Every year at our Gathering there is a huge gift and attunement – this year our agenda is jammed packed with them. But the primary gift is the from our beloved Jeshua and is the gift of his Sacred Heart.

When He first told me about this I hesitated. I grew up Catholic – and still refer to myself as culturally Catholic – Let’s face it I love Christmas and every other excuse for a holiday. But with Catholicism comes the rigidity of control, of sin, of having to earn love – none of that fits with the reality of One. So the Sacred Heart gift made me nervous because of its reference to something that is deeply revered in that religion.

But sweet Jeshua spoke to me and as always explained:

Dearheart, why shouldn’t I do this, Gabrielle has. Often we have talked about giving our hearts but now it is my turn to bestow my sacred heart of love upon all who wish to receive it. I have given my life, why not my heart? For thousands of years – actually forever, my purpose has been to instill love within the hearts of all, on behalf of All. Did you forget my beloved one that the purpose of this Council is to instill Love into the hearts of all?

You hesitate because of the Catholic terminology and autocratic practices – but this is our chance to eliminate that old paradigm of control. I give this gift freely – there is no need for penance or redemption – love does not demand that – it reunites – or should I say desires reciprocity. The gift of the sacred heart is the integrated heart of Love – it is the conscious indwelling of Spirit. You have received the may flames, the magenta tri-flame The tri-flame – but now these have need to become integrated into a unified whole – just like humanity needs to come into a unified whole. It is the promise of the Mother and it is the promise I made to you so long ago.

The gift of the sacred heart marks the shift from the old to the new of Gaia – to the new of the human collective. It marks the shift from the ego and mental body to the anchoring of being in the heart – and might I say the heart of reality, which is universal Love. Sweet angel do not shy away from this – together we shall do this.

I am so ready for our 15th Annual Gathering – I am already there, sitting atop Cathedral Rock! I have spent a great deal of time “off planet” in the past weeks receiving information and attunements. – part of which you shared in with the broadcast of the initiation into the Violet Flame. If you have been mulling over whether to join us then put that aside, decide and please please come. And if you need a payment plan please contact me – 772-446-7113. We will shift together, fly together, laugh together – and who knows what else…