On Saturday Lord Maitreya brought forth again the question “are you healing and nurturing the human collective, are you also holding them, sending them and filling them with compassion?”

Greetings, I AM Maitreya, beloved brother of the future, old friend of the past, welcome dear hearts. And I come this day with duel purpose, one to ask you on behalf of the Mother, ‘how is it going with the filling of all beings with the Blue Diamond, with the energizing of all of earth with the Blue Diamond? Have you peeled back the sky today?’ We are doing so and having a great deal of fun.

So, if you have forgotten please begin yet again for this is not simply a singular request, a one time deal from her, it is an every day request. You are part of the co-creation, the unfoldment of the plan whether you think of it as Ascension or Shift, you are part of the plan of the unfoldment. And part of your piece in this unfoldment is the peeling back of the sky, is you knowing and acknowledging that you can do this, and that this healing and revitalization and this nurturing can be shared equally with all who inhabit the planet and certainly far beyond.

I also come this day to speak to you about compassion. Yes, it is a subject that we have addressed again and again and again but it bears witness and it bears need. My beloved friends, as you are healing and nurturing the human collective, are you also holding them, sending them and filling them with compassion? Are you sending them that understanding? No, not assuming their role, never; not assuming their burden, but sharing with them that sweet understanding that you know that their journey has been long. You my beloved friends have awakened. You are brilliant lightholders, light workers, way showers, pathfinders. But what of those who have not yet found their way? Think how long their journey is. You often feel that you cannot wait for the completion of the Shift that takes place right now. And that gives you hope, it catalyzes you into action and movement. But can you imagine if these thoughts and understandings have not even penetrated your outer core?

Oh, and some of you say ‘well Maitreya, they seem very happy as they are for they are tending to their lives, and they have money and friends, they do not sit alone in the dark and wonder when all of this will happen’. No my friends, what they do is sit alone in the dark and wonder if they are loved; they sit alone in the dark and wonder how long they will have to keep up this facade. They sit alone and wonder ‘when will the drama end? When will peace reign both within them and around them?’ And they don’t know what to do. So this is your action, because when you open their hearts, begin the healing with Blue Diamond, and fill them again with compassion, they begin to see the light of day, they begin to have the veil lifted.

This year of unfoldment, which is making so many of you nervous, I hear every day ‘Maitreya, it is March, what is going on?’ All of this is going to transpire very quickly and you are the ones that have prepared for the banquet; you are the one that are ready. Yes, you are ready for Ascension, some of you are ready to come home, but you are also ready for the onslaught, the deluge of the human beings who turn to you and say ‘help’. And that is happening more and more each day. And how you speed that up, in your reality and on your planet of Gaia, is by sending the compassion.

Now, do not stay anchored in the 3rd. Yes, keep your feet firmly planted in the heart of Gaia, but stay in the 5th or the 7th, stay in the 13th. Do not allow yourself to be bragged and dragged, yes bragged, bragged and dragged back into the maelstrom of the 3rd. It is not where you belong; it is not where any of you belong. You are working magnificently with creation. You are understanding more clearly the magic; you are understanding how you have already left the old behind. And that is important to acknowledge within yourselves and each other, because this is a time of Joy. It is not a time of burden; it is not a time to be sitting and wondering ‘when’; because the ‘when’ is right now. Often I have spoken to you from the distant future. I do not do that any longer. I speak to you in what you think of as your here and now.

Everything is in order, everything. So I ask of you, add to your work daily the giving and the sending of compassion. Additionally, I ask of thee, send this compassion to yourself. Hold this compassion for the truth of who you are, including every single atom of your human self. For that is the being that is showing the way. It is not your non-form self, it is not your etheric self, it is not your angelic self, it is all aspects of you, but it is anchored in the human form. That is why this is such a miraculous time, that is what makes it so different. So go forth gently, softly, but clearly. And go with my Love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon