The Laws of Magnification and Transubstantiation

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Lord Maitreya: Get into the love…however you can!

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Lord Maitreya continues Unitive Consciousness and Universal Love

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Lord Maitreya on One + Unity = Love

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Lord Maitreya: I come this day and address you as the Masters that you are…

The fundamental reality is that we are all connected, interconnected, interwoven, inter-gridded as One. There is nothing that you can Read More

Lord Maitreya asks us to lay down our arms, hatred, greed, and control

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Explore the Universe contained within your Heart…

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Lord Maitreya, World Teacher and Buddha of Love, speaks to us of unity, love, and equality…

Lord Maitreya says, “We are returning to walk amongst you”…many masters, saints, prophets, and angels…It is time for the destruction Read More

Lord Maitreya reminds us to share the Mother’s Blue Diamond and Compassion with humanity

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Lord Maitreya on Cities of Light and our Shift

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