you bring someone anywhere if you do not know what lies there? And so now I invite you to walk with me once again through yet another portal. Yes, it is unknown, but it is not unfamiliar.

It is the same to you as your right and left hand. It is something you have known within your heart and reality forever. It is the existing paradigms of the 3rd dimension that have confused you, that made you shake your head and say, “What’s going on here? I don’t know this place, and I certainly don’t belong here.”

So now you shift, and with you, you shift many. But I wish you to know, as Keeper of many Gateways, that I am with you, yes, from here on in.


Channeled by Linda Dillon