Listen to the latest podcast.

Listen to the latest podcast.

We were privileged to talk to the Lord Maitreya, who is sometimes lovingly called the Big Buddha, and the Master of masters for this week’s Hour with an Angel.

We asked him to explain in the simplest of terms what unitive consciousness is. In the end we asked him if universal love and unitive consciousness were one and the same and he said they were. Moreover, universal love is also a highway to unitive consciousness.

He said that what stands between us and universal love is our fear. Our fear is broken down into two things: our fear of our own extinction and our fear of our own magnificence.

He said that we had spent much of our time up till now fleeing from who we are. We tried that and we haven’t succeeded. Meanwhile, unitive consciousness always already exists within us just waiting for us to stop running from it and acknowledge it.

He suggested that we’re running from commitment, sacred partnership and unitive consciousness, fearing that each of these means the extinction of our separateness, our uniqueness, our individuality. But he says unitive consciousness does not bring extinction but complete fulfillment.

He acknowledged what he called our waiting, boredom and discouragement. He discussed how it could be that discoveries and inventions occur simultaneously in different countries.

This was one of the most lucid explanations of unitive consciousness that I’ve been privileged to be part of.