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I give you the gift of creativity. Healing the Mother depends on creativity; survival depends on creativity; and know, make no mistake my friend, your people, each of you, each in your own way, are fighting for survival. Learn to live upon the land, to know where the water is found and the food is …


Your next assignment, beloved ones, is Peace on Earth! Humanity is coming into balance, not merely with yourselves, not merely with the beloved planet Gaia, but with all realms, all dimensions, all kingdoms, and the ability to co-create with one another in a myriad of ways; miniscule and huge, global and individual. This is what …


With increasing regularity a personal session contains insight of such universal import that it really needs to be shared. Thanks to Elle for this sharing on the meaning of “New” and deeper insights into the nature of our Star Family. There is this expression of ‘New Year’ … ‘New You’. They are interchangeable.


💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 July 10 Hi Everyone, Last November St. Germaine urged us to talk to the element of water all over the planet saying: “Will you come with me and will you rain, in perfect harmony and proportion in California.” He told us as we work with Gaia and the elements, we break through old barriers …


On our first Saturday channeling of the New Year 2015, Universal Mother Mary says, “You have no idea as yet of the fullness of your power. And as we enter into this new season of new time, outside of time, inside of time, and beyond time, we travel together as one.


You do not ever arrive at a place of peace through an exercise of oppression. It is not possible…you must make your decision; that is why we are coming back…to say, “Let us live as one people, let us live in community and harmony and love…”


I invite you to the future. But what I would really like to do, and why I am here this day, is to ask you, to plead with you, to invite you, my brothers and sisters, to be in the now. And the now, yes, is eternal and infinite, expansiveness of co-creation, but it is …


On our Saturday conference call Universal Mother Mary declared “I increase the tsunami and I increase it because this is the final wave…this final wave, sweet angels, is for expansion…you have grown, but you have not finished growing…”


To join with another is the most blessed experience that you will have upon Gaia. It is the fulfillment of yourself and it is the fulfillment of your sacred other; each relationship is going to be a reflection of two hearts desires…


That is why I have taken so much time this day enunciating but a fraction of what we are grateful for. When we express gratitude, what you are really saying is, “I love you and I give you permission, I encourage you to love yourself, to be grateful to yourself for who you are…”