As ZenZuriah has told you many times, it is the decisions you make now that affect whether these Cities will truly anchor and come into form, or into a form that you will experience on Nova Earth.

Greetings, I AM Maitreya, Buddha of Love, Bringer of the Future, in many ways, anchored in the now. For years we have talked to you, my beloved ones, about Cities of Light, beginning when we had talked about Wingmakers in 2000 and we brought you to those Cities of Light again, and again, and again and you have begun the anchoring. And let us reassure you that not only is this taking place, but those brothers and sisters residing there are very grateful. As ZenZuriah [Linda’s Wingmaker] has told you many times, it is the decisions you make now that will affect whether these Cities truly anchor and come into form, or into a form that you will experience on Nova Earth.

And so I come this day to pose some questions to you and to give you food for thought as you go through this process of shift that we have spoken of for eons, quite literally. And there are a couple of things I wish to reiterate about this shift. You may think of it as a shift in dimensions, a shift in consciousness, a shift in DNA, in physicality, and certainly of Gaia, but it is truly a shift of the heart.

Now, most of you, my beloved friends, have made this shift to your heart years ago, but I ask you to stay there and to ignore what appears like chaos or mayhem. Do not in any way buy into the drama or the fear. And do not, my beloved friends, fall into what we are seeing far too often which is falling into judgment. We cannot repeat often enough: this is a shift and an unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, and it is the Plan of Love. It is the restoration of love upon this glorious planet and everything upon her.

So it is not about judging who gets to stay and who goes; it is not about hierarchies; it is not that some are worthy and some are lacking. That is of old Earth, that is of separation and isolation, and I beg you: be done with that once and for all! All are welcome. May some decide not to move? Yes, there will be many, but that is not your call. Your role has always been to be the showers of the way, to be the pathfinders, and yes, then to stand there and hold the door open. I will help you, gladly, for I’ve been waiting at that door for a long time.

So that is my preface and my request to you this day. Throw open your arms. Welcome what you have thought of as those you dislike, that you have thought of as enemies. That time is over. You cannot live in love and not be of unity and community. Oh, that does not mean that at moments there will not be feelings of disagreement or different opinions. That is what makes it interesting; that is what fuels infinite creation. We do not ever ask you to shut down your blessed intelligence; it is the fuel of creativity as well. But even within yourself, it is not a hierarchy, but let us suggest to you that the driving engine is your heart and the fuel is love. It is the fuel of the Universe.

What I wish to speak to you about this day and why I have begun by speaking of the Cities of Light is that I wish you to begin to individually and collectively consider: “What do your cities, your towns, your villages, your communities, and hence your infrastructures, your systems, yes, even your institutions, although they will look different, what do they look like? How do they function?”

You are intelligent beings and we have not said this in a while so I remind you: you are the strongest of the strong. That is why not only have you chosen this role of pathfinder; it is why there has been agreement throughout the Multiverse that, yes, you, my beloved brothers and sisters, you are the people for the job.

So what does your new reality look like? I would suggest to you that it looks very much like the Cities of Light, the Cities of Love, yes, what some call the Crystal Cities, although those that have grown out of the rocks or the mountains do not view themselves that way. Those that grow out of Gaia do not view themselves that way, but it does not matter. We already know that the physicality you create and that we co-create with you is magnificent, and the pallet that Gaia allows us to work on is beyond measure. But what do your communities look like?

I listen to your prayers, I listen to your cries in the night, and I hear the cries of loneliness – the desire not only for sacred partnership but for family and community. And family takes on a very different meaning as well. I want you, I invite you, I ask you to begin dreaming, talking about it, and living there.

You are seeing the dissolution of many structures of the old Earth. That is simply part of your evolution. It is not something that we are laying upon the planet, although, certainly, the energy that has penetrated has supported that. But it has been the collective saying, “You know, this doesn’t work and it doesn’t answer my heart’s desires. I wish to live in peace, and I wish to live in peace and harmony and sharing with the person that is next to me, and down the street, and across the globe.”

You are one planet, you are one species, yes, many hybrids, but let us not be picky. You are one species, and you are one species not in ascendancy over anything for that cannot be of love. So it is the harmony with all kingdoms, all realities, very deeply with Gaia herself and with each other. The other kingdoms have pretty much figured out how to live in that place of harmony. The grass does not shout at the trees, the flowers do not hone in on the rocks. They are invited to live there and they do so gladly, along with the lichen and the moss. The ocean kisses the shore. So what will your piece look like? How does your heart define community?

This is not something I wish to lay out for you. It is something I wish you to feel and think and dream about and then share with us. It is very exciting that we are in the full partnership that we have always dreamed about, that we have waited and yearned for. We know emotion. We do not experience it the same way as you, the same as you do not experience emotion in the same way that a dolphin does. But there is a commonality, a mutuality. So that is my question to you.

Weeks and weeks ago we asked you to begin to create what your heart desires, to collect with this new intensified energy never available before, to collect the codes, and to bring them into your heart to begin to create what you want. Some of you have done so; some of you have set it aside. That puzzles us for we do not know why. But now I ask of thee to expand that dream and expand the creation.

Yes, when we gather together in Sedona, we will have some of these conversations, but it is not a one-time thing and it is not a conversation restricted to one gathering in Sedona. It is a conversation we are all having together. You think: “Well, how will we ever reach a consensus?’ You will be surprised how similar the vision of love is and how it unifies.

If you are having trouble getting started, call me. I am with you. We all are. Go in peace, go in creation, go in love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon