You have the capacity within you to discover, experience and be everything. Every particle, every cell, every subatomic particle contains all the information. The journey within is simple. It is merely to go into the void of your heart and go exploring. And yes, this is the most difficult and the most easy thing you will ever do. The ability to put your body at rest or to take it with you and manifest elsewhere — this is part of your mastery, and it is part of your next step, and it is part of what you do as you become global citizens.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Lord Maitreya. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. Linda, before we welcome Lord Maitreya you had the launch of the Tsunami of Love two or three days ago but some of our listeners may not know what it means to have had a launch. What is the nature of the launch and how was it for you?

Linda Dillon: Well, it was absolutely wonderful Steve. Thanks for asking and I have to tell you I wouldn’t be surprised if many of our listeners didn’t know what a launch was because it wasn’t a term that… I mean, I think it was a term I was familiar with, but it’s not something that I have ever done before. It’s the first time I have been involved in a launch of this nature as well! And I think ‘launch’ is a very interesting usage of language considering that we’re talking about the Tsunami of Love and the imagery or the use of language referring to water.

But what this launch was about — and it was coordinated by a wonderful, dedicated team of volunteers that have been working with the Council of Love, oh my gosh, for months now, some of them for years now, but I’ve never actually had a team of dedicated volunteers working specifically on a project with me, too, so…. I’ve been receiving gifts in terms of that kind of assistance right, left and center. But let me get back to the subject.

In the course The New You, and of course not only the webinar series but the… the people who are reading the book and doing the meditations all over the world, many people have begun to be feeling the Tsunami of Love. And if you recall, and even if you don’t, the tsunami was something that was referred to in the Christmas message and the New Year’s messages that came forward from the various members of the Council — Archangel Gabriel, Yeshua, the Divine Mother.

And basically what it was talking about is this wave of love that’s coming to the Earth following the Mother’s gift, that wave of her blue topaz of clarity and purity. And it’s a wave of love that’s to penetrate us and to cleanse us, and basically to let go of some of the residual debris that we all carry — you know, different day, different amount, but that we all carry — and remnants of the old 3rd dimension.

So it’s the Mother’s gift to us basically to cleanse us or to finish this lengthy clearing that we have all been going through, and to refresh us, so not just to cleanse us but to penetrate our core, our bodies, our etheric fields, our sacred field, all parts of us right down to our cellular level, with the love, with her love, and to basically renew us. When she talked to us, when the Mother talked to us, as we gathered to do this launch on Tuesday night, she mentioned that it was the return of her spiritual and etheric blueprint of love. And the picture that I get, it’s almost as if she’s superimposing on our blueprint her blueprint in sacred union of that original form of love.

The other image I get increasingly — in fact, just as I was meditating getting ready for tonight — was… it feels to me like the out-breath of the Mother, that she is exhaling to Earth and to all of us who are on Earth. Because it isn’t just for humanity, it’s for all the kingdoms and for Gaia herself. And it just feels like she’s exhaling and of course, that’s coming across the universe to us in this wonderful wave of love. And it’s coming in a very big way, the tsunami way, so that we don’t mistake it as something that we can choose to exempt ourselves from because as a tsunami comes to the shore it’s not something we can say, “Oh, no, you know, I’ll catch you later.” It penetrates all of us. So, it’s something very big.

And the reason we did the launch is the recognition, more and more — through the messages from the Council, and through the Company of Heaven and I’m sure many other wonderful channels — that we are in such sacred partnership at this time and so this is our piece of that partnership. And so we’re anchoring, you know… those of us who are choosing to, who are committed to this process are choosing to anchor this energy and working with the tsunami… what we’re calling tsunami energy every day, some of us many times a day. And we’re actually seeing ourselves as an etheric breakwater, so that as the larger tsunami comes forward it’s gentle with everybody. And… but it will penetrate everybody.

And the other thing that we’re coming to realize, the more we work with this energy, is that as we stand in those waves — as we dive in, drench ourselves, ride the surfboard, whatever you want to think of it as — is that we are becoming the tsunami ourselves; that that energy, as it’s coming within us, as we’re anchoring it as it’s penetrating us, we’re part of that tsunami. And that’s part of the sacred partnership that we have with the Mother and with the Company of Heaven. So it’s an exciting time!

SB: Uh-huh! I … I think I recall the first mention of ‘Tsunami of Love’ back in November, but of course, Blossom’s been talking about this as ‘the event,’ and I know that one of my friends who is a Pleiadian has been talking to me about this since forever. I mean, she… her term of mission ends with the event, with the Tsunami of Love. After that, she can leave. So it’s been talked about for a while.

LD: It’s been talked about for a while, and… I think what the delay or the preparedness that has needed to happen is that we had to be ready. You know, the Mother wasn’t ever going to send us the energy that was basically going to wipe us out.

SB: Right.

LD: And all the work that we’ve done — you know, for decades now — has prepared us to this point where we can receive this energy, where we can basically return to original imprint, which is love, without being completely disintegrated.

SB: Um-hmm.

LD: And so the fact that we are beginning to feel the shift in the sand, that we feel energetically the shifts throughout the universe, as it were, I think it speaks to the fact that all the work that we’ve been doing — you know, individually, collectively, with our star brothers and sisters, with the Company of Heaven, with the Council of Love — has prepared us. And what they’re saying is, you’re ready. That’s what the Mother’s saying…

SB: Yeah.

LD: …but she wouldn’t bring it forth…So, on the one hand, we can say, “Well, we’ve been hearing about this forever,” so it’s…. [Laughs] it’s our eternal question of when. But I think it’s way more than that, because we wouldn’t be having reports… I mean, I’m talking now hundreds and thousands of reports of people from, you know, Thailand to China to Africa all saying virtually the same thing, is that they’re feeling this shift, not only in the outer atmosphere, as it were, but that that energy is really penetrating them and changing how they feel about themselves.

SB: Hmm. Hmm. Wow.

LD: And I know when I read your article … yesterday — was it yesterday? I’m not…

SB: [laughs] I can’t remember! [Laughing]

LD: … I’m losing track of time these days.

SB: Me too!

LD: You too, huh?

SB: Uh-huh!

LD: And, but you were talking about, you know, that sometimes the energy of the human experience is of a vibration and — now I’m translating your words —

SB: Um-hmm. Sure.

LD: — but of a vibration and a density that’s so heavy that sometimes we don’t feel or recognize how these subtle changes are taking place or happening within us.

SB: Definitely.

LD: But I think that, more and more, we are realizing it. And sometimes it’s even just after the fact we think, “Wow, you know, I used to feel differently…” about this or that, or “I would have reacted differently…” about this situation, or this response to somebody, or to myself.

SB: Right.

LD: So, I think we’re getting there!

SB: Uh-huh. You know, I don’t know why I’m driven to say this, but I keep having this quotation from Brother Sun-Sister Moon come in, as we’re talking about the subject, where the Pope says in our obsession with original sin we have forgotten original innocence. We’re being returned to original innocence.

LD: Wow! That’s …

SB: Is that not so? Am I…

LD: That’s amazing! Yes.

SB: Uh-huh?

LD: And, boy, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. You know, I received a letter today from an old friend who had been reading The New You and dealing with all these high falutin’ concepts of inter-dimensionality and the stranger and universal law, and she said, “Now, when you’re all done with that,” — because she’s been a dear friend and with me, with the Council of Love since the very beginning, she said — “would you write one of those little, tiny books called The Primer of Love that takes us back to where you and I began, which was the opening to realize how deeply we are loved?”

SB: Umm. Hmm-hmm.

LD: And that’s it! That’s the whole… that’s the whole nine yards there. It’s the whole ocean, it’s the whole tsunami, it’s the whole Ascension; it’s us going back, like you say, to that innocence, to that place of acknowledging who we really are. And, my gosh, if we were ever going to let go of anything, original sin…

SB: Yeah! [Laughs]

LD: … would be the first to go, huh?

SB: Right, absolutely!

LD: Hello!

SB: [Laughing] Goodbye!

LD: Goodbye!

SB: Yeah. Well, what do you think? Should…

LD: I think I should change gears!

SB: Change gears!

LD: All of a sudden, I’m back in my body. So, let me float away…

SB: Okay. Well, I’ll introduce Lord Maitreya while you’re doing that.

So, Lord Maitreya has been looked for as a world teacher, oh, gosh, for hundreds and hundreds of years. And I think you’ll find references to him under various names in the various religions, and he’s a central figure in the return of the masters. So, now I hope I’ve given Linda enough time to adjust, and with that I’ll welcome Lord Maitreya.

Lord Maitreya: Welcome. I am Maitreya. And yes, you have given the channel enough time!

SB: Thank you.

LM: And you have given me enough time, for you and many of you have given me thousands and thousands and thousands of years. So I think I can return a few minutes. In fact, I am honored that you call on me this day…

SB: Thank you.

LM: …and that I have this opportunity to address all of you. And, dear heart, dear Steve, your assessment… and yes, did you know that you were channeling?

SB: I thought I was.

LM: Yes, you were. And it is the original return to innocence. It is to that sense of divine purity that then exhibits in everything, because when it is truly anchored there is no room — not physically, not mentally, not emotionally, and most certainly not spiritually — for anything else, because in that innocence, in that purity, anything that is of a deviation is anathema. And so it has no room to approach, let alone anchor.

And you say to me, “Maitreya, where does all this debris land, when we are washed clean, back to our bright, innocent selves? And these grains of sludge, of sand, of garbage, where do they go?”

Think of the Mother’s tsunami, think of my love, which is rich magenta and gold, think of it as circular, that all of this energy returns back, and it is cleansed and replenished, re-utilized. Because… think of it this way, if you are a piece of debris, and everything in this, the universe, not only upon your beloved Gaia, but throughout, has energy and a form that perhaps you do not see or you do not recognize, but it exhibits in behaviors and feelings and thoughts, well, that form is washed clean. And it is returned to the purity as well. And in that cleansing, it has the choice to join your field and celebrate your purity and innocence or to continue on in a new incarnation, in a restoration of its original form.

You do not tend to think as a human being unless you are Albert Einstein or a scientist; you do not tend to think in the very micro, or sometimes not in the macro either, even though you think that you are broadly considering an issue. So, know all things are restored, all humans, all kingdoms, and Gaia herself.

What I also share with you is that your star brothers and sisters, other universes, other galaxies, are also benefiting from this tsunami that is very specifically being sent to the human collective and to Earth at this time. But again, think of this as circular movement, but also think of it as energetic waves, shock waves, that go out into the universe.

Now, others who are more versed in these matters, wiser than I, have spoken to you about how you, my beloved brothers and sisters, my friends, my family, how you are the first to go through this process of Ascension, and not merely inter-dimensional Ascension, but significantly, Ascension in form.

Everything, everything that is happening to you, and certainly these larger events — whether you call it a singular event or a series of events, it does not matter — all of this has the ripple effect to the other planets, to the other galaxies, the other species that are next in line, or that have been serving you, holding you, waiting for the vibratory frequency to be a clearer match.

So this is a gift that travels very far. But the furthest it can travel is into your heart, into the very core of your essence, your heart consciousness, your mind consciousness, and the entire sphere which you occupy.

You are a phenomenal race, a phenomenal collective. You honor me and you call to me as master, and I accept not only this term but the responsibility and the gifts that this entails. But my beloved friends, you also are assuming your mastery, yes, in different ways, different styles, different approaches, different time-lines, if you think of time as a construct. But all of you, individually and collectively, are not only claiming, some of you more actively than others, but all of you are claiming your mastery. And more importantly than that, you are remembering.

I eavesdrop and I am present on Earth very often — and we will get to that — but I eavesdrop on many of your conversations. And I hear a consistency, not only amongst your InLight team, or not even amongst those seeking sacred union and forming it, and not only amongst the lightworker, love-holder community. There is a theme that is occurring right now, and it is human beings declaring, somewhat vehemently, that they will not settle, that they will not settle, individually and collectively.

This is a declaration, a glimmer. It is not merely an expression of hope, of faith, of trust; it is a declaration of worth. It is a declaration that you, individually and collectively, know the work you have done, know increasingly who you are and what your potential is, and that you will not settle for the illusion. You will not settle for second-best.

It is a declaration of deservingness, and it is a declaration that is the beginning point of your understanding, that you are here to create, to co-create with us and each other, and that you are here to experience joy in form, love in form, and that nothing else is sufficient. Nothing else is acceptable. Nothing else is good enough.

And this is music, celestial music, to our ears. It does not just come from the lightworkers. You are seeing all over your planet, in various ways, people saying, “I’m fed up.” Yes, they are also saying, “I’m tired. I’m over-wrought. I’m over-extended.” But at the same time they are saying, “I am tired of settling. I will not settle any longer.”

And you are seeing this. You are seeing it in the refugee camps, you are seeing it in the women’s movement, you are seeing it in Venezuela, you are seeing it in North America, and you most certainly are seeing it in Europe, you are seeing it in China, and you are seeing the cross-fertilization. There is a dramatic increase in what we would call global action.

Now, has there been a resolution to all war, chaos and mayhem? Unfortunately not. But there is an increase of global action, of that cross-fertilization, of the Canadian going to Zimbabwe, of the Frenchman going to China. And it is not just organizations, it is people who are saying yes, I was born in this situation, in North America in the middle-class comfortable zone, and I know what that looks and feels like, and I know the horrors of poverty. So I will go to the refugee camps, I will go to the villages without water in Africa, and I will commit to work, not to direct, but to work side by side, each in our own special capacities, with my brothers and sisters. The increase that we are seeing in this movement is heartening.

So it is not merely when we say a movement towards compassion, to greater compassion, to support, to mutuality. What we are saying is not simply nation-states or global organizations, charitable organizations or the United Nations taking action. We are seeing individuals, groups of citizens, taking action, at home and crossing the globe.

This is a sign of mastery. This is a signal — yes, there have always been missionaries, you are quite right. But this is not people acting, or feeling, as if they are missionaries, and certainly not martyrs. These are simply people saying, “My heart, my soul, my purpose, my mission is to do this,” without fanfare, without recompense. Humanity is on the move, and this is love in action. And this is individuals claiming their mastery.

So, look to this. Look to global figures and take heart. And even take heart where you see that it looks like chaos. For example, well, you have had a very good example in the Ukraine. But look to somewhere like Venezuela and the protests that are taking place, where the people are saying, “I will not settle. This is not of love, this is not of fairness, this is not acceptable, and I will lay down my life if that is what is required. But I do not expect to have to.”

You are doing well. Do not underestimate the enormous progress that all of you are making — in your inter-personal life, in your intra-personal life, and in community.

But I have gone on and on. Dear heart, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, I have to tell listeners, Lord Maitreya, it’s always enjoyable and interesting speaking with you and the other masters and members of the Company of Heaven because you’re not only reading my thoughts, but you’re answering the question paper ahead of me. So, I’m always amazed when I see that! So I’m going to skip ahead on my question paper, since you’ve answered some of my questions, and ask you this.

As our consciousness has been expanding, it’s conceivable that we’re more ready to absorb and receive brand new information about things like the Tsunami of Love, about our collective mission, the planet, the multiverse, our history, et cetera. What new information does the Company of Heaven feel we need to hear right now that has never been shared before?

LM: [Laughs] We have not withheld a great deal of information from you. Now, there are some things that have not been spoken of, yes, because you were not ready to hear them, or that the shared information would make no sense to you. And we do not say that in a derogatory way; we mean given the framework of your definition of your universe, of your science, of your understanding.

Now, you are coming to understand, and the channel has referred to it in a slight way, how the universe is entirely within you as well as external to you. And that is part of the return to your true blueprint. Now, you have anchored, all of you, what you refer to, what we refer to as your soul design, your individuated blueprint. But your blueprint, your being, not just metaphorically, but in actuality, is that mirror of what lies externally to you.

So the universe is within and without. And you say to me, “Well, Lord, how can this be? I do not feel the Milky Way within me.” And what I would suggest to you is to have another look, and that you have the capacity within you to discover, experience and be everything. Every particle, every cell, every subatomic particle contains all the information.

Now, your exploration has tended to be outward. But you can do as much by going within. Now, this is difficult for many of you to fully comprehend. And you say, “Well, that’s a nice meditation. That’s a nice picture or analogy, but am I going to find my neighbor down the street within me?” And the answer is yes. “Am I going to find all my lives, all my existence, all my journeys, within me?” And the answer is yes.

And just in the acceptance of that knowing, just in the — and I can feel already, it makes many of you nervous to even think this way, but come with me — when you begin to accept this, then you also begin to realize that it is within everybody else as well. And it is not that you are identical, but that you are united in this wondrous matrix of the Mother’s creation, and that there cannot possibly be any such thing as dissociation when you are all and all is you.

Now, this is not a new concept. In fact, it is a very ancient one, and one which my tradition certainly speaks to. But it is a concept that we would like you to begin to re-examine. It will bring you to a different place of being. It will bring you to a different place of understanding, of yourself, your connection to everything else, and to the All.

We have spoken to you briefly about how you have returned full circle to those of you, you masters, to the creator race. The creator race, particularly in this universe, did not come ill-equipped. Quite the contrary. You were infused with All, so you have the capacity within you, and therefore externally, to create the All. This deep sense of knowing, of power and the right use of will is where you are moving to. And it is the patterning; you are not simply mending the tears, the rents and the pattern that has occurred upon Gaia and throughout humanity. You are also creating a new pattern.

For many of you… and I know you, my brothers and sisters, so for many of you, when I say this, you say, “Wait a minute, Maitreya. I can’t even pay my rent. So what are you talking about, this esoteric nonsense about setting a new pattern of what it means to be human?” But I am speaking of it. And my beloveds, if you are not prepared to hear this information, if it did not resonate even when it is making you nervous, if you are not ready to hear it and to integrate it within the deepest core of who you are, I would not be speaking of it.

Now, when we have spoken, months ago, we have talked about my return, and yes, some of the frequencies and the chaos on the planet have not made it, hmm, welcoming for me to be fully returned, but I pop in and out. No, not merely apparate; I have assumed form for brief, and some lengthy, periods of time at various places and locations upon the planet. Now, why, on the heels of what I am telling you am I introducing this subject?

Part of your spiritual DNA, which is in your blueprint, which is in your physical DNA, which is being rewired, re-gridded, re-woven, activated, was this capacity for you to pop in and out. Now, some of you — and some of you whom you know each other — do this on a regular basis, and some of you do it consciously, and some of you subconsciously or unconsciously. But you have never — listen to what I say — you have never been trapped inside your body. That is why there is such a desire amongst all of you to bi-locate, to multi-locate, to teleport, to go visit your friends on ship or in Tahiti, to go to a trouble spot. Now, you do this at night without blinking! But it is also within your capacity, your current capacity, to do this, as I do, right now.

And you say to me, “Well, Lord, I do not know how to do this. So, you may tell me I have the capacity, but I haven’t the foggiest notion of what to do or how to do it. And why are you giving me all this new information, or all this old information about who I truly am, without giving me the guidebook of how to do this?”

Well, the journey within is simple. It is merely to go into the void of your heart and go exploring. And yes, this is the most difficult and the most easy thing you will ever do. The ability to put your body at rest or to take it with you and manifest elsewhere — this is part of your mastery, and it is part of your next step, and it is part of what you do as you become global citizens. Yes, this is a theme, and it is a theme that we are going to harp on. Practice it.

You say, “Well, Lord, how do I do that?” You do it by an act of will. No, not merely a visualization. That is a pleasant journey, but it is not enough. It is not merely an act of intent, it is an act of will. And of course it is perfect alignment of all your chakras and energetic meridians, and then it is the direction of your body to be elsewhere or in different form.

So, lie on the bed, make sure that there is no one to disturb you. This is not meditation, it is not journeying; it is part of what you all have been yearning to remember. And it is a signal to you that you are ready to embrace more, and that you can go and find, locate, bring home, do, make a difference, experience what you have been yearning to do. And when I say this, after you have practiced just a little bit with me — I will help you — do not think that you have need only to restrict yourself to what you perceive as your current time continuum.

Now, there is part of you, Steve, that is saying, “Dear Lord, you are preaching chaos.”

SB: [Laughs] Um-hmm.

LM: No. I am reminding you what you are capable of.

SB: Well, let me, if I may, Lord, let me interrupt for just a moment, because I’ve been bursting to say this. I’ve actually seen the universe within, so… and I know we’re way past that, but I didn’t want to interrupt you. And it’s a remarkable experience. I was lifted up to a great height and looked out over the universe, and I knew I was within. So, that… I’m very glad you spoke to that.

LM: And I am very glad that you have spoken to it because you are giving me credibility, dear friend!

SB: I hardly think you need it, but okay! Can I ask you, where are we now? I mean, I know we’re on the verge of the… or perhaps we’re in the Tsunami of Love, and that’s going to make huge changes. And so this may be a difficult question to answer. But in relationship to Ascension, where are we now? What have we accomplished, so far?

LM: You have accomplished a universe of work. You have advanced… now, you know, I am the Buddha of Love, but also of Compassion. And so I speak of these as universal measures. Your capacity for compassion and love — for yourself, for each other, even for those that you have in the past deemed, judged as the dark forces, the cabal, the Illuminati — has grown. Your sense and sensitivity of truly understanding the roles, the way in which everybody has come together with a particular piece of the unfoldment — not the drama, but the unfoldment — to catapult you forward…

The level of forgiveness — of self, of those who immediately and personally had harmed you, in this and many lifetimes — and your sense on a universal level of forgiveness of those who have, shall we say, gone awry…. If we were having this conversation — and I know there are many measures that many different scientists and esoteric or etheric scientists or lightworkers use, but let me be very practical — if we were to be having this conversation, say, two years ago, say we were having it in November of 2012, you would have been maybe at a three or a four. You are in the high eights…

SB: Out of ten?

LM: The vibration — yes, out of ten — you have raised your vibration, and what has also happened — and yes, it does go to the universe within, because we keep telling you you are working on the collective — well, it also goes back to that universe within. When you are working on yourself, because of how much work you have done, because of how much clearing and how much you have come to understand, you are working on the collective. Because you would say to me, “Well, Lord, you know, I know that I feel more compassion, more loving towards the collective, more lenient, more forgiving, more understanding, but I do not see that in some of the other people.”

Think of it this way: you are a community credit union, and you are building the bank account for your brothers and sisters. And it is growing rapidly. You are almost there. Do you have to be at a 10? No. And there are so many of you, again, consciously and unconsciously…. And I would be happy to come back and speak of this again, because this is something that you all have need to have a greater understanding of. Many of you have passed through the Ascension portal. You have done a rapid U-turn because you are way-showers, and you have come back into this middle ground to hold and build the energy for the collective so that as many of your brothers and sisters can go with you as possible.

Will there be some who say no? Yes. That is choice. But you have been diligent in your work. You have been diligent in raising the collective vibration, not only because you have joyously… you have soaked up the energy of the Mother’s gifts, both that have been talked about, like her clarity and her purity in the tsunami, and your brothers and sisters of the stars, their pink joy energy, and Gabrielle’s joy…you have been absorbing this like a thirsty sponge, but you have also been creating your own tsunami. And that is why I say to you, when we hear you, individually and collectively saying, “I am not going to settle,” we say, “Good.”

Settling — and I have had this conversation (well, one of us has) with you before about compromise — is very different. Compromise is choice and negotiation, communication from the highest heart level. Settling is feeling that you are enslaved. And you are declaring your freedom. And we are glad.

SB: Well, that’s stirring, Lord. I’m very stirred. And I’m looking right now at the creation of new paradigms. I’m actually involved in creating some new paradigms that I’ll be speaking about in a few days on the blog. But it’s risky. It’s a gamble. We make mistakes. People who take up the new paradigm can find that it doesn’t quite work for them, and they’re not happy…. And so this is a very difficult time for us. What encouragement can you give us, what counsel can you give us as we step into this role of breaking free of the old systems and creating new paradigms, please?

LM: It is a combination of joy and valor, of caution and adventure….well, actually it is a very small dose of caution. You are forging new ground. You are the creator race, and yes, you are trying things and forming new paradigms. Now, you see, you say, “We are bound to make mistakes.” But is that not of judgment?

SB: Uh-hunh.

LM: So, can we let that one go?

SB: Okay. [Laughs]

LM: Now, in your discernment, as a master, you may say, “Well, I experimented with this, and it doesn’t bring me the quotient of joy and freedom that I anticipated or that I require, that I require for myself and my brethren. And so now I am going to expand this experiment and I am going to try something even different or deviation. I am going to explore a different area and see how that works.”

Now, you are doing this in financial systems, in social systems, in family systems, in cultural systems, and in personal systems. Again, it is within and without. So, is it dangerous territory? Yes. And is it the most exciting territory that you will ever venture into? Yes.

You do not claim your mastery if you are not willing to be an explorer. And being an explorer… think of St. Germaine, do you think he never went off course? Of course he did. And sometimes you can get lost in your own back yard, on your own block. It doesn’t mean that while you’re wandering around wondering if you’ll ever find home again that you don’t have an adventure and that you don’t find something new, that you don’t discover something about your very core self that is worth knowing and cherishing and expanding upon.

So yes, it is hard. I make no bones about this. It is hard to be a lightworker. It is hard to be a way-shower. And the rewards are of such magnitude — well, I would not have it any other way and I know that you wouldn’t. Are there those who are timid, who will criticize, and yes, fall back into judgment and say, “See, I told you it wouldn’t work”? Well, that is where compassion comes in. That is where you say, “This person is a reflection of my fear, and I am eliminating this vasana of lack and limitation. And I’m going to keep going, because I deserve to know. I deserve to experience. I deserve love, because that is who I am.”

So, yes. You are breaking new ground. And it is… at times you will feel trial and tribulation. And then you will feel exultation and bliss, and ecstasy. And you will float on those waves of the tsunami. And then you will dive deep. And then you will say, “Oh, I am bereft because the wave went out.”

And if you were not the ones that were the bravest and said to the Mother, “We will go,” this would not be happening. And then there would be universes that would also not go forward. You, my beloved friends, are pivotal.

SB: Well, maybe we could spend the remaining — I think we have about six minutes — looking at the subject of sacred partnership, Lord, because a lot of people are drawn together now, and drawing together now. And some of them are very mission-driven; for instance, others are becoming aware of their heritage. It’s a very different time. It’s not a time like it was 10 years ago, obviously, but it’s pulling people in all different directions and presenting a tremendous number of challenges.

What advice can you give us about conducting the new spiritual partnerships that we’re creating under the circumstances that we’re coming into?

LM: It is what your heart most yearns for. And the first sacred partnership is with your beloved self, it is with that balance of your masculine and feminine divinity within. But yes, this is not the 1950s.

SB: No.

LM: The way in which the divine partnerships, the sacred unions, are forming, are taking new roles, new positions, new forms — and some are friendships that have nothing to do with being in a partnership or a spousal relationship; some are spousal, and I use that term in terms of union, not only sexual, but heart and mind; some are coming together, as you say, for sacred purpose. But these unions, these partnerships that are being formed, that people are being swept into, often unexpected, yearned-for but unexpected, are powerful, with purpose, with meaning, with mission, and a gift. It is a way in which you experience not only a sacred other, but the divine, and yourself.

Now, previously, this level of intimacy was freely only experienced when two twin flames incarnated together and it is the most blissful and the most challenging. Now, what is occurring is this depth of love, of truly seeing the other person and truly seeing yourself, and then seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, and seeing someone else through the different eyes. It is that microcosm that I have begun speaking of this night. It is that micro-level of what is occurring in these sacred unions, is a reflection of what you are building in terms of community and in terms of Nova Earth. The Mother has said to you, “I want you all to fall in love with each other.” Let us begin.

SB: Thank you, Lord Maitreya. And you’re certainly very welcome to come again. Thank you very much for visiting with us.

LM: Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.