Greetings,I am the Magdalena.I am Mary, but I choose to be called The Magdalena.It was an endearment first given to me by Jeshua, and then it spread as so many of the apostles and disciples would call me such. It was a title but a term of endearment. How I loved those times. welcome many of you who are my old friends. And I wish to speak to you that way today, as old friends and fellow travelers, travelers of the heart, beings that I have loved in and out of form for a very long time.

I wish to speak to you this day about stepping forward, for that is the guidance, and dare I say directive, of our beloved Universal Mother. But it is also a sacred invitation, and you know she does not issue invitations casually or even often, not of this magnitude or nature. So I come this day to stand by you, next to you, and with you, because I know about this issue and might I say sometimes trepidation and fear of stepping forward, of assuming the fullness of your being and your role. You say, “Oh, I want to assume the fullness of my being. I have anchored my soul design, and I have called back all aspects, and now I don my new grid.” But, dearhearts, in many ways it is like getting all dressed up and going nowhere. And that is not the reason why you are doing this.

In the beginning when I was with Jeshua, even prior to our marriage, I was often shy. I would adopt an attitude of quietude and honoring, even though my heart was beating a million miles an hour just to gaze upon him. I was nervous about what I had to offer. Now let me be clear, my friends. I had been trained and educated in the sacred ways. I was channel in my own right; and my specialty, as it were, was the creation of sacred ceremony and sacred space to bring forth Love and the Holy Spirit, always working with the divine feminine. I had been prepared in my own right. Because I worked with Love, there were many nasty stories about me, and there have been many since the time. Many have attempted to discredit me. And because of that, often throughout the millennia I have stood back, for I was not so eager either to step forward again. But Jeshua beckoned me not only as betrothed, but as my sacred self – to be in the fullness of what I had to offer – not only to our circle, to the disciples and the apostles, but to the many, many who followed us and who sought Love and truth and tools. You are given many tools by the Council of Love, just as we and particularly Jeshua – he was always giving tools whether it was prayer or bread and wine, sometimes fish. He was always showing people “how to,” for that is really what stepping forward is about. It is taking your own particular set of virtues and abilities and sharing them so that others know how to, how to access the divinity of their own being and the divinity of the Love that is their core.

When my beloved died, when he was taken from me, as he was taken from you, when we felt that our hearts had been ripped out and we cried in desperation, even as we knew the plan, it did not stop the humanness of our suffering. I withdrew. Yes, many say I went to France for safety, and that is true, for I had lost my beloved. I had already lost my son, so I fled with my daughter, Sarah. And I retreated; I retreated to the cave to be in that solitary sacred space where I would still feel the union with my beloved one, Jeshua. So in many ways, I lived the second part of my life in-between worlds. I passed the teaching that I had been given as well as the teachings of her father to my beloved daughter Sarah. I did not withdraw so far as to not tend to the child of my heart and the legacy, the legacy of our Love. But I certainly felt in so many ways that I had had quite enough of stepping forward; and so in many ways, I stepped into the shadows, to the ethers, and to the myths of history.

But now I heed the call of our Mother Mary, and so I step forward again with you. No, not in human form, although that is present as well, but in this way. When you are frightened in your human way, when you are not sure, or when you fall into that myth of abandonment as I have, turn to me. I will embrace you, and I will walk you out of the cave, out of the void, back into the light. And as you step upon the world stage, I will walk with you, for the truth of this expansion is not just the return of my beloved Jeshua to walk upon the Earth. He has already said he comes as brother, not as teacher, although he is always teacher.

But the miracle of what is transpiring in tandem with the Mother’s request is that each of us, each of you, in this grand expansion has what it takes to step forward. The Christ has risen within you. You are resurrected. And the purpose of this is to shift the planet back to the home of Love. I can think of no other purpose that is really worth stepping forward for, and so I do this with you, my beloved brothers and sisters. I step forward with you. I give you my heart. I give you my rose. But I also wish to give you my stamina. It is strength, and I am strong. I know about survival. I will help. And we will resurrect the dream together.

Go in peace, sweet angels. Go with my Love. Farewell.