Let us expand a laser beam of magenta from your heart to your heart; a beam of magenta from your third eye to your heart, so you are triangulating into who you are, who you can be, who you’ve always been.


Greetings, I am Maitreya, Bringer of the Future, Bringer of the Now, Horseman of the East, Brother to the West. Welcome, and welcome for inviting me back… no, I did not go anywhere. But you, my brothers and sisters of light, have been on an incredible journey. Oh, the journey continues, and think of it in this way, for this portion of your journey, for this portion of your train ride, I will be your conductor. And no, you do not need any ticket, you purchased that long ago… besides which it is free.

One of the areas that I have often spoken about is about the Universal Law… yes, Raj and I were like this… the Universal Law of Magnification, of Transubstantiation. Yes, in some traditions it is thought of the miraculous. Beloveds, I want you, I invite you to think of it as the most ordinary of the Universal Laws to apply.

For what does it mean to truly magnify? It is to bring the entirety of your being into that laser focus… yes, and what you want to create. But what I am suggesting to you, and what I am here to assist with is, in fact, I would like that laser focus to be entirely upon your beloved sweet self, to have that magnification factor of several trillion or billion upon your sacred self, for you to bring the entirety of your being to the entirety of your being. No, not to ignore what else is out there, and the rest of your journey… this journey on the train, not the bullet train but the scenic journey that I am taking you on.

If you are not focusing on the totality of your being, then what are you doing? And you may say to me, “Maitreya, I am not quite sure how to do this.” And, of course, this is not an observation by yourself, of yourself, that is of truth. It is of not believing of yourself, being fearful, and yes, an unwillingness and a reticence to truly be the wholeness of who you are.

So, what I am doing with you… no, not with a magnifying glass but with your magnification of your heart… is to put yourself in front of yourself. Go ahead and do it… close your eyes if you wish… duplicate yourself and see your twin replica standing in front of yourself. See the beauty, and the strength, and the magnificence of who you really are. Now, let us expand a beam of magenta from your heart to your heart; a beam of magenta from your third eye to your heart, so you are triangulating into who you are, and I say to you, who you can be, who you’ve always been.

But this is the magnification, not only that you desire but that you need, and you will utilize as you go forth as the agents and angels of change, as the wayshowers, as the fulfillment of the Promise.

Yes, some think of me as planetary, and now, universal teacher. But, let me suggest to you, my beloveds, I view you, each in your own unique, beautiful way as the planetary teachers. Now, beam into your sacred heart that I am overlaying, and Yeshua is overlaying with magenta, and begin this transmission with me, right now. And feel the compassion for those erroneous fears so that they may dissolve like sugar cubes in a glass of water or glass of wine. And feel that resistance, feel that resistance of ‘do I have to?’ to ‘I can’t wait to’… feel that ignite now.

Look with your third eye, look with your fourth eye, your fifth eye, your human eyes at the beauty that you are, at the promise of fulfillment that you are. Gaze upon what we see… and I would suggest to you… my vision is perfect! And if there is anything you wish to heal, bring that triangulation of the magenta ray to that area right now… I will help you. Then bring it back to your heart. Now, ever so gently, step into one another and feel the connection… heart, head, root… feel the expansion, feel the truth, and yes, beloved, dare I say, feel the joy.

This cannot be a journey of trial and misery. You’ve stepped into our sacred Mother’s New Time, and you may feel at moments that you didn’t pack enough. Sweet angels, you packed everything you need which is your being, yes, central focus of heart but every fiber of your being. And I want you to feel this… your cells, your skin, your dreams, your likes, and dislikes. Being in a sacred journey does not mean that you don’t have preferences and opinions. I know.

So, let us journey together in the magenta wind, as we travel on our spirit horses across this beautiful universe. Come with me, I will take care of you, and I will show you the truth of who you are.

Go with my love, and go sweet angels in peace. Farewell.